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Have A Nice Death's Fast Food update

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Information about the new update...

Magic Design Studios dropped a new update for Have A Nice Death. The Fast Food Update, as Death seems to have employed spirits that kill with artery clogging fat and high cholesterol. The Fast Food update adds a new world, two new mini-bosses, a new boss fight, difficulty mode, spells weapons, and more.

Brad:"Yo, boss! What up?" Death:"You're slacking, that's what's up!"

Brad:"Yo, boss! What up?" Death:"You're slacking, that's what's up!"

The Premise...

Reminder, Have A Nice Death is about a grim reaper who decided to run a business to make reaping souls easier. But the soul reaping spirits he created called “sorrows” became obsessed with reaping the benefits of reaping souls. This created left Death overworked, so in a fit of rage, Death set out to set them straight.

The Conclusion...

In conclusion, I didn’t expect an update so soon, as Infrastructure Development was back in April. That was two months ago. I appreciate the dedication to this project, but I wonder if the debs get any sleep, if they’re gonna be pumping out updates every two months. Well actually, the Fast Food update drops July 7th. So it’s once every three months. Still hope the devs are getting enough sleep. Have A Nice Death is available for early access on Steam. So if Roguelike games are your thing, give this one a look.

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