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Secret Space Programs, Full Disclosure & Break Away Civilizations, Is There A Solution?

Moving to the next level of human evolution will require a spiritual awakening, creating a new paradigm of peace and harmony and Ascension.

Solar Warden

Are these space planes part of the Solar Warden fleet?

Are these space planes part of the Solar Warden fleet?

Secret Space Program

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There Is A Solution

This article Secret Space Programs, Full Disclosure & Break Away Civilizations, Is There A Solution?, was written not just to make my readers aware of new information but to provide a workable theory to how these subjects are connected and offer a solution to a problem that has prevented mankind from existing in a world of peace and harmony, free from economic strife, an oil based economy, warfare, poverty and pollution.

What most people are not aware of is that the human race has had advanced technology capable of allowing humanity to create an entirely new civilization for almost 100 years. We are talking about technology that was invented in the early part of the 20th Century that would have moved us completely away form an oil based economy, created clean, renewable energy for every man, woman and child on the entire planet and provided us with the ability to feed the World.

These are the subjects that have been denied to our civilization by the creation of a Secret Space Program, why Full Disclosure has been prevented from happening and why The Cabal has created their own Break Away Civilization at the common man's expense.

The article on the website Collective Evolution, entitled Multiple Scientists Confirm The Reality of Free Energy – Here’s The Proof, describes how many scientist the world over have reconfirmed, explored, published (in peer review publications) and designed working zero point, clean, renewable energy from the vacuum of space.

These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. If the new energy technologies were set free world wide the change would be profound. It would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world.

– Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor.

The reality of Secret Space Programs, how we can create a Full Disclosure Event and the history of past and present Break Away Human Civilizations is paramount information that needs to be openly discussed. Creating our own Break Away Civilization will require understanding how these three subjects interact with the public's own paradigm.

To be sure, for mankind to get out from under the financial, energetic and physical enslavement paradigm implemented by The Powers That Be it currently endures, we must take a page from The Cabals own playbook by creating our own Break Away Society independent of this cruel and inhuman enslavement system.

This can be done by giving and sharing information, technology, creating our own independent power (solar, wind and geothermal energy systems), gardening or creating our own food supply, creating a bartering system that replaces our current economy and using alternative transportation systems. We can accomplish these goals on our own by simply beginning grass roots organizations based on such groups as Anonymous, where the sharing of information is the essential goal.

Will this create some hardships, certainly but we cannot defeat The Cabal with bullets, no matter how much our current media tries to hype these scenarios through television, internet videos and movies designed to instill fear in the public.

What must be understood is that the current regime or Cabal, that truly controls this planet, has already started their own Break Away Civilization and they are now using its advanced technology and colonies spread throughout our solar system and beyond to control and manipulate events on Earth designed to ensure that humanity continues to support them through financial indentured servitude.

My theory, and I'm not alone in this assessment, is that our current race that lives on the surface of this planet are in fact working to support this new Break Away Civilization and the large majority of humanity isn't even aware of this enslavement, so controlled is the secrecy behind this new technologically advanced society.

This article Secret Space Programs, Full Disclosure & Break Away Civilizations, Is There A Solution? was written specifically to show how this new space age society came into existence and how they have used mankind to perpetuate their almost complete control of information, technology, energy, inventions and knowledge over an unsuspecting public.

Free Energy Technology

Life In Our Solar System (April 9th, 2015)

“We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia. Within all of our lifetimes we’re going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We’re going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth.”

— NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan (April 9th, 2015)

Lemuria Discovered Off the Coast of Japan

These huge monolithic structures aren't even being recognized by many Governments, including Japan.

These huge monolithic structures aren't even being recognized by many Governments, including Japan.

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Alternative Theory of Breakaway Civilizations

While this alternative theory may seem somewhat convoluted to some, there is much evidence to support the idea that the planet Earth was invaded and conquered almost 400,000 years ago by a host of Draco-Reptilian/Zeta Reticulin/Annunaki Aliens whom have been running rough-shod over humanity for a very long time.

