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Planet X (Nibiru) Surviving the Polar Shift in 2013


While this maybe an extreme example of a survivalist this man is prepared for the Pole Shift.

While this maybe an extreme example of a survivalist this man is prepared for the Pole Shift.

Survival Books

Mind Set

Due to a rising number of comments asking for survival techniques, how to prepare and where are the safest places to be as the Polar Shift continues, I have decided to write this article Planet X (Nibiru) Surviving the Polar Shift in 2013. To me the most important aspect is your philosophy of survival as no matter where you live you will be affected by the Polar Shift.

Without a doubt those that live on the coasts at sea level worldwide will be affected by the rising ocean levels and floods, especially those that live near river deltas. As sea levels continue to rise, whether it is gradual or extreme it will affect a rivers ability to dump its water into the ocean. This means that rivers will overflow (back flow) their banks and flood as they back up from being unable to empty into the sea at the rivers mouth.

This is what is happening in Brisbane, Australia right now as the Wilson River and its tributaries can no longer empty into the Coral Sea and are back flowing causing major flooding. This has being caused by torrential downpours that are dumping record amounts of rain fall across Eastern Australia. These kinds of events have become more common in just the last three years and are flooding all the major river deltas world wide.

Over 500 million people live on river deltas the world over and are at risk of losing their homes. This will create an unprecedented amount of refugees that will cripple a nation's economy and stretch emergency workers and resources to their limits. Ironically the most valuable commodity during a flood is drinking water, as fresh water becomes scarce, sanitary living conditions breakdown and many go without power.

Those living near the coast will have to be resourceful and thrifty to survive however what could be their greatest asset is a good retreat route and plan for what to do in case of a storm or flood. This is where it is important to keep a good mind set, planning and preparation will breed confidence and help ensure that you do not panic.

For instance, obviously there will be safer locations on the planet than others, I for one live near a major fault line (The New Madrid Fault Zone) which will adjust soon. I know this because throughout history it has had a major earthquake every two hundred years or so, the last being in 1812. However FEMA conducted earthquake and flooding drills in this area in 2011 involving ten states Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana. Alabama and Georgia that included over one million people, they don't do that kind of thing unless they expect trouble.

So what have I done to prepare you ask?

I have bought four five gallon collapsable jugs and filled them with water, one I keep in my car and the other three in my home. I have stocked up every paycheck on non-perishable food items such as sardines (protein) and canned soup. I have supplied myself with bulk food items such as beans and rice that are easy to cook and filling.

I have prepared an emergency backpack for my home and my car which I have filled with items that I think will help me to live in a camping type situation. I have listed below the items I have in each as guide to help others prepare their own.

  • Lighters and fire starter kits (watertight container)
  • Dryer Lint (watertight container)
  • Hand Ax and pocket knives
  • Survival Knife
  • Warm Clothes in sealed waterproof bag
  • Fishing Gear
  • Rope
  • Flashlights (that operate by cranking)
  • Lanterns and propane
  • Water Purifying tablets (water tight container)
  • Tent and Sleeping Bags (water tight container)
  • Collapsable Shovel
  • Medical Supplies (specific to me, water tight container)
  • Four day supply of food (water tight container)
  • Rain Gear (water tight container)
  • Toilet Paper or reusable rag (water tight container)
  • Bicycler's water jug (fits inside pack)
  • Duct Tape/Glue
  • Durable warm gloves
  • Warm Jacket (lots of pockets)
  • Carabiners
  • Tin foil
  • Tools/Gerber (comes in the form of a pocket knife)
  • Cooking Utensils and Pan/Grill

Anything that can be destroyed by water should be packed in water proof containers or bags, even lighters. Keep these survival packs handy but do not make them too heavy to carry easily as this will be a burden.

  1. Learn to use your fire starting kits, this takes practice and most of the time it will be done in unfavorable conditions, so save your dryer lint to help you. In some videos on using fire starter kits duct tape is suggested to use as tender but what should be considered is that the sticky side can be used to catch your magnesium shavings as well. Just turn the tape inside-out and place it to catch the shavings into a pile, then strike your flint, quartz or Misch Metal Ferro Rod to create a spark.

  2. Go camping with your gear to give yourself a chance to learn how to use these items, try setting up your tent in the dark, try using your fire starter kit on a windy day. Try building a crude shelter in the woods to see how it can be done and what tools you may need to accomplish this and need to carry with you.

  3. Go fishing with your gear and eat the fish you catch so that you know what is involved, including cleaning and cooking the fish. Learn what bait can be caught and used and where to find them.

  4. Buy some dried insects off the internet and try some it may save your life knowing that you can eat them, they have more protein than beef.

