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Things to see and do around Rainy Lake, Minnesota


Rainy Lake offers Four Seasons of Fun!

Suggestions and photos of things to see and do around Rainy Lake, Minnesota, this is your source for information to help you enjoy a visit to Rainy Lake, International Falls and Koochiching County.

The photo is from the Ranier Summer Festival, here kids ride the "Ranier Train" through town as part of the annual parade. The festival usually signals that summer is coming to an end and fall will soon offer displays of brilliant color. Fall also offers small game hunting and good fishing as walleye, crappie, northern pike and smallmouth bass all feed heavily to prepare for winter.

Summers are great in our area, with temps in the 70's and abundant sunshine. Voyageurs National Park boat tours offer trips to the historic gold mine districts, likely areas to spot wildlife and to the remote and historic Kettle Falls Hotel. There are trails to hike, bike or ride an ATV, photos to take and things to do.

Winter offers ice fishing, snowmobilihng, cross country skiing and more. Voyageurs National Park even makes snow shoes available to get out and enjoy nature. The landscape changes as a blanket of snow covers the ground and ice forms offering travel on the lake surfaces.

Spring brings special border waters regulations that allow for the latest ice fishing and earliest open water fishing in the state. Snowmelt causes our waterfalls and rapids to thunder with spectacular outflows. Watching the forest green up brings some beautiful and sometimes subtle hues to the forest.