This group considers humanity on the same terms we consider cattle, their property and treat us in the same manner. Of course all three groups have their own agenda for being here and allow humanity to operate basically under the free will premise. They have cooperated together to prevent humanity from Ascending by blocking a "Wave-X" gamma light wave from reaching us. This Wave-X cycles through our solar system every 3,657 years, which coincidently is the same time Nibiru Planet X arrives in our solar system, this is known as the Stellar Activation Cycle.

They block this Stellar Activation Cycle from happening by using a combination of highly technological weapons and forces to do this in a manner that seems to humanity to be a natural disaster or Act of God. The Annunaki have a planet sized Mother Ship called the Nibiruean Battlestar that they can move into position to cause the Earth to undergo tectonic stress. The Draco-Reptilians have constructed a Electronic Frequency Fence around the planet that prevents our souls from going through the normal journey after death and imprison us into endless reincarnations.

Now this invasion scenario took place over time, roughly 400,000 years ago with the arrival of the Annunaki and culminated with the Draco-Reptilians/Zeta faction exerting complete control and dominance in the last 16,000 years after the Fall of Atlantis. The Annunaki thinking they were getting a powerful ally allowed the Draco-Reptilians a piece of their Earth pie and ended up getting more than they bargained for, essentially becoming imprisoned as well and acting as our wardens.

So starting around 400,000 years ago each time a new human civilization would gain a certain level of technological and spiritual sophistication, first the Annunaki, then with the help of the Draco-Reptilian/Zeta Alliance would wipe that civilization from the face of the Earth using technology that would appear to be in the form of a planet causing tectonic plate stress that would create massive global cataclysms.

They would remove some of the inhabitants (plants, animals and humans) in their space craft and return them when the waters had receded. Of course their would be survivors as well on the planet surface that had moved underground or to high mountain ranges that would reappear and populate the Earth.

This technique of culling their livestock ensured that it would never gain the spiritual and technological sophistication to break free from its enslavement and poise a threat to Earth's Wardens and Masters. It also had the added advantage of requiring each new civilization to start from scratch as the resulting tidal waves would carry all traces of the previous civilizations out to sea, completely scrubbing the surface of the planet clean each time or every 3,657 years.

Richard J. Dewhurst

Caves Of Longyou

This massive underground city shows a degree of architectural sophistication that we only now are capable of duplicating.

This massive underground city shows a degree of architectural sophistication that we only now are capable of duplicating.

Break Away Civilizations

The true history of our planet is full of evidence of human societies and civilizations in the past that attain a high degree of technological and spiritual advancement for their times, only to completely disappear from the face of the Earth.

This has puzzled historians, archeologists and scientists for centuries and lead to much disinformation on the subject. However when we consider how a society, having gained the necessary technology for space travel simply left the planet, then these 'disappearances' make sense. After all they simply could not take everyone and some more primitive societies of humanity would have to stay behind and be allowed to evolve on their own.

Also when we consider all the stories, rumors, legends and myths of star gates and rainbow bodies would space travel even be necessary for travel to other dimensions of reality and Ascension?

Some important factors to consider when reviewing the information below is that only the ruling elite, scientist, religious leaders and higher echelons of the military would be privy to developing advanced technology, trade with Aliens for technology and space craft, just as it is now in our society. Even the rulers of these nations, societies and civilizations may have been content with continuing to rule when faced with a daunting space flight of unknown dangers.

Also some of these civilizations, just as ours has done may have simply moved into underground bases and caverns, after all when faced with uncertain weather, enemy forces or geographical cataclysms, underground shelters do present a degree of safety.

Let's take a look at some of these stories related to alternative history, myths and legends and consider the possibilities that some, if not all of these civilizations attained space fairing technology and simply left the Earth for destinations unknown.