  5. Learn to cook outside and how to use your water purifying tablets. Learn how to build a fire for cooking and how to set up rocks or wood for a cooking surface.

I have taught myself to do many of the things that I have mentioned above and although it isn't easy at first, by practicing you can get good at it. Buy some maps for the area you live in so that you will at least have some guidance if you have to walk anywhere.

However all of that said the most important thing to understand is that humanity has survived and learned to live in some frightening and unbearable living conditions and so can you. The most important thing to ensure your survival is you, by keeping calm and thinking through any situation without panicking you will have just given yourself the edge to survive any situation.

I for one believe being mobile will ensure my safety as environmental conditions will change constantly. Yes, it will be important to have a base of operations, a camp, house or cave in which to store supplies but by staying mobile will help you to be able to adapt to changing conditions.

Let's take a look at some of the safer locations predicting by the website Zeta Talk, coupled with common sense and critical thinking.

Rising sea levels will be the greatest threat to mankind when the Pole Shift happens.

Rising sea levels will be the greatest threat to mankind when the Pole Shift happens.

Possible Map of the World

This is a possible map of the world after the Pole Shift, the turquoise areas indicating where new seas will form.

This is a possible map of the world after the Pole Shift, the turquoise areas indicating where new seas will form.

Safest Locations

Ultimately the safest locations will be high mountain valley's such as those found in the Rockies throughout Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. These regions will provide the safest areas to ride out the rising sea levels, protection from hurricane force winds and earthquakes. The atmosphere is usually changing very quickly as the wind is constant and so will blow away much of the volcanic ash that will cover up the sunlight in most regions.

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Of course these areas will be subject to mountain building and volcanic activity but they often have a high density of animal life and fish, the water will be cleaner in these areas and free flowing. These regions of the Earth of course are often much colder than other areas but are more remote with less people competing for resources.

To more accurately determine any location you may live in the site Zeta Talk and Troubled Times offer much more comprehensive pages to help you. I would suggest anyone looking for more information on their particular living areas to visit these sites in helping to determine the safest locations.


Safe Locations

As far as safe locations go, here in America being west of the Mississippi and in a rural area will probable afford one the best chance of surviving the rotation stoppage and ultimate Pole Shift. The biggest concern facing those that do survive the Pole Shift will be food and shelter, that being said Tennessee is considered a safe location because it is far enough inland and far enough above sea level to survive the rising sea levels and plenty of fish and game abound, although it is East of the Big Muddy.

Big cities anywhere will of course have the same problems they always do when power outages occur, where to get food. In these areas gangs will form, as there is safety in numbers and these gangs will roam the area taking what they want by force. This will be a very real concern for many survivors and of course leads to the problematic moral choice of what to do in that situation.

This of course leads to the question of what people should do to protect themselves in a lawless environment.

This is why I suggest that you find a way now to move to a smaller community in the country while you can and begin to make preparations. Smaller communities will offer many survivors more resources and the ability to defend themselves from roving gangs. As resources become scarce having less to feed and provide shelter for, will become the main priority for all communities as they try to improve their living conditions.

Again the most important factor will be your philosophy of survival as many will feel the need to hoard what little they have, in my opinion this will be the wrong tactic to take. Only through cooperation and the sharing of resources and knowledge will humanity have a chance to create a new paradigm closer to the heart.

Learning to share with others will be a true test of our moral integrity and by doing this we will ensure our survival and teach our children the importance of giving. When confronted with gangs of people (criminals) intent on taking instead of giving, these gangs will have to be dispatched without hesitation.

The thought has crossed my mind that those that do not survive maybe better off than those that do, as the survivors will be faced with many decisions that they have never faced before or had any experience with. There will be many injured and sick people unable to fend for themselves, so how to deal with those people will define the survivors and stretch their moral imperatives.

I for one will not seek shelter underground as such places will be subject to earthquakes and collapsing rubble from them. However during the actually Pole Shift a very real concern will be from high winds beyond anything humanity has faced and so during the three days of darkness (or light as the case maybe) and subsequent moving of the Poles it will behoove anyone planning to survive to be below ground level or in a place protected by high winds.

At this point and I believe it will become clear when that is, it will be very important to have a safe place in which to hunker down and wait-out the actual moving of the Poles. One will need water for three days and a measure of safety in which to ride out the geographical upheavals and severe winds. It will behoove you to have as much of your survival gear with you at that time and to just wait and pray for your safety and others.

Planet X (Nibiru) Surviving the Polar Shift in 2013 will take planning and the willingness to do so however it will not be easy and no matter how well you do plan Murphy's Law undoubtably will occur.

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Weapons and Gear For Defense and Hunting

I'm sure that many have been wondering at this point what weapons would be the best to defend yourself and your families and to use for hunting afterwards. The first thought of many will be to purchase a gun however what I would like to make clear is that there are many drawbacks to making this choice.

