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Rochester, New York ~ I ♥ Wegmans

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This author is a long time resident in the southern suburbs of Rochester NY who likes to share some of her favorite places in the area.


Wegmans ~ First in Rochester ~ Now in 6 States, and more to come.

Wegmans Super Markets is King in the Greater Rochester, NY area. There is 1 megastore and 1 superstore within 3 miles of my home in the town of Henrietta. The Greater Rochester area has another 16 Wegmans stores in nearly every suburban town, village and hamlet.

Enjoy your virtual tour of Wegmans, my favorite grocery store chain.

Photo Credit: All images generously shared by Wegmans, unless noted.

Wegman MegaStore Building Facade

Wegman MegaStore Building Facade

"You know you're from Rochester, NY when..."

Excepts featuring the Wegmans entries

* Your baby's first word is "Wegmans".

* Your mother is buying outfits to wear to Wegmans.

To see the rest of this list, see Rochester, New York under the subtitle "The Skyline of Rochester New York overlooking the Genesee River and "You know you're from Rochester, NY when..."

Other versions are floating around and the suggestions featuring Wegmans are:

* A snow storm advisory means you must go shop at Wegmans

* You know you're from Rochester when your entire high school is employed at the same Wegmans.

* You can accurately judge people as to their social status by determining which Wegmans store they shop at.

Read more at You know you're from Rochester when...

Rochester Area Grocery Stores since the 1960's

My earliest memories of grocery shopping were at Star Markets and pasting the Top Value Yellow stamps in the books when we got home. Eventually Wegmans opened a store on a completely vacant intersection just a little closer to our home in Henrietta, New York, and my family was converted. Star Markets moved into the discount strip mall shopping district a few years later, and eventually bowed to the mighty Wegmans and closed. A Tops Friendly Market, based out of Buffalo, built a store in Henrietta across the street from our Wegmans. The brand new store did well for a while, but finally vacated to open a store closer to the retail hub area a couple miles closer to the Rochester city line. Before Wegmans moved to make room for a megastore just around the same corner, 3 pharmacies, a bank, a tanning salon, and a child care center all occupied the once vacant corners of that intersection. The former Wegmans is now inhabited by a very large "Beers of the World".

The Losers of the Rochester Grocery Store Wars: Closed Supermarket chains

The videos below are commercials for the stores that were the earliest supermarket chains in the Rochester area.

The Losers:

A&P commercial features long-time actor Mickey Rooney

Loblaws commercial features William Shatner and a Penguin

IGA commercial features the S&H Green Stamps premium trading program

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Star Market's commercial shows a very young Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle in the 90s (pizza!)

Bells was a no frills warehouse-style supermarket

Park Ridge Supermarkets (No video available. If you come across one, please let me know.)

Tops Friendly Markets is still 2nd place in the Rochester Grocery Wars, but the chain is really struggling in this area. The commercial features cashiers wearing red, white, and blue, uniform tops. I'm pretty sure my sister wore one of those for several years.

Wegmans has 88 Stores in 6 U.S. States

Current stores in:

New York

New Jersey





At the time of this writing, future plans are in place for stores in North Carolina, too.

Click link below for more plans and building schedules.

No? WILL Wegmans be Coming to your City/Town? Here's the Answer...

  • Future Store Locations - Wegmans
    Our new store growth is concentrated in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, though we will continue to upgrade or replace older stores in our more mature markets, like New York.

Alec Baldwin says his Mom won't Move from New York because... See 2:30

A Possible Scenario: an All Day Trip to Wegmans

Wegmans has a fabulous & free in-store childcare facility. You can drop off the kids for one hour increments, but I don't see anything posted about how many times you may do that in a day, as long as you stay in the store. They require you and your kids wear matching event-style wristbands and the childcare attendant hands you you're very own pager.

So check in the kiddies, and go...

Have a Ultra Premium cup of Coffee with any addition you could imagine, with a perfect croissant for quiet, long, long breakfast, then...

