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Melodious Wind Chimes

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My favorite Woodstock Amazing Grace "symphony" wind chime


Melodious wind chimes

Welcome to the wonderful world of melodious wind chimes! As I am now writing, the soothing melodious sounds of my wind chimes keep me in good company. Five wind chimes in all; two in front of my home, two at the patio and a small one at the back of my home. Wind chimes are fascinating musical instruments. You don’t need any skill to play them. “Have wind will listen”, if ever there is such a phrase! You can tell the character of a person just by asking this question, “Do you like wind chimes?”. I would say from my experience, most people like wind chimes. And this is from my over 30 years of having wind chimes around my home. Most of my visitors complimented the soothing melodious sounds of my wind chimes. I have good reason to believe that they were genuine in their approbation, for they too really enjoyed the interlocking “kling klang klong” sounds . And for those who don’t like wind chimes? Oh no!!

Two of my favorite wind chimes in front of my home


My "conventional" wind chime


My "surrounding bells" wind chime


The mysterious sounds of wind chimes

There is nothing compared with the random, yet rhythmic echoes of the wind chimes. As I sit to write this article, my wind chimes accompany me in my trend of thoughts. Living in a tropical island paradise is heavenly enough; and with my wind chimes as my musical companions, I am indeed a very lucky person. There are no two instances that my wind chimes produce similar musical sound when there is a breeze blowing. The varying strength, changing directions, and random duration of the wind will steer the same wind chime to produce different sets of melodies. No two durations are the same. And if you have five wind chimes complementing one another in a breezy afternoon, life seems to be surrounded by the cacophonic symphony orchestra of wind chimes.

Wind chimes exude random melodies which you can never get from listening to music. One never knows what is going to be the next note. That is why they are called "chimes". This is the mysterious beauty of wind chimes, both in sight and sound. The melodious sounds of wind chimes soothe the souls. The sounds generate a sense of spiritual vibration with healing effects that calm and relax the mind. In my home there is always this feeling of tranquility whenever there is a breeze blowing. This is when I get my inspiration to write and share my thoughts with you all! In terms of Chinese “feng shui”, wind chimes are sound instruments that generate positive “qi” sound vibrations, and expel negative vibes, ensuring and maintaining peace and tranquility in the home.

The glass wind chime hanging in the patio


My "glass" wind chime


My little "tick tick" wind chime


Wind chimes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with equally diverse melodies

Wind chimes come in countless shapes and sizes. The materials used are equally diverse. I think ever since human could hear, wind chimes were already in existence. Not a joke, it is true. For what is a wind chime, literally? To me anything that makes sound caused by the wind is a wind chime! So we have the small 1-inch wind chimes, the medium, and the very large ones. From the soft “tick, tick” sound to the loud “kling klang klong”. From the very primitive made from shells to the precision-tuned high quality aluminum pieces.

There are numerous shapes and types of wind chimes. There are three general categories of wind chimes. The conventional wind chime is the one with the standard bell and the striker (or clapper) inside it. The wind-catcher is then tied below the striker. Then you have the surrounding bells wind chime where the clapper and wind-catcher are surrounded by the bells or whatever materials that provide the sound. The third category is the finely tuned musical or symphony wind chime, like my “Woodstock” wind chime. These musical or symphony wind chimes are aesthetically pleasing both in sight and sound. These perfectly tuned pieces have a purer tonal quality as well as a more sustained longer sound resonance. It is just heavenly to listen to their chimes. You can take a look at the photos on the right, and also watch and listen to my wind chimes in my videos at the end of this article. There is another of my videos which you can listen to the natural sounds of my wind chimes while I was demonstrating the "Knee-rub massage".

We are very fortunate that we can now buy very high quality musical wind chimes with perfect tonal quality. These are the “musical” or “symphony” wind chimes with perfectly tuned bars usually made from aluminum. These pieces are called “musical” or “symphony” wind chimes because they are tuned in accordance with the musical notes of the original song or music piece. I have one which is my favorite from “Woodstock”. This one is called “Amazing Grace” because it has the first five notes of “Amazing Grace”. Don’t expect the wind chime to play the Amazing Grace tune, as you know the wind is not an orchestra conductor, nor the wind chime a symphony orchestra.

I love wind chimes. If I had a choice I would surround myself with more than the five wind chimes that I have with me at present. Maybe fifty would be an ideal number! But then my wife would think that I had gone bonkers. Wouldn’t want that to happen; so I am happy to surround myself with just five wind chimes, as for now.

A delightful update

My sister presented me a beautiful wind chime for the 2013 Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the snake. This piece was made in China, with three little bells surrounding the little ball striker. The small metal "maple leaf" wind-catcher complements the aesthetic design.

Surprisingly, the sound of these three little bells has a very long continuous resonance, very pleasing to the ears. Take a look at the picture below. Look at the embroidery, isn't it beautiful?

The dainty little embroidered wind chime


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My Woodstock Symphony "Amazing Grace" wind chime in front of my home

My Surrounding Bells wind chime in front of my home

My Conventional wind chime at the verandah

My Glass wind chime at the patio

The Woodstock "Amazing Grace" wind chime


Selina on May 04, 2014:

Ok..I'll try...just thought someone knows of a specific place to buy it...thks anyway...

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on May 04, 2014:

Hi Selina,

Look around those stores selling gift/decorative items in the big shopping complexes.

Selina on May 04, 2014:

Any idea where I can buy the Woodstock Amazing Grace wind chime in Malaysia?

Lily from Malta on November 10, 2012:

I like very much these melodies made by the wind, because it's nature that produces this soft and romantic songs.

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on October 04, 2012:

Hi Sarra,

Nice to know you also appreciate the random melodies of wind chimes.

Thanks for vote.

Sarra Garrett on October 04, 2012:

I have several windchimes myself and have one placed outside of my bedroom window. I love to be lulled to sleep by it especially on a summers evening. It is so true that each one at any given moment plays a different soothing song. Voted up and beautiful.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on October 02, 2012:

So nice and musical---I just love wind chimes and I have them in my home too. You are right, besides their melodious music, they generate positive energy and thoughts as well. Thanks for sharing this musical hub.

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