While guns are fairly easy to use, they require ammunition to function without it they are useless. If you're planning to operate in a mobile capacity you will have to carry the ammunition with you and this can be heavy. Guns are loud and will instantly be heard by anyone in the area, revealing your location when used. When faced with the very real consideration of carrying fresh water or ammunition it will make for a difficult choice, you can't drink bullets. For me guns should be used for defensive purposes only and so should be left behind while foraging for food.

For me the most practical weapon will be the bow for hunting purposes as it will allow you to fire your weapon silently, not giving away your position and if you miss you can retrieve your arrow. The arrows can be repaired more easily than making bullets and the tips can be changed for hunting large game and small. The tips are far less heavy and can be easily screwed into position if one has the opportunity to bring down large game, such as deer or domesticated stock such as cows, horses and sheep.

A recurve bow (the kind the Indians used), not a compound bow, is more practical as it can be maintained and repaired more easily. You can buy replacement parts for it, they are cheaper and easier to use for the beginner. If the string breaks on your compound they are much harder to restring and often require that you take it to an archery shop, on a recurve bow you simply replace it and are good to go.

If you practice using your bow every weekend you can learn to hit a target anywhere from 75 to 150 away within a two month time period and still have enough velocity on the arrow to kill the animal in one shot.

Another easy to use and learn silent weapon for hunting small game and for protection is the sling shot. A sling shot is far more accurate than most people realize, it is not heavy and stones can be used for ammunition, I prefer marbles as they are aerodynamically sound and cheap to buy, plus much easier to find after firing it.

When hunting for small game staying around water sources can often be your best bet, for these types of situations, two more silent weapons that I highly suggest you carry are a spear with a barb on the point and a hatchet with a long handle. The reason I suggest these two weapons is because if you are able to learn to remain quite while in the woods, you will often surprise many animals that you will need to dispatch quickly.

A spear with a barb on the point will allow you to stab your prey while they are in shallow water or within three to five feet of you without making it necessary for you to get closer, the barb keeps the spear attached to the wounded animal so that you may dispatch it. The hatchet can be used to 'brain' or chop any animal that is wounded without the need to get closer to use your knife, this may save you from getting bit or wounded.

These weapons are the ones I plan on using as they will not give away my position, do not require that I carry a heavy gun and ammunition around and the bow and sling shot are easy to maintain and the ammunition can be replaced or made. Both the spear and hatchet can re-sharpened and repaired easily.

One more piece of equipment you might want to invest in is a lightweight kayak or canoe, because many areas of the Earth will flood, navigating water will become a real concern for many. While a canoe will allow you to store more of your belongings it is difficult to maneuver on land by one person. Many kayaks can be carried by one person alone and are more easy to use in water as well, while they don't offer as much storage space they are much easier to propel in the water.

The great thing about kayaks and canoes is that they are silent and do not require an engine to use, cutting down on weight and the need for fuel. Many times while floating silently down rivers and lakes in my area I have come within bow range of animals on the shore that were completely unaware of my presence, this something to keep in mind.

Planet X (Nibiru) Surviving the Polar Shift in 2013 will not be for the faint of heart and will require one to adapt to survive. The greatest moral decision will how and when to use deadly force on others that may try to harm you. I will try to avoid these kinds of confrontations by being aware of my surroundings and those in them however when it is called for I will act accordingly and without hesitation.

That the Pole Shift is a reality there is no doubt in the author's mind only those that are prepared for this inevitability will have any chance of surviving.

That the Pole Shift is a reality there is no doubt in the author's mind only those that are prepared for this inevitability will have any chance of surviving.


What must be emphatically understood is that no matter how well prepared you are, unforeseen events will force you to adapt to survive. This means that you will not be able to survive simply on what you have stocked up on beforehand. By learning to hunt for food and to garden now will help you to survive afterwards.

Your food stocks should be used only in the event that you cannot provide food for yourself and others on a daily basis. Locating and procuring food on a daily basis will ensure that your stocked food will enable you to survive in an emergency.

Remember that you can boil water as opposed to using your water purification tablets to provide clean drinking water. To find water that is safe for drinking or boiling try to locate water that animals use, as this will give you an idea of what is safe.

Above all try to remain calm and not panic, think strategies through before reacting under stressful situations as this will help you to make good decisions. Observe your surroundings when deciding on places to camp or live, locate areas that won't flood but are near clean drinking water. Find good defensible locations to sleep or camp and keep your weapons close to you in case you need access to them quickly.

Learn to use your survival gear now before things get more difficult for you, spend time in the woods camping and hiking to get a feel for your surroundings and how to use your gear. When hiking take one of your survival packs with you to gage its weight and how to more easily use your gear.