  • The myth or legend of Atlantis has been explored by a great many historians and although physical evidence of this great civilization maybe lacking due to the circumstances of its demise, there still exist plenty of documented evidence of its existence. In the article Atlantis Found: Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle, two scientist claim to have found the ancient city in 600 feet of water off the coast of Cuba, based on records obtained through the FOIA from the Cuban Missile Crisis (see link above).
  • The Lemurian civilization that proceeded Atlantis shares a similar fate in myth and legend but still enough anecdotal and some physical artifacts have been left behind to give this far flung story merit. In an article by National Geographic (2007) Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars shows a vast city made up of huge monolithic structures.
  • Most of the Mayan civilization simply disappeared without a trace and although contemporary historians would have us believe they were wiped out by invaders, their own history includes a great deal of evidence they had attained space travel technology, not too mention and incredibly advanced comprehension of astronomy. However the Mayan Civilization has strong roots with the Pleiadians, a star system 500 light years from Earth, known as the Seven Sisters for the 7 stars in the system, one of which is named Maya, coincidence?
  • The Anasazi Indians of the American Southwest had a high degree of cultural sophistication and advanced architectural development as is evidenced in their famous cliff dwellings and yet their entire society simply disappeared from the face of the Earth. Could this be an example of attaining Rainbow Bodies and learning to move into the next dimension without the need for space fairing technologies? Or as many people believe did the Anasazi learn how to move between dimensions using Stargates or Space/Time Portals. The American Southwest area in which the Anasazi lived is known for this type of paranormal activity.
  • On the other side of the World we have the builders of highly sophisticated temple complex of Gobleki Tepe, what most historians consider the most important archeological discovery of modern times. The most advanced dating techniques has confirmed the building of this city predates the last Ice Age, at least 12,000 years ago. An article by the Smithsonian, Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple? describes this city having been built 6,000 years before the ancient Stonehenge.
  • The civilizations that built the Giza Pyramids and archeological site of Baalbek had technology that enabled them to move blocks of worked stone slabs that ranged in size and weight from small 3 ton quarried rocks to huge 1,200 ton slabs. Where these highly sophisticated and technological advanced people went is anyone's guess but our modern society does not have the construction capabilities to equal these amazing feats.
  • Considered to be the Ninth Wonder of the Ancient World, the Caves of Longyou, in China show a level of architectural wonder far surpassing what modern man is capable of achieving and yet absolutely no evidence can be found about whom built and carved these incredibly amazing caverns and when this was done.
  • And of course the architecture of Puma Punku in the Pre-Inca city of Tiwanaku in South America suggests another ancient civilization with advanced knowledge of astronomy, architecture and technological sophistication that is far more advanced than modern construction techniques and yet the mystery of where or how this civilization disappeared remains undiscovered. This site is most often associated with the Ancient Alien Theory and for good reason the mystery of this site is profound.
  • Perhaps one of the most intriguing myths and legends that has come under recent scrutiny by the public and archeologists is the Race of red haired Giants living in North America, thousands of years before the white man built America. These Giants are revealed in Native American oral histories, their 'tomb's' have been discovered throughout the Midwest United States and they are known as the Mound Builders. The Smithsonian Institute has already been sued for destroying the evidence of their existence and lost. Recently it has been revealed through Government inside whistle blowers that these tomb's were in fact suspended animation chambers and contained highly sophisticated technology not shared with the American public. The book The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America by Richard J. Dewhurst provides a detailed account of the coverup of this story.

There are many other instances of civilizations and ancient societies that have simply disappeared without a trace in Earth's history and this is but a sample of some of the more famous geographical sites. What this proves is that many Earth societies in our past have attained a high degree of technical sophistication built fabulous cities and architecture and then simple left them behind as they moved into the next chapter of their evolution.

What this shows is that by censoring information about these archeological sites and preventing further investigations into them it prevents the public from recognizing that many ancient civilizations of humanity did indeed gain a high degree of technological sophistication that rivals if not surpasses our own.

By presenting alternative concepts, theories (such as the ancient Astronaut theory) and ideas to the public about our ancient past The Cabal can then control the flow of disinformation, censor new ideas and confuse an already ignorant public to the true nature and legacy of our past.

It also explains why so much of our current education system is designed to dummy down the public and prevent them from gaining access to advanced mathematics, astronomy, history, archeology, geography and physics and why many theories by prominent scientist such as Einstein and Tesla have been censored.

