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Nibiru Planet X How the Fourth Reich Plans to Rule the World After the Pole Shift

Haunebu IV

An actually photograph of the top secret round winged aircraft designed by the Nazis using Alien technology.

An actually photograph of the top secret round winged aircraft designed by the Nazis using Alien technology.

XXI Super Submarine

The Germans had created over 100 super submarines (XXI u-boats) as big as freighters, that were faster, more silent and far more sophisticated than any sub the Allies had.

The Germans had created over 100 super submarines (XXI u-boats) as big as freighters, that were faster, more silent and far more sophisticated than any sub the Allies had.

The Omega File

According to author Bruce Allen Walton a.k.a. (Branton) in The Omega File, Hitler had allied himself with the Draco-Reptilian Race of Extraterrestrials from the Orion star system that had an operating military base in Antarctica. Speculation is that this is why he felt he was invincible and could wage war on many fronts.

According to the Omega File this is how Hitler initially created the Wehrmacht Army of super soldiers, through cloning technology supplied by this Alien race. The Wehrmacht was the main fighting force used by Hitler in the early stages of the War and it has been confirmed that this fighting force were prescribed the 'wonder drug', Pervitin or speed. The effects of amphetamines are similar to those of the adrenaline produced by the body, triggering a heightened state of alert. In most people, the substance increases self-confidence, concentration and the willingness to take risks, while at the same time reducing sensitivity to pain, hunger and thirst, as well as reducing the need for sleep.

However the extensive information detailed in The Omega File shows that the Nazis were supplied with advanced Alien technology and weapons and had Hitler used them to their fullest extent could have easily won the War. However his arrogance and over confidence served the Allies advantage as he did not develop these weapons until it was far too late.

This has always been one of the deeper and confusing mysteries of World War II, why Hitler and the Nazi High Command did not press to develop these advanced weapons, when clearly they would have affected the outcome of the War?


Jim Marrs

Antarctic Nazi Base

In this article Nibiru Planet X How the Fourth Reich Plans to Rule the World After the Pole Shift I will show through research and deduction, how The Powers That Be used the Nazi War Machine to set up their own secret base deep underground in the Antarctic that they could use to create a New World Order, after the Pole Shift.

Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his Berlin bunker as was widely reported in the media of the day but left Germany in 1943 on a submarine bound for his secret base in Antarctica. The Nazis had a plan B as far back as 1938 when they first began exploring Antarctica. During their exploration of this widely unexplored continent, they found and utilized a large underground cavern, with direct access to the open sea, to build and supply a secret submarine base. By 1939 they had established fifteen colonies on the Nouthern portion of Antarctica near Queens Maul Land.

During World War II they sent many of their top scientist and engineers to this base to work on the secret round winged aircraft project they had started based on Alien technology. They also had already begun a massive cloning project that allowed them to create a vast army of Aryan soldiers. Because they used super submarines as big as freighters to supply this base the Allies did not learn about this base until late in the War or was this just an excuse given to the public?

This base named Neuschwabenland was populated by more than 40,000 Germans by the end of the War. Unsubstantiated rumors have it that this base was built on the ruins of a lost colony from Atlantis built 100,000 years ago. Other sources claim that it is linked by underground tunnels and cave systems to a secret Alien base designed and inhabited by the Reptilians however what is for certain is that Germany had colonized over 300,000 square kilometers of Antarctica by the end of World War II.

Because US, British and Russian leaders feared that the public would panic and demand that this base be destroyed and because the Allies could not match the technology and weapons the Nazis had stationed at this base, they decided to keep its location a secret from the World.

As incredible as all this secret information and speculation may seem to the average reader, was there an even darker secret behind the Allies reluctance to engage in an all out military conflict to destroy this base.

There is much speculation and many books written about this secret Nazi base located deep underground in Antarctica and has lead too many researchers concluding that this may very well be the central base of The New World Order. My own research has failed to find any information showing that this base was ever destroyed and may still exist to this day.

If indeed this secret underground Nazi military base still exists, it could very well be the source of many unexplained UFOs and could be the staging area for The New World Order.

What better location could be found for not only surviving a Polar Shift but to then have a continent that will invariably move into a more hospitable climate following the Pole Shift to launch a new world wide offensive?

