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Hairstyles for Black Women in the Military: Individual Braids

I'm a proud member of the US Armed Forces and love writing about being a woman in the Navy and fitness.

Braids are a beautiful and a great choice for women in the military.

Braids are a beautiful and a great choice for women in the military.

Braids Are Low-Maintenance and Versatile

Braids are a fun way to achieve length and style relatively quickly—and without changing your own hair. Braids are beneficial to women in the Navy because they are versatile, easy to maintain, and look good in and out of uniform. While the initial installment of braids can be time-consuming, after that, you only need to put little to no time into styling them on a daily basis. Braids can be worn either long or short, and each length has its own benefits.

Braids Are Cute Either Short or Long

Wearing braids is very beneficial because it gives the wearer a cute hairstyle that takes little to no effort to style.

Long: In a Sock Bun

Wearing long braids is usually the first choice. Long individual braids give the wearer unlimited options for styling in the civilian world, but only one option for the military world. That option is the sock bun. In order for your braids to meet military standards, they must be contained in a tight, neat bun.

Short: Above the Collar

With short braids, the wearer has the option of wearing the braids down in a haircut that is within military standards. So, basically, your hair cannot pass your collar. There are many cute braid hairstyles that fit within this standard.

Braids Are Easy to Maintain

Other than putting the braids in and taking them out, there is not much work involved. Hair can and should still be moisturized, conditioned, and washed regularly. Because of the easy maintenance of braids, they make a great choice for the busy military woman. I am a big fan of braids, and I wear them constantly.

Moisturizing Is Important

One thing to keep in mind while wearing them is that your hair still does need some attention. I am prone to an itchy, dry scalp and breakage when my hair isn't properly moisturized. In order to avoid any problems, it is important to keep hair and scalp moisturized. My favorite products to use for this are Dr Miracle's. These products keep your hair healthy and moisturized without any harsh chemicals that are bad for your hair.

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Look Good, Hassle-Free All the Time!

While we all like to look good at work, how we look outside of work is even more important! There’s no better feeling than taking off your uniform after the last day of work that week, shaking out your hair, and getting ready for the weekend. Braids allow you to look good both in and out of uniform.

With long braids, you can take them down and style them however you want, outside of work. The same goes for short braids, and with both short and long, over the weekend you still don’t have to do much to make your hair look good. Braids are a great choice for military women because they are versatile, easy to maintain, and look good in and out of uniform!

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