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Top - 3 Youtube Channels of the Week - 6

Hello Everyone,

Welcome or welcome back to the 6th part of Top-3 Youtube channels of the week for you to visit. For us to pick highly informative and fun-filled channels with every passing week, becomes more and more challenging. However, our regular readers bring us great joy, which keeps us motivated to bring you better every single time.

In this week’s picks, we have brought a couple of channels which provide informative content in simplest ways possible and one story telling channel. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

1. Struggling as a Writer?

Approximately a decade ago, I started writing professionally for an online audience as well as for offline clients by developing content for their products - content writing. While doing so, I also was running my business, but always wished to become a full-time writer and sell fiction stories and novels. The journey ain’t easy. Though I have written many poems and non-fiction articles, when it comes to writing stories - short or long, it becomes a huge challenge. This brought me to start learning about how to write and work my way up from there to become a successful author. While doing so, I came across a fantastic individual, known as ALEXA DONNE on Youtube. Having successfully published multiple novels, she’s the one I often refer to when I’m stuck with my writing, for tips and motivation. If you are on the same boat as me when it comes to writing a novel or even a fiction story, this is the channel you must follow. So go ahead and check it out through the link below. Note: She’s blunt and straightforward in nature, so don’t get emotional and stick to the learning part.

  • Alexa Donne - YouTube
    I am a traditionally published YA author here on YouTube to offer insight into writing, YA & the publishing industry. My first two books Brightly Burning and...

World Economics:

Everyday, trillions of dollars are exchanged between various parties around the world. Some in the form of currency while others in the form of goods or services. The mere magnitude of such transactions is nearly impossible for a layman to comprehend, let alone using it to his/her benefit. From learning about the dark store model to understanding how gold and oil drives the Foreign Exchange market with brilliant video depictions, this THINK SCHOOL is the one Youtube channel no one should miss. Even if economics was skipped during school or college because it was dull or boring and now you are dumbfounded whenever such topics come up, the videos on this channel keeps it short yet highly informative and relatable to help you learn faster and better and participate in the conversations more smoothly. Don’t believe me? Go check out yourself.

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  • Think School - YouTube
    The Indian education system is messed up and everyone knows about it. But very few are doing something to fix it.Think school is an education start-up and we...

Bedtime Stories that won’t let you sleep:

Not all tales are about princesses and prince charming in this nook of the internet. On the contrary, for the horror story or paranormal aficionados this is their side of heaven. A narration, accompanied by the eerie background music and still images tickling your imagination, will be more than enough to send shivers down your spine. If this much has boosted your excitement and piqued your curiosity, the BEDTIME STORIES Youtube channel is for you. In their videos, you will be able to listen to stories related to paranormal encounters, cryptids, conspiracies, unsolved mysteries and much more. Be prepared to be scared and click on the link below and start listening.

  • Bedtime Stories - YouTube
    WARNING - These stories are NOT suitable for younger audiences.Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. It's time for a creepy bedtime s...


With this, we have come to the conclusion of this week’s series. Feel free to contact us on Twitter and tell us and others how much you enjoyed this week’s picks. Until next time, have a wonderful week ahead.

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