Could World War II have just been a diversionary tactic to allow Germany to set up an impregnable fortress under the ice in Antarctica in anticipation of the coming Polar Shift and eventual global domination?

If this is truly the case, were certain factions (rich elite or royal families) within the Allies power structure in on this plan and could they have continued to advance this plan ever since?

Consider how both the Russian and American military industrial complexes recruited many Nazi scientist, advisors and engineers after the War into their own country's militaries and intelligence communities and institutions ostensible to work for them.

Could this have been to integrate the Nazi system into the World's Super Powers as a means of undermining Democracy and Communism so that an eventual world wide Socialist system would already be in place at the time the Polar Shift would take place?

In Jim Marrs book The Rise Of The Fourth Reich, he outlines without prejudice, how the influx of fascism through the Nazi Party in all of our world governments since World War II, will lead to the rise of another Reich or New World Order.

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fas·cism (făsh′ĭz′əm) n. 1. often Fascism a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

In this book he describes how a socialistic movement of combining corporate America with governmental control has given rise to America becoming the Fourth Reich. Now at first this theory seems absurd but when you begin to read between the lines and propaganda, you will discover this is exactly what is happening.

so·cial·ism (sō′shə-lĭz′əm) n. 1. Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

Before I get distracted by social, economic and political dogma let's take a look at Operation High Jump lead by Admiral Byrd, whom Hitler had brought to Germany in 1938, as an advisor to his Antarctica explorations.

After all the article Nibiru Planet X How the Fourth Reich Plans to Rule the World After the Pole Shift was researched and written to show how it would be possible not if it is happening.

Admiral Byrd's Diary

Perhaps many of my readers have already heard of the infamous Admiral Byrd Diary but for those that haven't I will give you a brief summary. Admiral Byrd kept a log and diary of his flights and explorations of the North and South Poles.

While commanding the fleet in Operation High Jump in 1947 he decided to be part of the reconnaissance flights into Antarctica and piloted a twin engine DC-3 to surveil the landscape. He made some startling discoveries which I will describe in his words below.

However what I would like to point out is that there are some fairly significant discrepancies involved in this so-called 'diary' that show that it probably isn't authentic. The most glaring is that in the second sentence of the diary he writes

"It concerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven."

The word Arctic refers to the North Pole, not the South Pole which would be the Antarctic, Admiral Byrd would not have made such an obvious mistake.

"Further more he writes "0600 Hours- All preparations are complete for our flight northward and we are airborne with full fuel tanks at 0610 Hours."

Again he would not have been traveling North but South, as a trained Naval Officer I doubt seriously if he would have made such an obvious mistake not once but twice.

Despite the glaring navigational mistakes the 'diary' includes some amazing discoveries which I will quote as follows.

"1000 Hours- We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over Ice and Snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation Instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!"

"1005 Hours- I alter altitude to 1400 feet and execute a sharp left turn to better examine the valley below. It is green with either moss or a type of tight knit grass. The Light here seems different. I cannot see the Sun anymore. We make another left turn and we spot what seems to be a large animal of some kind below us. It appears to be an elephant! NO!!! It looks more like a mammoth! This is incredible! Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude to 1000 feet and take binoculars to better examine the animal. It is confirmed – it is definitely a mammoth-like animal! Report this to base camp."

"1030 Hours- Encountering more rolling green hills now. The external temperature indicator reads 74 degrees Fahrenheit! Continuing on our heading now. Navigation instruments seem normal now. I am puzzled over their actions. Attempt to contact base camp. Radio is not functioning!"

1130 Hours- Countryside below is more level and normal (if I may use that word). Ahead we spot what seems to be a city!!!! This is impossible! Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. The controls refuse to respond!! My GOD!!! Off our port and starboard wings are a strange type of aircraft. They are closing rapidly alongside! They are disc-shaped and have a radiant quality to them. They are close enough now to see the markings on them. It is a type of Swastika!!! This is fantastic. Where are we! What has happened. I tug at the controls again. They will not respond!!!! We are caught in an invisible vice grip of some type!

After seeing what appears to be a Wooly Mammoth, an entire hour elapses between log entries, which to me is highly suspicious and very irregular for a military man.

The 'diary' goes on to reveal some amazing discoveries which could easily fill up an entire article and I won't ruin for anyone that wishes to read it in its entirety.

