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Articles on How to Increase Traffic to Blog and Website That You Should Read

To succeed on-line, getting free traffic or website visitors is crucial. To help you here are compilation, listing & directory of some of the best articles written on HubPages for easy reference


How to Write Better Comments for Articles and Blogs

Comments on articles are a powerful source of feedback for the writer. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to improve your comment writing skills.

How can you find local computer classes for beginners?

There are many place that a lot ofpeople do not know of that offer computer classes, FREE and they give acertificate of completion. Where, are they? These places are as close as your backyards, or you neighbors. Askaround the neighborhood sometimes...


Trying to EARN MONEY WITH HUBPAGES.COM ONLINE Makes Me Hungry (1/12 Update)

Earning money on is not a "get rich" scheme. It takes time and persistence. Here you will find 3-month and 11-month updates on my journey.


Boost Your HubScore

While HubScores mean nothing outside HubPages, they do effect things internally. To boost HubScores or improve your AuthorScore review your Hubs against the checklist given here.


How to Get Readers for Your Hubs

Backlinks are simply links TO your Hub FROM other places on the internet. Backlinks are essential, but the rules have recently changed. Get backlinks the wrong way, and you could do more harm than good!


30 Articles in 30 Days Challenge and Results

Has your love for writing blossomed into something bigger? What have you learned from writing? In this article, I share what I learned after completing my 30 articles in 30 days writing challenge, and why you should consider a 30 day challenge too! Read until the end to learn more.


My First Year Writing for HubPages: What I’ve Learned and Goals for the Next Year

The end of March 2012 marks my first year of writing for HubPages. See what I have learned and what my goals are for the next year.



Metaphorically speaking, they are the tools in your toolbox. They are building blocks. You pick and choose the ones you need to build the hub you want. There are two types of capsules: Content Capsules Text Capsule Photo Capsule Video...


How Much Money Can I Earn From Writing on HubPages?

How much you earn from writing on Hubpages depends on several factors I share in this article. I share my story on how much Hubpages paid me and the mistakes to avoid.

Can you make much money on Hubpages?

The amount of money that you can make using Hubpages depends greatly on the amount of time and effort that you put into creating your Hubpages. The way to think about it is like this, every article that you write is a single soldier in your article army.


Pleased to Meet You, My Name is Jamie Hamann: A Self Interview

This interview with myself is in response to a challenge put forth by availiavision.


How To Build An Empire On Hubpages - The Write Way

Want to become the genuinely unique writer that you really are? Want to practise writing easily and without stress? Learn how to write sustainably to build a huge empire of hubs...


Payouts at HubPages in Under 10 Months: What I Did

Abby Slutsky has been writing for HubPages for less than a year. During that time, she has been fortunate to get some payouts. This article will share her insights about getting payouts.


Google's Author Rank Rewards High Quality Websites - Why Low Quality Content Hurts Your Site

Traffic and inactivity are only part of the equation that determines how your website will be ranked. Author Rank is a way that Google rewards websites for providing good and relevant content. In order to provide what Google considers good content and rank high, learn first, what Google considers a low quality website.


10 Important Reminders for New Hubpages Writers

If you are a good observer, with a creative mind, and an enthusiasm for writing, you can definitely succeed in the field of online writing. Writing and reading should be a regular activity. Patience, discipline and hard work is required in writing as well, like any other field.


Tips For New Bloggers & Online Writers. Get Traffic, Improve SEO and Avoid Newbie Mistakes!

If you've just started writing online, you may be wondering where the traffic and money is. Chances are, you're making at least two of these common new online writer mistakes.


The Pros And Cons Of Writing For Or Leaving HubPages

Are you thinking of leaving the Hubpages community? Read this first before making up your mind. If you aren't sure about the benefits or disadvantages of staying, this article will help you.


How to Mosaic a Garden Ball

A tutorial on how to mosaic a styrofoam ball instead of a bowling ball to create a stunning art piece or a gazing ball using broken tile and jewelry. The result is lightweight and easy to display.


The Euphonium and the Euphonium Player: Mike Friedman aka mckbirdbks

All about the Euphonium, the Euphonium-Player and Mike Friedman aka mckbirdbks


Edit Your Writing to Get a Higher Hub Score

Prepare Your Article for Viewing Hubs need regular attention and care.  Editing your articles is one of the most important things you can do to get a higher score.  Editing includes:  re-formatting; adding and deleting photos; correcting...


100 Great Ideas To Write About

As writers, we all come to the point in time that we get stumped and don't know where are next article will come from. Our mind seems to shutdown and it can be difficult to find a good topic to write about. In this article, you will learn about 100...


Hitting 10,000 views inside 2 months on Hubpages: Stats, earnings and more

Today (07/26/2012) marks another day to celebrate on Hubpages. I have finally hit the 10,000 mark page views since I joined Hubpages about two months ago, what makes it even more joyful is to reach this mark inside two months of my stay here. Off course this would not have happened without the help of other hubbers and the wonderful Hubpages community. Here are my stats, traffic progress, earnings and more.


How to create a successful youtube channel

Although hard work setting up a you tube channel can be extremely rewarding as you develop fans you connect it and possibly begin gaining financially from the channel.


Should These Phrases be Used or Deleted

Sometimes, one phrase or two, when spoken by a few, becomes not only an annoyance, but a point of pure hatred.


