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Google's Author Rank Rewards High Quality Websites - Why Low Quality Content Hurts Your Site

Traffic and inactivity are only part of the equation that determines how your website will be ranked. Author Rank is a way that Google rewards websites for providing good and relevant content. In order to provide what Google considers good content and rank high, learn first, what Google considers a low quality website.


What is HTML?

HTML is an acronym of Hyper Text Markup Language. If you were to look at a page of HTML source code (pages which use the file extension .html or .htm), even if you are unfamiliar with HTML, you should be able to recognize the text (content) of the...


Squidoo Payday Questions & Answers

It never fails, every month on payday the same questions are being asked in the SquidU forum. Most of them by new lensmasters, but surprisingly, there's also quite a bit of confusion among some who have been around for a while. Figuring out how...


Could Someone Please Help Me?????

OK, Don't read this if you're looking to actually help someone. This is one of my RANTs that I put on HP occasionally. Read it or don't read it, I'm just complaining about a large portion of the "please Help Me) articles I am seeing lately.


Choosing a User Name and Profile on HubPages

Welcome to HubPages! If you are new to this wonderful online community of writers, you may want to read these suggestions before you set up your account. When you set up your account, you will need to choose a permanent profile name. This profile name is your window to the world, so choose it wisely. This hub offers some tips for setting up your HubPages Profile.


Is Prejudicial Discrimination the Answer?

A short and sweet article about the vibe I get from the "forum regulars."


How Do I Get Google AdSense Account without a Website?

My country of residence made it a painful AdSense experience: However, less costly than starting a high-traffic niche site. Hopping that you din't buy one; was it a pain in the neck where you reside?


My First Year At Hubpages

A year ago, I was looking for ways to earn money online. came up and I signed up. It's been a great year and I hope for many more. Here is an account of my first year.


The Most Important Do's and Don'ts of Hubpages

A list of what to do and not to do that I've come up with based on my Hubpages blogging experiences.


Free Back Links - Free One Way Links

Top Paying AdSense Keyword Lists,Free one way links,Adsense Easy Profit Secrets,Social Bookmarking Sites


My Hubpages Traffic Doubled in One Week

How my Hubpages traffic doubled in one week. How to increase search-engine traffic.


How to Drastically Improve Traffic and Earnings On Hubpages Successfully!

Would you like to see real earnings and traffic come in to your hubs? This hub shows my journey, while instructing you on how I've achieved it.


10 Free Stock Photo Websites: Royalty Free Images for Bloggers

You don’t need to buy photos just to include it to your design or article once. Here’s a list of some of the most well-known sites for free stock photos and some of those that...


10 Important Reminders for New Hubpages Writers

If you are a good observer, with a creative mind, and an enthusiasm for writing, you can definitely succeed in the field of online writing. Writing and reading should be a regular activity. Patience, discipline and hard work is required in writing as well, like any other field.


Guide To Improving Web Page | More Traffic, Faster Payout On HubPages

A guide written in simple English about improving web traffic to blog. A simple approach to SEO without knowing technical jargons with many tips for increasing visitor's flow to a website or hubpages


HubPages: A Simple Beginners’ Introduction

Hubpages is a great site for writers and publishers. There is a truly supporting community and one can earn by writing original high quality articles. This is an introduction to Hubpages.


How to Mosaic a Garden Ball

A tutorial on how to mosaic a styrofoam ball instead of a bowling ball to create a stunning art piece or a gazing ball using broken tile and jewelry. The result is lightweight and easy to display.


You Can Earn by Writing Articles on Hubpages: My First Hubpages Payout

Hubpages is a robust platform that helps writers to write articles and publish them online. What is even better about Hubpages is that you can earn by writing what you like. Here is my first ever Hubpages payout.


How to Build a Fountain for your Above Ground Pool

DIY fountain build for an above ground pool. For under $30.00 (for the fountain alone) the cost for extending it from the filter will vary based on your set-up. The entire build (for me) with all the extra pieces was under $50.00.


My First Hug of the Day goes to...Sparklea on HubPages

This "Hug" is written in partnership with fellow hubber, Jackie Lynnley. Our plan is to send out a “Hug” each, on alternating weeks, to a fellow hubber who may need more HubLove coming his or her way.


10 Tips for New Hubbers from an Almost New Hubber

I didn't come to HubPages with a lot of writing or social networking experience. I have had a few experienced Hubbers, directly or indirectly, help me as I have gotten started. Here are 10 helpful tips, pearls of wisdom, or suggestions that may also help you.


How to Earn Money Through Articles on HubPages

Sharing my experience and journey till now on HubPages!


El aloe vera para cosmética se utiliza gracias a su composición química, pues algunas de las sustancias que lo componen tienen la capacidad de otorgar una inmensa variedad de beneficios. Optar por un producto cosmético hecho con aloe vera significa doble ganancia, ya que al mismo tiempo que utilizas


How to Start Your Journey as a Content Writer?

Do you dream of becoming a content writer? I think anyone can become a content writer with patience and practice. In this article, I am sharing in-depth methods as to how anyone can become a content writer. Sharing my experience after writing more than 119+ featured articles on Hubpages.


