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A Tribute To My Favorite Hub Pages Writers

Hub Pages has a lot of writers but few of them are exceptional and this hub aims at thanking these gurus for bringing light to the writing community.


Writing Melbourne - Melbourne Hubpages Social Meetup

The first Hubpages social meetup was planned on Australia Day 2011 and was held in Melbourne at the Stolberg Beer Cafe on 17 February 2011.


Google Attacks Our HubPages (Do the Math, Numbers Don't Lie)

The giant Google monster is going head to head with our beloved hub pages. One thing that's for sure in this world is that numbers don't lie. At this moment in time what the numbers are indicating aren't exactly favorable for our hub pages. You can take a look at the figures for yourself, because all of the math is done here for you.


How to Drive Traffic to Your Articles

Enter a Contest or Hub Challenge soon -- The more you participate with us, the more you will earn. Simple!


Where to Find Copyright Free Images

How do you find legal images for use on websites, hubs and blogs? Public domain images are one good free image option. This is a list of websites that offer free and public domain images for commercial use.


Budget Travel Tips

This hub is about traveling while spending smart. Getting the most out of your vacation dollar, and seeing what you can without paying more than what is necessary. Hopefully it is a guide that will help you go see the world instead of wishing you were.


Earn More by Promoting Zazzle Products on Hubpages

Make your hubs generate more money by promoting products from Zazzle. Step by step instructions show you just how easy it is to sign up, and start earning.


How Do I Get Started On HubPages? Guidelines To Get Noticed by Writing and Publishing Evergreen SEO Hub Page Articles

A How-To Guide to understanding HubPages and getting started with publishing online and getting traffic to your Hubs. If you want to be noticed on HubPages and get readers to comment on your work, then this is the best place to start!


Improve Your HubPages Earnings

Advice and recommendations for improving the earning potential of your Hubs, plus tips on how to analyze performance. Take the earnings polls and compare to other HubPages authors!


The Euphonium and the Euphonium Player: Mike Friedman aka mckbirdbks

All about the Euphonium, the Euphonium-Player and Mike Friedman aka mckbirdbks


A tribute to little green circles! Oh little green circle with numbers entwined, how happy you make me feel! You feed my addiction here. It's been a few hours since I was last on, let me check again and see if you are there. You are so small, but you...


Earn Through Blogging With HubPages Program

Hubpages is a writing community where you can write and share your ideas and knowledge to the world while getting paid on it. Read my brief story how I've got on hubpages and started earning from them


Is Prejudicial Discrimination the Answer?

A short and sweet article about the vibe I get from the "forum regulars."


100,000 Hits, 85 Hubs - The Story of My Nineteen Months' Stay in HubPages

A hubber's success is his popularity. When he gets good traffic, his mission is half won. The remaining half is for the earning. Earning is directly related to good traffic. Read this for more.


You Can Earn by Writing Articles on Hubpages: My First Hubpages Payout

Hubpages is a robust platform that helps writers to write articles and publish them online. What is even better about Hubpages is that you can earn by writing what you like. Here is my first ever Hubpages payout.


Check List for a Dynamite Hubpages Article

20 things you should do to pimp out your hub before publishing. I'll make a bet that you find something in here you didn't think to do! If I win, you win anyway because you are more knowledgable than before. If you win, I promise to share one of your hubs on my own feed! Be honest now- no playing sneaky just to win.


How to Write Better Comments for Articles and Blogs

Comments on articles are a powerful source of feedback for the writer. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to improve your comment writing skills.


My Bucket List / Life Wish List

I believe I was 14, 15 or 16 years old when I decided I needed to create my own bucket list-- a list of things I wanted to do before I die. Well, I didn't EXACTLY think of it that way. For me, it was just a list of all the things I would want to do...


Google's Author Rank Rewards High Quality Websites - Why Low Quality Content Hurts Your Site

Traffic and inactivity are only part of the equation that determines how your website will be ranked. Author Rank is a way that Google rewards websites for providing good and relevant content. In order to provide what Google considers good content and rank high, learn first, what Google considers a low quality website.

What are the Hubpages Niche Site Descriptions?

Quick guide and description of the various Hubpages niche site domains.


How To REALLY study for the NPTE

Read more tips on how to study for the NPTE in my blog Embracing Everyday. I am currently reviewing for my second attempt to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam in the United States this coming May 2011. Yes, I am part of the Philippine...


How to Avoid Disturbing Dream?

Bad dreams give very uncomfortable experience


How Hubscore Works

All this information is available around HubPages, in the FAQ or in some cases discussed further in the forum. But rather than send you off on a wild goose chase to find it all I've collated the information to present it here as an easy to find...


An Illustrated Guide for Pruning An Overgrown Apple Tree

Without careful attention to pruning and other culturlal practices, an apple tree can become to tall, to wide, to dense in the middle and it looks unmanageable. However, it is not as difficult to rejuvinate as it looks.   It will require laying...

Writing blog content for SEO cartoon

How can I get more traffic to my hubs on Hubpages? What is the best way to drive pageviews?

Tips for driving traffic to your hubs. Discussion of how to write well for search engines without trying to cheat them.


