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Youtube Channels of the Week - 5

Hello Readers,

Welcome or welcome back to the 5th edition of Top-3 Youtube Channels of the Week. Earlier we have seen various channels related to food, paranormal, story-telling and such. Frequent visitors to this series would have noticed that we try to come up with new and unique channels every time. Similar is the case with this list, so sit back and enjoy .

1. Unfolding Mysteries:

Our home planet, Earth, being more than 4 billion years old, has seen many ups and downs in geographical structures, birth and extinctions of species as well as rise and fall of many civilizations. While some of these civilizations and species are known, there are many more unearthing every single day. After due diligence upon such archaeological and sometimes paleontological discoveries, KATRINA from ORIGINS EXPLAINED, narrates a fantastic backstories of them along with real-time images taken during excavations.If you are a writer or a history buff or interested in paleontology or something similar, this Youtube channel will surely leave you in awe with shocks and surprises at each stage.

  • Origins Explained - YouTube
    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know ...

2. Big Foot, Cryptids and Mythical Creatures:

If you have heard, read or watched Patterson-Gimlin film, and are amazed or shocked, this is the channel for you. BOB GYMLAN, the voice behind the animated videos scours the internet to learn about sightings and encounters by the people with mythical creatures or cryptids like Big Foot or Chupacabra from various parts of America. To add to the credibility, he himself, being a skeptic, often questions such people directly which is also included in some of the videos in parts, directly or indirectly.Keep it old school, he has named his channel after himself BOB GYMLAN..Though, you may not find his uploads frequently, since he takes time before preparing each story. Yet, having been launched in April of 2013, you will find more than enough videos to binge-watch for days

  • Bob Gymlan - YouTube
    Hi, I'm Bob Gymlan. My goal is to make compelling videos about subjects that are mysterious and interesting. I like to keep my 'style,' old school. A shout o...

3. Lifestyle of Queens, Kingpins and Mafiosos:

Across the world, from time to time, there rises a man or a woman to the utmost power and position in the underworld, who become infamous for their work while garnering the attention of thousands of youngsters through their lavish lifestyles. If you wish to take a sneak peak into their lives and workings through quick videos, LUXURY DROP is a channel for you, where you will learn about life and lifestyle of Queen of Pacific to Black Godfather to Gangubai - The mafia Queen of Mumbai and many more. I suggest you go and check it out once. You will surely be left in shock and awe.

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  • Luxury Drop - YouTube
    Welcome to Luxury Drop which contains biographical depictions of well known interesting people that include their luxury lifestyle. Including different facet...


As we mentioned earlier, we again have come up with a couple of unique channels for you to binge-watch this week. Until next time, have fun binge-ing and surfing.

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