Internet Comments - Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Abuse and Subvert Free Speech?

Internet comments may be the greatest expression of free speech in the modern world, or they may be a medium for ill-considered, irrational and defammatory bullying. This page examines that potential


Making Money Online by Partnering With HubPages

A description of how to make money by joining HubPages as a free lance writer. Personal experience there with both successes and failures.


How To Submit To Reddit: A Step-By-Step Guide To Submissions And Sub-Reddits

A lot of people seem to have trouble figuring out what a sub-Reddit is and how to submit to one. In an effort to help out those who aren't sure of how to use the site, I've created a step-by-step guide with screenshots and explanations of how to...


Google Attacks Our HubPages (Do the Math, Numbers Don't Lie)

The giant Google monster is going head to head with our beloved hub pages. One thing that's for sure in this world is that numbers don't lie. At this moment in time what the numbers are indicating aren't exactly favorable for our hub pages. You can take a look at the figures for yourself, because all of the math is done here for you.


10 Reasons to Join Hubpages—An Ideal Website for Online Content and Creative Writers.

The fact that I am about to complete and celebrate 7 years, writing for this online writing website, says a lot about HubPages. An ideal platform, for online writing, to hone the writing skills, to interact and learn, to get published, to make some money. The backbone, of course is the HP community.


Signup For A Hubpages Account And Make Money Too!

If you like to write. You may want to sign-up for a Hub pages account. It could be fun and an outlet for your creative ideas. And the best can make a little money too!


HubPages - Make Money Writing Articles

Welcome to HubPages, a totally free article marketing site where you could submit your original writings and reap enormous benefits! For article marketing tips, advise on automation, article submission, and distribution, and for every other aspect associated with article marketing, here is a directory which contains articles on a wide array of related topics within itself. Grab it now! HubPages is your passport to online fame and fortune too! Join HubPages today and soar to great heights!


Add Your Hubpages Widget And Other Gadgets To Your Blogs On Blogger - Tips For Hubbers And Bloggers

A very useful guide for new hubbers. This image and text hub will teach you how to add your Hubpages widget to your blogs on in simple steps. Adding your profile widget to your blog or website is a sure way to get more traffic and also earn from referrals from those who join through clicking your widget. To learn how to do it, read on...


Hub Scores and How You Improve Them

There have been numerous Forum questions from Hubbers worrying about their Hub Scores and Hubber Scores. What?! You don’t know what these are? No problem.


100 Hubs = Happiness

Writing my first 100 hubs was a challenge but here are some tips for new hubbers that I picked up along the way.


How To Use Images In Articles

A quick guide how to use images to add value to hubs and blog posts


I Passed HubPages Boot Camp but still Feel Inadequate Writing for HP

I pass HP boot camp today with this 5th hub. How come I still felt inadequate and with an Inferiority complex writing for this site? Are great writers born or made?


Hub SEO: Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization on HubPages

This site details a guide to search engine optimization on HubPages. Hub SEO is discussed and includes information about titles, keywords, backlinks and virtually every other critical SEO topic. Additionally, an SEO checklist is included.


Pleased to Meet You, My Name is Jamie Hamann: A Self Interview

This interview with myself is in response to a challenge put forth by availiavision.


Nick Vujicic, Living Life With Purpose

The students were squirming, chatting, and trying to figure out how to text without being spotted. They were waiting for the little film clip to begin. You could tell by their faces that they thought it was going to be one more run of the mill...


Who is this DJ Funktual anyway?

Okay, you wanted to know about me. Well, here's more info than anyone should ever want.


My 50th Hub Confessional

You might not know or care who I am, but I'm confessing my writing sins to you.


A Step Back in Time: A HubNuggets Tea Party

We were all sitting there in our new redecorated club house lazily talking about this weeks HubNuggets and drinking a cup of tea when Enelle Lamb commented on the dust under the couch. How could there be dust there already? We had just gone through...


Dear fellow Hubbers, Eric Style

Hi Hubbers let us try something new and improved to go along with our new and maybe improved "Discovery Gig". I did not get approval from Headquarters. They may object or be delighted. If you do not see me any more we will know why.


A Tribute To My Favorite Hub Pages Writers

Hub Pages has a lot of writers but few of them are exceptional and this hub aims at thanking these gurus for bringing light to the writing community.


My Hubpages Earnings

A journal style article about earning money with hubpages; writing online.


Tips For New Bloggers & Online Writers. Get Traffic, Improve SEO and Avoid Newbie Mistakes!

If you've just started writing online, you may be wondering where the traffic and money is. Chances are, you're making at least two of these common new online writer mistakes.


Fred Hollows, True Hero

Today there are more than one million people in the world who can see -- because of Fred Hollow


How To REALLY study for the NPTE

Read more tips on how to study for the NPTE in my blog Embracing Everyday. I am currently reviewing for my second attempt to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam in the United States this coming May 2011. Yes, I am part of the Philippine...


Should These Phrases be Used or Deleted

Sometimes, one phrase or two, when spoken by a few, becomes not only an annoyance, but a point of pure hatred.


How to Find High Traffic Topics with Google Suggest

I hate the Keyword Planner. So here's my free and easy to use method of finding highly searched topics.