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Yonkers, Ny

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Welcome to Yonkers, NY - Past, Present & Future



disclaimer: Pictures on this page are mine or were otherwise found via image searches, and are considered public domain.or groups and likely asked to use them. Ownership goes to whoever took them NOT ME Information on topics came from my research notes from various types of media, as well as from my own experiences, what I found on official sites, Newspaper clippings, scanned images of pamphlets or any other source including my own archive.

Yonkers New York and Surrounding areas

The City of Yonkers & its surrounding areas like Scarsdale, Hartsdale, White Plains & Hastings (on-Hudson), Sleepy Hollow...have a wide range of things you can do throughout the year. During the summer you could go to Tibbets Brook Park and hang out at the New Water park & relax on the lazy River or slide down the giant slide they have. Go Shopping on Central Avenue which is the longest street here (that I know of), it reaches from White Plains down toward the Bronx. You can also go to the malls, In white Plains or over the Tapan Zee Bridge to the Palisades Mall in Nyak. Visit the recently rennovated Cross County Square Mall, an outdoor mall which also has a small indoor one as well, the new Ridge Hill with upper scale shopping (The palisades Mall is the largest).

Like cute little shops? Hastings on Hudson is a nice little town with quaint shops or Go to Sleepy Hollow & see where the Legend started (Even better do it around Halloween for the haunted Hayride, retellings of the Legend & more checkout the official Village site for a calander of events with info)

I've even found a new little tidbit. Not really about Yonkers, but one of the Marvel villians 'Scorpio aka Venom is noted as being born here!

The following album is for the Public to checkout, its on my Facebook page & there MOST of the pictures are my property unless otherwise Noted.

My Yonkers Facebook Album

I've made an album to go along with this page so I hope it will help as i cannot find any other form of way to post pictures to show.

Current Yonkers Weather

Westchester County Map

A Postcard I bought ages ago

A Postcard I bought ages ago

Yonkers Mapped

Oh so that's the reason


Passing By Nathan's R.I.P. Pre 2013

Passing By Nathan's R.I.P. Pre 2013

Passing By Nathan's R.I.P. Pre 2013

Yonkers start & end of an era

Yonkers, latitude of 40.9429 and a longitude of -73.8801 borders the New York City borough of the Bronx and 2 miles north of Manhattan (@ the closest point of each). It is the 4th largest city in the U.S State of N.Y. with a population of 196,086 according to the 2000 Census and the 2007 population was 199,244, which makes it by far the largest city in Westchester County.

The City of Yonkers, founded in 1646 by Adrien Van der Donck, whose title "Jonkeer" (the word is Dutch for 'Young Gentleman') became the city's name..(Now I know why everyone sounds like they say Jonk when they mimic our accent..LOL)

Yonkers became a city in 1872 (was earlier incorporated as a village in 1855). It's for the most part a city of industry, the most industrial area is along the Hudson river waterfront. Some of the younger residents have dubbed the city "the sixth borough" as well as "the Back yard of the Bronx" (yeah and it really looks like it is or at least started)

The best known attraction is the Yonkers Raceway, a harness racing track, which has added legalized video slot gambling machines. (why can't we turn it into a Nascar track, or an all in one sport arena so everything can be available all year). There's the Hudson River Museum and Phillipsburg Manor Hall to see. In Greenburg (15 or 20 minute ride) is the Greenburgh Nature Center, on Central ave. as well as Nathan's (now sadly without the arcade). Not far away is Rye, Playland, Which has the Dragon Coaster, the oldest (or one of the) wooden coasters & Designated a landmark coaster by the American Coaster Enthusiast in 2009.


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Yes the famous Nathan's Hot dogs, opened their third restaurant in Yonkers, NY in 1965.

I remember as a child the eating area had a very small room for children's games & rides. Along with a room for a decent size arcade. To this day, Nathan's is still there, but not as niceas it once was. The tiny kid's area is gone for yes better a bigger sized play area. The arcade however due to the new video gaming systems is still there but most of the games are the types you get tickets out of and there's sadly only a couple of pinball machines unlike the I thik) 10 they used to haveat any given time. Me I'm not one for video games at home for some reason, but love playing them on the actual machines (go figure) nathan's now with the 'attraction' of the arcade deminished, there's Arthur Treachers (love the Hush Puppies) and has a TCBY as well.

The END of an Era

The Nathan's as you see below, is sadly no more!! They have knocked it down (last day was Nov. 24th 2012) and making it 1/4 to 1/2 of what it is in the photo and NO arcade!!! Leave my PINBALL Machines alone! Its the only place I get to play. (How are they doing this when its like the 2nd Nathan's (Coney Island was first) so this in my point of view is a landmark at least for our city. Sadly not one pinball machine was left!

Last time I made a note here on the new Nathan's was I think 2013, when I passed by the site, they had the 'I' & cross beams up. Thursday June 6th.. The Building structure was up but I think it's going to be a plaza strip like the rest of the shopping areas on Central ave. I think there's plenty more work, they might have to still do stuff in back besides the interior & exterior.

Summer 2015

The construction has been over for quite a few months if not a full year. Not only is Nathan's there, but a Wells Fargo, pediatrics care and I think another one or 2 smaller storefronts and yet another CVS (::Note sarcasm:: oh we so needed another when there's already 3-4 but I think the one that was in a nearby plaza moved into this one so we still have the same amount I guess they needed a bigger space but really why? )

as soon as I can get an updated photo up I will do so.

yonkers Library Cenrtral Ave. branch


Central Avenue

Besides the previously mentioned Nathan's which is there, just not in its former glory. It's now much smaller maybe a quarter of the size it was.Which makes me wonder why instead of knocking the whole building down, why they couldn't have just made it like a mini-mall. They would have just had to remove part of the counter on one side, and then had made the one room 2 or 3! And what was the arcade area could have been another 1 or 2 stores. But no, they had to do it so there would be yet another CVS and 2, boutique-like stores and a doctor's office plus the scaled-down Nathan's.