Again he uses the term northward which either shows that he is completely disoriented or fraud. I also do not think he would have used the term 'base camp' but rather a code word or specific location. The term base camp is not part of any military jargon I am aware of and seems highly dubious and what seems even more suspicious is the use of so many exclamation points.

One can read the entire diary by following the link in the first paragraph of this section.


Neuschwabenland as it was named by Hitler and the Nazis is shown to cover a large expanse of Antarctica adjacent to Queen Maud Land where Operation High Jump ended.

Neuschwabenland as it was named by Hitler and the Nazis is shown to cover a large expanse of Antarctica adjacent to Queen Maud Land where Operation High Jump ended.

Operation High Jump

It is very difficult for this author to swallow the idea that the Allies were oblivious to Germany's obvious intentions to colonize Antarctica. Sure, you could contend that Admiral Byrd was sent to Germany in 1938 to 'spy' on Hitler's Nazi Germany, when Hitler had received permission to hire him as an advisor to his exploration of Antarctica, but perhaps he was really sent to ensure their success.

To truly understand my disbelief is that Germany began extensive exploration of the continent of Antarctica as early as 1838, 100 years before Admiral Byrd's infamous visit to Nazi Germany. Also all shipping in the South Atlantic during Hitlers militarization of Antarctica in the late 30s were sunk, to keep this operation a secret. There is no way so many ships disappearing in this region of the world would have gone unnoticed by the Allies.

Further more the staging area to supply the Nazi Antarctica base was from the predominantly all white Aryan hierarchy of South Africa, in which many US and British intelligence agencies worked extensively, this would not have gone unnoticed.

When one recognizes that over 100 super submarines constructed from 1943 to 1945 in Germany have never been accounted and that over 250,000 soldiers, technicians, skilled laborers and engineers have never been found or accounted for nor has any of this information been made public then it becomes clear that the Allies have left many questions unanswered, why?

In August of 1946, the Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal began planning for Operation High Jump putting together a battle fleet, which included three highly decorated Admiral's, Nimitz, Cruzen and Byrd to 'invade' Antarctica but was publicized as exploratory and scientific.

Operation High Jump lead by Admiral Byrd consisted of 4,700 military troops from the United States, Britain and Australia with Russian advisors. Announced to the public as a exploratory and scientific mission, it involved (officially) a fleet of thirteen ships, including two aircraft carrier's (USS Philippine Sea) & (USS Casablanca), two ice breakers, two destroyers, two supply ships, two tenders carrying PBM seaplanes, two tankers, and a submarine. However some reports have this fleet being far larger, so perhaps that is merely what the public was told.

Admiral Marc Mitscher, commander of the Atlantic fleet, said "The purpose of Operation High Jump was consolidating and extending U.S sovereignty over Antarctic areas, investigating possible base sites, and extending scientific knowledge in general."

Evidently he was expecting heavily armed resistance from the local penguin population because according to public information available at the time, no military presence had been established there and certainly no reports of a secret Nazi base was released to the media.

According to official documents the fleet was to break into three separate groups, to eventually rendezvous in the Wendell Sea off the coast of Queen Maud Land on February 14, 1947 for a joint invasion exercise.

The central part of the task force was to re-establish Little America, a previously built base and set up an airstrip for the DC-3s and other aircraft, while the Eastern and Western parts of the task force would sail around opposite sides of Antarctica conducting reconnaissance.

What is interesting to note is that from the period that the task force split up until March 3rd, 1947 no further official documents exist, leaving the world to speculate what transpired for those two and a half weeks (17 days).

The operation was slated for a six to eight month mission but was prematurely terminated after only two months on March 3rd, 1947 only twelve of the original thirteen ships returned, the USS Pine Island vanished without a trace. The 'official account' has only three members dying but some accounts are much higher, one suggested over 1,500 men.

Reports are sketchy about what really transpired but some Russian intelligence has indicated that extremely sophisticated saucer shaped craft rose from the sea and attacked the fleet destroying many of the aircraft carrier planes. There are many confusing reports of reconnaissance planes crashing into invisible barriers (force fields) surrounding Neuschwabenland.

