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Nintendo's Direct Mini 2022 Was Anything But Mini

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For the third time, this is where my disappointment came to die.

For the third time, this is where my disappointment came to die.


The title speaks for itself as this showcase was packed with games. Like this showcase showed off twenty two games. Granted there were some games I was looking to learn more about that weren't in the conference, but I'll cover that after the assessment. That said, let's get into this.

A fitting title for the return of a beloved series.

A fitting title for the return of a beloved series.

This looked interesting, I look foreward to hearing more about it.

This looked interesting, I look foreward to hearing more about it.

The assessment...

Nintendo started off with a trailer for Monster Hunter Rise SunBreak, that had Final Fantasy vibes. They also showed another update, the monster Seething Bazelgeuse. Capcom was holding out, as I’m wondering why this trailer wasn’t shown that Capcom was holding out during their showcase, though I begrudgingly get why. They needed to save content for other showcases that showed off third party games. Bazelgeuse will be available in August 2022, i.e. this month as of writing this.

Next was NEiR: Automata The End of YoRHa Edition, which will be getting a Switch port. This Switch port will have additional modes and costumes. NEiR Automata:The End of YoRHa Edition drops on Nintendo Switch on October 6th 2022.

Lorelei and The Laser Eyes, a puzzle adventure game where you solve the mystery of a murder. Lorelei and The Laser Eyes drops in 2023 with no specific date announced.

Next was Super BomberMan R2, and I’m surprised the BomberMan series is still alive. I thought it died ages ago. Regardless in Super BomberMan R2 you have a mode called “Castle Mode.” You can find treasure chests, and create a wall of defense to blow your opponents to bits. You can also create and share your own battle stages.

Super BomberMan R2 launches on Nintendo Switch in 2023.

MegaMan Battle Network Legacy Collection, which has a bonus image gallery and a soundtrack list to listen to. MegaMan Battle Network Legacy Collection launches on Nintendo Switch in 2023 in volume 1 and volume 2. Each sold separately.

After that was Pac-Man World:Re-PAC, where you have to save Pac-Man’s family from a set of foes on Ghost Island. Aside from power pellets, as you can attacks enemies with “PAC Dots,” a rolling attack called “Rev-Ball,” and even turn Pac-Man into a giant. Pac-Man World Re-PAC launches on the Nintendo Switch on August 26th 2022.

Then there was Blanc, where you take control of a fawn and wolf pup who work together while traveling through a snowy wilderness. It seems to have some light platforming and puzzle solving involved. And it has local and online co-op play. Blanc will launch in February 2023.

Return to Monkey Island where you play as Guybrush Threepwood and battle other pirates while uncovering the secret of Monkey Island. Return to Monkey will release some time this year in 2022.

Next was Mario+Rabbids:A Spark of Hope. In this Mario and crew must prevent a group of new enemies from stealing Sparks’ energy. They’ve maintained the chess-based gameplay in X-Com games, as you battle enemies in new environments. Bower will also be playable member of the Mario crew. Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope will be available on the Nintendo Switch October 20th 2022.

After that was Little Noah:Sion of Paradise. An action platformer where you play as a alchemist named “Noah” who crash lands in ancient ruins, and must fight his way through to survive. You can also recruit allies called “lilliput” to aid you in your battles. Little Noah Sion of Paradise dropped on Nintendo Switch June 28th, making it available now.

Next was Rail Grade where you can build train tracks to transport cargo and improve economic prosperity to an industrial colony. Your strategies will change based on train lengths and number of trains to run, the resources that need to be required, and how to transport cargo effectively. Rail Grade drops on Nintendo Switch in Fall 2022, i.e. this fall.

After that was Legend of Wright where you take control of Kenta who has to save a fictional world in a sketchbook. It’s an RPG where you draw and erase paths, use sketches to attack enemies and solve puzzles. And there are two-hundred pages of content to get through. Legend of Wright drops on Nintendo Switch August 18th 2022.

Next was surprisingly Sonic Frontiers. This was surprising as I didn’t expect to see Sonic Frontiers as Nintendo Direct, despite the fact that there will be a Switch port. So really not expecting this is on me.

Here they gave the information we should’ve gotten at the Sonic Central Showcase. They showed that the “open world” we can play through is a “hub world,” and that there are portals that take Sonic to cyber-space. Here you can play through traditional Sonic levels and grab keys to progress. They also explained that you can use combo attacks and that there is a skill system where you can acquire and level up skills. Sonic Frontiers will be available on Nintendo Switch Holiday 2022.

Disney DreamLight Valley, a sim-like game where you can create your own valley while helping various Disney and Pixar characters recover their memories. But helping these characters, you uncover a mystery of how their memories were stolen. Disney DreamLight Valley drops September 6th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

After that was Live Alive, a JRPG where you play as different protagonists across many time periods. Live Alive dropped July 22nd meaning it’s available now on the Switch.

Next Doraemon Story of Seasons where Nobi and Doraemon land on an alien planet. From there they and a few of their friends help a alien friend start a farm, and engage in various other activities.

After that was MineCraft Legends which is an action RPG set in the MineCraft world. Here you can team up with allies and fight a monstrous force threatening the world. MineCraft Legends launches on Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Next was Dragon Quest Treasures, a treasure hunting Dragon Quest spin-off. You can also train monsters to aid you in your treasure hunts as they help you reach certain areas and fend off other monsters. Dragon Quest Treasures drops December 9th 2022.

Next was a montage of upcoming games Dynasty Warriors:Three Hopes, which is currently available. No Man’s Sky, getting a Switch port October 7th 2022. And lastly A Plague Tale Requiem:Cloud Version coming to the Switch October 18th 2022. Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions, which dropped on July 28th 2022, meaning it's available now as of writing this.

After that was Portal Companion Collection which is Portal 1 and 2 bundled together for the Switch and is available now.

Next was Harvestella, a life sim RPG where you get to create your avatar and have them live in a small village. But while you farm and commute a mysterious bringer of death “Quietus” threatens the village, and it’s up to you to stop this bringer of death. Harvestella drops November 4th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

Last was Persona 5 Royal which will drop on the Switch October 21 2022. Along with that are Switch ports of Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden are also coming to the Switch.

A lot of fans seemed excited for this. Not hard to see why.

A lot of fans seemed excited for this. Not hard to see why.

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A long awaited sequel to Kingdom Battle is upon us.

A long awaited sequel to Kingdom Battle is upon us.

First Xbox, now Nintendo, this made a lot of gamers happy.

First Xbox, now Nintendo, this made a lot of gamers happy.

The Conclusion...

In Conclusion, holy crap that was a lot of games. I for one rather enjoyed this showcase, as it showed a lot of interesting games. They showed 22 games in total, which is a lot of games. The only games they didn’t give further information were Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Splatoon 3, and Breath of The Wild 2. There was also no info on Bayonetta 3 which a lot people were looking forward to.

It would’ve been nice had we gotten more about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Breath of The Wild 2, and Bayonetta 3. Especially since we got a little teaser for Breath of The Wild 2 last year. And also due to the fact that we got a Bayonetta 3 trailer a few months back. And Splatoon 3 was teased at the June 9th Summer Game-Fest showcase. It was still a solid showcase regardless, and possibly the second best showcase this year.

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