Anasazi Cliff Dwellings

These dwellings show a high degree of architectural sophistication and are so well preserved they could be lived in even now.

These dwellings show a high degree of architectural sophistication and are so well preserved they could be lived in even now.

Military Industrial Complex (MIC)

Reagan's U.N. Speech

Jim Marrs

Transparency vs Secrecy

If you look back on the history of Presidents in America, I find it more than a little coincidental that all the President's intent on creating transparency of the Alien/UFO subject, were then proceeded by President's only too happy to cloak the subject in absolute secrecy.

  • Truman followed Roosevelt and created the National Security Act of 1947 (legislation to prevent government employees from talking about secret information and technology), which lead to the CIA and The Cabal's creation of a Secret Space Prohram, the same year as the infamous Roswell UFO crash. He also allowed the importation of many ex-Nazi scientist into the United States, despite American immigration laws, to help reverse engineer Alien technology.
  • JFK followed Eisenhower but his Presidency was cut short by his assassination and in came Vice-Presidnet Lyndon B. Johnson , whom was more than wiling to support the MIC agenda and reinstitute a level of secrecy.
  • Nixon followed him and there is evidence he had some knowledge of the Alien/UFO history and was leaning towards a Disclosure Event of his own only to have an integrity scandal remove him from power, too again be replaced by a Vice-President Gerald Ford, whom was also unable to crack through the The Cabal secrecy agenda.
  • In comes one of the more liberal Presidents of the modern era, Jimmy Carter, that had revealed in his election campaign the information that he had personally witnessed a UFO and if elected would be wiling to reveal America's involvement with Aliens and UFOs.
  • He is replaced by a President that clearly wants to reveal what he knows about America's involvement with Alien/UFOs and hints at this information in speeches but does not reveal it based on National Security issues and even enacts a Law preventing government and private scientist, astronomers and researchers from talking about the subject.
  • He is replaced by a former Head of the CIA, George H.W. Bush and again a shadow of secrecy descends over the subject of Full Disclosure and the Alien/UFO subject, which lasts for eight years.
  • In comes Bill Clinton, whom has openly talked about the subject and even speaks Nationally about wanting more transparency concerning this topic only to be labelled a liar, through a series of sex scandals that served to tarnish his integrity and distract the American public.
  • He is replaced by George W. Bush, who's Presidency is rocked by one major distraction, event and failure after another, that completely overshadows the Alien/UFO topic. This eight year run of one major disaster after another so thoroughly prevents America from investigating and being interested in the topic of Aliens and UFOs, that only movies and the internet had any chance keeping the subject alive.
  • Now we have a President Barack Obama, that would like to create a Full Disclosure Event but simply lacks the power to get anything done, so complete was the previous Administrations ability to create new Laws that have provided the Cabal with almost complete control while removing them from any prosecution. While his Presidency has yet too expire the numerous failed attempts by his Administration to create a Full Disclosure Events doesn't inspire confidence in this writer.

Too consider the way in which a President intent on Alien/UFO transparency, would be followed by one willing to tow the Cabals agenda of secrecy as coincidental, would be naive in the extreme. However it also shows that even the Leader of the so-called 'Free World' has very limited power in creating a Full Disclosure Event, so powerful is The Cabals control over mankind.

More UFO Quotes From Past President's

Col. Philip J. Corso

Full Disclosure

Much has been bandied about on the subject of Full Disclosure on the internet, in books and movies however considering the implications behind this fascinating subject The Cabal and their New Break Away Society of ruling elite will never let it happen without a fight.

The aspect of Full Disclosure that everyone reading this article Secret Space Programs, Full Disclosure & Break Away Civilizations, Is There A Solution?, needs to ask themselves and answer honestly, is what is it about the revelation of Aliens/UFOs and their technology that would inspire people to panic, commit suicide or threaten their belief systems and very existence?

Every time the public, independent researchers and even Presidents seem to be on the verge of creating a Full Disclosure event, The Cabal provides a 'news worthy' distraction, event or scenario that completely discourages and derails the momentum.

