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How To Become More Productive Working From Home?

Have you started working from home? Are you getting stuck working from home? Are you feeling tired of doing so? Well, then in this article, I am sharing ways through which you can become more productive working from home. So, read and learn some simple hacks and techniques.


How to Upload Videos to GoDaddy Website

Online video sharing is a popular internet trend, an estimated one billion videos are viewed everyday on the internet. Video.ME, Go Daddy’s online video hosting service, allows users to share and upload video. Video.ME also provides tools to...

What are the Hubpages Niche Site Descriptions?

Quick guide and description of the various Hubpages niche site domains.


Table of Contents

I'll probably write this and then the powers-that-be will create a Capsule to do in a few seconds what may take a while to create. Which is fine by me! I wish there was such a capsule! But in the meantime you can do it the way I've done it.


My New Year Resolutions as an Article Writer 2015

Its now year 2015 and this is my new Fresh Start to a new year being an online writer! This year will have many ups, downs, experiences, and difficulties but im sure to face them all as they come!


Why Write a Hub

Why hub, why write, why not? This is My Why!


How My Hub Went from Zero to 3,000 Page Views in Just Under Eight Hours

Find out how my hub went from zero to 3,000 page views in under eight hours.


How To Grow Your Money Like The Rich People Do

The rich think in a certain way that makes them rich. The poor also think in a certain way that makes them poor.


How to Behave Yourself on Hubpages Community

Hubpages is a great platform to share your writings and for enhancing your skills.But another thing which matters more is how you behave good on hubpages.



Metaphorically speaking, they are the tools in your toolbox. They are building blocks. You pick and choose the ones you need to build the hub you want. There are two types of capsules: Content Capsules Text Capsule Photo Capsule Video...


How the Secret Law of Attraction can Improve your Google Adsense Earnings

How the Secret Law of Attraction can improve your Google Adsense Earnings: The article discusses various ways in which Law of attraction can help you in boosting your Google adsense income.


How to Write an Effective SEO Blog Post: Tips for Freelance Content Writers

Featuring well-written, SEO structured blog can drive more site traffic and help build a solid online presence. Here are a few tips to produce this kind of blog for your clients.


Capstone Hub Program

Capstone Hubs: What are they, how can I get approval, when can I get started?


30 Articles in 30 Days Challenge and Results

Has your love for writing blossomed into something bigger? What have you learned from writing? In this article, I share what I learned after completing my 30 articles in 30 days writing challenge, and why you should consider a 30 day challenge too! Read until the end to learn more.


Tips For New Bloggers & Online Writers. Get Traffic, Improve SEO and Avoid Newbie Mistakes!

If you've just started writing online, you may be wondering where the traffic and money is. Chances are, you're making at least two of these common new online writer mistakes.


6 Unusual Ways to Make Money with HubPages

Think you know all the ways you can make money with HubPages? Well, here's some more you might not have thought about.


How to Finally Get Google Adsense Account Approved

This article enables you to know the things to do (and not to do) to get accepted in the adsense program. This also helps you in addressing some of the problems you encounter in your Google Adsense application.


For New Writers - The Benefits of Hubpages Community and How to Best Participate

Participating in the Hubpages community provides support for new writers and enables them to give and gain feedback and obtain exposure and followers of their writing.


A Step Back in Time: A HubNuggets Tea Party

We were all sitting there in our new redecorated club house lazily talking about this weeks HubNuggets and drinking a cup of tea when Enelle Lamb commented on the dust under the couch. How could there be dust there already? We had just gone through...


The Benefits of Writing for Hubpages

As a writer I'm constantly on a journey of discovery. Every experience is material for creating good material and mastering the art of writing. Listed are the benefits I have experienced as a writer for Hubpages.


What Should I Write About on HubPages? (A Guide)

If you're new to HubPages then this is the perfect article to help you get started writing your own hubs. If you're a veteran, then this guide can help you figure out what sort of hub to write next.



From my point of view, writing for Hubpages is certainly my favorite passion. It is so good feeling when your thoughts, observations and knowledge get published so quickly, when your wisdom is online and you have faithful readers, when your Hubscore...


The Euphonium and the Euphonium Player: Mike Friedman aka mckbirdbks

All about the Euphonium, the Euphonium-Player and Mike Friedman aka mckbirdbks


30 Day Writing Challenge

If you love to write, how can you write 30 articles in 30 Days? Why should you? Take the Challenge! Included in this article: planning for the challenge, and how I managed to write 30 articles in 30 days while working full time.


How to Source Great Alternative Pictures for Articles

Want your articles and hubs to stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips on how to spice up your pictures... and make sure they're totally original.


5 Things That Happened When I Did Not Write on Hubpages for a Month

In just a month, my hubberscore had dropped from the 80s to 40s...


How To Submit To Reddit: A Step-By-Step Guide To Submissions And Sub-Reddits

A lot of people seem to have trouble figuring out what a sub-Reddit is and how to submit to one. In an effort to help out those who aren't sure of how to use the site, I've created a step-by-step guide with screenshots and explanations of how to...


Writing Melbourne - Melbourne Hubpages Social Meetup

The first Hubpages social meetup was planned on Australia Day 2011 and was held in Melbourne at the Stolberg Beer Cafe on 17 February 2011.


