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Bigfoot Also Referred to as Sasquatch Is a Mythical Creature, but Is There Scientific Proof of Their Existence

L.M. Reid is an Irish writer who has published many articles in magazines and online.

Is this Bigfoot walking in the forest?

Is this Bigfoot walking in the forest?

Is Bigfoot Sasquatch Real?

Bigfoot, also referred to as Sasquatch, is reported to be an ape-like creature that lives in the forests of America and Canada. There are many sightings of these creatures. Photos, audio recordings, videos and footprints have been offered up as proof of its existence.

Bigfoot Footprints

The first recorded sighting of footprints of an unusual creature was by David Thompson, who was a British explorer in 1811.Since then over 10,000 Americans have claimed to have seen Sasquatch over the years.

Battle of Ape Canyon

It was reported that five gold miners were working their claim near Mount St. Helens in California, when they came across a group of large creatures. They described them as ape like animals with long black hair, standing on their two feet and walking like humans. They had been seen for a few days stalking the miners. One of the men panicked and shot at the group. He hit one of them and it fell over the cliff.

Attacked in Their Cabin

Later when the men were in their cabin they were attacked. Large boulders were thrown at the roof of the cabin with them inside.

They realised that it was the creatures who they had encountered before that were carrying out the attack from a cliff above them. The men were so frightened that at daylight they ran out of the cabin and continued down through the forest. This incident became known as the battle of Ape Canyon.

Bluff Creek Road and Bigfoot

In 1958, Jerry Crew was working for a logging company in Six Rivers National Forest in California.

One day he told his work crew that he had found huge footprints in the muddy ground. Some of his co workers had also said that they too had seen other footprints while working in the same area.

Some of them also recalled the strange incident of an oil drum that had been moved to another area. It weighed 200kg and none of the workers owned up to moving it. It was thought that a creature was protesting at the intrusive nature of the work on its territory.

When more stories from the men emerged and lots of other footprints were found Jerry Crew made some plaster casts of them. He contacted the Humboldt Times, a local newspaper. When the paper published the story about the discovery of the footprints and other reported strange things that were happening it became big news. The headline named the creature “Bigfoot”.

The Legend of Bigfoot

Also interviewed by the paper were local people who told tales of huge human like creatures who had roamed the area for many years. When the article was published on the front page there was a photo of Jerry Crew with the plaster cast of the footprint. The owner of this footprint was named “Bigfoot”

The legend spread when the New York Times and Los Angeles Times picked up the story . Since then stories of many more sightings have emerged. With photos and videos and other physical evidence said to verify that Bigfoot does exist. So far none have been verified.

Physical Appearance of Sasquatch

The people who say they have seen it give a similar description. It is said to be between 2 to 5 meters, 6 to 15 feet tall, Described as a bipedal primate that has some human like features in the face. It has long black, red or brownish hair that covers its whole body except parts of the face. It is very muscular with broad. shoulders.

It has been seen taking enormous strides with extreme speed. Most of the sightings claim to see a solitary creature, but a few have been of family groups of Sasquatch.

Patterson–Gimlin Film

There was a famous sighting at Bluff Creek California, in 1967. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlinsaid filmed Bigfoot walking very quickly through the forest. When the video emerged it started a media circus. It was claimed that finally the Sasquatch had been captured on film. Many people insist it is a human wearing a costume and a hoax. But to this day this taped evidence has not been verified.or debunked.

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Is Sasquatch Intelligent?

Over the years a number of researchers with Bigfoot expeditions and documentary series have explained their theories about the behavior of these elusive creatures. While out researching its existence certain behaviors have been attributed to them.

Signs of Bigfoot Behavior

While in their base camp many hunters have had rocks thrown at the area. Noises of trees been hit by wood which researchers believe are attempts to warn them off their investigations. Other theories are that it is a form of communication.

Signs and Structures

There have been many structures near areas where sightings have been reported that defies explanation. They include branches that have been twisted and broken to look like traps or nests. Many have been placed to form the letter x and others of crosses. It has been noted that these structures are deliberately woven into various patterns.


When searching for Bigfoot a distinct smell has been reported by many. It is described as a foul smell like dead bodies or a number of skunks. Other people have reported a distinct Sulphur smell.

Is This Scientific Proof of the Existence of Bigfoot?

There have been many attempts to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Lots of hunters have spent years attempting to get scientific proof of its existence. .

What does a Bigfoot, Sasquatch sound like?

There are many sounds that have been reported as to come from this unknown creature. People have heard deep screams, a high-pitched cry, grunts and even whistles. A lot of them have been recorded and analyzed but as yet no proof has been found.

Tape Recordings of Sasquatch Sounds

There have been many claims of evidence that confirms the existence of this creature. But when they have been investigated none have passed the test.

When anthropologist Grover Krantz. was researching Bigfoot for his book, “Big Footprints: A Scientific Inquiry Into the Reality of Sasquatch” in 1992, he managed to get ten tapes that the owners insisted were the sounds of Bigfoot. He could not verify these sounds came from any unknown creatures.

The Sierra Sounds

A recording of sounds captured on audio from the Sierra Nevada mountains in the 1970's of an unknown animal was analyzed by Scott Nelson. He was a cryptologic linguist. He stated, "It is definitely a language, it is definitely not human in origin, and it could not have been faked"

Other Scientific Tests

Over the years other items have been tested by experts in an attempt to prove that Sasquatch is real. These included blood, bones, hair and scat. But after scientific tests all these samples were attributed to other animals.

In 2014 in England a research team was set up at Oxford University. The head of the team was Bryan Sykes who was a geneticist. There were 36 hair samples collected from all over the world that the owners insisted were from Sasquatch. No proof was found. The hairs were proven to be either human or from other known animals. These included cows, deer, dogs, bears and raccoons.

Some of the Proven Bigfoot Hoaxes

The famous footprints that were reported at Bluff Creek in Six Rivers National Forest in California in 1958 caused a sensation. Jerry Crew was working for a logging company with many other workers and had contacted the local newspaper to tell them about the huge footprints. Other sightings of the monster were confirmed by Crew's co workers.

It was only in 2002 that the family of one of the workers, Ray Wallace admitted that he had made the large footprint with wood. This was used to create the illusion of real footprints and it was he who planted them around the work area.

Patterson Film of Bigfoot

The famous Patterson video shot in 1967 of Bigfoot walking on two feet in the woods has always been controversial. It has not been proven as a hoax or real to this day. The owners state the it was shot at Bluff Creek. At the time the encounters of Bigfoot and the footprints found there were believed to be true. Now that it has been exposed as an elaborate hoax it does make the tape less likely to be authentic.

So far there have been no skeletons or bodies of this creature found anywhere. The scientific researchers point out that without any physical evidence available they can not recognize the existence of Sasquatch or Bigfoot..


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