Central Avenue Runs from (as far as I know) the Bronx into White Plains. It has my favorite library in the city, (we do have a newer one but I don't go in that area). The last time we went past the library, however, has made me nervous. Those slats on the outside (which is I think the reason I like the building) seemed to have been missing. SoI am greatly hoping that maybe they were taken off to just clean the windows or clean those. Maybe some fresh paint. if I don't see them put back It will be like losing a good friend. Well one that may still be there but whose look and personality has changed if you know what I mean.

This street is a shopping hub and always quite busy. Too many CVS stores, 3 Starbucks (one is a drive through!) 2 IHOPs (but only go to the one way down. Cause the one near Barnes and Noble isn't that good. For the Crafty there's a Joann's and a Michael's and way too many stores I have never been in but then there are some areas where the stores come and go as if there is a revolving door.

you would think there would be more of a choice of restaurants along the street but sadly, there's not enough of a variety, at least to my family.

Yonkers Postcard (sadly I can no longer find them)

Yonkers Post card (sadly I can no longer find them)

Yonkers Post card (sadly I can no longer find them)

Yonkers Anthem - by DMX Styles P, Sheek & King Phaze

'YO' history


The Palisades

The View of the Palisades from my old room as a teen on William street

The View of the Palisades from my old room as a teen on William street


The name for the city came from the dutch word, "Jonkheer" meaning Young Gentleman and named by Adrian VanDer Donk who founded Yonkers in 1646. Yonkers was incorporated into a village in 1855 then in 1872 as a city.

The City known as Yonkers that rests along the Hudson River faces the Palisades which is in Nyack. In the fall it's a beautiful site with all the different colored leaves. From my bedroom as a teen in high school I can remember how the Palisades looked a blaze with the fire of the leaves. It is a real life work of art.

Yonkers was a leading industrial center along the river.

*Elisha Graves otis & Sons Manufactured Safety Elevators

*Edwin armstrong demonstrated FM Radio Transmission

*Leo Baekland invented Baklelite

*Charles harvey engeineered the first elevated train.

In South Yonkers there is Getty Square, which is commonly referred to as 'The Square', was named after Robert Park Hill Getty. Mr. Getty was a successful businessman who owned the "Getty house"; a hotel situated in the Square. It is the focal point for transportation in Yonkers way back when and as is now. Many, if not all of the bus routes travel through, stopping on main street in front of the old Bank building & across from the Old church.

In 1892 The Electric Trolley replaces the horse drawn coach and on the 12th of November in 1952, Yonkers Ran its last trolley ride.

Yonkers is the 4th Largst city in the state of New York. It is known for its many neighborhoods, and if you are a local for its HILLacious hills! Roberts Ave. being possibly the steepest of them, I think Prescott Street may follow that.

Yonkers is the "Home of Golf" in America, the second oldest marathon in the country and assorted cultural institutions.

Thanks to the Yonkers Historial Society which began in 1882, we still have Philipse Manor Hall which was going to be demolished and Yonkers served as the administrative center for the vast estate until the American Revolution. They also saved the 1740s Sherwood House in the 1950s from destruction as well.

Philipse Manor is the oldest house (more like mansion) in Southern Yonkers and celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1882/ The Monument out side for soldiers & sailors was erected in 1891 & 1892. Yonkers grew & developed around this house which now offers tours, celebrations and a variety of programs.

Yonkers' Victorian homes

In Larkin Plaza between Warburton Ave and River Street, hosts The DMV, Yonkers Train station as well as the main branch of the Public Library which is 'new' but now a few years old. The old library was located in Getty Square. 9 Manor House Square served as the first police headquaters starting from 1857. At one time the chief Steward Valentino Melah of the white house under President Ulysseus S. Grant once owned it.

Warburton Avenue is one of the longest streets in Yonkers, running from Getty Square into the Village of Hastings. McLean Avenue is another leaving a trail from South Broadway (Near Walgreens) and into the Bronx over Bronx River Road. Central Ave as I know from McLean Ave. traveling north, I know at least goes into White Plains, as for traveling south I know it goes into the Bronx. After that I'm not sure how far or if any further it goes. Nepprahan Avenue is another one of our longest streets, I think it goes all the way to the waterfront on one end, as for the other I haven't been down that way in so long but I think it's still Yonkers and goes into a dead end.

Our Pier was erected for 'The Peoples' recreational purposes sometime around 1901. In 2007 the pier was deemed a local landmark. Sometime in the 1900s the pier was rennovated and more recently a roof modification to the upper deck restaurant. For over 100 years when The Hudson was the best commercial route people would ferry between Yonkers and New Jersey,and as of 2007 there is now a ferry to Manhattan.The liners would ferry it's passengers as far up the Hudson River as Bear mountain or down to Rockaway Beach.

Elisha Graves Otis invented the automatic safety device that became the basis for the first safety elevator for passengers in 1853. Otis elevator works was one of the largest factories in East U.S.

On the corner of Palisade Avenue and NEw Main Street currently stand C.H. Martins 'department' store. It was previously one of the first office buildings erected in Yonkers in 1845 and host to the name of one of the city's oldest families.

20 South Broadway upon it's 1931 opening was the tallest office building. The bulilding was designed by a local architect by the name of William P. Katz, for the First National Bank and Trust company. The building still stands with a bank in it, and also houses the unemployment and Social Security officies. Among other services it was once a two story rial road terminal.

Located in Getty Square St. John's Episcopal Church is the oldest house of worship in Yonkers. The church was founded in 1693, while the first church was built in 1752. The church served as a hospital during the Revolutionary War, both British and American soldier are buried beneath its floors. In 1872 a new church was built.

On Nepprahan Avenue going toward South Broadway you will see Yonkers City Hall (it will be on your right hand side) by another local architect Edwin A. & H. Lansing Quick. Ground for the a free interpritation of new baroque form was broken in 1907. George T. Kelly who constructed it finished in 1910 (wow you never see something go up that quick anymore!), you can see 100 feet above ground the clock tower and dome.

Before May 1982 when it was demolished regardless of public outcry the main branch of the Public Library, designed in an elliptical shape, sprawled across the corner of Nepprahan ave. and South Broadway. The demolishing was to make 'improvements' to Nepprahan Ave (which I have yet to see even though it I neer got to see that library.).

