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Why Sunsets on the Beach Are Healing

I find a fascination with spiritual & paranormal experiences. From my research, I believe the source of energy & frequency holds the answer.


A Walk On The Beach At Sunset - Relaxing, Healing and Spiritual

Inspired by a recent beach vacation, I was reminded there is nothing more beautiful and healing than a walk at sunset on the beach. Dusk has always been a favorite time for me as the day comes to a close and nightfall is on its way. It's the time for barbeques and family dinners. Still warm from the sun, the weather is at its best. It's time to feel satisfied from the day's journey and rejuvenate into the evening. Many people enjoy taking a walk after dinner. A perfect time for a relaxing and healing walk. The beach adds an additional element of inspiring beauty with appreciation and gratitude.

Sunsets are romantic, spiritual and inspirational. Experiencing a sunset on the beach is the ultimate; it's inspired art, poetry, photography, music, movies, quotes and the most popular beach wedding of all is at sunset. It's also such a natural way to enjoy meditation.

Sunsets on the beach have created restaurants with spectacular views where diners vie for that outdoor patio table. I wonder how many of you have a beach sunset as the wallpaper on your computer or have paid top dollar at a beach resort for the ocean view so you can watch the sunset on your balcony while sipping a favorite drink.

Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes

Negative ions are created from ocean waves as they hit the shore, and increases the level serotonin that we breath into our bloodstream. Serotonin helps eliminates stress and depression. It also heightens our feelings of wellness.

Create the Healing of Negative Ions in Your Own Home & Environment

Put Yourself in the Moment with Live Beach Cams

Put yourself there in the moment. When you can't get the real thing, you can watch a live beach cam. With your senses transported to the ocean, take deep breaths and release the stress. Mediation is very healing, and taking yourself to a high state of peace and relaxation with ocean webcams can help you achieve the healing space you desire.

If you time this right, you may experience a real sunset on the beach!

Ocean Beach Sunset

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Sunset Over Pacific Ocean - Relax and Heal Your Spirit

Take a Virtual Beach Vacation. Use your imagination and drift off to the coast. Enjoy and experience a real sunset on the beach.

Sometimes we just can't escape physically to the beach. But you know you need that relaxation that the ocean and nature brings. Put your feet up; take some time for yourself and travel virtually to the ocean and experience an awesome sunset. Perhaps as your day starts to end and the sun is setting - sit back and relax with a virtual sunset on a coastal beach.

Romance on the Beach at Sunset


Falling in Love at Sunset on the Beach

Love at the beach. If you've taken a beach vacation with the one you love or even met someone at the beach which became love, then you know how romantic it can be. One of the most memorable experiences is walking along the beach with someone you love, especially at sunset after a romantic dinner.

When I think of the beach, I think of paradise. To me there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the ocean, hearing the crashing waves and letting my spirit soar with the birds out to sea. It's so very romantic. Many weddings take place on the beach because of its beauty and serenity.

I can be at almost any hotel on the beach, and if it's a weekend, you can count on there being plenty of weddings going on.

Create Beach Living When There Is No Beach

Living in the middle of the Mojave desert, I can't always get to a beach to renew myself. However, there are so many things that can be done to recreate the peace, tranquility and beauty of the ocean and beach.

I call it virtual beach living. Creating an environment that you can still feel the essence of the crashing waves or watching the tide come in and out. The joy of surrounding yourself with what makes you smile can still be attained even when you don't live near a beach.

Enjoy the beach experience while staying in your own comfortable home and still get the benefits.

Virtual Beach Living

  • Virtual Beach Living Anywhere
    The beach creates such a relaxing and stress free environment. I think that decorating your home with a beach theme is such a creative way to capture the essence of the beach and ocean waves.

Share thoughts and experiences of your favorite sunset -

WinWriter on March 08, 2013:

Ohhhh I love the beach and the pictures you shared. I spent much of my childhood growing up in Pensacola and how I loved the sunsets over the water. Another fun thing to do was to go out to the beach when there was a meteor shower. You had an open skyline and could see everything from the shore. Very cool :)

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