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World Travel Guide to Guinea Bissau

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The Wonder of Bissau: My Experience Traveling to Guinea Bissau's Capital

I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to capture the wonder of my experience in Guinea Bissau's capital, Bissau. It was unlike anything I had ever seen or experienced before, and it opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist in this world. One thing's for sure, however—traveling to Bissau was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget, as I will now explain in this piece on the wonder of Bissau.

Arrival into Bissau

As the plane descended into the capital city of Bissau, I could feel my heart racing in anticipation. I had always dreamed of visiting Guinea Bissau, and now here I was about to finally set foot on the country. The landscape was lush and green, with rivers winding their way through the jungle. As we made our way into the city, I was struck by the colorful buildings and lively streets. It was everything I had imagined it would be and more.

Exiting the Airport

As soon as I exited the airport, I was enveloped in the heat and humidity of Bissau. I was excited to be here, even though I knew very little about the country. The first thing that struck me was how friendly everyone was. Within minutes of arriving, I was already chatting with people and getting a feel for the city.

Although I knew very little about Guinea-Bissau when I came here, it quickly became one of my favorite places that I've visited. It has a unique culture and history, and an incredible diversity in terms of nature. In addition, everyone I met was incredibly friendly. All in all, it was a place unlike anywhere else I've ever been before!

Understanding and appreciating another country is an important part of being a global citizen. The more we learn about other countries’ histories and cultures, the better equipped we are to understand each other as human beings. This understanding creates less friction and ultimately leads us toward peace.

Checking Into a Hotel

As I walked into my room, I was greeted by a beautiful view of Bissau and its famous hills. The hotel room wasn’t anything fancy, but it was big and comfortable. The bathroom had hot water and cold water - something that’s not always guaranteed in Africa. Overall, it was great value for money! With such an amazing view, relaxing outdoor terrace and great staff.

Downtown, Part 1

I had the pleasure of traveling to Bissau, the capital of Guinea Bissau, last month. The city is a wonder. The people are friendly and the scenery is beautiful. I was able to visit several amazing places while I was there, including the downtown area.

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While I didn't get a chance to visit every building, there are certainly some that stood out for me. The presidential palace is an interesting structure located in downtown Bissau. It is unique and has an interesting history, as it was constructed by Chinese diplomats who were among Guinea-Bissau's main supporters during its struggles for independence. In fact, a golden dragon and lion decorate both sides of its center tower! Its location also makes it easy to find, as it is on Praça de Independência (Independence Square).

Nightlife in Bissau

I was pleasantly surprised by the nightlife in Bissau. There are a variety of bars and clubs to suit all tastes, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. I had some great conversations with locals and other travelers, and everyone was happy to help me practice my Portuguese. Overall, I had a great time exploring the nightlife in Bissau and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good time.

Another great spot for a night out is La Cave Wine Bar. Here you'll find local bands playing live music, and a crowd that comes here to really get down and dance. While I didn't stay for very long because I was hungry, it seemed like all ages were welcome here. It has a casual vibe that welcomes all types, but be aware that some groups of men might come here hoping to meet women and hook up, so do not go alone or with someone you don't trust.

Where To Eat in Bissau

1. Azul Marisco - This seafood restaurant is one of the most popular in Bissau and for good reason. The seafood is fresh and there is a wide variety to choose from.

2. Restaurant Tibby - Tibby is a great option if you're looking for something other than seafood. They have a mix of African and European dishes on their menu.

3. Teixeira Bakery - This bakery is perfect for grabbing a quick snack or dessert. They have a large selection of pastries, cakes, and cookies.

4. Supermarket Diana - If you're looking for a place to buy groceries, Supermarket Diana is the largest and most well-stocked in Bissau.


I absolutely loved my experience traveling to Bissau. The city is teeming with life and energy, and there's so much to see and do. I highly recommend visiting if you ever have the chance. You won't be disappointed!

The Wonder of Bissau: My Experience Traveling to Guinea Bissau's Capital


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