Yonkers 1sts


Urban Legends

& Folklore

Well there's Sleepy Hollow & The headless Horseman a few towns away.

I read on this urban legends site (check the shadowlands link in that section) that a certain school down my street (well a long, main street) is haunted. There was something about one of the Streets somewhere up the hill from me as well.

I remember in a book I read, The picture looked exactly like the house one of our mayor's lived in. something about the story said 'Devils Elbow' The driveway to the house in the picture and real life had a left elbow curve to it & somewhat looked alike.(but don't remember the whole story from the book but there might be something up with that I'm not going to take that as coincidence! Esp. because while he was still mayor He was 'killed' I don't know if they ever solved weather it was suicide or murder as his 'Cause of death'

Ok the listings on Shadowlands site is Lee Avenue, School 13 & Oakland Cemetery.

and like all (?) cities having an 'Elm St.' I lived a street from it so that was a bit freaky.

Some local folklore is about Leatherman the eccentric hermit who wore an entire outfit of stiched together leather patches that weighed around 60 pounds. He also wore this in the summer, which I'm sure you could smell him coming from a mile away. The leatherman was known to bathe in streams along his route without taking off the leather suit. So he'd get chaffed as its said he didn't wear undergarments (though I think even if he did he still would)

from circa 1860 to 1889, he had a strick route that was a 365 mile loop that took him through towns of Connecticut, Putnam county and Westchester county. He would finish this circuit in 34 days, unfailingly. His identity is a mystery but it is thought & accepted that his nmae was Jules Bourglay a frenchman who failed at a business venture and lost his sanity and somehow made it to the states.

Leather man was featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not in the 1930s and was the subject of a childrens' nursery rhyme.

Pearl jam's Eddie Vedder wrote a song about him inclduing:

"Leatherman, leatherman, shake his hand, he's leatherman take some bread, he's leatherman shame he's dead I saw his bed its all that's left of Leatherman"


Apparently they don't stay in ireland! I'm not sure if you could call him a He's definitely NOT a myth, and I'm sure anyone in yonkers has spotted him at one time or another, but he is now at least to me a Legend of the city. Leprachauns DO exist! Yonkers had its own, he'd decorate his house on Nepprahan & Roberts Avenue for Christmas with so much i don't think there was an empty spot. He also had a green thumb as well. beautiful flora & fauna around his house. Sadly our leprachaun is no more.

R.I.P. Sept. 19, 2012 Jess Buzzuto the "Yonkers Leprachaun" The Yonkers Leprachaun

Cross County Shopping Center

Blast from the Past  -Adventure land  When I was very little, so  much so I can't remember this place other than through pictures

Blast from the Past -Adventure land When I was very little, so much so I can't remember this place other than through pictures

Cross County

The outdoor mall has been recently renovated and bringing somewhat higher end stores with some old favorites

Bath & Body Works, A/X, The Body Shop, American Eagle Outfitters, Brick Oven Pizzeria (my Fave & highly recommend) Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's Pretzel's (another spot I love) Claire's Boutique, Express, (also one for men!) Radio Shack, Game top, Macy's Sears, & more are to come.

There's also a Showcase Cinema movie theater (my other home) , a Stop & Shop grocery store & some restaurants Applebee's, Boston Market, Burger King

I somewhat remember what it looked like when I was a kid. There was some sort of restaurant or something that had a mini amusement park there. Oh how things have changed. :-( Now I guess I know how my grandparents & Parents feel when they talk about how parts of the city looked.

Our pieces of the Twin Towers (McLean & Central Ave) ©KimMarie Ostrowski

Our pieces of the Twin Towers (McLean & Central Ave) ©KimMarie Ostrowski

Our pieces of the Twin Towers (McLean & Central Ave) ©KimMarie Ostrowski

Hudson River Museum - Historical yet Modern


Hudson River Museum

The museum on the Hudson river, the longest river flowing pretty much all the way through if Not the whole through the state of NY.

The prime interest of the museum is the river and the environs surrounding. The museum was added as Part of the Yonkers City Hall collection of the 19th century.

The museum included six galleries and a planetarium (by which I got a taste of on orientation day when I started going to the school.) The site says the planetarium is the largest in the Westchester County of New York State. Of course with Galleries, you’d have paintings, as well as sculptures, graphics, artifacts & furniture. The museum holds events & activities held every weekend, sometimes there's even demo's (like The Birds of Prey one I went to awhile back

Yonkers, New York Getty Square 1920 Photos

Tibbetts Brook Park - and currently NEW water park


Tibbets BrookPark

Tibbetts Brook Park is a 161-acre park with a mammoth 412-foot-by-125-foot pool, tennis courts, jogging paths and a mini golf course that skews young but still is fun for adults. The park also hosts recreational activities throughout the year, including ethnic celebrations, fairs and festivals each summer.

The park's former 81-year-old pool has recently went through a few millioion dollar rennovation. ITs been turned into a water park with a little something for everyone. THere's fountains, a Lazy River, Float around on innertubes to keep cool while you tan!, There's In pool basketball, & Volleyball, a Large slide & a HUGE bucket that will dump water on you (I haven't been able to go yet but I take that part, is like going to an actual amusement park)

The bath house in a classic tudor style still stands at the heart of the park. While the Playground isn't the large fun wooden one it was when I was a kid now they have small boring plastic ones. (they couldn't have at least gotten some material to make the playground the same design it was before? Wonder if I can find a picture of the old playground)

Recreation and Sports Activities: Miniature Golf, Running and Jogging and Swimming

Recreation Facilities: Miniature Golf, Park, Swimming Pool, and Tennis Court

Neighborhood: Yonkers area

199 Teresa Avenue

Yonkers, NY 10704


Other Pools in Westchester

Playland park----------------------------------------- Rye------------------ (914) 813-7010

Saxon Woods Park--------------------------- White Plains--------------(914) 995-4480

Sprain Ridge Park--------------------------------YONKERS----------------(914) 231-3450

Wilson's Waves at Wilson's Woods Park-----Mt. Vernon--------------(914) 813-6990


Croton Point park----------------------Croton- on- Hudson------------------------- (914) 862-5290 (Open weekends and holidays ONLY)

Glen Island Park-----------------------New Rochelle----------------------------------(914)813-6720

Playland park---------------------------Rye-----------------------------------------------(914) 813-7010



"Last year this event brought more than 30,000 people to our downtown - many who were first time visitors," said Steve Sansone, Executive Director of the Downtown BID.

