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7 Best Indian Wedding Videos with Great Visuals and Songs!


Beautiful Indian Wedding Videos That You Will Love to Watch Again and Again!

Indian wedding videos are usually the same ol' story, but what if you are looking for something different? An inspiration for your own wedding video perhaps? Then, look no further! These real-life wedding videos are sure to leave you with a dozen of ideas which you can implement for your own special day. The Indian wedding videos listed here are unique because they are shot just beautifully with stunning visuals, highlights and in a story-like manner. On top of that, they are even complemented with awesome Indian music which leads you into your own little dreamy world. Just what every bride and groom would want out of their wedding video -- a fairytale touch.

In the years to come, you're sure to cherish these moments captured beautifully on video and sit back and smile. If you are already married, then just watch these videos and enjoy! They are entertaining to say the least -- each one has a story to tell.

Indian Wedding Video #1 - Punjabi Sikh Wedding

This Indian wedding video shows a Punjabi sikh wedding which boasts of fun, music and romance. The bride and groom make a goodlooking couple -- the bride a little shy whereas the groom appears smart and all set to take on his new life.

Indian Wedding Video #2 - Hindu Wedding

Premila and Suren got married in Malaysia and this wedding video was played during their reception ceremony. I like the whole bit of making a video with just highlights of the event -- perfect for a reception, don't you think? A rather sweet wedding video, and one of my personal favorites too.

Indian Wedding Video #3 - Hindu Wedding

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I like the cute faces the bride makes in this Indian wedding video. She seems kind of wary of the wedding procedures involved which makes me wonder if it's a inter-state marriage.

Indian Wedding Video #4

In this Indian wedding video, the groom apparently told the videographer that his girl is heaven-sent. If that isn't 'awww' worthy, what is? I really like Greg's wedding videos, which you might have figured out already!

Indian Wedding Video #5 - In London

This Indian wedding video has the bride and groom talking about their wedding preparations. Cute!

Indian Wedding Video #6 - In Toronto

An Indian wedding which was held at Toronto. Worth a watch!

Indian Muslim Wedding Video #7

Another one of my favorite Indian wedding video. The background music is just apt for the celebration - soulful and romantic which indicate how happy the bride and groom are to find the love of their lives.

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