There has been much interesting speculation surrounding the 17 days unaccounted for among the official reports including that Admiral Byrd had taken a reconnaissance plane into the interior. This seems dubious and highly unlikely that the commander of the task force would turn his command over to a subordinate to fly a recon-mission, however what is even more strange is that this aircraft returned three hours late (it did not have enough fuel on board to fly continuously for three more hours). The official report is that this plane encountered engine trouble.

What is certain is that the fleet beat a hasty retreat after being off the coast of Antarctica for only three weeks. While the American public was told that Operation High Jump was a scientific success, Admiral Byrd in an interview in Argentina directly after the conflict confided with a reporter that if America was invaded it would be from Antarctica by aircraft that could fly at impossibly fast speeds and traverse the Earth from Pole to Pole.

Upon returning to the United States and debriefed Admiral Byrd was commanded not to grant anymore interviews. Soon afterwards James Forrestal the Secretary of the Navy that created Operation High Jump was hospitalized for a mental breakdown after he began to make wild claims concerning UFOs and Aliens. While in the hospital at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, he supposedly committed suicide by jumping out a window, which was reported to barred from the outside.

The whole operation seems to me to be a publicity stunt designed to convince the world that America tried to eradicate a secret Nazi military base but were over-powered by sophisticated technology. To me it seems to be a staged event, after all they didn't 'officially' even land any of the almost 5,000 ground troops they brought with them.

They went to great lengths to engage an enemy that they didn't even publicly admit existed only to turn around before they could prove that it did exists. If one were to try to convince their Allies that they had tried to eradicate this known Global enemy, would not this have been one way of achieving it?

If this is the case it could go a long way in showing that Nibiru Planet X How the Fourth Reich Plans to Rule the World After the Pole Shift is not a myth or theory but has some merit. After all would you really want the World to know that you in fact had allowed this secret military base to built in the first place as a means to and end.

Consider the implications of having a secret military base no Nation could touch. By convincing the World that it was impregnable, that even the greatest military force on the planet could not defeat it, you could then use it to over throw the World when conditions were right.

NASA Images

These images clearly show the Aurora Borealis or light from the Inner Sun shining out of the Antarctic Polar opening to Hollow Earth.

These images clearly show the Aurora Borealis or light from the Inner Sun shining out of the Antarctic Polar opening to Hollow Earth.

Port Arthur Battle of the Yellow Sea

Port Arthur gave the Japanese Army access to Manchuria, controlled then by Russia.

Port Arthur gave the Japanese Army access to Manchuria, controlled then by Russia.

Alpha Draconis

Hindu mythology describes a huge underground region of the World that extends from Tibet in the North all the way across the Indian subcontinent to Benares, India in the South, known as the Patala or "Snakeworld". This vast underground complex is home to the Nagas or serpent race, which has been worshipped and feared from ancient times.

According to Branton in The Omega Files and other books, this vast underground complex is home to more than one race of extraterrestrials and has two main entrances one in Benares, India and the other at Lake Manasarovar (the highest freshwater lake in the world). The local population of this Buddhist retreat have claimed to have seen many UFOs in the area over the centuries and even Alien Reptilian Humanoids, which some UFOologist claim are the Grey's.


A spiritual website called Who Needs Light describes the Alpha Draconians influence on the human race and certain secret societies such as the Illuminati. Known as the Reptilians by many researchers, this faction of Aliens have negatively influenced Humanity from behind the scenes for thousands of years.

The Reptilians Service To Self agenda has been felt by mankind in the propagation of wars, economic slavery, pollution, greed and in the form of money and false religious doctrine. Originally they were heavily influenced by the Lucifer Rebellion but then took his teachings to the extremes. Below is a few paragraphs outlining their influence on humanity.

Theirs was the idea of maintaining the use of fossil fuels rather than permitting free energy discoveries to be given to the people. Theirs also are the manufacturing processes which pollute rivers and steams, killing wildlife in the name of profit, as well as the use of spraying chemicals in the skies to control the population.

Any excuses which encourage the misuse or overuse of the precious resources which Mother Earth has so abundantly provided, and every idea which promotes "the economy" over the wellbeing of the population as a whole has its roots in the Reptilian project. The idea that "the economy" based on money must be fueled by consumers was a clever ruse for funneling ever more of it into their own secret projects and private purses.

According to my research as the planet Earth and mankind moves into the 5th Dimension, these entities will not be moving with us as this is the last generation of Reptilian's on Earth and that most of their race has already been removed from our Planet.

