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The Camino - Travelling Light, Staying Present - a Note to Self


El Camino a Santiago

El Camino a Santiago


Ahora es Cuando

Ahora es Cuando


There is a person that inhabits each of us as we play the roles of our lives and yet it fascinates me as to who I become when I am free of the constraints of familiarity, daily lives, jobs and mortgages. Who is it that rears up when travelling by oneself?

Is it a newly minted version of oneself?


Is it one's real and true self? Meaning the person closest to your inherent nature, the one in whose skin you identify fully and feel comfortable with?

Not to say the newly minted version is not a derivative of that comfortable soul but perhaps when we shake off the shackles of expectation, we have a explore a part of our personality as yet untapped within...


to relax into a skin we already know and like but have to layer up under, to live and breathe in a world of responsibility and routine.

Is it possible to harness our truest self in our office as easily as on the road?

Or is it a question of merely being present in the moment?

A skill that I, for one, find so much easier to do when I am alone and / or travelling in a foreign land.

Maybe it is that sense of wanderlust that creeps up on us and requires regular outbursts to break free of masks and the mundane and rattles our brains into keeping watch, staying present...

Or maybe it is the simple access to those parts of our brain that are granted permission to embrace presence only when freed from the habitual chains that have trained them to soften and be quiet. That lull and dull those parts of our brain enough to enable us to cater, or sometimes just to deal, with the overload, the spillage, the sheer bandwidth of information that otherwise crowds us into our daily lives.

Perhaps it is in simplicity and rawness that presence arises from within....

When the only breakdown of information, is in deciphering where one is to bed down for the night, find refuge and food or source the delight of the perfect, hot shower.

When all we are left with is that basic equation, it is as if room is freed up, space is created in our brain. And in that space, Presence takes the wheel and demands our attention.

Presence allows our imagination to hold steady for long enough to truly be held captive by a view...

Presence allows our lungs to inhale for long enough to sustain a full bellied laugh...

Presence allows us to stay in a hug,

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To stay in a kiss.

It lends us time, to sit for long enough to be engrossed in conversation with a stranger - who will move you deeply, then move on....

Presence is the reason people say that Africa is a continent that gets under your skin. For its beauty, for its poverty of choice and scarcity of indulgences which open us up, instead, to the riches of each moment.

It is there I wish to live, as Me. My most powerful me. My most comfortable me.

How curious that those two versions can align so well when they sound like they would be at such odds.

Just like planning one's future takes being grateful in the Now. The paradox of life.

The Power of Now.

Great book. Great read. Great Me.Yes.

Now that is the Me that I wish to be...

I was transfixed recently, watching the movie "The Help" by words given to a child by the main character who was in charge of rearing another woman's child.

I took 'them' words as a lesson and a gift.

A daily prayer to oneself....


"You is smart"

"You is kind"

"You is important"


And with any luck

by Now....

You - are - present


You - is - smiling....




  • The Help Official Movie Site
    The Help - Stars Emma Stone as Skeeter, Viola Davis as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minnie—three very different, extraordinary women in Mississippi during the 1960s, who build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project.



Violet from United Kingdom, I'm British on September 30, 2011:

Thanks, good hub

David Stillwell from Sacramento, California on September 30, 2011:

A most excellent hub... If you have not read this hub... you should... its a journey we should all be taking... well done!

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