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List of States in America That Start With

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The United States

In recent news, the United States' president Barack Obama said that he has visited most of the 57 states in the United States. The video of Obama's speech has been making its rounds on the Internet. It was obviously a mistake on the president's part, but in reality, not many people probably even know how many states there are.

Every single person knows what the United States are. Obama might have made a mistake, but surprisingly, not many people can name all of the states off the top of their head and quite a bit of people think that there are 52 states, 48 states or give or take a few more. There are 50 states in America and here is the list of them in alphabetical order.

Some of the capitals have been listed next to the states and other fun facts are also listed besides others.

List of States in America that Start with A

List of states in America that start with A.

Alabama- The capital is Montgomery and the largest city is Birmingham.

Alaska- The capital is Juneau and the largest city is Anchorage.

Arizona- The capital is Phoenix and the largest city is Phoenix.

Arkansas- The capital is Little Rock and the largest city is Little rock.

States that Start with the letter B

There are no states that begin with the letter B.

List of States in America that Start with C

List of states in America that start with C.

California- The capital is Sacramento and the largest city is Los Angeles

Colorado- The capital is Denver and the largest city is Denver

Connecticut- The capital is Hartford and the largest city is Bridgeport

List of States in America that Start with D

List of states in America that start with D.

Delaware- The capital is Dover and the largest city is Wilmington

States that Start with the Letter E

There are no states that start with the letter E.

States that Start with F

Here are the states that start with the letter F.

Florida- The capital is Tallahassee and the largest city is Jacksonville

States that Start with G

Here are the states that start with the letter G.

Georgia- The capital is Atlanta and the largest city is Atlanta

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States that Start with H

Here are the states that start with the letter H.

Hawaii- The capital is Honolulu and the largest city is Honolulu

States that Start with I

Here are the states that start with the letter I.

Idaho- The capital is Boise and the largest city is Boise

Illinois- The capital is Springfield and the largest city is Chicago

Indiana- The capital is Indianapolis and the largest city is Indianapolis

Iowa- The capital is Des Moines and the largest city is Des Moines

States that Start with J

There are no states that start with the letter J.

States that Start with the Letter K

Here are the states that start with the letter K.

Kansas- The capital is Topeka and the largest city is Wichita

Kentucky- The capital is Frankfort and the largest city is Lexington

States that Start with L

Here are the states that start with the letter L.

Louisiana- The nickname for this state is the pelican state

States that Start with M

Here are the states that start with the letter M.

Maine- The nickname for this state is the pine tree state

Maryland- The nickname for this state is the free state

Massachusetts- The nickname for this state is the bay state

Michigan- The nickname for this state is the wolverine state

Minnesota- The nickname for this state is the north star state

Mississippi- The nickname for this state is the magnolia state

Missouri- The nickname for this state is the show-me state

Montana- The nickname for this state is the treasure state

States that Start with N

Here are the states that start with the letter N.



New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota

States that Start with O

Here are the states that start with the letter O.




States that Start with P

Here is the state that starts with the letter P.


States that Start with Q

There are no states that start with the letter Q.

States that Start with R

Here are the states that start with the letter R.

Rhode Island

States that Start with S

Here are the states that start with the letter S.

South Carolina

South Dakota

States that Start with T

Here are the states that start with the letter T.



States that Start with U

Here are the states that start with the letter U.


States that Start with V

Here are the states that start with the letter V.



States that Start with W

Here are the states that start with the letter W.


West Virgina



States that Start with X

There are no states that start with the letter X.

States that Start with Y

There are no states that start with the letter Y.

States that Start with the letter Z

There are no states that start with the letter Z.

List of Capitals in America

Here is a complete list of state capitals in America. There are also some facts about each capital.

List of State Capitals in America:

1. State: Alabama
- Capital: Montgomery
- Population: 205,764

- About Montgomery: Incorporated in 1819, Montgomery City was formed with the merger of two towns located along the Alabama River. It is known for its historic and cultural landmarks like the Alabama State Capitol, First White House of Confederacy, Alabama war memorial, Hanks William Memorial and many more. It is also home of important air force establishments.

2. State: Alaska
- Capital: Juneau
- Population: 31,275

- About Juneau: Juneau became the capital of Alaska in 1906. The city of Juneau is named after Joe Juneau, a gold prospector. Downtown Juneau is located at the sea level and surrounded by steep mountains.