Len Kasten

Germany Alien Connection

Germany's connection to Alien influence can be traced directly back to Karl Hanshofer an officer in the German Imperial Army whom rose through the ranks until he became a teacher at the German War Academy from 1903 to 1908. He was then sent to Japan as a military advisor to the Japanese Imperial Army, where he became a favorite among the Japanese elite and Emperor himself.

By gaining the Emperor's trust he was soon introduced to the infamous occult Black Dragon Society which was really run by the ultra-secret Green Dragon Society. The Green Dragons were a small Buddhist monastic sect located in Kyoto. They had a close affiliation with the mysterious albeit Fascist Society of Green Men which lived in a secret underground monastery in Tibet and reportedly ruled over the Asian occult world through astral communication.

The Green Men as they were called had the ability to see the future, access the Akashic Records and had developed and instituted a plan for global domination and control that reached as far as the fiftieth century (the year 5000). Their immediate goal was to control the entire Eurasian continent including Russia, to do this they envisioned a two pronged attack from Japan in the east and Germany in the West.

Japan had already defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1906, which was largely a naval war but enabled Japan to control Port Arthur, which was a highly strategic region of the World giving them access to mainland China through the Manchurian province then controlled by Russia.

They convinced the Green Dragon Society to introduce Hanshofer into the society as a means of controlling him through hypnosis/possession (mind control) type techniques developed over the centuries and possibly through their Alien connections. He was only the third Westerner to ever be initiated into the Green Dragon Society, a high honor giving him great political prestige, he returned to Germany in 1911 a changed man.

He entered World War I with the rank of general and was given an entire brigade on the Western Front. Interestingly enough, he gained the reputation of being able to predict Allied strategies, troop movements and artillery bombardments which earned him a reputation of having occult like powers. Even though Germany lost the War his reputation grew and he became a Major General by the end of the War.

In civilian life Hanshofer became an associate professor of geopolitics at Munich University, where he was able to use his prestigious reputation and influence to gain the trust and friendship of affluent industrialist and right winged politicians.

Hanshofer became instrumental in creating two occult societies in Germany after World War I, the Thule Society in Munich in 1918 (which eventually became the Nazi Party) and the Vril Society which had direct connections to Tibetan monks. The Thule Society soon began developing anti-gravity technology through the Vril Society which brought in Green Dragon monks that acted as scientific advisors.

He was introduced to Adolf Hitler through his friendship with fellow army officer Rudolph Hess and even helped write the geopolitical sections of the infamous Mein Kampf while visiting Hitler in his jail cell. Upon Hitler's release from jail, Hanshofer was able to influence German Industrialists to finance both his and the Nazi's Party rise to power.

As early as the 1920s Hanshofer was organizing and arranging annual trips for his students and society members to Tibet for spiritual retreats giving them access to the Dragon Society for possible indoctrination. When Hitler gained power in 1933, Hanshofer again mediated a pact between the Nazi Party and the Green Men which gave Hitler direct access to the occult and Reptilian technology.

The Vril Society became the technical arm of the Nazi SS and the anti-gravity round winged aircraft development program became operational.

Video Below

When writing an article of this magnitude and scope it can be very difficult to edit, (over 5,000 words) deciding what to put in and what to leave out. That being said, the video below best reflects the points I'm trying to make.

There are many unsubstantiated reports from nuclear detonations by the US Military to Hollow Earth inhabitants destroying this base and taking in the survivors.

One report I read and am giving serious consideration in writing a separate article about describes how Nazi Germany made a secret treaty with the US to end the War in 1945 in exchange for three atomic bombs and the opportunity for top Nazi personnel including Hitler to leave Germany for Antarctica.

Two of the three bombs were used successfully on Japan, see Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the third was dropped but did not explode and was later turned over to Russia after the surrender of Japan by Japanese officials.

Good Video Describing the Article

West Germany

The interview took place in 1978. It concerned the issue of who exactly, during President Carter's administration, was formulating US economic and political policy.

The careless and off-hand attitude of Trilateralists Kaiser and Cooper is astonishing. It's as if they're saying, "What we're revealing is already out in the open, it's too late to do anything about it, why are you so worked up, we've already won..."