Riverfest is a daylong event, is free and offers something for all ages. International foods, arts and crafts vendors, amusements, educational games, exhibits, a petting zoo, classic cars, and a variety of entertainers. Downtown Yonkers over the years has seemed to become one of Westchester's new 'hot spots' with new restaurants, unique shops, a variety of waterfront entertainment, and an influx of luxury apartments and condominiums."

"Riverfest is the city's marquee event for the whole year and it really has become a symbol of the resurgence of downtown Yonkers," said Yonkers main sponsor Mayor Phil Amicone. "Each year Riverfest has grown as we celebrate Yonkers' Hudson River heritage while welcoming thousands of people who come to see the diverse and thriving city we've become. It's a fantastic event and I encourage everyone to come back for another great time this year."

The Four stages set up throughout the downtown shows a variety of musical performances ranging from nationally known artists to local hometown groups. In addition, various traveling musicians will meander through the downtown, filling the streets with musical sounds.

Some other entertainment includes the puppeteers, jugglers, plate spinners, living statues, the Skyriders trampoline act, a petting zoo, plus carnival amusements for youngsters. For those a little less adventurous, Riverfest will include a wide selection of classic cars, courtesy of Rock N' Rods.

"Yonkers Riverfest is a celebration not only of our greatest resource, the Hudson River, but of our thriving downtown," added Sansone. "This festival will highlight the continuing revitalization of our downtown area for Yonkers residents and visitors alike."

The Yonkers Downtown/Waterfront Business Improvement District was created to promote and implement the economic vitality of the District and the City of Yonkers. The Yonkers Downtown BID is also designed to maintain the downtown streets, contribute to public safety, landscape the district, market special events and create promotional opportunities to highlight the area. Additionally, the Yonkers Downtown BID will preserve and encourage the cultural, historic, tourist and civic interest of the District and the City of Yonkers. For more information, visit

Dunwoodie Golf Course - FOUR!



Dunwoodie lies at the top of "Dunwoodie Heights" in the center of the city of Yonkers. It is characterized by dramatic topography and steep slopes. Its layout is a mix of narrow fairways to rolling wide landscapes. The design of the course takes advantage of the natural topography, resulting in a challenging game. The course's 1st and 15th tees have recently been expanded, and lobby and ticket window areas have recently been renovated.

This course is typically kept in excellent shape. The front nine is hilly, and the narrow fairways are tree lined. The back nine is flat and more open. No water comes into play, but there are several sand bunkers incorporated into the course's design. Tee times are made through Westchester County: 914/995-GOLF. For additional information call the club at (914) 231-3490 or log on to the club's website at

Dunwoodie also has practice greens, a driving range that is lighted for night play, and a multi-purpose catering facility in the clubhouse.

Design - Golf Course at Dunwoodie Golf Course

Course Statistics

Year Built: 1500


Yardage: 5,778

Par: 70



Greens Grass Type: Winter Rye

Fairways Grass Type: Bermuda Grass

Water Hazards: No

Sand Bunkers: 11-20

Yardage Markers: 200, 150, 100 Yard Markers

Public, 18 holes

More Information - Golf Course at Dunwoodie Golf Course

Green Fee: $50.00 - $50.00

Driving Range: N/A

Training Facilities: Putting Green, Teaching Pro

Golf Pro: Paul Kellerman

Rental Clubs: Yes

Carts: Yes

Pullcarts: Yes

Caddies: No

Walking: Allowed

Food: Yes

Bar: Yes

Homes on Course: No

Read more: Dunwoodie Golf course on coursefinder

Admission and fees: County park pass is not required for admission

Directions: 1 Wasylenko Lane, Yonkers

Hours: Open seven days a week, 8 a.m. to dusk, year-round.

Phone: (914) 231-3490

Acres: 126

Locker rooms

Practice green

Driving range

Restaurant: Social at Dunwoodie

Pro shop

The pro shop offers a complete line of golf clothing, accessories and golf equipment. Gift certificates are also available. For more information call the pro shop at (914) 377-9092

Pro Shop Hours

Weekdays - 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Weekends - 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lessons Half hour $45 Series of five half-hour lessons $200

*disclaimer... Prices change so please call before you go I do not know how accurate the site was I got the prices from

Yonkers Racetrack & Empire City Casino - Is it worth your hard earned money?

Yonkers Race track

Yonkers Race track

Raceway addition #1

Raceway addition #1

Raceway addition #1

Raceway addition #2

Raceway addition #2

Raceway addition #2

The Empire 'casino' shell

The Empire 'casino'  shell

The Empire 'casino' shell

Yonkers Race Track and Empire Casino

The Yonkers Race Track & Casino covers nearly 100 acres and is the state's most successful Casino & Race Track. They play host to video slots, poker, roulette, craps, baccarat, horse racing, live music & comedy shows.


has live Harness Racing five nights a week, with additional afternoon Sunday races.

First came the track which opened in 1899 by William H. Clark and is now considered a city landmark. After Clark's death, the Track was closed for years & only open for minimal special events. In 1907 a grocery store magnate by the name James Butler reopened it for Thoroughbred horse racing. One of the notable horses that you probably have heard of even if you are not a race fan was Seabiscuit who won the Scarsdale Handicap in 1936.

When I was a kid growing up, The Racetrack was host to The Westchester county fair (which would also have vendors selling products inside) The fair had Rides, food vendors (I SO miss the funnel cakes) and an indoor flea market (or maybe it was just vendors) Oh and there were Fleamarkets every weekend. Unfortunately (tho I don't remember what was the last year) the Couty fair ended as there were problems with kids that would come up from the city and start trouble. (& frankly, I have no idea if it's held elsewhere!)

