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Forget the Buzz he's going to the Giants, Judge re-signs with the Yankees. 9 years $360 million!


Aaron Judge will play his entire career with the Yankees just as Derek Jeter did, as did Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig before him. Yankees re-signed Judge to a massive 9-year $360 million deal.

Yankees principal Owner Hal Steinbrenner kept his word. He matched the Giants' offer and retained his star Outfielder making him the highest-position player in MLB history.

Yesterday respected, usually reliable MLB Reporter Jon Heyman tweeted something to the effect of; Buzz is Arson Judge is likely signing with the Giants. About 20 minutes later he deleted his tweet and was ripped for that on Sports Talk Radio for hours, especially for misspelling his first name in his rush to get his vibe out there first regarding MLB's most coveted Free Agent.

Judge rejected the Yankees' $213.5 million 7-year deal he was offered prior to opening day and he made it known recently that revealing the Yankees' initial offer made him mad. Yankees they made him a solid second offer of $300 million for 8 years but that was not good enough. He met twice privately with Yankees Principal Owner Hal Steinbrenner.

Let's compare Judge to a selected handful of players that got $300 million or more contract extensions and their 2022 stats. None of the players listed below could match Judge's historic season in '22 (62 HRs, 131 RBIs, .311)

Trea Turner (11 years, $300 million signed in December 2022 at age 29)

21 HRs 100 RBIs .298, 27 Stolen Bases

Mike Trout

40 HRs 80 RBIs .283 (12 years $426.5 million, signed at age 27 in 2019)

Francisco Lindor

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26 HRs 104 RBIs .270 (10 years, $341 million signed at age 27 in 2021)

Fernando Tatis (12 years, $340 million signed at age 22 in 2021)

Tatis didn't play in 2022. He was recovering from a broken wrist. He was on the 60-day IL and then got suspended for 80-games for using PED.

Tatis' 2021 Stats: 42 HRs 97 RBIs .282

Bryce Harper:

18 HRs 65 RBIs .286 (13 years, $330 million signed at 27 in 2020)

You have to factor in that Harper missed about 7 weeks of the season with a broken thumb that required surgery.

Manny Machado:

32 HRs 102 RBIs .298 (10 years, $300 million signed at 26 in 2020 at age 27)

Judge is a homegrown Yankee who has become a star. In 2017 the former 1st round draft pick was selected 32nd overall and won Rookie of the Year. That same year he led the league in homers with 52 while driving in 114 runs and batting .284.

Now Judge will be a lifetime Yankee. Will he land in the Hall of Fame and help the historic franchise he plays for, win multiple World Series as the former Yankee greats did?

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