NOVAK (the reporter): Is it true that a private [Trilateral committee] led by Henry Owen of the US and made up of [Trilateral] representatives of the US, UK, West Germany, Japan, France and the EEC is coordinating the economic and political policies of the Trilateral countries [which would include the US]?

COOPER: Yes, they have met three times.

NOVAK: Yet, in your recent paper you state that this committee should remain informal because to formalize 'this function might well prove offensive to some of the Trilateral and other countries which do not take part.' Who are you afraid of?

KAISER: Many countries in Europe would resent the dominant role that West Germany plays at these [Trilateral] meetings.

Secret Underground Nazi Base?


My contention is that the Nazis were allowed to design, create and populate a deep underground military base in the Antarctica by certain factions within the American, British and Russian Government's as means of conducting clandestine cloning techniques, designing & developing advanced weapons and aircraft and having a base of operations for The New World Order, after the Pole Shift. I also believe it was allowed to be completed so that the Nazi Party could be allowed to 'disappear' but remain intact after the War, complete with secret technology.

I believe that Operation High Jump was merely a smoke screen for rumors circulating within global intelligence agencies that a secret underground Nazi Military Base existed in Antarctica. That it was designed to fail but in doing so would convince our Allies that an attempt was made to destroy it. I believe James Forestall's untimely death was due to him trying to reveal this duplicity by America's Military Industrial Complex.

That World War II was designed by the New World Order (Banking Elite) to reduce the World's population (60 million deaths), develop new technology and weapons, create a Jewish State in the Middle of the Arab Nations (to create unrest in the region) and advance the overall New World Order agenda.

Even before World War II started factions within American society and government were steering America towards a more socialistic form of government, where large corporations controlled economic goods, politics and the military.

These factions through the American banking empire were able to finance and support Hitlers rise to power. Two of the more prominent names related to these kinds of activities were none other than George Herbert Walker and his son in law Prescott Bush (whom is the paternal great grandfather of President George W. Bush), both members of the Skull and Bones society an American version of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Through their lawyers John and Allen Dulles these two prominent businessmen in American society were able to funnel large sums of money to Nazi Germany's War effort. Allen Dulles later became the head of the C.I.A. (criminals in action) until he was fired by John F. Kennedy in 1961. Many other prominent American businessmen were involved in Hitler's rise to power and the Nazi War Machine.

Needless to say there is much evidence today that World War II was carefully planned and manipulated into happening many years in advanced by the powerful banking families of the World. My contention is that a plan of such magnitude would not have conveniently overlooked such a big operation as creating a secret underground military base in the Antarctic.

However what I want to make clear is that all of these so-called rich elite power brokers, banking empires and royal families all were influenced, manipulated and controlled by an Alien race, the Reptilian Alpha Draconians, to reduce the population of the World through wars, economic strife, diseases, famine, pollution and environmental hardships for one ultimate purpose, eventual global domination of this planet.

This Reptilian race has existed on this planet for eons, using it as a secret military base to launch their military campaigns across the known Universe. Granted they're few but wield a huge power structure across the globe through secret organizations and cults, from underground bases scattered across the planet.

They have been planning an eventual invasion scenario since the last Polar Shift as a way to reap the bounty of this planet when the human race is at its weakest most vulnerable state. In the past, before we developed advanced technology they were able to control the human population with ease but now as we have gained technological prowess and spiritual enlightenment they fear our ability to resist them.

They intend to use the chaos of the Polar Shift created by the presence of the planet Nibiru Planet X in our solar system to make their presence known and return complete control back into their hands. What is important to understand is that we are no more than cattle to them, to be used as slaves to build their bases of operations and nourishment when they are hungry.

Regardless of whether or not a secret underground Nazi base still exist in Antarctica, the culmination of the Pole Shift from Nibiru Planet X will alter the current locations of our continents. The current thinking of Polar Shift believers and researchers is that Antarctica will move in a Northeastern direction as the Atlantic Rift widens.

This will cause a large portion of the two mile thick ice sitting on the continent to break away and melt, increasing ocean levels significantly. It will also move Antarctica into a more hospitable climate closer to the equator allowing for a whole new continent to be inhabited by survivors.

