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The Australian Government Says If You Are Tattooed, You Are a Criminal

Author | Singer | Writer Kartanya writes reality. Topics the elite are too scared to hear about and the working class are craving for.

Model: Dimpelicious Doll. Photography: Tracey Moran Photography. Thank you for the use of your photo to support this article.

Model: Dimpelicious Doll. Photography: Tracey Moran Photography. Thank you for the use of your photo to support this article.

Australian Government Says You Are a Criminal

Recently in Australia, we have seen fascist rebirth of imperialistic thought patterns being nurtured and enforced as draconian laws by both extreme right wing Labor and Liberal parties and our police force. It appears they are working hand in hand with one another, passing the dollars back and forth among their aristocratic elite supporters/funders to create an ‘Australia’ that is representative of them in a New World Order/Global form that they feel best represents the mindset of the blood, sweat, and tears paid to them in taxes of the bread and butter battler, the underdog of the elite classes: the low-income and working-class Australian. All in the while, they are taking those taxes but creating an Australia that only ensures the survival at the top of the food chain of the aristocratic corporate elite.

One such draconian epidemic being wielded as a death blow is the Australian Government’s, both State and Federal, continual lying out of laws and media propaganda regarding tattoos and tattoo parlours. This started with Mike Rann in South Australia under his Serious Organised Crime Act and was further impacted through the Liberal National Party (LNP) and its VLAD Laws under now Ex-Premier Campbell Newman & Ex-Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie. These two men took tattoo laws to an all-time extreme, insisting that all tattoo parlours be licensed, and these licenses would be issued based upon government and police discretion as to whether the applicant was of good character or not. Along with this new licensing system that has seen and continues to see many hard-working Australians lose their livelihoods, was the added blow that all new tattoos given to clients are to be photographed and registered so as to create a ‘National Database’ of tattooed people. These extreme laws under Queensland’s VLAD are now being introduced in South Australia as an added extreme to their already existing laws.

The government and police, with support of their bought-and-paid-for mainstream media, have been portraying themselves as pure white witches, burning their sage smudging sticks to keep creating their so-called cleansing smokescreen, to keep the propaganda alive that all these laws are to stamp out the alleged ‘…Big Bad Bikies…’ Without digressing into the fascist regime that is Anti-Association Laws, Consorting Laws, VLAD, and so on and so on, there is one gigantic honest factor amid the smoke that is not being relayed to the Australian public.

Factually, yes, many tattoo studios are owned and ran by people who are in and/or affiliated with Motorcycle Clubs. Is this something new? The answer is 'No.' Historically, tattoo parlours have been owned by members of clubs because back in the '70s and '80s, when the down-to-earth lifestyle of freedom and not being a sheep and slave to the system was paramount to most Australians, bike clubs were at the forefront of living a free lifestyle and being tattooed. Many of the blokes that commenced bike clubs throughout the United States of America and Australia were return veterans from war, and due to a lack of care and provision for both their physical and mental health by those that should have given a damn, the very governments who sent them into war, they sought out each other and turned their backs on society because society had turned their backs on them. This is the incredible grass-roots explanation how motorcycle clubs were birthed. With the birth of AIDS/HIV during the '80s and its subsequent pandemic, something happened within the tattoo industry that has never been spoken about out loud, nor responsibly recognised by our government: The tattoo industry throughout Australia ‘self-regulated’.

Without government interference, licensing, and pompous, arrogant laws, the Australian tattoo industry, with all its alleged 'big bad outlaw bikies', had created one of the safest, cleanest most reputable tattoo industry’s in the world! The Australian tattoo industry had eliminated backyard scratchers and became its own harshest yet dedicated enforcer of safety standards and hygiene to the point of decimating communicable disease from the industry. Since the inception of draconian laws targeting the Australian tattoo industry, we can see with absolute clarity which coven is the loving white witch and which is the darkest soul of the other. This clarity comes with the rebirth and resurgence of backyard scratchers while those who had self-regulated and been professionally bound by the code they created for the industry are ripped from their shops, their businesses, and their livelihoods. In cold hard fact, the Australian government will and probably already does have blood on its hands due to their stance, which has created scratchers and no hygiene control. Thus, knowingly through its laws, the government, albeit through third parties, is now responsible for a new generation of HIV-infected Australians.

Consequently, this brings me to the matter of the laws in Queensland, and possibly soon in South Australia, that all tattoos must be photographed and registered to a ‘National Tattoo Database’. This, readers, is where I should probably apologise with forethought for the absolute venom and distaste I feel about this database pouring out. However, I will store that apology as not being needed, as I feel that a majority of Australians will understand my ire. Before I can insert a witty Julia Gillard type, '…Going forward' analogy, we must go back into the significant history of tattoos.