How to Source Great Alternative Pictures for Articles

Want your articles and hubs to stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips on how to spice up your pictures... and make sure they're totally original.


Improve Your HubPages Earnings

Advice and recommendations for improving the earning potential of your Hubs, plus tips on how to analyze performance. Take the earnings polls and compare to other HubPages authors!


6 Tips For Using Pictures & Videos on HubPages

Review six ways to boost interest in your writing through proper application of picture and video capsules, and note several pitfalls to avoid.



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How to Write for an American Audience. Know Our Slang and Write the Way We Talk for Success!

This article is for those of you out there, in other parts of the world, who feel they are not getting the audience they deserve on HubPages and other writer’s sites based in America.


My HubPages Writing Schedule

An article about my writing schedule and how I plan to increase my monthly revenue from writing online by setting goals and looking at writing online as a business.


Another Hub Pages Rant

Hub Pages Staff: You are about to lose another contributor. I honestly don’t understand why you would implement such drastic changes in format (and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way).

Only you can build your business up to make that $1000 per month, but what are your expectations?

Is It Possible to Earn 1000 Dollars in a Month Online With Adsense?

Do you think it id poosible to make $1000 from Google AdSense in a month? How much do you think you can make in a day?


The Secret to Making Money Writing for HubPages and Maven (in Ten Words or Less)

If you take this advice and happen to succeed…please don’t run off and tell all your friends. It’s supposed to be a secret.


If I Were The CEO of HubPages: Improvements Needed in this Commercial Writing Site

Review these suggestions of what changes would make HubPages better also feel free to tear into any of the ideas that you believe wouldn't be suitable for this platform.

The Sci-Pi shuttle of the UHP Hubertise.

HubPages 60 Day Challenge - My Good Results

HubPages offers Hub Challenges created by Hubbers themselves to spur writing ideas and promote your Hubs. Gain reader traffic with participation in these challenges soon- Here's one that worked well!


HubPages/Maven Network: The Best Site for Online Niche Writers

HubPages writers are members of a unique publishing site. The invaluable learning experiences and supportive encounters help produce some of the most prolific writers and best content on the web.


Online Marketing, What Can You Learn?

I had been blogging for years, but I knew next to nothing about online SEO, marketing, or what it takes to sell online. Here are some important lessons.


100 Hubs = Happiness

Writing my first 100 hubs was a challenge but here are some tips for new hubbers that I picked up along the way.


10 Reasons to Join Hubpages—An Ideal Website for Online Content and Creative Writers.

The fact that I am about to complete and celebrate 7 years, writing for this online writing website, says a lot about HubPages. An ideal platform, for online writing, to hone the writing skills, to interact and learn, to get published, to make some money. The backbone, of course is the HP community.


Trading in My Feigned Writer's Voice for Another

A drastic change of scenery and a shift in general lifestyle also calls for a change within my writing. I am bored with fair and impartial presentation, so I figured I would shift into another personality. I'm trading kindness for the status quo for a while!


SEO Tips For Creative Content: Poetry, Creative Non-fiction And Fiction

Optimizing your creative content for search. Using SEO techniques to gain organic traffic for poetry and creative hubs.


How to Upload Videos to GoDaddy Website

Online video sharing is a popular internet trend, an estimated one billion videos are viewed everyday on the internet. Video.ME, Go Daddy’s online video hosting service, allows users to share and upload video. Video.ME also provides tools to...


Hitting 100,000 Views Inside 8 Months on Hubpages: Stats, Earnings and More

Hubpages platform help online writers to publish articles online and also earn through web content. Here are my stats, earnings and more on reaching 100,000 views on Hubpages.


Using a Hub Milestone to Make Hubs More Searchable and Accessible

Any Hub milestone is a good opportunity to make changes to previously published Hubs and to fine tune hub publishing procedures to ensure future Hubs are more searchable via search engines and more accessible to people using the HubPages website.


Hub SEO: Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization on HubPages

This site details a guide to search engine optimization on HubPages. Hub SEO is discussed and includes information about titles, keywords, backlinks and virtually every other critical SEO topic. Additionally, an SEO checklist is included.


Colorful Euphemisms for Fellow Hubbers

Are you tired of not being able to use banned words? Then this article is for you and all your hard-to-offend friends.


How To Write a Good Article For HubPages

You've discovered HubPages and now you want to write here. Your first article has been rejected. Help is at hand - read on to find out how to write an article for HubPages.


How to Drive Traffic to Your Articles

Enter a Contest or Hub Challenge soon -- The more you participate with us, the more you will earn. Simple!


Earn Through Blogging With HubPages Program

Hubpages is a writing community where you can write and share your ideas and knowledge to the world while getting paid on it. Read my brief story how I've got on hubpages and started earning from them


How and Why to Use Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Images

Pictures add value and interest to your hubs. Wikimedia Commons is a great resource for unique and topical media.

Clothes I tie-dyed for my family

How I Build My Hubs

The process of constructing a hub is as important as the content, for presentation is crucial to the hub's success. Here is an outline for the process to help you attain your hub publication goals.

Writing Advice for HubDummies - Or Something like That.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Writing, and Hubpages

While there are numerous guides to creating articles on HubPages, there is none quite like this one.  In this article, I have listed my method for attracting hub-readers from around the country.  While my meaningless ramblings are slightly...