Considering the information in Nibiru Planet X How the Fourth Reich Plans to Rule the World After the Pole Shift, one could conclude that if indeed a working Nazi base does in fact still exist and is operational, complete with advanced technology, The Powers That Be could use Antarctica to easily conquer a world reeling from global cataclysms after the Pole Shift.

© 2014 somethgblue


John Kaslow on May 29, 2019:

I need Exeter, NH. You can see two separate sunsets, one in the northwest and one east south east. Contrails are on schedule - just before sunrise and sunset. When will they admit that a brown dwarf star and Nibiru? Oh, that’s right, they’ll tell us as they get in a spacecraft to leave us behind.

Graham Lee from Lancashire. England. on August 31, 2016:

Frightening to read, all theory I feel but so very interesting. Your research and presentation are first class. A great hub!


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 22, 2015:

Your thinking about a Magnetic Pole shift, there is a big difference between that and a Geographical Pole shift, you might want to understand your science a little better before running off at the mouth about the dumbest thing you have ever read because your comment ranks up there.

Continents have moved many times over the millions of years of Earth's existence, you know what a tectonic plate is, correct? Our continents, or the surface of the Earth floats on a sea of molten rock called magma. These tectonic plates are all connected and push against each other, they are held together like a puzzle. However if one slips, they affect all the others.

Have you ever heard the concept of Pangea, where all the continents were once connected? Do you really think they just drifted a few millimeters every year until poof, they just suddenly ended they way they are now, hello anybody home?

As the magnetic force of Nibiru Planet X nears our own planet it causes The Earth which is just like a magnet to move away (repulse) or move towards (attract). Take two magnets, put them on a table and move them close to each other and you will see how they affect each other.

Nibiru Planet X has a stronger magnetic force because of its density and size than Earth, as it leaves our solar system it will grab (attract) the Earth and pull it a million miles closer to it but once it passes our Sun, the Sun's gravity will reaffirm itself and pull it back.

This will act like a whiplash affect to Earth which will (it is estimated) move the core of the planet about one third of a turn, the surface will actually rush to catch up with the oceans and atmosphere to follow.

That is how a Geographical Pole Shift works, I have explained this concept in greater detail in previous articles and most of my thousands of readers are already aware of this and have done their own research to confirm it.

You can already see the affects Nibiru is having on our planet from the increase in earthquakes and volcanoes in size and frequency. The thousands of sinkholes, bridge collapses, land and mudslides, natural gas explosions, bird and fish kills from methane gas leakages, whales beaching, ice caps melting (from the core heating up warming oceans) and sea levels rise as coastlines sink.

I have to assume my reader knows a little bit about the geography of our planet or I would have to explain this concept every time a I write an article.

I'm not kidding you and if you do the research you will realize that you have put your foot in your mouth however most people prefer denial, so what will it be? Go back to sleep sheep or actually do some research?

Thought so, now who's dumb?

Eric on February 22, 2015:

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read.

"It will also move Antarctica into a more hospitable climate closer to the equator allowing for a whole new continent to be inhabited by survivors."

Are you kidding me? Pole shift just means magnetic N becomes S, and vice versa. It has happened many times throughout Earth's history. Continents will not move and the earth will not "flip" . If you had any credibility with this article before hand, it is undoubtedly entirely lost with your sheer ignorance of basic science.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 23, 2014:

Since mounting evidence is being revealed that in fact WWII was contrived by the Banking Empire to achieve a variety of goals, the least of which was reducing the population of the planet by 100 million people, then I think it is fair to say that creating a secret underground impenetrable fortress in Antarctica run by the NWO if fairly plausible.

However as the NWO is learning darkness and evil choices will never defeat the Light and WWIII is not an option, as the Federation of Light or Council of Worlds will never let that happen on this planet or any other. So while the Cabal or NWO (whatever you wish to call them) play their games and jockey for power, they are really missing the boat when it comes to human evolution and Ascension.

Earth is entering a New Golden Age and no amount of false flag operations, bombings or skirmishes will stop this from happening.

Thanks for stopping by Max Barefoot, its good to get to know ya.

Maxwell Barefoot from Altoona, PA on September 23, 2014:

I have written a similar article as my first Hub. Very interesting stuff to read, I have never come across this theory before but it seems to hold credence. We came to a lot of the same conclusions in our articles I believe. Goes to show that if you dig deep enough that you can find the truth.

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