3. Arizona
- Capital: Phoenix
- Population: 1,445,632

About Phoenix: Phoenix is the third state capital in the list of state capitals of US. Incorporated in 1881, Phoenix is the 6th most populous city in The US. The city is famous for its political culture, and many influential American politicians have come from this city. Phoenix is famous for its natural beauty, sunny skies and sports and cultural attractions. It also provides access to The Sonoran Desert.

4. State: Arkansas
- Capital: Little Rock
- Population: 193,524

About Little Rock: Little Rock gets its name from the small Rock formation near the south bank of Arkansas River. The city is known for its diverse economic climate. The city gave the US its first president in the form of Bill Clinton.

5. State: California
- Capital: Sacramento
- Population: 466,488

About Sacramento: Sacramento city is located at the confluence of two rivers – Sacramento River and American River. It is one of the most ethnically and racially integrated cities of US.

6. State: Colorado
- Capital: Denver
- Population: 600,158

About Denver: Placed near the confluence of South Platte River and Cherry Creek, Denver is known as Mile-High City as it is exactly 1-mile above sea level. The city was founded in 1858 as a mining town during Pikes Peak gold rush. It is famous for its scenic surroundings and Coors Beer. The city has the world's 11th busiest airport.

7. Connecticut
- Capital: Hartford
- Population: 124,775

About Hartford: Hartford is famous known as 'the Insurance capital of the world' as it is home to many large insurance companies. The city is known for its economic activity, and it is 2nd in the US in terms of per capita economic activity.

8. Delaware
- Capital: Dover
- Population: 36,047

About Dover: Incorporated in 1717, Dover is a small capital city with a tiny population. The city is famous for NASCAR races that are held at Dover International Speedway for two weekends a year. It attracts more than 100,000 spectators.

9. State: Florida
- Capital: Tallahassee
- Population: 181,376

About Tallahassee: Tallahassee is Florida's prominent college cities and is home to several universities. It is a regional centre for scientific research, and trade and agriculture.

10. State: Georgia
- Capital: Atlanta
- Population: 420,003

About Atlanta: Atlanta is famous for being a place of origin for Coca-Cola Company. It is also home to one of the world's busiest airports, thanks to Atlanta being one of the major business cities in the US. Big companies like Coca-Cola, AT&T, The Home Depot, UPS, Delta Airlines and CNN have their headquarters in Atlanta.

11. Hawaii
- Capital: Honolulu
- Population: 953,207

About Honolulu: Honolulu is known for the horrific Pearl Harbour attack in 1941. It is also famous for Arizona Memorial. The city skyline is marked by high-rises, and it ranks 4th in terms of high-rises in the US.

12. State: Idaho
- Capital: Boise
- Population: 205,671

About Boise: Idaho is famous for its farming of potatoes. Boise has attracted many hi-tech companies over the years that are also contributing to the economy. Call centre industry is one of the major sources of employment here.

13. Illinois
- Capital: Springfield
- Population: 116,250

About Illinois: Illinois is one of the nation's manufacturing leaders and is also known as a leader in music education.

14. State: Indiana
- Capital: Indianapolis
- Population: 820,445

About Indianapolis: The city is well-known for its annual Indianapolis 500 and the NHRA US Nationals.

15. Iowa
- Capital: Des Moines
- Population: 203,433

About Des Moines: Des Moines is the major centre for the insurance industry and financial services.

16. State: Kansas
- Capital: Topeka
- Population: 127,473

17. State: Kentucky
- Capital: Frankfort
- Population: 25,527

About Frankfort: Frankfort is known for Frankfort Cemetery, Old State Capitol and Old State Arsenal.

18. State: Louisiana
- Capital: Baton Rouge
- Population: 229,493

About Baton Rouge: It is a major industrial, medical and research center. Baton Rouge area, also known as the Capital Area is the first bluff upriver from the Mississippi River Delta.

19. State: Maine
- Capital: Augusta
- Population: 200,000 City, 500,000 Trade Region

About Augusta: Augusta National is one of the most admired golf clubs in history for its beauty and legends. Every year in April, golf players from all over the world concentrate on the legendary golf course at Augusta National for the Master's Tournament.

20. State: Maryland
- Capital: Annapolis
- Population: 35,838 according to the 2000 Census

About Annapolis: The city is known for its largest collection of eighteenth and nineteenth-century architecture. It has abundant examples of Victorian and other famous architectural styles such as Georgian mansions, Tudor Revival, Beaux Arts and many more. It became the country's first National Historic Landmark District.