Articles on How to Increase Traffic to Blog and Website That You Should Read

To succeed on-line, getting free traffic or website visitors is crucial. To help you here are compilation, listing & directory of some of the best articles written on HubPages for easy reference


How and Why to Use Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Images

Pictures add value and interest to your hubs. Wikimedia Commons is a great resource for unique and topical media.


Prt Scr - How To Do A Print Screen | ScreenShot

Creating a screenshot, or shot of your screen is done by using your print screen key. Early on I wondered how folks captured the images on their computer screen, now I put the how-to in writing for ya! Read on to find out how to capture your...


3 Ways to Increase Your Earnings on HubPages

This article includes my three best tips to earn more money as a writer on HubPages. Read on to see how you can earn more money on HubPages also!


Hubpage 11th Anniversary

This article concerns my 11th anniversary as an author at Hubpages. It discusses some of my personal issues, along with my views about Hubpages. I have almost 500 articles available for reading at this time.


Dear fellow Hubbers, Eric Style

Hi Hubbers let us try something new and improved to go along with our new and maybe improved "Discovery Gig". I did not get approval from Headquarters. They may object or be delighted. If you do not see me any more we will know why.


Hub Scores and How You Improve Them

There have been numerous Forum questions from Hubbers worrying about their Hub Scores and Hubber Scores. What?! You don’t know what these are? No problem.


Ask an Editor: Breaking Up Long Sentences and Article Focus

There were two major problems with today's article. One, it lost focus, straying from its own main topic. It also had long sentences that should be broken up into smaller ones.


A Letter To The Angels of Newtown

December 14, 2012 a terrible tragedy happened in Newtown, Connecticut. If I could write a letter to the victims, this is what I would say...

The Art of Seduction: How to Seduce a Woman

How do you get a woman into bed or a decent girl to be your girlfriend? If you think it's about flowers, dating, and "getting lucky", you need help!


My HubPages Earnings and Progress for 2012

Here is a month-to-month account of my earnings and experience here at HubPages for 2012! Will be updated at the end of every month throughout the year.


HubPages: A Simple Beginners’ Introduction

Hubpages is a great site for writers and publishers. There is a truly supporting community and one can earn by writing original high quality articles. This is an introduction to Hubpages.


A Step Back in Time: A HubNuggets Tea Party

We were all sitting there in our new redecorated club house lazily talking about this weeks HubNuggets and drinking a cup of tea when Enelle Lamb commented on the dust under the couch. How could there be dust there already? We had just gone through...


Increase Your Traffic - How to Add Your Hubpages Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

How to add a sitemap to hubpages? Can you add a sitemap to hubpages? Step by step instructions how to add sitemap to hubpages.


Who is this DJ Funktual anyway?

Okay, you wanted to know about me. Well, here's more info than anyone should ever want.


Free Hub Hug

We all like hugs. Give a hug. Share a hug. Send a hug. Feel the hugs. They are free and feel good!


My First 6 Months on HubPages

Interested in writing on-line. Check out my six month review of my experience here on HubPages. It's been quite a ride, and very addicting. I can firmly state that I'm here for the long run.

The four area of the screen

How To Make A Promotional Video For Free With Windows Movie Maker

It's easy to create a video in Windows Movie Maker! You can use video clips, still images and MP3 audio files to create a great looking video to promote yourself, your web site or your services. Promotional videos are one of the best ways to show off your web site, provide step-by-step instructions, give a virtual tour of your location or services, and share your knowledge and experience on a topic.


After 13 Years of Hubbing I Have Good Advice for Hubbers

This article provides an overview of writing online articles for Hubpages. The author has written "hubs" for many years and would like to offer advice on how to improve one's hubbing skills and experience.


Nick Vujicic, Living Life With Purpose

The students were squirming, chatting, and trying to figure out how to text without being spotted. They were waiting for the little film clip to begin. You could tell by their faces that they thought it was going to be one more run of the mill...


6 Tips for Writing a Successful Hub

How to write a hub (article) that not only looks great, but performs well from your first ideas to polishing your final draft.


My First Year At Hubpages

A year ago, I was looking for ways to earn money online. came up and I signed up. It's been a great year and I hope for many more. Here is an account of my first year.

Hubpages Accolades

What Are and What Do Accolades Mean in Hubpages?

In the Hubpages Community, writers are given a challenging yet fulfilling quest of winning accolades. This effectively encourage writers more because it adds adventure, but others think that they are just a waste of effort and time. To wit, what do these accolades really mean? And what can they imply about the hubbers?


Success Principles: Self Discipline

Consider the outcome of this idea. What will happen if you are a student and set your goal in public that you will score 100% in your Mathematics exam and promised to do whatever you can do for reaching that goal.  And a camera crew will follow you 24 x 7 and what will happen.


30 Articles in 30 Days Challenge and Results

Has your love for writing blossomed into something bigger? What have you learned from writing? In this article, I share what I learned after completing my 30 articles in 30 days writing challenge, and why you should consider a 30 day challenge too! Read until the end to learn more.


Hubpages On-Page Seo Guide 2018

If you want to increase your organic traffic on the HubPages niche sites or anywhere on the internet for that matter, this is the best guide out there.


My Squidoo Earnings Record

Squidoo is gone now, but this page is part of its history. Quite a few writers earned good money publishing pages on the Squidoo platform. Here's my experience.