How many readers are aware that tattoos date back as far as Neolithic times? For the purposes of a history lesson, Neolithic is the period of time approximately 10,200 BC to 4500-2000 BC. In layman terms, Neolithic is the last part of the Stone Age. Are you shocked or surprised? Did you think tattoos only dated back as far as Maori warriors and this modern age has seen its return? You would be wrong; the oldest evidence of tattooed skin is from South America in approximately 6000 BC found on the Chinchorro Mummy.

Police Taser Drawn On Man With Neck Tattoo

  • Courier-Mail on the Tattoo-Taser Incident Linked to Above
    "A female officer from the Rapid Acton and Patrol squad, of Gold Coast Cops reality TV show fame, drew the taser after pulling over the Melbourne pre-school teacher Hayley Van Hostauyen and her boyfriend at Broadbeach Waters yesterday afternoon."

The government would want you to believe that only criminals have tattoos. Why else would they want to create a national database? Yet the simple, honest truth, the true history, is that tattoos have played a dominant part in all cultures, globally, for many thousands of years. Tattoos have played integral roles of rituals of affliction, celebration, and other cultural significance. Let’s get the facts right out in the open here: A majority of people, and I think the government for sure, believe that tattoos only belonged to ‘barbaric tribes’, ‘cannibals’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ancient Egypt; Pazyrk Culture Russia; Pre-Christian Germanic; Celtic; Several Central and Northern European countries and tribes were heavily tattooed. The Picts of Scotland were tattooed. For f**ks sake, even Otzi the Iceman was tattooed.

India has used tattoos for many years. Many of us only associate henna tattooing with India, but as part of Hindu practice if a person did something wrong or made a mistake, they would tattoo themselves for doing so. It served as a reminder that they made that error, and once tattooed, they believed they were forgiven and had learned from their mistake. As for the Chinese, yes, in their ancient history, tattoos were reserved for barbarians, outlaws, and folk heroes. One can surmise that in China, those who went against the flow and made names for themselves in both good and bad situations were considered rebellious and tattooed as a way of displaying their exploits. I can go on and on about Japan, Indonesia, Persia, Samoa, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Great Britain, Central America, North America, are you seeing a pattern here? Tattoos have been a part of our culture since our Neolithic forefathers all over the world! Why, in the so-called modern, progressed world, did we create a stigma about tattoos? A stigma that was fought during the '70s and '80s and successfully obliterated in the early '90s! Yet here, we are living in the supposed new millennium, and our government and police are creating national databases of tattooed Australians!

At what point, Australia, did we go so soft on our human rights as to allow a government, the people we elect to represent us, to decide that there would no longer be a ‘Separation of Powers’ and an Australian can be deemed a criminal based merely on who they hang around with or how they look? My understanding of our constitution is that we had to be arrested on evidence and/or reasonable suspicion of being in the act of committing a crime, and even then, until we have faced an Australian court, we are innocent until proven guilty in that court. Can you remember when we voted that this was no longer our democratic right? Can you remember a referendum being given to the Australian people that asked them if the government and police could have judiciary power over our courts of law? At what point, as a tax paying Australian, did you hand over your innocence to our elected politicians to toy with at their whim? When did you decide, as a country, that having tattoos made people criminals?

Tattooed people are not criminals! Tattooists are not criminals! Tattoos are a significant part of our inherited cultures worldwide. Tattoos have always been a part of us for whatever diverse reasons and cultural significance. As a global entity of humanity, we must make a stand against the propaganda our politicians continuously feed through to us via mainstream media. We must demand an end to laws that create criminals upon the nod of a police officer! I don’t recall signing up for Judge Dredd to be adapted from a fantasy movie to reality. And I definitely do not recall how I, being a heavily tattooed educated woman, elected to be tarred as a criminal based upon my tattoos.

As a united front, Australia, we must make every effort to thwart our government and law enforcement from this spoiled-brat, grandiose, elite mission they are on to belt blue-collar Australians, create criminals for their privatised gaols, and the incessant social engineering through policy and media to pit Aussie against Aussie, judging one another’s right to choose their own lifestyle and associates. Until such time that we do say enough is enough, our children, our grandchildren, and great grandchildren will know neither their real history nor the simple joy of freedom and choice. I plead with you, Australia, to be just as offended at the disrespect and slurs placed upon just about every culture and their traditions, throughout history, throughout our world!

Not only is the government's stance an annihilation of human rights, but it is also a racist and cultural slur upon just about every race and their inherited traditions on the planet. Tattooed people are not criminals, tattooed people do not belong listed on national data bases. Tattooed people are people from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. What's more, they are educated and functional human beings. The government and its spin machine is out of line and, as a people, we should demand they cease and desist from persecuting people who are doing nothing other than adhering to ancient cultural practices and traditions, passed down from our Stone Age ancestors.

