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wisatawan palopo

Halo sahabat wisata seluru indonesia khususnya sulawesi selatan (palopo).perkenalkan namaku juy Thamrin saya berasal dari bastem

Travel to Surabaya Kenjeran Park

foto di wisata surabaya kenjeran park

foto di wisata surabaya kenjeran park

Vacation preparation tips away

hello guys, here I will provide some comfortable tips when we want to have a far vacation ... so that you don't worry about the road and when you arrive at your destination you don't panic or worry ...

1. First of all, you have to make sure that your destination is safe in a location so that you don't arrive at your destination instead of returning because the location has a demo or a flood or even the location of the tour is closed, aka not open.

2: make sure all the supplies and items you need are ready in the travel bag ,, for example, wallets, money, medicines, cellphones, underwear, sarongs and towels and also beauty equipment

3: notify parents who live at home or relatives and also give news to your family or friends who are at the destination.

4: make sure your body condition is fit, aka healthy before leaving for your destination.

5: and the last thing is to avoid playing your cellphone or holding your cellphone while traveling, except for the essentials ,,

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well that's a few tips from me and this is my experience so far when I was in the mood for a vacation or a long trip ... what is certain is that you always save moments on your trip, namely a small note ,,

I have one message if you like to travel on long vacations, that is, as long as you are on a trip, don't forget to always give alms to other people. Don't forget to also do your religious obligations while on the trip, always dhikr to avoid bad things ..

so a little of my experience if I want to travel far on vacation ,,

© 2020 Juyanto Thamrin

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