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Independence Without a Referendum?


Who The Gods Would Destroy They First Send Mad

In Greek Mythology, King Sisyphus, noted for cruelty, avarice, craftiness and violating the rules of hospitality laid down by Zeus himself, was condemned to an eternity rolling a heavy boulder up a hill only to have it roll away from him as it neared the top.

Theresa May, on account of her lust for power, violation of the rules of hospitality towards EU citizens and other immigrants, and cruelty, through her policies to the sick, old and disabled, is condemned to push her deficient Brexit deal to the verge of parliamentary approval only to have it roll away at the last minute, bringing Independence closer.

Will Brexit Deliver Independence?

The more optimistic elements of the YES movement consider Brexit will deliver independence, but this is not certain. How many YES-Leavers will become NO voters after Brexit and the UK is out of the EU. How many NO-Remainers will become YES-Rejoiners rather than deciding to cling to the UK devil they know?


What If Brexit Is Cancelled?

If Brexit is cancelled, Independence will be delayed as most NO-Remainers swing back to NO, though the more intelligent or pessimistic may see a future Brexit as a real threat. It should be noted that both main parties officially supported leave and voted YES.

The current Brexit deadlock can end with May’s deal, No Deal or No Brexit. Everyone thinks a No Deal exit will deliver independence and May’s deal is less likely to deliver independence.

The best way to handle a cancelled Brexit is for Scotland, from the First Minister downwards, to gloat loudly and often that Scotland, and Scotland standing alone, stopped Brexit. This also means it stopped Westminster from closing Holyrood. The Brexiteers are waiting for another chance and Holyrood and Scotland’s membership of the EU can only be guaranteed with Independence. Until Independence, Scotland will guard England from the risk of a new Brexit.

This should swing many NO-Remain voters to YES-Remain voters. YES-Leave voters may well become YES hoping that they can persuade an Independent Scotland to leave the EU.

More importantly, it will galvanise English Leavers to campaign either for England to secede from the UK or for the dissolution of the Union.


UK Government Says It Cannot Dissolve The Union

Westminster claims it lacks the power to dissolve the Union, and that power lies solely with the people of Scotland.

The petition above to dissolve the Union was rejected. An earlier petition with the same demand was closed after only receiving 186 signatures. Why were the two petitions treated differently?

The reference to the People of Scotland does not mention the Scottish Parliament. perhaps because constitutional matters are reserved to Westminster, which would make nonsense of the claim the UK government cannot dissolve the Union.

The response does however say Scotland can leave the UK without Westminster permission or a referendum.

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All in all, this is a strange response, and has given the YES movement a gift. Perhaps Westminster is becoming ready to lose Scotland. A recent shift in mainstream media attitudes to Scotland and Independence may be a sign of Westminster’s desire to see Scotland sail into the sunset.

English Independence?

The Tory party has a choice between Brexit and the UK. Most people in England don’t care whether Scotland stays or remains. Some in the Tory party and many other English, perhaps more every day, would like Scotland to leave in order to execute Brexit, or, if Brexit is cancelled, to try again without Scotland messing up the plan. English independence, for which there seems to be a growing demand, is one way Scotland can gain Independence, but federalism, the alternative path that might preserve the UK for a while, is politically unthinkable.

Independence is inevitable, when and how are still not clear. Perhaps, like the Berlin Wall, the UK will vanish almost overnight.


JAKE Earthshine from Milky-Way Galaxy ~ 4th Planet from the SUN on April 07, 2019:

Alex: The "Make-Up" of our rapidly shrinking Republican Party here in the USA is perhaps a combination of "Communist Sympathizers & Dupes": I don't think that's an unrealistic possibility and both are just as destructive to our declining democracy and national security: The "Make-Up" is probably the same in the UK:

I've been saying for over a year that the "Brexit" scheme to "DIVIDE & Conquer" orchestrated by our arch enemy Vladimir Putin would NEVER happen and I still believe the actual severing of England from Europe is highly unlikely considering how demonstrably weak it would leave NATO with ZERO benefits for the people:

Think about it, the ONLY parties who would benefit from "Brexit" are our ENEMIES with Putin as Primary Beneficiary: The Brexit Scheme does absolutely NOTHING to enhance or strengthen Europe:

P.S. As you can see, a "nationalist" with a picture of Vladimir Putin's Poodle as avatar supports "BREXIT" and Facebook is BANNING these nationalists: He seems to be one of these Rabid ANTI-Immigrant Trump followers who obviously doesn't understand his own ancestors endured the exact same kind of HATE the immigrants of today are tolerating:

Brad on April 07, 2019:


Are there any compelling reasons for England to stay in the EU?

AlexK2009 (author) from Edinburgh, Scotland on April 07, 2019:

Jake: I find it hard to see the Right Wing of the Tory party as communist sympathisers, though dupes might be more likely.

Do you think cancellation of Brexit is likely?

JAKE Earthshine from Milky-Way Galaxy ~ 4th Planet from the SUN on April 07, 2019:

Vladimir Putin's "Brexit" scheme to weaken Europe will NEVER happen for obvious reasons and Thank GOD for that: Putin had two primary objectives in the last five years, to embed a "Poodle" in the oval office of the USA and to Segregate England from Europe, so far, Putin has succeeded in one out of two of these objectives:

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