A few other fond memories from the Fair was the pig races... I don't remember how old I was but I actually won a Ribbon for rooting for one of the pigs, in the pig races. I saw The Wrestling Tag Team of Strike Force (from now WWE) I was one part shy to go up to them and another part my little legs couldn't catch up to them to ask for an autograph. I met an Ox Baker which was kinda scary (check the picture and tell me your inner say 5-year-old isn't terrified) with his mustache I'm not sure if he was a wrestler or boxer but I got an autograph of his. If you look his name up on IMDB you will see some movies he was in. (Which was a surprise for me now as within the last 5 years one of my parents or I was watching something and I saw him really quick and was like was that Ox Baker I saw.)

With attendence dwindling, and the building in serious disrepair (I rememeber it inside when I'd go to the Fair) the front building of the racetrack went under a $225 million renovation enter the

Yonkers Raceway was the host of Night of Champions September 22nd 2012. This is New York States most prestigious night of racing.

want more history & the odds? check out the links


Opening October 11, 2006 with video slot machines, and adding more through the years up to 2007 making a total of 5,300 Machines. (However I'd yell at people when they'd call it a casino.. my definition of a casino means table games as well besides slots)

For those 18 years of age, guess can come and play as the 'casino' falls under state lottery laws. In 2011 the Empire City Casino celebrated it's 5th year anniversary and celebrated by expanding. The 'casino' now has Roulette & craps as far as the advertisements I've seen.

In six years, the Empire Casino has generated more than 1.5 million for schools through its partnership with the state lottery.

2012 Empire City is going under renovations or improvements depending on your P.O.V. It has been recently name the most successful casino and racing venue in the state of New York. The raceway is undergoing a $40 million dollar expansion. The expansion is happening to the front left (when going south toward the Bronx) of the building (which to me is ruining it, not to mention soon you may not see the sign on the building when you pass by on the thruway, well going south) 2 restaurants, an Irish Pub and a steakhouse. There's word that the Irish pub may even include vintage Bowling Lanes, and the Steakhouse an extensive beer selection for every taste. The new part of the casino will be like no other casino with a dramatic curved facade of frameless glass (oh just waiting for storm season on that one lol) The 300 foot arc will provide a window to the interior of the casino as well as a sculptured entrance structure. These improvements are to bring Empire City up to snuff with their gaming competitors; however being I have been to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut whether it be by car or bus I'll be honest it's cheaper to go to Mohegan even if you go by Bus. (The bus to Mohegan Sun picks up at the Burger King across from the Cross County Shopping Center.) When you take the bus it may be $30 to go but you get back incentives of $40-$45 dollars a $15 dollar one you can use in stores, as a bet or in the restaurants as well as 2- $10 & 1- $5 coupon as well for the betting games (well certain ones). The drinks on the floor are free (they are NOT at Empire City) and if you have children with you there's Kid's Quest. Plus if you get bored of betting or your butt just gets tired, you can get up & walk around & check out the shops) So it's like you never paid for the bus, plus you get free drinks (how much are the drinks going to cost you at Empire City?)and you get more class and friendly smiles at the Mohegan than you would at Empire City)

Something else that separates the 2 casinos... Mohegan Pays out more than Empire City does PLUS at Mohegan Sun if you play the slot Machines your money can last longer if you use the 1/4 of a cent , 1/2 a cent or penny machines. (always remember to play all the lines & max bet as much as can! (if you lose a bit of money it's the only way you get it back!) There's a variety of Restaurants at the Mohegan Sun not just a couple.

When it comes to the 2 my bet for fun is on Mohegan Sun (plus they have concerts some free!, also at least basketball games and if you need to stay overnight, the rooms are beautiful.) If you just want to go out for a time & really don't want to eat just hang out take a $20 & play at Empire City. To me its not woth bus/rain fare or filling up gas tank.

Old Westchester County Fair 'program'

Old Westchester County Fair  'program'

Old Westchester County Fair 'program'

Ridge Hill Shopping Plaza


Ridge Hill

Located at 1 ridge hill Boulevard, in Yonkers, NY across the Thruway from Stew Leonard's and Home Depot center... Ridge hill is an outdoor shopping mall with one of our 2 new Movie theaters (the other Being Alamo Draft house on Central Ave.) Another entrance you can get into Ridge hill is from Tuckahoe road near Shop-right.

There's a medical Building (in which upon my first appointment there was amazed at. I'd liken it to what the inside of a file cabinet would look like the way it's set up)

Stores like L.L. Bean, Dick's Sporting Goods, The Children's Place, Clarks, Bath and Body Works, e.l.f., Lego-land, Lowe's, Papyrus, UNI QLO, Guitar Center, Container Store,Vera Bradley and More reside here... along with restaurants Cheesecake Factory, Bone-Fish Grill, a Teavana store, (I love going in there and getting a taste of the sample tea, esp. during cold weather)

Ridge hill makes for a nice day out for the family or just a date night. There are other activities besides eating and shopping. There's a spa, A trampoline park, and indoor skydiving.

Official website

Charles E. Gorton High School


'G' -High

When I went to high School my freshman year it was 'Guido Gorton' now well sad to see its more like Ghetto Gorton from the looks of it. Speaking of looks, THe way the picture is where the columns are? Well That is on the right side and faces the football field. I heard years back that the football field was supposed to be situated somewhere else on the grounds (which is only a block)

Disclaimer: image was in my files I think it came from one of the school or Reunion groups

Charle E. Gorton my H.S. Alum's name sake

Charle E. Gorton my H.S. Alum's name sake

Charle E. Gorton my H.S. Alum's name sake

Old 80s style lisence plate (tag)

Old NY License Plate

Old NY License Plate

They're number


Yonkers Best

Since 2005 The Chamber of Commerce of Yonkers brings a special edition of the Yonkers Progress paper featuring Yonkers' Best which is the residents' choices for the best Restaurants, Food, Specialties, and services.

My Favorites


Irish Pub

Rory Dolan's 890 McLEan Ave

yonkers, Ny 10704

(914) 776-2946

Open 7 days a week 11am-4am

kitchen open 11am-11pm

McLean Corner

925 McLean Ave Yonkers 10704

(914) 237-1238

Open 7 Days Mon-Sat 6am-10pm and Sunday 7am-10pm

Chinese Food

En Lai Kitchen

85 Tibbets Rd.

yonkers, NY 10705


(Love the Ribs)


I like each of these places for a different reason...

