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Knee-Rub Massage : Fast, Easy And Simple

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Me, doing the simple knee-rub massage


Knee-rub massage : fast, easy and simple

This is a very fast, easy and simple knee massage. It is more of a knee rub rather than a proper massage. So let’s call it the “knee-rub massage”. It is actually taken from a small part of the many qigong exercises. Usually after a qigong session, there will be a finishing massage to end the session. The finishing massage involves rubbing the various parts of the body from head to toes, and will finish off with light slapping on the whole body. This article is only about knee rubbing; a very small part of the rubbing exercise.

Do not under-estimate the long term positive effect of this simple, fast and easy rubbing massage. I do this everyday in the most inappropriate place, the toilet. To me it is the most appropriate and convenient place. I actually do not have to spend extra time to do this simple knee-rubbing massage. You see, while I am sitting on my throne, I do this knee-rubbing massage. In fact I also do some other simple massages. Honestly, as I take a long time sitting on my throne, I get a lot of things done in the toilet. (LOL)

Benefits of knee-rub massage

If you are living in a tropical country, you will be able to relate better to what I am going to describe. However, those from temperate countries may also have this experience during the warm summer days. When your knees are exposed, they will be in direct contact with the atmosphere. In tropical countries, either the cold air-con air or the circulating air from the fan will continuously caress the knee area. Normally, one hardly feels any sensation on one’s knees. Only when one is introduced to this knee-rub massage that one will begin to feel the “coldness” around the knees. Once you start to rub your knees, you will feel the warmth and nice sensation around the knee areas. Then when you stop, you will feel the “coldness” attacking your knees every second of your life. Without this occasional knee-rub massage, your knees, in the long run, will succumb to the subtle “coldness” attack. It is believed that with repeated knee-rub massage there will be a reduced risk of knee problem come old age. Believe this or not, it’s up to you. If you are still interested to know how to do this simple knee-rub massage, then please read on.

When a person gets older, the risk of knee problem is increased. The most feared knee problem is osteoarthritis of the knees. In severe cases, the only remedy is to undergo the very expensive and painful knee-joint replacement surgery.

How to do the knee-rub massage

While seated, place both palms on both knees, left palm on the left knee, and right palm on the right knee. Use outward circular motion and rub your palms gently around both the kneecaps. In other words, do clockwise circular motion on your right palm, and anti-clockwise on your left palm. Do this as long as you feel like it. After the rubbing, remain placing your palms on the knee caps to feel the warmth permeating through the kneecaps.

That’s all. As I wrote earlier, this is a very fast, easy and simple knee-rub massage. You may feel more comfortable doing one knee at a time. It’s entirely up to you.

An addition, after the knee rub, you may like to slap both sides of your knee to end the massage. Take a look at my video below. If you can't figure out what I was saying, it's ok, just watch the video, and enjoy the sweet melodies of my wind chimes!

Tips on when to do the knee-rub massage

There are many opportunities when you can do the knee-rub massage without spending any additional time. That is, you do it while you are waiting for something. These are some of the situations when you can do the knee-rub massage:

  • First thing when you wake up sitting by the bed.
  • While sitting in the toilet.
  • While waiting for your food.
  • Anywhere when you are sitting down.
  • Before you sleep while sitting on your bed.
  • When driving, waiting at traffic lights.

The trick is to cultivate the good habit to remember to rub your knees as and when the opportunities arise.

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Have fun, be happy and stay healthy.

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Simple knee-rub massage by me. (If you can't figure out what I was saying, it's ok, just watch the video and enjoy the melodies of my wind chimes)


Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on September 10, 2014:

Hi Na anu,

One minute each side should be sufficient. You can use your own discretion. Each person is different.

Na anu on September 09, 2014:

what is time duration of knee massage

Nans on September 09, 2014:

I hav stiff knee i am 58 can I get normal knees with knee massage and how soon will I see results.also do I have to continue this ritual lifelong.

Farhat from Delhi on August 15, 2012:

thanks for the useful tips.. great idea about utilising 'Toilet time for some additional gains!

carol stanley from Arizona on August 15, 2012:

Thanks for sharing this information. Many of us have had knee pain from time to time. I will try this.

Arielqiao on August 14, 2012:

You surprise me that you even know something about Qikong. Ha-ha.

Bluefeather7 on August 14, 2012:

Good... and funny...but it is a great idea. A great way to bring some energy to the knees. If you have ever had any knee problems you know how important a knee rub can be! Also drink plenty of water, get off sugar and sugar/cola and diet cola products/artificial sugar......30 days off and you will notice..no knee aching! Hope this was helpful...Thanks for your post!

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