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My First Month on HubPages

My first month has come and gone and I have to say that this Hubpages thing is very addicting. It is also a lot of fun and even though I've only been here one month I can see the potential of this. I don't know where I'll be with this in 6 months or a year from now but I certainly hope to still be an active member of this community.


Increase Your Traffic - How to Add Your Hubpages Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

How to add a sitemap to hubpages? Can you add a sitemap to hubpages? Step by step instructions how to add sitemap to hubpages.


The Most Helpful Websites Online

Over the years, I have accumulated several online references that have saved me a lot of time. Here are the most helpful websites I found, and I know there are many, many more.


Improve Your HubPages Earnings

Advice and recommendations for improving the earning potential of your Hubs, plus tips on how to analyze performance. Take the earnings polls and compare to other HubPages authors!

What Do You Need to Create a Website?

Almost 50% of the world population currently has internet access.


Prt Scr - How To Do A Print Screen | ScreenShot

Creating a screenshot, or shot of your screen is done by using your print screen key. Early on I wondered how folks captured the images on their computer screen, now I put the how-to in writing for ya! Read on to find out how to capture your...


The HubNugget Hunt for Big Foot

This hub was written to showcase new writers and was part of the HubNugget program.


How to Avoid Disturbing Dream?

Bad dreams give very uncomfortable experience


SEO Tips For Creative Content: Poetry, Creative Non-fiction And Fiction

Optimizing your creative content for search. Using SEO techniques to gain organic traffic for poetry and creative hubs.


5 Things That Happened When I Did Not Write on Hubpages for a Month

In just a month, my hubberscore had dropped from the 80s to 40s...


Increase Your Traffic With Recipes

If you want to increase your traffic, you should write about your favorite recipe. Some of the most popular pages on the internet are about food.


Hubpages September Challenge

I am about to embark on a 30 day Hubpages challenge, join me if you'd like.


Making Money Online - Hitting 100 Hubs - Progress on HubPages

Can you make money online? Am I making money? Sure,I am. Follow progress on Hubpages and online writing. More is possible, and I have many supporters to thank.


The 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

This is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of taking a writing challenge, and writing very quickly. The good parts include writing faster and the bad parts include less time to promote your work.


10 Tips for Starting a Successful Freelance Writer Career

If you’re planning to become a freelance writer, you’re going to need to know how to sell yourself and your work in the most effective way possible.

How HubPages Works

It's an easy way to publish your thoughts, stories, articles and even recipes. You don't have to worry about the design and layout, you just bring the words. The tools are provided. At no cost. Yes, that's right. HubPages is free. It's not only...


How to Write an Effective SEO Blog Post: Tips for Freelance Content Writers

Featuring well-written, SEO structured blog can drive more site traffic and help build a solid online presence. Here are a few tips to produce this kind of blog for your clients.


HubPages 3.0: Death of a Community

It seems HP is more concerned with making money than nurturing writers and the community they’ve created on what once was the greatest platform for creative minds to express themselves.


My First Two Years and 100 Published Articles, Tips for the Novice Article Writer

Here, an article writer reviews his passage after two years of writing over 100 articles. Included is how to use the systems designed to aid the writer. Also, a discussion of the Listing Site i use, and how to use it to make money and build an audience, as you learn to be a better writer.


Dear fellow Hubbers, Eric Style

Hi Hubbers let us try something new and improved to go along with our new and maybe improved "Discovery Gig". I did not get approval from Headquarters. They may object or be delighted. If you do not see me any more we will know why.


How To Use Images In Articles

A quick guide how to use images to add value to hubs and blog posts


How to insert paragraph separators to a hub?

This hub explains clearly, how to add a paragraph separator or line breaker to a hub to make it look attractive!


3 Ways to Increase Your Earnings on HubPages

This article includes my three best tips to earn more money as a writer on HubPages. Read on to see how you can earn more money on HubPages also!

UPDATE: AdSense Account Reinstated

**Update** I got an email from AdSense today and they say that upon further review they are reversing their decision and reinstating my account. SO, I guess maybe they finally saw I did not do anything wrong. I am very grateful and relieved for...


Increasing Hub Reader Traffic?

I was a writer many years ago on Hub Pages, but I recently retired from my advertising job. I now have questions and suggestions for increasing readership on Hub Pages. Unfortunately, not all of my ideas will be good ideas.


Going Viral: How I Got 5000 Hub Views in 24 Hours by Utilizing Facebook

A look a how an article on Hub Pages received 5000+ views in 24 hours.


An Introduction to HubPages With Snoopy and Woodstock

To commemorate my 100th hub, I wanted to do something special here at HubPages. I wanted to do something memorable, much like my 50th Hub, Why I Write: A Reflection in which I delved into my passion for writing and how it ultimately changed my life,...


How To Get More Traffic to Your Blogs: Secrets To Get More Readers Interaction and Comments

There are Several Secrets for Getting More Attention on HubPages! This Hub Article Discusses the Secrets That Get Attention On HubPages and The World Wide Web. Learn How To Get Noticed Online! Step by Step Suggestions for Creating Better Content.