I forget the name of this one but I only just started frequenting the place when I go to the laundry. They are quick though you get your pizza hot out of the oven. They have a variety of drinks including beers if you'd want while there. it's not just pizza it's a restaurant too so you can order Italian restaurant style entrees.


Yonkers Ave. (Near McDonald's & Clean City Laundry)

Love the Pizza no matter if I'm eating it in in house or when they deliver it.

Capri pizza on Lockwood Ave.

I just like the flavor of pizza or maybe the sauce and I don't like sauce (the only time I have sauce is on pizza) so for me to like the flavor of it that's pretty damn impressive.

Sal's on Mclean Ave. (across from the OLD school 13 that is now apartments)

These guys deliver they are about 15 minutes away from me even though Dominos is on the main road I am prejudiced.. I like 'Real' pizza, and you can only get that from a Pizzaria!

Palisade Pizza (Off North Broadway and Roberts Ave.) I've been going here forever! it's near my aunt's and wasn't far from school either. My favorite item is getting what I call a 'pepperoni pinwheel' even though they call it a cupcake! If you see Frank the own (kind got the Elvis look going) tell him Kim (his birthday twin) sent ya.


Raceway Diner

833 Yonkers, Ave


or easily found acfross fro Empire City Casino/Raceway.

And I HIGHLY recommend it if you don't want to waste money on over priced food.

Fast Food

McDonald's the best ones by my experience (and taste)

South Broadway (near St. Joseph's Hospital)

Central Ave. near Model's


Central Pk. Ave.

warning it gets crowded fast even the drive through.

There is also one in Elmsford

Movie Theater

  • AlamoDraft house

    Central Park Ave


Gourmet Supermarket/take-out

Stew Leonard's

One Stew Leonard Dr.

Yonkers, Ny 10710

(914) 375-4700

Open 7 days a week 8am-10pm

I love Stew's buffet..well the 'Italian Wingettes and the Corn Popppers nothing else matters to me!



Le Mac Pharmacy on Mc Lean ave

914 965-6100 or 965-6948


Grassy Sprain Pharmcy*

610 Tuckahoe Rd

Yonkers, ny 10710

(914) 779-5133

Mon-fri 8-8

Sat 8am-7pm

Sun 9am-4pm


Veterinary Center

Saw Mill River Road (across from the Bee Line Bus Company )

914 965-0557 (you will see a red house, it's behind there)

Yonkers, Ny 10703

MR. Kold Kuts*

  • 786 Yonkers Ave

    yonkers, Ny 10704

    9914) 968-7133

    Mon-Fri 7am-6;30pm

    Sat 8am-6pm

    Sun 8am-2pm

  • Chinese Takeout

    New Golden Fountain

    Bottom of Mclean ave on South Broadway love everything

    365 S. broadway

    914 964-8808

  • Liquor Store


1761 Central Pk. ave

Yonkers, Ny 10710

Mon-thur 8:30 am-9pm

Fri & sat 8:30am-9:30pm

Sun 12pm-5pm

  • Breakfast

    Mount Olympos Diner

    One fort hill Rd

    Yonkers, NY 10710

    (914) 961-4677

    Mon-sat 7am-1;30am

    Sundays 7am-12;30 am

  • Hardware

Grassy Sprain Paint and hardware

590 Tuchahoe Rd

Yonkers, Ny 10710

(914) 779-4480

Mon-fri 7-7

sat 8am-6pm

sun 9am-3pm

  • Auto Repair

  • Appliance Store

PC Richard and Sons

2323 Central Park Ave

Yonkers, Ny 10710

(914) 779-8880

Mon-fri 9:30am-9;30pm

Sat 9-9


  • Gym/Fitness Center


Cross COunty Shopping Center (Next to Old navy)

Yonkers, Ny 10704

(914) 375-3900

Mon-thur 5am-11pm

Fri 5am-10pm

Sat & Sun 7-7

  • Uniquely yonkers/non-food specialty

Science barge

99 Dock Street

Yonkers, Ny 10701

for info Follow link at

  • Limo Service

Top Class Limousine*

24 Ashbourton ave

Yonkers, Ny 10701

(914) 423-5466

  • Senior Residence

Municipal Housing Authority for the CIty of Yonkers*

1511 Central park Ave

Yonkers, NY 10710

(914) 793-8400

Joseph Schuldner Director

  • Car Wash

Central Park Auto Wash

975 Midland Ave

Yonkers, Ny 10704

(914) 965-1714

mon-sat 7:30am-8pm

Sunday 8-8

  • Jewlry Store

Twin Jewlers*

637 McLEan Ave

Yonkers, Ny 10704

Mon-fri 10:30am-7:30pm

sat 10:30am-6pm

CLosed Sunday

  • Bank


Nepprahan Ave. Branch 476-4500

across from McDonald's

  • Place to take the kids

Hudson River Museum

511 Warburton Ave

Yonkers, ny 10701

(914) 963-4550

Wed, Thurs Sat & Sun 12pm-5pm

Friday 12pm-7:30pm

  • Garden Center

Windy Farm Garden*

330 McLEan ave

Yonkers, ny 10705

(914) 969-6459

Mon-sat 8am-6pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

  • Nail Salon

    V.I.P. Nails

McLean ave & Tibbets Road across from the 7-11


Untermyer Park - the 'secret' gardens


Samuel Untermyer & his park

John T. Waring, a hat manufacturer had built Greystone in 1868 for $225,000 and sadly went broke a few years later. Tilden was a former governor of New York who lost the so close 1876 presidential election to Rutherford B. Hayes who purchased Greystone in 1879 and lived there until he died in 1886. Hayes who spent 500,00 to enlarge and improve the estate built greenhouses and stables.