Start Breaking Down The Walls

© 2015 Kartanya Martinez


Phil Moore on January 31, 2018:

I have been a tattoo artist for around 25 years and no longer have an income due to these scumbags! I don't get the Doll as my wife earns to much lol. So can not get retrained for another trade. I have no ties to outlaw bikies. Yet my insurance was canceled for my building-tattoo studio and my home due to owning a tattoo studio. Also this is from the same insurance company I had been with for over 12 years without a claim! Yet because these Government shit-bags tell your insurance company that you are a liability then you are truly F#CKED! Welcome to the land of the free lmfao!

Gordan Zunar from New York on March 10, 2016:

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Thank you for pointing this out. Australia is heading in the wrong direction in so many aspects.

Rchrdsnc on March 02, 2016:

This business about tattoos turned out to be more interesting than it should have been. They aren't that big a deal. How does Australian law enforcement distinguish actual crimes from tattoos? I guess I just don't get it.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on February 20, 2016:

Kartanya, thank you for sharing this important message and making the world aware of these draconian laws and the police state Australia has become. This is discrimination in it's purest form. I have a tattoo but fortunately it can be hidden. My son was denied a job as a Government prison officer because he had a tattoo of his parents names on his neck. He does have a job in a privately run juvenile detention centre however. Having to be listed on a tattoo register is derogatory and should not be allowed in a true democratic society. Our whole State and Federal Government needs a total overhall.

Jason Ellett on February 06, 2016:

This is why i left saw it when in the last two elected governments when coups occurred and no one said anything ...if our highest elected official can wake up in the morning to find they no longer have a job wat hope for your average hard working aussie...

Philippa on February 05, 2016:

This is ridiculous! Tattoos are a perfectly legitimate (and often very beautiful) art form and the government needs to back off and allow people to decorate and adorn their bodies as they choose. This criminal stygma is both stupid and unnecessary!

Wild Bill on February 05, 2016:

"These two men took tattoo laws to an all-time extreme, insisting that all tattoo parlours be licensed, and these licenses would be issued based upon government and police discretion as to whether the applicant was of good character or not."

Wow! I had no idea this was going on in Australia. The main problem is when laws leave the interpretation up to the 'discretion' (i.e. opinion) of the government. This gives them the ability to impose there will and essentially discriminate whenever and against whomever they want.

This is why I am against more government. Socialism is only a recipe to put the power in the hands of a few versus the entire population. I am not sure why people keep playing that old record again even though we have example after example of tyranny and failure.

Tessa Schlesinger on February 04, 2016:

You have been featured.

johnnyb on February 04, 2016:

Don't worry its just another step towards 1984-- all standard progression.

Kartanya Martinez (author) from Melbourne, Australia on February 04, 2016:

@mattforte If you go back to the link and re-read the first line you will see that Fight For Freedom Today has 'Re-Blogged' my article and under their photo they have given me the credit with a link that brings you right back here to this page. So may I suggest you put your reading glasses on, have a closer look next time, before you accuse someone of plagiarism. If I could be of proper assistance and put a photo of a screen shot of the page where the credit/link back to this page is I would. Don't stress yourself over your report to Hub Pages, I will contact them with your comment as well as the link to Fight For Your Freedom Today and the screenshot. You have a lovely day. and you are welcome.

Carl Richardson from Midwest USA on February 04, 2016:

Not unlike many groups and organizations, police seek political power. Tattoos are a very creative illustration of this.

Tracey on February 03, 2016:

So Mozz do you want make it compulsory to add fingerprints to the national data base as well . While we are at it why not just micro chip everyone like dogs so we can all be found when ever the government wants to find us. I am tattooed 50 a business owner & grey yea I'm a real threat a real crim ........ Never been arrested never had more than a speeding ticket for 3 k over the limit. Rack off government.

Dazz on February 03, 2016:

So if you've done nothing wrong you should give up your rights for the sake of secrecuity. That is the dumbest thing I've every heard mozz.

EverydayJoe on February 03, 2016:

I don't have a tattoo personally, I haven't had any issues with someone who has a tattoo more so then anyone who doesn't.

And FYI all tattooed peoples, Im not staring in disgust or with judgement, I'm admiring the art portrayed on the canvas of your body

Marlene Bertrand from USA on February 03, 2016:

I can't imagine living in a country where the government goes so far as to regulate tattoos. They are way out of line. Truly overstepping their boundaries.

Dot from USA on February 03, 2016:

Most redicules thing I've heard today.

mozz on February 03, 2016:

tattoo registration has been around for awhile, if you serve time you are registered ,why not make it broader, it may help in a investigation in a crime committed , you have nothing to worry about if you have done nothing .

