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How You Express Your Love Without Saying I Love You


Love is a great feeling of deep affection. Love is a very beautiful thing that everyone experiences in their life. But some people can’t express their love.
In love, the thing that matters is your actions, not words. Because you know, many people say I Love You, but they don’t mean it. On the other hand, those people who don’t say I Love You but show their love through their actions.

For example, We all love our parents very much, but we are not able to express our love it does not mean that we do not love them.

So today through this article you will know how to express your love without saying I love you.

  1. Words also matter, but actions are more important, so instead of expressing your love talk to him/her with respect because we can forget that who love us but can’t forget who respects us.
  2. Keep talking to her, support her if your partner shares about his life with you so listen to her and give true advice to her. When you listen to her she thinks that you care for her. So this is a nice gesture.
  3. When he/she in trouble, don’t scold him/her that she did this wrong. At that time he needs your support as there are so many to taunt him/her. So console him and help him so that he overcomes this problem.
  4. Give surprise gifts to your partner. It doesn’t matter that your gift is small or big. It shows your intense love for your partner.
  5. Always give time to your loved ones. Whenever you are busy with your work then msg her I can’t talk to you right now because I am busy. I will talk to you later or after some time. This makes your relationship stronger than before.
  6. Take care of them when they are sick or feel low. Even if all you can do is pick up medicine and bring them soup. If you can sit with them, they feel better. They only need your love, nothing else at that time.
  7. Remember important dates — not just their birthday either, when you met, your first anniversary, first date, first kiss, first hug etc. This thing feels special and also show your love.
  8. Motivate them to achieve their dreams. Support them at every step whenever they need you.
  9. When you meet in person, always share warm vibes and good feeling. This will spice up the relationship.
  10. When they do something good, acknowledge them by saying thank you. On the other hand, if you hurt them then say sorry to them.
  11. If there is some downside in the relationship rather than behaving poorly ask for time out since you both respect the relationship and don’t want to jeopardize it.
  12. Once you feel the presence of a spark, give it a wind before it vanishes. That is don’t wait to confess your love when your heart says it’s time.
  13. Keep track of his/her day and ask in the evening/night time how it went. Whether there is nothing good or bad to share. But this will show your concern and care for him/her.
  14. Make them feel special in front of their friends. Give compliment. This thing affects them the most.
  15. Give them cards in which you write your best moments spend with them, messages for them, love quotes for them and so on. This is the best gift which you give to your loved ones.

Friends always remember if you love someone, doesn’t rush into these things. Make a good bond first and don’t shy away from confessing your love irrespective of what is the outcome for that .…right?

Finally, I wanted to say that if you can not say I Love You it does not matter that much it happens to a lot of people many times we can not express our love in words, but we can show it through our actions because it is an emotion and if you truly love her she will feel it through your action.

It’s for both gender whether you are a girl or a boy because both have feelings and emotions almost similar in love.

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