Samuel Untermeyer was a partner with the Guggenheimer, Untermyer & Marshall lawfirm as a trial lawyer who was famous for his cross examinations. He became rich by representing corporae clients and investing in the companies; He’s said to have been the first lawyer in the U.S. to earn a Million dollar fee on a single case. Untermyer was also involved in ‘good government’ (like there’s such a thing!) causes like opposing monopolies, and was instrumental in establishing the Federal Reserve System. As a Jew he was an eloquent opponent of Hitler, and anti-semitism. He was born in 1858 in Virginia and moved to New York City sometime after the Civil War. Samuel Untermyer in 1899 bought the Yonkers estate (at the time) known as Greystone during an auction after a litigation tie-up that lasted for year Among Samuel J. Tilden’s heirs.

Untermyer who was quite fond of Orchids and a pretty passionate horticulturist created a world class garden on the estate. He grew more than 3,000 varieties of orchids among the 60 greenhouses and his favorites were a type called the Odontiodas and always wore a specimen in his button hole every day. Untermyer died in 1940 leaving the 29 room mansion which fell into disrepair and was torn down after World War 2.

Mr. Untermyer tried to leave the estate to any one of the County, State or City but no one wanted it without an endowment to pay for the upkeep. Finally in 1946 The City of Yonkers, accepted part of the property to create Untermyer Park

Untermyer Park located in Yonkers, NY on North Broadway is a 43 acre jewel in the public Park system. There’s marble columns with Sphinx high atop made by Paul Manship that in the afternoon light, turns pearly white and long shadows play against the 18 foot walls of the Greek Garden. The Untemyer gardens were designed by William Welles Bosworth in 1916, after creating the garden for John D. Rockefeller Sr. at Kykuit in Pcantico Hills in the same Beaux Art Style design.

Samuel Untermyer who was a wealthy New York attorney wanted something bigger Untermyer created a much grander gard at three to four times larger than Rockefeller’s at Kykuit. Unlike the others Untermyer welcomed the public to his gardens every Tuesday throughout the 1920s & 30s. Some of the gardens’ features is a mosaic swimming pool (no longer in use) The Sphinxes by Manship, an

Amphitheater, circular temple. Unfortunately the original planting beds outside the walled garden have disappeared, along with the rock gardens, rose & color gardens along the Hudson side. Horticulturist Timothy Tilghman has started to uncover and restore the original carriage trails going down to the river.

The once great gardens fell into stages of decay and ruin after the 1940 death of Samuel Untermyer. Now Untermyer Gardens Conservatory a nonprofit group has started the fight to bring the lush park and gardens back to life. The chairman of the conservatory Stephen Byrns says “It’s my belief – and no one has disputed me on this, that these are the greatest Persian gardens in the Western Hemisphere.” Alhambra in Spain and the Taj Mahal in India are the others. He then goes on to say “I call this America’s greatest forgotten garden” The restoration has a full-time horticulturist by the talents of Timothy Tilghman who had to rip up 70 years worth of weeds of neglected overgrowth before planting. Especially along the western side of the 350 foot long side of the walled garden. He replaced it with a mix of shrubs, perennials ike roses, & Hydrangea along with Yews and smokebush. The gardens along the channels have been replaced with Japanese hollies so it will look good year round. He was the was previously the Gardener at Rocky Hills in Chappaqua and Wave Hill in Riverdale as well a the previous gardening editor at Martha Stewart Living.

Sitting near the entrance on North Broadway is the spacious walled Greek garden (which is really a Persian Garden with a massive gateway intersecting water channels and fountains.

The Untermyer Conservitory is still looking to raise money to keep the restoration on track.

Untermyer Park

945 N. Broadway

Yonkers, NY

In Westchester county

(914) 512-0436


The walled Gardens are opened from 7am to dusk Monday-Friday

Weekends Noon-Dusk (April-November)

& most Saturdays from December through March.

The rest of the Park is opened daily Dawn to Dusk



North Brother Island – New York

This 13-acre island is located only three miles from Manhattan, but no one is allowed to enter. The island has a dark past and is currently abandoned. More than 1,000 people died when a boat caught fire near the island in 1904. The island then housed Riverside Hospital and Mary Mallon, better known as Typhoid Mary, the first person in the U.S. known to carry the disease. North Brother Island was abandoned until the 1950s when it became the site of a center to treat drug addicts. Today, the island is a bird sanctuary full of crumbling buildings that is off-limits to the public.


(Now we have St. Johns Riverside Hospital on North Broadway)

Explore the island with images on Bing

Original Carvel stand



The End of an Era

October 5 2008 The Passing of an Era ... (source The Journal News)

The Original Carvel Store (see photo album link via facebook in links) located at 95 S. Central Ave in Hartsdale, NY; The BIRTHPLACE of the Carvel brand, & the store that launched Fugie the whale & Flying Saucers all back in 1934 after almost 75 years closed for good. (it is now a Japanese resturant)

Founder Tom Carvel began his Hartsdale connection that year n Memorial day. His Ice cream truck broke down at that location and people came to his (more like the ice creams) rescue by treating themselves to the melting treat. Returning 2 years later Mr. Carvel established the ice cream parlor, alongside his wife Agnes who lived in the back for years before most of the building was torn down to m ake way for the glass version of the 50's. (It was always cool to see soemthing still standing from the 50s when we'd pass by. Its a shame they didn't save it somehow. (shouldn't have been some sort of landmark, Being it was THE FIRST?) In the 70s the icecream cake was popularized and remain so with the brand. Carvel was the Nation's First retail icecream franchise and boasts more than 500 stores. It is sold in more than 8,500 supermarkets nationwide (selling those Icecream cakes & Flying Saucers)

Carvel History

1906 Thomas A. Carvelas is born in Athens, Greece

1910 Carvel's parents move the family to NYC

1929 Carvel begins selling Ice cream from a vending truck

1934 Thomas Carvel's vending truck gets flat tire in Hartsdale on Memorial day weekend selling the melting ice cream from the truck

1936 First store opens at the site the truck brokedown and developes a soft serve ice cream formula

1947 Carvel Begins Franchising the stores

1951 They Flying Saucer the round ice cream sandwich is developed

1955 First Carvel Radio & TV commercials appear with Tom Carvel

1972 Lo-Yo a frozen yogurt and THinny-Thin forzen dietary desserts are introduced

1987 Abdol Faghihi buys Hartsdale franchise on the site of first store

1989 The Company is sold to Investcorp and international investment bank for $80 million

1990 Tom Carvel dies and is buried in Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale

1991 The Company Moves its headquarters from Yonkers, NY to Farmington, Conn

1992 Supermarket sales begin

2001 The Carvel Company is sold to Roark Capital group a private equity firm in Atlanta

2004 Carvel Franchises mark the brands 70th anniversary. TO Celebrate, Carvel sets a Guinness World Record for the largest ice-cream cake, a 12, 906 pound creation dished out in unin Square in Manhattan.