Tessa Schlesinger on February 03, 2016:

This is the way we used to think in the 50s and 60s. Tats were originally used by sailors and people of a lower social demographic, and sometimes criminals. Whoever has come up with this pathetic law has to be big-time way back in time.

Job on February 03, 2016:

The word britian actually means tattooed people! And australia was made from a penal colony, the irony and ignorance of our culture by our own government is most undesireable. The underground or backyard tattoo industry will thrive with its diseases. But as long as violence rules and the old code that respected children and families is forgotten we are giving them every excuse they need. Business should not be aired violently on a public street endangering other aussies. The minority thats not playing by the code is ruining it for everyone but please lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Cars and firearms should be registered but why a tattoo. Police may only obtain fingerprints when charges are laid not when fingers are issued so honestly what gives. A tattoo becomes part of your cultural dna and a court order is required for dna. This is what the muslims must feel like, all being labelled by some as terrorists. It certainly reeks of 'if thy hand offends you then cut off your hand.'

mick on February 02, 2016:

Plenty of military and police with tattooes

Steve from WA on February 02, 2016:

This content is blatantly copied from


John L Wyborn on February 02, 2016:

Australia is now ruled by corporations who have completely usurped the Australian democratic process

and on both sides of our quasi government

The more the Global Elite criminalize us the more they own us

hence the privatized hidden mobile speed cameras they invest in Australia

and the toll roads.

and a host of other criminal making corporation control measures

we will eventually completely lose sovereignty over our lives to our soon to be corporate masters.

We need to rise up but if we do not have complete support? And lets face it; how disloyal are us average ignorant Australians!!!

Sure we have what we think is the meaning of loyalty to our various football teams

or brad of automobile

but we have no real concept of what true loyalty is.

Now we have all been corporately institutionalized.

We can only pray for a way

and the courage to stand up and be counted!!!

Alan Paterson on February 02, 2016:

My wife and I were intending on an extended holiday in Australia in 2014 but due to these new laws being brought in we decided to do Route 66 instead. We are bikers with tattoos and didn't want to face this kind of treatment from your government and the puppet police. We both have excellent jobs within local government here in Scotland and we are not criminals. I feel so sorry for the whole of the great Australian people being held under by this facist regime. Maybe we'll come when these people are gone, hope so.

Nick on February 02, 2016:

Good. Most tattooed people are criminals, or at the very least, bogan filth (usually overlapping).

Government has my blessing.

terry lyons on February 02, 2016:

While I do not think she has broken any laws . I just dont understand what makes people want to do this to their bodies. They have to think about this before they do it. AS they age these tats will sag with their skin. They will have to explain this if they have children. And Bodiy percings I dont agree with at all. But to me when you take tattoos to the extent that this girl has, it has become less than attractive. To me it is to much But she is the one that has to live with it not me. But I still dont think she has broken any laws.

igor on February 02, 2016:

This is simply a money scam for the government to apply a new law were tattoo parlors will have to pay to be registered. Nothing to do with database bullshit. The Australian government is looking how to get more and more pennies out of the every day Australian. Being in prison is more freedom then us Australian people have.

Ants on February 02, 2016:

I remember having my tatts photoed on a DUI charge first time done. Ten years later on, a new appearance before the constabulary, I asked if they wanted to see the new ones, they said no.

Darryl on February 02, 2016:

How does this affect all the current serving Police and military members who have tattoos? Also there are Magistrates and Judges that have them as well.

Are they all going to be classified as criminals now? ( I don`t think so)

Aaron on October 21, 2015:

Well the government need to get over it tattoos are body art and there is not much they can do about it if you want to have tattoos go for it i have them and i will keep getting them fuck the government

Kartanya Martinez (author) from Melbourne, Australia on October 17, 2015:

Dave tattoo registration for database purposes was built into Campbell Newman's VLAD Laws which made the amendment to Tattoo Parlours & Tattoo registration.

Gary on October 16, 2015:

No need for me to say anything. You have said it all and said it well!

Dave on October 16, 2015:

I've not seen anything that suggests a database of tattoos is being created. Can you point in the directions of where this is in the new laws?

Aaron on October 16, 2015:

The Australian government has been putting this country done the tube for years I'm 24years old don't not much about politics but I do no there on min six figures a year and us hard working Australians are lucky to make enough to not struggle through life to pay bills and help out our own kids. I have a tattoo and I meet new people with and with out tattoo I don't judge them on that most of the nicest people I have ever meet have heaps of tattoos. So all I can say it to the Australian government take a step back and have a really good look at yourself!!

bev on October 16, 2015:

dose it really matter what we the people say anymore, l don't think so

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