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Top 5 Weekend Destinations In Madhya Pradesh

Prithviraj loves to travel. He is always curious about the wonderful places in the world.


The heart of India encompasses a treasure of amazing places to see. There are historical palaces, ancient temples, and national parks that will make your weekend refreshing.

The architectural marvels of the forts and temples, the big cats of the national parks, and the landscape scenarios will make you fall in love with Madhya Pradesh.

Top 5 Tourist Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh

Below are the amazing places to choose for your weekend gateway.



Khajuraho is an ancient Nagara style architectural marvel housing 22 temples. Their detailed carvings and alluring sculptures will mesmerize you. Their construction consists of granite and sandstones. Their design is made according to the Vastu-Purusha-Mandala plan.

Khajuraho's group of monuments were built by the Chandela kingdom between 885 AD and 1050 AD.

Kanha National Park


Kanha national park is the largest national park in Central India. It is well known in the world for three reasons as follow:

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  1. Tiger safari to spot the mighty Bengal tigers in their natural habitat. Munna is the most famous tiger to spot in this Kanha tiger safari. He is well known for the unique 'CAT' mark on his forehead.
  2. An inspirational park that leads the novelist Rudyard Kipling to write the famous - "Jungle Book".
  3. For the large presence of Barasingha.

Gwalior Fort


Created in the 6th century, Gwalior has amazing architecture. The fort went through various upgrades. The modern structure that you see today was built by the Maharaja Man Singh Tomar.

Materials used to create the Gwalior fort consisted of sandstone and lime mortar.

The fort holds various temples, small palaces, water tanks, and courageous history.

Sanchi Stupa


This spiritual monument was built by Samrat Ashoka in the 3rd century BC. It is located in the Raisen district and is a marvellous example of Buddhist architecture. Sanchi Stupa is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


It is a beautiful hill station that will make the weekend of nature lovers delight. This is a tranquil place full of lush woodlands, crystal clear waterfalls and melodious music of birds. Moreover, Pachmarhi is most famous for the ancient Pandav caves.

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