This happens every time and simply cannot be considered a coincidence, let's take a look at a few, shall we?

Many Presidents of the United States have been on the verge of revealing the true nature of our relationship with Aliens and the veracity behind UFOs, only to have a major event, scandal or distraction prevent them from disclosing this information.

  • President Roosevelt wanted to disclose America's involvement with Aliens/UFOs as far back as the late 1930s but was discouraged by the War of the Worlds public broadcast, a radio show designed specifically to scare the public. However new evidence shows that the so-called panic by the public was merely propaganda and never happened to the extent portrayed by the media of the day. Of course, World War II also put a hold on any more serious consideration of Full Disclosure. The e-book Genesis For A New Space Age by John B. Leith shows how this entire scenario was contrived to scare the public.
  • Eisenhower was prevented from revealing the extent of his involvement, through treaties, personal meetings and trading of technology with Aliens/UFOs by his own Military Industrial Complex, although he hinted at it in his farewell speech to the Nation. There is much anecdotal evidence to support the stories behind secret treaties signed by the Eisenhower Administration and Alien Species.
  • One of the leading theories behind JFK's assassination in 1963 is his intention to reveal to the public the extent of The Cabal and CIAs involvement with Aliens/UFOs. Granted he had made more than a few enemies with other groups such as the Mafia, the Nation of Israel and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), his intention to reveal once and for all The Cabal's dirty secrets may very well have been a contributing factor to his untimely and permanent demise. Was John F. Kennedy assassinated because he intended to reveal the Alien/UFO connection to the American public?
  • Jimmy Carter's intention to get to the bottom of the secrecy shrouding Area 51 and the MIC's involvement in the Alien/UFO coverup was overshadowed by the American Hostage event in Iran and prevented him from going forward with his own Presidential Investigation of Full Disclosure. The Disinformation Campaign surrounding President Carters UFO sighting is extreme in my view but can be summed up in the Wikipedia article Jimmy Carter UFO incident.
  • Although Ronald Reagan may have hinted at his knowledge of America's involvement with Aliens/UFOs and tried to reveal this information in a series of speeches he never came out and declared the truth in no uncertain terms.
  • President Clinton, also seemed on the verge of revealing Full Disclosure to the American public only to have a series of embarrassing scandals rock his legacy and present him as a liar to the American people. I suspect these scandals were conceived of and designed specifically to undermine his integrity and perhaps even more damaging evidence was used as blackmail to prevent further attempts at a Full Disclosure scenario.
  • One of the leading researchers of the Alien/UFO subject Steven Greer's own Disclosure Project has compiled a list of over 400 well respected insider governmental whistle blowers from military officers, pilots, astronauts, contactee's, scientists, researchers and author's willing to go before Congress and testify under oath their knowledge of the Alien/UFO subject. On May 9, 2001 he held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C but this movement was derailed by the events of 9/11 a short four months later.
  • President Obama has also shown an interest in revealing this subject to the public on more than one occasion only to have his agenda derailed by numerous world events, technical malfunctions and even Nationwide and local TV and electrical blackouts. The Emergency Broadcast System has failed twice when he has attempted to get the word out and although the American public was given a reasonable excuse for these failures, Government Insiders and whistle blowers have tried to reveal to the public the truth behind these failures only to be ridiculed and censored by The Cabal.

The history of trying to create a Full Disclosure Event is rife with conspiracy, innuendo and disinformation. There is enough evidence in the public domain right now to show anyone paying attention that even Presidents are powerless when trying to reveal this topic to the public.

Again what needs to be considered, explored and contemplated is what are the real reasons behind the extreme secrecy surrounding the UFO/Alien/Full Disclosure scenario? Why when so many people including Presidents are already convinced Aliens exist is the subject still shrouded in disinformation and secrecy?

Taking this information into consideration logically leads one to the conclusion that if America and the World really want a Full Disclosure Event to take place they will have to create it on their own.

