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My Past Life and How It's Affecting My Present

Do you believe in reincarnation?

If you do a quick search on the Internet, you will find thousands of true past life stories from people all over the world. A thing to be noticed is that the belief of reincarnation is limited because not many religions practice it. The two major religions that preach reincarnation in their holy scriptures is Hinduism and Buddhism. Make a trip to India, ask around for a popular astrologer (quite easy to find one at rural parts of India!), and have him check your horoscope. You might need to give him your birth chart, but if you know the exact date and time of your birth -- I guess that will suffice too. He will then tell you what curses from past life you are encountering in your current birth. If you are not a believer, you might scorn at this information. But actual experience will make you think otherwise.

I'm an educated Indian woman with strong cultural roots. I never really believed in astrology or reincarnation for that matter. A disturbing thing that kept reoccuring in my life was the repeated failure of relationships for no apparent reason at all. I kept being an optimist all through my life -- and like the others always believed that things always happen for the good. But they never did. Till date I have had relationships with a two-timer, a commitment-phobic man, a player and finally a physically abusive man. These relationships were exhausting to say the least and I was emotionally tired. For just the sake of it (and by the proding of my own mother), I decided to get my birth chart checked by a popular astrologer.

The funny thing was that within a matter of minutes, the astrologer was giving out my life details. It was as if my best friend was talking in detail about my life. He then mentioned another interesting thing - that I'm suffering relationship problems in my present life because of my past life actions. He went on to say that 3 people in my previous birth had cursed me -- my husband, a Brahmin couple, and a woman -- and this is what is apparently preventing me from enjoying a fruitful relationship this life around. The astrologer then went on to describe remedies (poojas/prayers) for this. After the spiritual journey, I feel more light within. I am not sure whether my relationships will be successful in future, but all I know is that after the spiritual journey (which involved visiting various temples) I feel much more in peace with myself. It is almost as if I finally found the answer to the question I have been searching all my life -- what's going wrong? Why are things happening the way they are?

Take a moment to answer..

Past Life Regression In The West On The Rise!

Checking horoscopes and birth charts is something which is not always feasible. Many people (especially in Europe and America) people are resorting to Past Life Regression to learn more about their past life. In India, Dr. Trupti Jayin is a top-notch clinical psychologist who is also a certified PLR (Past Life Regression) expert. Another famous psychologist who can also help you out in reliving your past life is Steve Jones. Under their guidance, you will be made to enter into a trance via hypnosis. It is then you will asked a series of questions that will help you discovering deep secrets of your past. The growing popularity of Past Life Regression cannot be ignored. The success stories of how PLR has healed people is all over the World Wide Web.

Past Life Regression helps you in finding out the roots of your problems. Do you have a phobia for anything? Do you have repeated nightmares or dreams about the same thing? The answer might be hidden in your subconscious mind. With PLR, you can find a solution to your mysterious problems, fears and traumas.

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mysticalrose on April 03, 2013:

Interesting!! Its about karma - cause and effect of your action and words. But its interesting to notice that because of the curse from your previous life it has affected your present relationship. They must have really meant it from their heart. Anyway, glad to know you are at peace with your self. :)

vanessa berejkoff on May 07, 2012:

If our spirits do come back down to earth to inhabit other people, I must have been britis, instead of being past off as an angliphilac or whatever? Because, I have such strong attachment to everything about both the country and the people of britain: from the accent to the beautiful country. My life there must have been cut off too soon, that my british essence is still very pronounced or part of me. I just wished I could have came back to that country.

Pradip on December 29, 2011:

Reincarnation is something which raises your belief after you experience it in some form of events which could not be explained. But there are very few astrologers who can properly read the curses indicated in the horoscopes. I am also in my search of them!

samiaali on May 23, 2011:

Hi divacratus, I do believe in reincarnation myself. This was interesting to me, as I am actually writing a poem about reincarnation. Thank you! :)

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on May 22, 2011:

Very Interesting Hub and useful.

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