What Kind of Income Can You Really Expect on HubPages?

Can you really make money writing on Hub Pages and if so, how much is realistic? I have researched this question and found that there are two versions of what we are told we can expect to earn as income on HP. Here's what I found...


How to create a successful youtube channel

Although hard work setting up a you tube channel can be extremely rewarding as you develop fans you connect it and possibly begin gaining financially from the channel.

The development of the Internet made bringing HubPages to the masses easier than this proposed prototype.

Fun HubPages FAQs

HubPages was actually started BEFORE the internet was invented. Unfortunately it proved to be too impractical to get HubScore to work properly with the cork board and thumbtacked notes. The development of the Internet made bringing HubPages to...


Nick Vujicic, Living Life With Purpose

The students were squirming, chatting, and trying to figure out how to text without being spotted. They were waiting for the little film clip to begin. You could tell by their faces that they thought it was going to be one more run of the mill...


How to Write for an American Audience. Know Our Slang and Write the Way We Talk for Success!

This article is for those of you out there, in other parts of the world, who feel they are not getting the audience they deserve on HubPages and other writer’s sites based in America.


Increase Your Traffic With Recipes

If you want to increase your traffic, you should write about your favorite recipe. Some of the most popular pages on the internet are about food.


Make Money Writing on HubPages

If you want to learn to make money writing, HubPages is a great place to start because it's easy to use and there are a variety of ways to make money with no money whatsoever.

UPDATE: AdSense Account Reinstated

**Update** I got an email from AdSense today and they say that upon further review they are reversing their decision and reinstating my account. SO, I guess maybe they finally saw I did not do anything wrong. I am very grateful and relieved for...


Friday The 13th: HubNuggets Horror at Crystal Lake Camp

This hub was written as a showcase for new writers on Hub Pages. Though the HubNuggets Program has been phased out, Hub Pages continues to celebrate and promote new writers.


Free Hub Hug

We all like hugs. Give a hug. Share a hug. Send a hug. Feel the hugs. They are free and feel good!


My HubPages Earnings and Progress for 2012

Here is a month-to-month account of my earnings and experience here at HubPages for 2012! Will be updated at the end of every month throughout the year.


How To Upload Photos to Your Hubs

Adding photos to your published writings on the web helps to attract more traffic. HubPages is one of the best sites for writing and earning money for your work. Here is how to add pictures to your

How does the Hub Page Score work

One HubPages user tries to clear up any confusion on How the Hub Page Scores work.


How To Hub

This is part 2 of a 4 part series that I have researched and written about HubPages. Part 1 can be found here: How HubPages Works Part 3 is An Introduction To HubPage Referrals Part 4 is on the sub-topics of Capsules. And now, onto the main...


Who is Peter John Lawrence

An introduction to Peter and his background and to show his experiences re personal development though many trails.


Some History on North Korea

In this photo, the people of North Korea are shown at what appears to be a rally; it gives the impression that North Koreans support and stand behind their Leader. In reality, there is no leader, only a dictator and this photo op is one big facade, as fake as a three dollar bill, none of it is real!

Writing Advice for HubDummies - Or Something like That.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Writing, and Hubpages

While there are numerous guides to creating articles on HubPages, there is none quite like this one.  In this article, I have listed my method for attracting hub-readers from around the country.  While my meaningless ramblings are slightly...


How To Increase Comments On HubPages

Are you looking for feedback? Are you interested in becoming an active member of a writing community? Then read on and find out how it is accomplished.


Pimp Your Images - Using Free Online Image Editors

Do you want to add fun effects to your photos for free? On this page we show you some sites where you can edit and pimp your photos, using some of the best online photo editing software, by adding fun frames,effects and borders etc. to your images...


10,000 Views, 100 Followers and 50 Hubs

I have finally published 50 hubs. It has taken me awhile to get here and I have learned a lot along the way. I have tips for the new Hubpages member and thanks for all my viewers and followers.


How to Start Your Journey as a Content Writer?

Do you dream of becoming a content writer? I think anyone can become a content writer with patience and practice. In this article, I am sharing in-depth methods as to how anyone can become a content writer. Sharing my experience after writing more than 119+ featured articles on Hubpages.


Squidoo Payday Questions & Answers

It never fails, every month on payday the same questions are being asked in the SquidU forum. Most of them by new lensmasters, but surprisingly, there's also quite a bit of confusion among some who have been around for a while. Figuring out how...


Articles on How to Increase Traffic to Blog and Website That You Should Read

To succeed on-line, getting free traffic or website visitors is crucial. To help you here are compilation, listing & directory of some of the best articles written on HubPages for easy reference


Squidoo Topics and How to Use Them!

Squidoo Topics can help your lens get found! But with literally thousands of topics, subtopics and even sub-subtopics, what to do with them all? What does it mean for your lenses? Where should they go? Do you care?? Well, you should! As well as...


Restructure Your Articles for Higher Ratings and More Web Traffic.

All Article Writers on the web, want more exposure for their works. Even though those of us that use a Writer's site may generate high quality articles, every article must include a certain key elements for success.