Hopefully in this article Planet X (Nibiru) Surviving the Polar Shift in 2013 I have given the reader something to think about and enough practical knowledge and insight to make their own preparations.


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 10, 2013:

Yeah I awoke at six from the same thunderstorm, no two inches of rain shouldn't make any river flood, so yeah CD is in full affect.

Beth J. Benson from Richmond, Va. on May 09, 2013:

I'll be curious to see how long it takes for people to realize that the river levels are rising. The excuses I have been hearing(cognitive dissonance) today are amazing. I did hear myself say once that two inches of rain should not make the James flood. It fell on deaf ears. This morning at 3a.m. I awoke to a rumble, then a boom and then a crack, then the house vibrated and shook. It stopped pretty quick. Confirmation that the process is still happenning.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 08, 2013:

Articles about rising water levels in South Carolina and the Caribbean show that people are at least aware of rising ocean levels if they don't know the true reasons for it happening.

The reasons floods are so much more prevalent is that now rivers have no way to dump their water into the oceans and begin to back-flow which isn't a well known phenomenon, add a little rain and you have an instant flood.

Ocean front property is going to lose value and many people are going to lose millions but soon refugees from coastal areas will begin to affect economies world wide and here in the USA.

Beth J. Benson from Richmond, Va. on May 08, 2013:

Evening, to Lulu, not only is this real, it is surreal! We are getting a few inches of rain and they are reporting on the news that we will be flooding "above the normal flooding stage" . The James is above normal, has been for a couple of months; fisherman and others are starting to notice. But many are still making excuses. The fact is that the plates are shifting and sinking and like Indonesia and western Australia we will be flooding on a regular basis. I feel sorry for the people who have invested so much in there riverside homes.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 08, 2013:

Lulu, if you don't trust the material simply Google the topics and learn for yourself or follow the many links I have provided.

Lulu on May 08, 2013:

Is this even real?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 07, 2013:

Yes, you are correct that I don't watch the 'News' however the asteroid flyby is well known and the reason the solar flares cannot be predicted is that they are really just being used as excuses and cover for Nibiru Planet X.

The planet has many Moons and space dust and debris that surrounds it, so these asteroid flyby's will become more common as we draw closer to the planet complex. The Solar Flares are a cover but each time NASA announces they will happen nothing happens, cause they are just cover for Nibiru and its debris cloud.

sunflowerforests from The light in the forest of doubt. on February 07, 2013:

Thank you for this information. It does help. Tonight on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams announced that we can expect a huge solar flare soon that will likely knock out satellites and power. He said the experts cannot say when this will happen but it will definitely happen soon and the people will have a 30 minute warning. In addition to that he also announced that the Earth will have its closest recorded encounter with an asteroid on 2/15/13. They say it won't hit us though, but will be the closest pass ever. Just fyi since you don't watch the news. Again, thanks for this hub.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 04, 2013:

Yesterday it was windy but mild here probably in the mid 50s, when I woke up this morning there was frost on my car windows but the temp was in the 60s, how does that work?

The Earth's Wobble is creating all kinds of strange weather but one thing we don't often deal with is strong wind in areas that don't usually get it.

Out West the wind blows all the time and sound carries but back East we don't deal with non-stop wind and so when it does occur it takes us by surprise in a variety of ways, sound, cold, rain and even snow can be carried for miles on the wind.

Beth J. Benson from Richmond, Va. on February 04, 2013:

I'm not a big sports fan, but the artist in me likes the commercials and sometimes the musicians at half time. So I record it and fast forward when I get to it. I had it on in the background, thought you might be interested because of the apparent "mysterious" power surge that caused it. I've had an interesting thing happen lately. Normally it's fairly quiet at my house, but twice now all of a sudden I'm hearing I95 like it's in my backyard. And one day I kept hearing a huge roar,like it was an earthquake, but finally realized it was the trains. Do you know what would change the sound, or the way sound carries? I'm miles away from these things and have never heard this on my property.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 03, 2013:

I haven't watched a Super Bowl in years, Reality TV bores me, the game is scripted from the time the playoffs start. Ray Lewis retiring wasn't that the same script they used when Jerome (the Bus) Bettis retired and same results, America loves reruns.

Beth J. Benson from Richmond, Va. on February 03, 2013:

Yes thank you for the info, did you know the Super Bowl is delayed because of a power surge that turned off a lot of the lights? Check it out, CBS.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 03, 2013:

Thank you Beth hopefully you also read my Hub on increasing traffic so you can get your other Hubs featured.

Beth J. Benson from Richmond, Va. on February 03, 2013:

Great Hub. Even though I have been preparing in lots of ways, this reminded me of what I haven't done!

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