I submit to my reader that these kinds of articles Secret Space Programs, Full Disclosure & Break Away Civilizations, Is There A Solution? are exactly what the doctor ordered and that 'We the People' should take responsibility for our own Full Disclosure Event by sharing information with each other and meeting in person to discuss how we can awaken even more people to this important topic that concerns all of mankind.

UFOs and Disclosure

Secret Space Planes


More Space Planes

These artist conceptions are based on active projects and planes.

These artist conceptions are based on active projects and planes.

Secret Space Program

It may be difficult to actually pin point a specific date and time the Secret Space Program began, considering the numerous amount of events that lead to its creation but most researchers agree that the National Security Act of 1947 paved the wave for its creation. This article Secret Space Programs, Full Disclosure & Break Away Civilizations, Is There A Solution? has already shown how such a program can be kept a secret from the masses now let's consider when it began and what purpose it serves.

The late Phil Schneider tells a story about the United States Cavalry in 1909 chasing some bandits into a cave in New Mexico, what is now Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and discovering metallic space craft and Grey Demons (Aliens).

The Terra Papers written by Robert Morning Sky also tell of an Alien/UFO crash in the American South West around the same time, the discovery of a surviving crew member and their fantastic story by Native Americans. This e-book that can be found and read on Scrbd., describes the history of our solar system from a completely Alien perspective and is well worth the read.

In another e-book by John B. Leith called Genesis For The New Space Age, taken completely from Government Insider testimony and FOIA documents, he describes how then President Roosevelt is presented with first contact events from two very different alien species and is determined to share this knowledge with the American people in the late 1930s. Roosevelt is persuaded to try a dry run announcement in the form of a radio broadcast on October 30, 1938 (Halloween) narrated by Orson Wells of the book by H.G. Wells (no relation) War of the Worlds.

According to newspaper reports, the radio show was a complete disaster leading to mass suicides and public panic, this information was later debunked as total fabrication and propaganda but at the time was believed and galvanized Roosevelt into censoring and covering up the Alien/UFO story.

Prior to the Alien/UFO cover up by Roosevelt's Administration in the late 1930s the American Government and Military Industrial Complex had been busy confiscating inventions by such notable scientist as T. Thompson Brown's zero point anti-gravity propulsion system (patented in 1929), Nikola Tesla's earlier inventions of a similar nature in the first decade of the 20th Century (too numerous to name here) and little known inventor Jonathon E. Caldwell's round winged airplane designs and similar anti-gravity propulsion system, which is openly discussed in Genesis For A New Space Age.

It was decided in the 1930s by the Roosevelt Administration in conjunction with the Military Industrial Complex to develop a new branch of the military devoted completely to keeping these inventions and energy sources a secret from enemies foreign and domestic and censoring all Alien/UFO information from the American public, thus began the Secret Space Program.

Because of the complex nature of the information and subsequent suppression and censorship, a committee of 100 members was formed of the leading industrialist of the time. This committee would affect the political, military, science and educational sectors of American society for the next 100 years by censoring information, inventions and energy sources that could have literally altered the course of history on our planet.

What this essentially means is that an entire paradigm of deception, censorship and propaganda has been foisted on the American public and the World based on one admittedly deceptive radio show in 1938, over 75 years ago.

This paradigm of deception goes far beyond the concept of the American people panicking if they were ever told the truth of the Alien/UFO experience. What is far more likely is that The Cabal would panic if the American people were ever provided a Full Disclosure event to happen.

Simply consider the implications if the American people and the World were told that free energy could have been provided for every man, woman and child over 100 YEARS AGO!

Currently over 1.3 billion people in the world are without electricity and living in conditions that predate the industrial age of America in the 1800s. However I digress, so that being said let's move on with the beginnings of the Secret Space Program.

Soon after the beginnings of this secret branch of the military created to explore new energy propulsion systems and round winged aircraft design, World War II began and research and development of this technology was put on hold in favor of more conventional weapons, aircraft and energy sources.

However the research of the round winged aircraft and even jet propulsion systems had begun years before by the Military Industrial Complex as they envisioned a technology that would make conventional aircraft obsolete. The War of the Worlds radio show and censorship committee was formed in 1938 but the round winged aircraft designs, jet propulsions systems and anti-gravity propulsions systems were already being researched and developed as early as 1936 and perhaps earlier.