21. State: Massachusetts- Capital: Boston - Population: 589,141

About Boston: Boston is known for the nation's first public park (The Boston Commons), the first public library and the first subway. This largest city of Massachusetts harbors some of the most popular historical sites in the country: the Boston Tea Party ship, Paul Revere House and Faneuil Hall.

22. State: Michigan
-Capital: Lansing
- Population: 114,297 (as of the census of 2010)

About Lansing: Lansing is known as the car capital of North America. East Lansing is famous for its reputed Michigan State University. It is the only state capital that is not also a county seat.

23. State: Minnesota
- Capital: St. Paul
- Population: 275,000

About St. Paul: St. Paul is one of the twin cities (other one Minneapolis). Located on the Missisippi River, St. Paul is the home to seven Fortune 1000 Company Headquaters. The city is famous for its St. Paul Winter Carnival.

24. State: Mississippi
- Capital: Jackson
- Population: 173,514 (as of the census of 2010)

About Jackson: Jackson is home to several major industries including processed food, electrical equipment and primary metal products. This modern city is known for its fun and festive events such as Farish Street festival, Missisippi Trade fair and Dixie National Rodeo.

25. State: Missouri
- Capital: Jefferson City
- Population: 43,079

About Jefferson City: Jefferson City is a historic place that is famous for its Missouri State Penitentiary, Civil War history and the state capitol.

26. State: Montana
- Capital: Helena
- Population: 28,180

About Helena: The city is home to Helena Brewers (minor league baseball team) and Helena Bighorns (tier III Junior ice hockey team).

27. State: Nebraska
- Capital: Lincoln
- Population: 258,379

About Lincoln: Lincoln is known for the university's football team, the Nebraska CornHuskers.

28. State: Nevada
- Capital: Carson City
- Population: 55,274

About Carson City: Carson city is famous for the Nevada State Museum, Nevada State Museum and Warren Engine Company museum.

29. State: New Hampshire
- Capital: Concord
- Population: 42,695

About Concord: The city is home to major educational schools including University of New Hampshire School of Law, St. Paul's School and New Hampshire Technical Institute.

30. State: New Jersey
- Capital: Trenton
- Population: 84,913

About Trenton: The city is known for "Battle of Trenton," George Washington's first military victory.

31. State: New Mexico
- Capital: Santa Fe
- Population: 67,947

About Santa Fe: It is known as the second largest art center in United States. It is the highest as well as the oldest state capital in the US.

32. State: New York
- Capital: Albany
- Population: 97,856

About Albany: Albany is known for its rich culture, architecture, history and institutions for higher education. It won the All-America City Award in 1991 and 2009.

33. State: North Carolina
- Capital: Raleigh
- Population: 403,892

About Raleigh: Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks for its many oak trees. Due to its high quality life and business climate, Raleigh was featured in the Top 10 Lists of Forbes and Money Magazine.

34. State: North Dakota
- Capital: Bismarck
- Population: 61,272

About Bismarck: Bismarck holds a major place in retail and health care and is the economic center of North and South Dakota.

35. State: Ohio
- Capital: Columbus
- Population: 2,031,229.

About Columbus: This technologically advanced city is hub of research and development, including the Battelle Memorial Institute, Chemical Abstracts Service and Netjets and the Ohio State University.

36. State: Oklahoma
- Capital: Oklahoma City
- Population: 579,999

About Oklahoma City: It is an important producer of agricultural products and minerals.

37. State: Oregon
- Capital: Salem
- Population: 154,637

About Salem: The city is known for Corban University and Willamette University.

38. State: Pennsylvania
- Capital: Harrisburg

- About Harrisburg: The city is known for its important role in the history of America. It is popular for its Pennsylvania Farm Show and annual outdoor Sports show.

39. State: Rhode Island
- Capital: Providence
- Population: 178,042

About Providence: Providence is one of the largest centers for jewelry and silverware designs and manufacturing.

40. State: South Carolina
- Capital: Columbia
- Population: 129,272

About Columbia: In the past the city has been rated as one of the America's 25 best places to retire.

41. State: South Dakota
- Capital: Pierre
- Population: 13,646

About Pierre: It is the principal city of Pierre Micropolitan Statistical Area.

42. State: Tennessee
- Capital: Nashville
- Population: 1,589,934

About Nashville: Also known as Music city, Nashville is the center to music industry.