Reflecting on My Success with HubPages

November 9, 2010 (updated Jan 16, 2011) As one of the long time writers on HubPages I have recently had the honor of being interviewed by the HubPages marketing team as well as by a couple of outside publications regarding my experiences...


6 Tips For Using Pictures & Videos on HubPages

Review six ways to boost interest in your writing through proper application of picture and video capsules, and note several pitfalls to avoid.


How to Handle a Duplicate Content Warning on HubPages

Learn what happens when a Hub is moderated for duplicate content and what you can do about it..


Medium Vs Hubpages Challenge- 30 Articles in 30 Days

I will write 30 articles in 30 days on Hubpages and Medium to see how much money I can make, I will compare the two at the end of the challenge.


Over 220,000 Unique Visitors a Month: Learning from the Most Visited Hubbers

If you're wondering how many visitors it takes to reach the top of the HubPages heap, the answers are here.


Earn Through Blogging With HubPages Program

Hubpages is a writing community where you can write and share your ideas and knowledge to the world while getting paid on it. Read my brief story how I've got on hubpages and started earning from them


Writing Ideas For Year-Round Revenue

If you are stumped for ideas on what to write, try this brainstorming session with a calendar theme. You will have a year full of ideas to get you over your temporary writer's block.


Technology Copywriting: Understanding the Basics

A good technology copy pitches the right idea to your consumers and ensures they make a purchase. Read on to ensure your writing is as elegant and innovative as your device, app, platform, or software.


How To REALLY study for the NPTE

Read more tips on how to study for the NPTE in my blog Embracing Everyday. I am currently reviewing for my second attempt to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam in the United States this coming May 2011. Yes, I am part of the Philippine...

Clothes I tie-dyed for my family

How I Build My Hubs

The process of constructing a hub is as important as the content, for presentation is crucial to the hub's success. Here is an outline for the process to help you attain your hub publication goals.


10 Tips for New Hubbers from an Almost New Hubber

I didn't come to HubPages with a lot of writing or social networking experience. I have had a few experienced Hubbers, directly or indirectly, help me as I have gotten started. Here are 10 helpful tips, pearls of wisdom, or suggestions that may also help you.


How to Mosaic a Garden Ball

A tutorial on how to mosaic a styrofoam ball instead of a bowling ball to create a stunning art piece or a gazing ball using broken tile and jewelry. The result is lightweight and easy to display.


El aloe vera para cosmética se utiliza gracias a su composición química, pues algunas de las sustancias que lo componen tienen la capacidad de otorgar una inmensa variedad de beneficios. Optar por un producto cosmético hecho con aloe vera significa doble ganancia, ya que al mismo tiempo que utilizas


Why I Removed My Articles from Hub Pages

My short relationship with HubPages was terminated by me after I did one thing. I remained well within the guidelines but that didn' t matter. This may help you avoid my issue.


An Illustrated Guide for Pruning An Overgrown Apple Tree

Without careful attention to pruning and other culturlal practices, an apple tree can become to tall, to wide, to dense in the middle and it looks unmanageable. However, it is not as difficult to rejuvinate as it looks.   It will require laying...


Restructure Your Articles for Higher Ratings and More Web Traffic.

All Article Writers on the web, want more exposure for their works. Even though those of us that use a Writer's site may generate high quality articles, every article must include a certain key elements for success.


Rain Are Blessing!

Everytime when the rains its coming its reminds me of happy and sadness, it makes me happy because I feel lucky to have a home that is a shelter that prevent me from getting poured by the rain. But its make me sad meantime for over millions people...


How to Create a Photo Collage In Power Point

Add something new to your creativity toolbox. Learn to easily create a photo collage using PowerPoint. Use the effect for a series of related photos (e.g., food, travel, gardening, pets.)


Google Attacks Our HubPages (Do the Math, Numbers Don't Lie)

The giant Google monster is going head to head with our beloved hub pages. One thing that's for sure in this world is that numbers don't lie. At this moment in time what the numbers are indicating aren't exactly favorable for our hub pages. You can take a look at the figures for yourself, because all of the math is done here for you.

What Is the Difference Between Google Adsense and Google Adwords?

Learn the differences between Google Adsense and Google Adwords. One Google program is free and one is not. You can make money from Google, but watch out if you sign up for the wrong program, you may need to pay Google!


How Much Money Can I Earn From Writing on HubPages?

How much you earn from writing on Hubpages depends on several factors I share in this article. I share my story on how much Hubpages paid me and the mistakes to avoid.


Payouts at HubPages in Under 10 Months: What I Did

Abby Slutsky has been writing for HubPages for less than a year. During that time, she has been fortunate to get some payouts. This article will share her insights about getting payouts.

Filling out Your Hubpages Profile

How to properly fill out your HubPages profile with a photo, introduction and settings that will allow your fans to contact you if they need to.


10 Mistakes I Made on Hubpages as a Newbie

Hubpages gives writes the freedom to write about things they are passionate about and get paid. It enables brands to create content that gets brands discovered. New hubbers often make mistakes that might led to violations. In this article, I will outline the 10 mistakes I made on Hubpages.