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Top 5 Things to Do in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. One of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A very much in-love couple who have a dream of travel and wanderlust, trying to see all 195 countries of the world.

1. The Victoria Falls

Obviously we would make number one the Victoria Falls, I mean isn't this the whole reason for being there? The Victoria Falls look completely different throughout the seasons, (Rainy & Dry) in the rainy season there is so much water going over the waterfall that you can hardly see it in some places. During the rainy season the whole town is luscious and green, its baby season and all the animals have their little ones. This is such a special time in our hearts, especially when we see the baby elephants playing around. The dry season has the Falls looking bare, its rainforest is still green but the surrounding area is quite dry, the land is parched and cracked open waiting for rain. A wonderful thing about the dry season is that all the animals come into town to find water. So if you are staying on the outskirts of the town itself you may find an elephant drinking water at your pool.


2. Dinner Cruise

Yes, the sunset cruise is quite beautiful, and yes, the dinner cruise is a bit more on the pricy side. Let me explain both options, the sunset cruise starts about an hour before the sun actually sets, the drinks are usually free and there will most probably be snacks, the vibe is great and the sunsets on the Zambezi river are amazing, you'll come back just as the sun sets. The dinner cruise on the other hand, leaves at the same time, you also have all your drinks free. There is sometimes something to snack on but I would wait, the three course meal is amazing! All three courses will have two options, the first course two different types of soup, the main course an option of fish or beef, and desert is always a surprise. They usually take their dietary needs when you book with them before the actual cruise in case of any allergies or if you would like something vegan, vegetarian, or anything along those lines. Typically the first course is served during the sun-set, the main as the sun is behind the horizon (which by this time the sun-set cruisers will have to be back on shore). To be honest this is really where the magic happened for us, all the hotels and lodges along the river have their lights on and it looks spectacular. You may see tiny lights on top of the water and those would be the eyes of animals like crocodiles and hippopotamus. Desert is served when the darkness has completely engulfed the atmosphere, with nothing but the candles on the tables burning you cant help but feel like you're in the most romantic destination in the world. So to sum it up, if you're traveling with friends we would suggest sunset cruises, and if you're travelling with a partner or spouse we would definitely recommend the dinner cruise.


3. Drinking a Zambezi Larger on the Zambezi River

We found so many places where you could do this, sunset and dinner cruises being one of them. However we found that the best place to have your Zambezi larger is to go to the Lookout Café. The view is just something else, here you are at the top of a gorge where the width is 316 m and 120 m deep. This is the same gorge that you can do the iconic gorge swing at, once at the café you can sit and watch the white water rafters, the gorge swingers, and the zip liners. We absolutely loved this spot, you can see the mist from the waterfall and the vibe is just something else entirely. Another spot to try is Zambezi house, this cute container bar is so on trend and the food is amazing, we had the most delicious pizza here. Zambezi house has a stunning waterfront view and the animals get up close. Such a wonderful little spot, and to be honest the best service we had all holiday.


4. Sun downers at Safari Lodge.

Safari Lodge is one of the few four star lodges, our favorite thing about 'Saf lodge' is the watering hole it has just a few meters away. I ordered the most delicious lavender martini and Mickey spotted the buffalo as they came in to have an evening drink. This was such a lovely experience, watching the watering hole as all the animals come in for their evening drink of water. There is a walking safari available to book through the front desk, this option is such a different way to encounter the abundant African wildlife. At noon each day the Safari Lodge team has a free vulture experience for all to join in on, even if you are not booked with them, just show up. The lodges and hotels in the area donate any meat, bone, and carcass scraps thrown out the previous evening or day before, the guides then throw out that meat in the same place at the same time every single day to educate us all on vulture poaching. This was such a unique experience for us and the love they had for those birds is unmatched, we were so grateful to witness such a sight - for free. The private guides are so full of knowledge its actually scary. The rooms at this lodge are magnificent with balcony views of the water hole, perfect for sight-seeing right from your room.


5. The Victoria Falls Hotel

This hotel is the oldest hotel in the whole town built by the British in 1904, famous for being where the Queen of England stayed during her trip to Africa. The Victoria Falls Hotel is like a time capsule into the past, with the antique furnishings and menu options available from the time it was built. The hotel is dramatically situated, with a view of the Second Gorge and the Victoria Falls Bridge from its terrace just outside the Hotel itself. Their 'High Tea' is one of their most famous experiences, we walked around the hotel admiring all of the vintage newspaper advertisements from the 1900's advertising hot water and electricity. (I could only imagine what life would be like if only a select few people had access to hot water and electricity). The Larry Norton Art gallery is also situated within the hotel, this in itself is an amazing room, his attention to detail is incredible.

These five points are our top five for anyone wanting a relaxing getaway in one of the most gorgeous sites your eyes could see. We will be doing another five points on the most exciting things to do for those adrenaline junkies out there next.

© 2020 Demi and Mickey

We would love to hear what you think of our top five for the most relaxing vacation in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Prithviraj Shirole from India on September 29, 2020:

Thanks for sharing your experience and productive tips. Enjoyed reading the article.

Demi and Mickey (author) from South Africa on September 28, 2020:

They were by far our favorite places to go in the Falls. thank you for your kind comment!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 28, 2020:

This sounds like a dream vacation. I liked all five of your suggestions. Thanks!

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