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What Can I Do With Old Crayons - Clever Ways To Use and Recycle

What Can I Do With Old Crayons - Clever Ways To Use and Recycle

What Can I Do With Old Crayons - Clever Ways To Use and Recycle

Kids love crayons. They are wonderful tools to help inspire creative minds and there is nothing better than a brand new box of perfectly shaped crayons.

But that do you do with a pile of of old and broken crayons?

You probably just want to throw them away. Think again.

Your old broken crayons of multiple colors and shapes and sizes can still be used in lots of creative ways.

Let's uncover what you can do with old crayons.

Star Shaped Ice Cube Tray

How To Make New Crayons

Gather up all of the broken crayon pieces. No matter how small then sort them as best as possible into colors and now comes the time to melt them down.

This is best done using a double-boil method to ensure they do not burn. Put a pot of boiling water on the stove, and place a metal bowl on top being careful that the water does not touch the base of the bowl. Place your crayon pieces into the bowl (minus any paper labels) and they will begin to melt.

Once melted, pour the 'hot' crayon liquid into a non-stick mold. This can be an ice cube tray, a flexible silicone trays or any shaped container. Leave them aside to set.

Repeat with each different color.

Quick Tip

Use animal or fun shaped ice cube tray for a brand new look!

Can I use a microwave?

You can use a microwave to melt the crayons but please keep a close eye on it because all microwaves heat at different rates.

Crayons in the Oven - Alternative

An alternative to the stove is to use an oven to melt your crayons directly into the mold shapes. Preheat your oven to approximately 200 degrees and place your broken crayon pieces (again minus any paper labels) directly into the mold or non stick muffin tin.

Make sure it is oven proof!

Feel free to use one solid color or several to create a swirly new color that the kids may just love!

Put the molds into the oven for around ten minutes or until the crayons melted. Once melted, remove from oven and set aside to cool.

Quick Tip

If you are having trouble removing the new crayons from the molds try putting them in the freezer for an hour.

Recycled Crayon Gift Ideas

Your new creations are perfect recycled gifts for kids whether it be a party gift, a birthday present or a token for kinder or school friends.

You can even turn them into Christmas tree or halloween decorations by placing a thick toothpick into the mold when pouring the melting crayon mix in and when set remove the toothpick leaving a hole for you to thread hole string for hanging.

You can also make them into candles by placing a wick into the melted mixture before it sets.

Whatever you do choose to do with your old and new have fun!

Looking For More Clever Uses?

Pop on over to a la naturale, to get more ideas on ways to use and re-use things around the home.


Dbro from Texas, USA on September 19, 2013:

Great, informative article! Anyone with kids has tons of old crayons. I especially like the idea of making candles. I'm always looking for useful ways to reuse things like this. Thanks for writing this fun and useful hub!

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