What needs to be considered here is that American technology and research was either stolen by German spies or simply given away to the German Military by factions within the American Military Industrial Complex. There is more than enough evidence to suggest the latter transpired as many American corporations and industrialist actually supported and financed the Nazi War machine in the late 1930s.

The most immediate obstacle the MIC and Secret Space Program faced after World War II was that of secrecy but this was soon overcome by creating and building new military instillations in remote locations in the American West and remote regions of Canada. Also the underground facilities already established for The Manhattan Project were utilized, as well.

Of course the next major obstacle was that of funding but as we will see in the next segment of this article innovative methods were created for overcoming this as well. To ensure the American taxpayer and uniformed members of Congress and U.S. Government didn't become suspicious and over burdened, a series of deceptive programs, false flag scenarios and creative initiatives were developed.

Cosmic Disclosure

Jim Marrs

Funding The Secret Space Program

After the Roswell Incident in 1947, in which Alien/UFO technology was 'captured' or more precisely disabled and retrieved, the funding for a major reverse engineering project was overcome by allowing major American Defense Contractors such Lockheed Martin, AT&T (Bell Laboratories), Northrop Grumman to name a few to work on various parts of the spacecraft.

By involving public companies into the ultra-secret program it accomplished two things right off the bat, a way of compartmentalizing the technology and using private funding for research and development. It had the added factor of motivating through the promise of enormous profits those companies involved to keep this technology a closely guarded secret from their competitors.

Of course, to fully create the impression that these companies were coming up with these breakthroughs on their own a complete history would have to be manufactured to fool any ardent researcher into these inventions.

Considering how the Witness Protection Program works and how the international spy networks create false identities on a routine basis, a well funded Secret Space Program, that spends ten times more money on security than R & D and has the backing of the Military Industrial Complex, United States Government and numerous Intelligence Agencies, creating a back history for new technology would be child's play.

However the best way to keep the truth from being revealed is to control all aspects of the flow of information.

This is easily done by 'leaking' information to previously selected individuals that possess verifiable credentials but have the mindset, consciousness (integrity) and passion to become whistleblowers.

And of course on the flip side of that concept you will have to also 'leak' information to the debunker crowd that feel their superior intelligence provides them with the credentials to refute any testimony by whistleblowers and insiders.

Many history books, technical manuals and magazines and newspaper articles have been rewritten and republished to thoroughly confuse researchers and the general public to the veracity of all the information involved.

This is a common tactic used by the Cabal to divide and conquer public opinion. Of course now with the internet used as the primary research tool, this has become far easier to accomplish.

However all that being said, three other major false flag operations and numerous industries were created and supported through legislation and Foreign policies that spanned decades, to ensure continuous funding for this Secret Space Program that quickly had moved from research and development into workable inter-planetary space craft.

  1. The Cold War concept was the first immediate false flag conspiracy set in motion in which both the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A were complicit. These two super-power countries conspired to create the impression to both of their respective populations that they were bitter enemies intent on the destruction and overthrow of each other and even global destruction. However what it also allowed them to do was share advanced space technology, while funneling Governmental defense spending into their Secret Space Programs. It also provided both countries the public excuse to build Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), while providing a needed distraction with the uninformed members of each Government, including but not limited to Presidents and Prime Ministers.
  2. The next conspired false flag scenario both countries agreed to was the 'Space Race', this also allowed both countries to test many of their Secret Space Program spacecraft without the public becoming suspicious, while again allowing billions of dollars to be drained into the SSP. This was a brilliant move and very convincing to the public of both countries.
  3. The next false flag events that the members of the Secret Space Programs in both countries agreed to was creating limited wars that both would participate in, so as to rake in the huge profits generated by the production of conventional weapons. The agreement was to stretch the wars out as long as possible to maximize profits, while not providing each military the necessary weapons and strategies to win any of them. The Soviet Unions' secret involvement in the Korean War conflict shows how both Super Powers contrived to mislead the public.