43. State: Texas
- Capital: Austin
- Population: 790,390

About Austin: Many people all around the world travel to Austin just to attend incredible music events going throughout the year.

44. State: Utah
- Capital: Salt lake city
- Population: 180,000

About Salt Lake City: Salt Lake City is the base for outdoor recreational activities such as ski resorts.

45. State: Vermont
- Capital: Montpelier
- Population: 7,855

About Montpelier: It is the smallest state capital in the United States. Two important buildings in Montpelier are Vermont History Museum and Vermont State House.

46. State: Virginia
- Capital: Richmond
- Population: 204,214

About Richmond: Due to its great architectural style, Richmond is one of the major tourist attractions.

47. State: Washington
- Capital: Olympia
- Population: 46,478

About Olympia: It is a major regional center for fine arts and culture.

48. State: West Virginia
- Capital: Charleston
Population: 51,400

About Charleston: Charleston is known for- West Virginia Power and the 130th Airlift wing of the West Virginia Air National Guard.

49. State: Wisconsin
Capital: Madison
Population: 233,209

50. State: Wyoming
Capital: Cheyenne


MikeNV from Henderson, NV on November 02, 2017:

Hmmm. Only 50? More interesting is how one gets a 100% accurate number for the population.

Grammar freak on October 31, 2017:

There is 50 states not 57, please fix this it really annoys me.

Deb on August 24, 2017:

Augusta home of the Masters is in Augusta, Georgia; not Maine!

Lee John from Preston on February 17, 2015:

Hi Scoop,

Excellent Hub, i voted up as deserved :) I write travel hubs feel free to check mine out and any feedback or comments would be highly appreciated :)



Sam on December 23, 2012:

the same goes for West Virgina.. it's Virg I N I A

Sam on December 23, 2012:

Should learn how to spell the state of Virginia - It's not Virgina .. oops!

sarah on April 22, 2012:

PEOPLE!Count the stars on the American flag! And look at any map of the U.S.

Ilikepie on February 15, 2012:

It's true! On all the maps i've seen teres always 50 states, no more no less and the flag. If it was more there should be more than 50 stars which tere isn't.

peoplearestupid on January 04, 2012:

I agree with amazed! Didn't any of you learn a song to remember all the states in the US? Also, Puerto Rico is a province that the US owns. There are 50 states in total!

Lindsay on August 07, 2011:

The largest city in Kentucky is Louisville, not Lexington.

Amazed on April 18, 2011:

I can't believe the people that have written the comments above!! Do they actually get in their cars and drive also? SCARY !! Simply read the number of states as shown above. Alaska and Hawaii are included !

There are 50 states. Do you EVER look at your flag and count the stars ?

veronica on April 12, 2011:

you should do from a-z

JustaThought on February 20, 2011:

i came to researching this question because of a commercial about Puerto Rico, exactly saying "when you come to Puerto Rico, you will visiting one of the oldest states of America" or closely to that, i don't believe Washington DC is solely a state WITHIN a state, I AM surprised never thinking about Alaska which i forgotten it did happen and Hawaii as well, so wouldn't it be at this point 53 ? and as for those saying "technicalities", Which it was officially 50 States,then U.S. bought Alaska,Hawaii which makes 52, questionably to me is just Puerto Rico which would make 53

starzgirl0 on January 05, 2011:

Washington DC will never be a state because it was made to be a city not a state so that one state has more power over another state.

lauralolita from Florida on December 17, 2010:

To Denaboo: They are not currently classified as states, but rather provinces that the United States owns.

bluebird on October 12, 2010:

I like your hub. We had to memorize the capitals of each state in grade school, but I don't know if they still do that today. Do you? This is a good refresher for those of us who've been out of school for years and years, I won't say how many! A good geography lesson! Thanks!

Denaboo on October 11, 2010:

There are 52 state. The two that were added are the District of Columbia (DC) and Puerto Rico (PR).

Hellkid3002 on November 01, 2009:

Mami is the largest not jacksionville

MisCook on June 10, 2009:

A great list - I am going to try an memorize them all.

Jimmy - yes someone mentioned to me only this week how someone thought 'Australia' borders the US.

Jimmy Fuentes from Rancho Cucamonga on June 01, 2009:

Hey scoop! Did you ever see the episode of "Friends" where as a contest, they try to write down all 50 states from memory? My friends and I tried it and invariably we always seem to leave out 1. Funny stuff.. Apparently the average person doesn't even know what two countries border the continental US. Good hub

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