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I Am Back. What Did I Miss?

Photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash

Photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash

Why have I left in the first place?

The reason for me leaving in the first place had everything to do with progress. I thought I was beyond this writing site. When A person does something for a really long time, they may get tired of doing it, especially since they have not seen fulfillment in that task, and in 2014, the last time I submitted an article to Hubpages, I was getting bored. I had my blogs to think about and other things, and they seems to be more interesting than what I was writing about at the time. My last title on Hubpages was titled, “Dear (Name), I am so frustrated with you. How to write a letter and still feel better”. I have not updated the article, and I currently do not have any traffic coming towards it at all.


Before we go into that, you are probably wondering who I am. My name is Patricia, and this is a complete introduction to me. This is the bio I wrote on, one of the writing platforms I am currently writing on:

“I started writing in 2009 on a whim—no, scratch that. I wanted a blog, and I started one in 2009. Writing about myself is the hardest thing I could do, so here goes nothing.

As I said, I started writing a blog in 2009. It was about all the things that I love, but mostly about crafting. I wanted people to know about crafting. I will do that part here.

I am not an author in any sense of the word. I do not write fiction, mystery, thrillers, or Christian stories. I write about life and the way I see it. So, you may get some nice story about my observation I made while watching a television show, the way my political views are in terms of how stupid politicians are (I promise I will play nice and fair), or how to organize your home, or even a product review.

I have a home blog, a writing blog, a crafting blog, and a traveling blog, which is down because I will be honest, I did not have the money at the time, and I have to rebuild it.

I write lists to myself, and sometimes, I will share them with the world. I write when I am happy, sad, and mad. Isn’t that the reason why we all write?

I am a Christian, and I am very proud of that. I also love Disney, some people think Christianity should not mix with the mouse, but it does. Jesus loves all animals (real and non), princesses, and a few odd creatures created by Walt. I do not thump the bible at anyone because I believe that we all have to answer to God one day, and your personal walk with Him is between you and God. I like to show a person by the way I am living. That way is by giving everyone the respect they deserve as human beings, even when they do not act that way.

I love crafting, and I love graphic design and all things tech. I try to decorate and organize my home.

I am an aunt to four nephews and two nieces—church aunt to 10. Fur aunt to 3 dogs, and my fur-baby is a feisty cat named Gizmo. “

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So, that is the jest of me in a nutshell.

Let’s move on…

Since the last time, I wrote an article on Hubpages, what has happened to me?

A lot. In 2014, I was an Independent Longaberger Home consultant, learning about graphic design, being a crafter, and everything I mentioned in my bio. I was also selling physical products in my Etsy shop. It was not much, but it helped keep the bill collectors at bay. The only thing that I am frustrated about is not fully utilizing my degree in marketing, but I do get by, and I am learning something new every day.

I have not one but two businesses, P. Lynne Designs and The Writing Cove. P. Lynne Designs is about handmade crafts, printables, and graphic design. The Writing Cove is mostly for freelance writing and blogging.

You will see some shameless plugs here

P. Lynne Designs I have mentioned is about handmade crafts. As I also mentioned, I stopped making scrapbook albums back in 2012 because it was no longer a trend for people to print out tons of photos stick them on pieces of paper, along with some embellishments, usually made out of paper or thin metal, and place them in a book. I had to learn how to pivot around the concept of digital art (which I did) and, to the conservationist, recycle millennial who likes to hold photos on their phones and share them on social media. There is nothing wrong with that. This Gen X person welcomes the idea, but the crafter in me kicked it all the way to the recycle bin. I will tell you at another time how I make things work that are polar opposites of each other.

P. Lynne Designs also makes printables. Yes, this is another paper product that deserves life in a recycle bin, but hear me out. People love keeping track of tasks. I am one of those people, and I keep track of events and tracks in both a paper planner and a digital planner. I will be learning how to make digital planners, but I am not going far from my paper planner, which for the moment and through 2023, will be in an Erin Condren Life Planner. I have not thought past 2023. I want to see if Erin Condren will be getting into digital planners.

I also make business cards (including QR Codes on them), web design elements (covers for social media, websites, and shop accounts), logos, and invitations.

The Writing Cove.

As I mentioned, I have been blogging since 2009, and I find it peaceful to create a blog post. In fact, I find the writing of all kinds peaceful. I am not a fictional author, nor do I write poetry. I am a lifestyle writer. I like finding out the truth and putting what a formable answer to the question is. I also like to do product reviews and tutorials.

As a former preschool (Pre-K, Daycare) teacher, I admit this. I also like to teach writing. I am a ghostwriter and a guest writer. I also like to freelance to help the person with content on their blog, social media account, or article.

My subjects are writing, traveling to Walt Disney World, and traveling in general. I write about home organization and budget decorating. I write about tech, graphic designing, crafting, being an aunt, and being single. Because I have such a vast amount of subjects, I have four blogs (one is on hiatus at the moment).

What do I hope for in the future with Hubpages

My new hope for this account is to supply you with content. That’s it. I am not a flashy person that has to litter my account with gimmicks. I did a decent job the last time I wrote on this site, so I have nothing but good things about Hubpages.

I will continue with my other works before coming back. I have no plans of leaving soon unless God wants me to do something new in my life.

© 2022 Patricia Logan

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