Here in America where capitalism thrived, various industries were created to continue to provide inflated prices to goods and products to siphon off for the Secret Space Program, including non taxable incomes such as illegal arms sales and drug money.

We have all heard of the $200 dollar toilet seats for aircraft and the $80 dollar hammers and $20 dollar 'specialized' nuts and bolts and so on, these inflated prices for equipment allowed money to be siphoned off to the SSP.

Another industry that was created for the Secret Space Program was the Pharmaceutical Companies that charge outrageous prices for drugs that literally cost them pennies on the dollar to create. America rarely ever hears about the outrageous sums of money these Big Pharmacy companies charge other Nations for these drugs and now that World Health Organization and even NATO are enforcing mandatory vaccines, at a cost mind you, some developing Nations don't have a choice or they lose other funding and trade agreements.

Now when you consider the TRILLIONS of dollars gained from illegal drug sales, which is largely controlled by America's own CIA (Criminals In Action) and the fact that this has been going on for decades, you can see how much money we are talking about. The Secret Space Program is comprised of fleets of space craft, weapons and personnel.

Solar Warden Space Craft

The photograph of this advanced spacecraft in dry dock is impressive, if you enlarge or go to the source you can see a few humans on the bottom right of the photo.

The photograph of this advanced spacecraft in dry dock is impressive, if you enlarge or go to the source you can see a few humans on the bottom right of the photo.

Richard Dolan & Bryce Zabel

The Solution: Creating Our Own Breakaway Civilization

Through Partial Disclosure, those that have awakened recognize that within the Secret Space Program exist a group loyal to the rights of humanity as a whole. This group is known as the Alliance. They stand for truth, justice and freedom for all the humans on Earth and in the colonized bases spread throughout our solar system enslaved by The Cabal.

This group has been waging a secret space war against The Cabal in an effort to bring technological, energetic, financial and spiritual freedom to ALL humans. Their efforts, along with groups here on the surface such BRICS, Anonymous, The White Dragon Society, factions within the CIA and Military Industrial Complex and Service To Other Aliens have lead to the exposure of some of The Cabals crimes.

The biggest crimes of The Cabal have been the suppression and censorship of technology, the spreading of disinformation in our education system, the introduction of genetically modified food, the poisoning of water and food and the countless instigation of wars, assassinations and revolutions.

David Wilcock's latest article on his website Divine Cosmos has numerous links to these crimes, and provides many articles of The Cabals financial tyranny over the world's unsuspecting public.

We are beginning to see these crimes in our headlines today exposing pedophiles in the Royal Family, suicide bankers, the so-called accidents involving private company's space craft, financial collapses and the rich elite losing billions, staged beheadings, links between intelligence agencies and terrorism, exposure of off shore banking by some of the rich elite, widespread censorship in the Mainstream Fake Media and weather warfare in the form of 'natural disasters', such as drought, floods, earthquakes and famine.

As I said to a supporter in the health food store the other day, if you are working to help spread the truth to others, you are part of the Alliance.

It is that simple.

David Wilcock

Ultimately what has created the momentum for this has been a mass awakening of humanity on a global scale. This awakening is gaining momentum as more and more people recognize the inconsistencies in the media's news stories, the plethora of disinformation stories, Government whistle blowers, new archeological and astronomical discoveries, ideas and concepts. Learning to accept the truth as difficult as it maybe comes from overcoming your fear and denial of reality.

Initially everyone goes through a period of denial as they begin to awaken, this is only natural and is part of the process. For this author, I can remember being incredibly shocked, to the point of being horrified, paranoid and even fearful, then saddened, followed by anger. Eventually I realized that the only way to combat my fear and perhaps my reason for incarnating on this planet was to share my unique insight, research and truth with as many people as I could.

Essentially this is my solution, those of us that have awakened must be the guiding force to help others awake and create a new paradigm of unconditional love. It takes a lot of courage to talk about ideas, concepts and theories that a few short years ago were considered conspiracy woo-woo but you would be amazed at how many people really want to explore these topics but don't