Does the Noise in my Head Bother you, check out pages from Steven Tyler's book

Yonkers artists

Musicians, writers athletes, actors & Movies of Yonkers and the surrounding areas


Steven Tyler of Aerosmith & Permanent American Idol Judge

Anthrax Thrash/Metal band

Ruff Ryders

DMX -Rapper/actor

Mary J. Blige

Ella Fitzgerald- Jazz Singer

W.C. Handy -COmpiser/musician

Jadakiss -rapper

Gene Krupa-Jazz musician

Stagga Lee

Sheek Louch (D-block) Rapper

Will Rahmer- Death Metal bands Mortician, Incantation

Styles P - Rapper

Chip Taylor - songwriter (brother of Jon Voight)


Paul Teutul Sr.

Sid Caesar -Actor

Carlos Alazraqui -Actor

Robert Celestino-Director

Cathy DeBuono -actress producer

Thomas Mikal Ford -Actor

Frances Foster-actor

Richard Masur-actor (Encino Man)

Lawrence Monoson -actor

Cathy Moriarty-Gentile -Actor

Jon Voight - actor (father of actress Angelina Jolie)

Erik Palladino - WHAAAAT!!! seriously This guy is from yonkers all these years I've been watching & no IDEA!! I remember watching him on the Metal show Hit Parader (like the Magazine) he was also in Can't hardly Wait..

Adam Rodriguez -actor (crap another one I had no clue, Daaaaaaaaam! and he would have been a year ahead of me in school.. wonder if he went to my school)

Michael Fox (not to be confused with Michael J. Fox)

Jack Lambert

Lane Bradford

Priscilla Garita

Danny Doherty

David Palmieri

Lil' Zane

Robert Shayne

Joe Howard

Clayton LeBouef

Scott Robinson -producer (I wonder if this is the guy that was in a band with an X of mine)

Michael Consiglio

Naoka Nakagawa

Vanessa Rodriguez Spencer -casting director

Declan Baldwin

Gregori J. Martin

Amy Anzel

Mary-Joan Negro

Lou Wills Jr.

Gladys Lloyd

Kibwe Dorsey

Bowlegged Lou

Frances Foster

Hugh Trevor

Jasmine Rodriguez

Scott Christian Sava -producer

Robert Nadder

Joseph DeVito

Joseph Della Sorte

Bill Flynn

Muriel Kirkland

Eddie Tamblyn

Tara Kennedy


Billy Burch -Pro Hockey Player

Doug DeWitt -Pro boxer

James Blake-Tennis

Brian Sweeney - professional baseball player

Tommy Dreamer -Pro Wrestler (ECW for one)

George Wright - baseball pioneer

Eddie Kingston-pro wrestler

Steve Ridzik -pro Baseball player


Austin Wright - writer

Ronald Garan-Astronaught (recently back from one of the last space missions) & in 2005 founded MANNAENERGY that uses renewable energy to bring clean water & sanitation to villages in Rwanda

Paul Teutul, Sr. - founder of Orange County Choppers and reality television personality on American Chopper.

David Berkowitz - Son of Sam serial Killer

Joe Lapchick-Basketball coach

Mike Breen-sports broadcaster

Edwin Howard Armstrong-transmitted 1st FM broadcast

Joseph Stilwell - U.S. Army General during World War I and World War II

Charles Proteus Steinmetz German-American mathematician and electrical engineer

Patrick Quinlan -author

Tiziano Thomas Dossena Writer/Editor

Oriental Trading Company's CEO is from Yonkers

Richard Yates

James Comey

Who else is Famous from Yonkers?

Yonkers has also Played host to movie productions (Filmed here)

The Preacher's wife - Filmed on walnut street, in the Church there

Catch me if you Can - some of the movie was filmed on Lake ave.

an episode or so of Law & Order was filmed in or around the Royal Regency Hotel (on Tuckahoe road.

Big- part of it toward the end was filmed in Rye Playland near the beach.

Yonkers is Not Credited, but in the movie 13 aka Russian Roulette the Malecon Restaurant (the only one I know of) located at the bottom of McLean and at 390 South Broadway is seen at the very beginning of the movie.

Dark Shadows 70s tv series was filmed in Lyndhurst Castle (This was mentioned on the news but wasn't able to find the back facts to it)

movies or books even were SET IN Yonkers, NY (not filmed in)

Hello Dolly was set Yonkers, NY in 1859

Recently as of October 2014 an HBO movie called Show me a hero was filmed just a few houses down from mine! I was told it is supposed to air Fall 2015.

Part of Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy was filmed at the Yonkers courthouse

(until I find more.. I know there's got to be others cause I see movie trucks esp. the lighting ones here & there)

Mentions of Yonkers

"I Was a Male War Bride" -

Cary Grant asks an American soldier where he's from. When he proudly says, "Yonkers," Cary Grant asks "What are Yonkers?" The soldier is not amused (KimGiancaterino -posted this to the comments)

The Adjustment Bureau- Matt Damon's character, a polititian running for senate, mentions Yonkers

Revenge the abc guilty pleasure series in the May 16, 2012 episode (the 2nd from last in the season) a character mentioned she just moved from Yonkers

The book Scouting for the Reaper by Jacob M Appel in the 3rd story in the book Self-Titled it mentions Yonkers and Scarsdale even as well

NYC 45 minutes away

Take a city Sites tour & you can get off & on as you please to see the sites you want.

-National History Museum

-The Met

-Central Park Zoo

-The Bronx Zoo

-Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum

-Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant

on Friday May 10, 2013 The Spire went up on 1 World Trade Center to make the building 1,776 feet high.



Oldest Footage of NYC