Pick up the kids and go shopping for patio furniture, eco-friendly green clothing, shoes, and baby items, or a full kitchen of housewares, then...

Lunchtime: For the kids pick up a submarine sandwich, slice of pizza, or chicken tenders, apples from the counter, or you may add a fruit salad or green salad from the deluxe cold salad bar. Beverages are available too.Add fresh bake cookies if they were good. Hit the full size and luxurious restrooms.

Drop the children off at childcare again, then....

Your lunchtime: Relax during a hot lunch of great Chinese, elegant sushi, or one of the many other lunch time meal. Then...

Pick up the kids, then...

Go grocery shopping in one of the 6 aisles of vegan and health food aisles, a produce department that would fill your average big box pharmacy, visit the full service and first class deli, meat and seafood counters, then...

Complete the day with a gourmet dinner of Bronzed Tilapia with Creole sauce, harvest veggies and Sweet Potatoes and Kale for $6. then... and get the kid their choice or all the lunch menu items of from the hot food bar, although you know they would eat pizza or chicken tenders all day, every day. Then how about......

A supreme raisin bread pudding or fruit tart for dessert, anyone? Just a couple of many bakery and pastry item, but my favorites, and...

Oh, don't forget to have a delicious cup of REAL Cafe Late to finish off the day.

I must be honest... I haven't figured out a way to get the patio furniture to your car since you can't leave the store while you children are in the childcare center, but I'm working on it.

Does this Look like Prepared Food from your Grocery Store?

Wegmans Market Cafe- Dine in or Dine out

Wegmans Market Cafe- Dine in or Dine out

Wegmans Motto: Eat Well, Live Well

  • Wegmans: Eat Well, Live Well
    Healthy Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Menus, Ideas for Special Diets including Diabetic Cooking, Vegetarian Guide, Heart Health, Gluten-Free, Food Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Eating to lower Blood Pressure. Wegmans Mission: To Inspire and suppo

Wegmans Chefs Present "Food You Feel Good About" Recipes

Wegman won the 2007 Food Network Awards hosted by Chef Emeril Lagasse

Wegmans Store Brands are the best!

Wegmans Store Brands are the best!

Wegmans has the Best Store Brands I've ever tasted!

Bonus: Not too much couponing needed for this shopper!

If Wegmans has a store brand, I buy it. It's that simple.

I like the quality Wegmans brands much better as there is usually a better selection than the national brands. You can't lose since the great taste and saving are what's important in this tight economy, at least in our house.

The first rate Wegmans products shown in this picture is just a small selection from my refrigerator with a couple of other products in my kitchen. I could literally write an entire lens with all the Wegmans foods and products in my home.

Shown: (Left to right and front to back)

Yogurt, Dill pickle relish, Strawberry preserves, Green manzanilla olives, Ketchup, my favorite Roasted Garlic spaghetti sauce, liquid hand dishwashing soap, Spring water, Mayonnaise, one of the many awesome Salad dressings, Mustard. Orange Juice with calcium, Diet cola, and my favorite Lite Caffeine Coffee.

Wegmans is in Fortune Magazine's Top 100 Best Companies to Work

Started accumulating info at...






























Visit Wegmans online

  • Wegmans
    Wegmans hub for Recipes, Entertainment, shopping, and more

Wegmans Bakery circa 1921

A part of Wegmans History

A part of Wegmans History

Wegmans Bakery 1921 Photo generously shared on Flickr by liberalmind1012 and used with permission via Creative Commons License

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 BWDuerr

Have anything to share about Wegmans? Or Rochester, NY?

Dan from CNY on May 14, 2013:

I was going to write something like this, but ya beat me to it....great lens.

accfuller on April 29, 2013:

I work for Wegmans! I gave you a squid-like and a g+1 ... :)

NanaPoppins LM on April 16, 2011:

I went to high school and MCC in Rochester. Our family loved Wegmens! We used to shop at the one in Gates. During the holidays when I would ride downtown "its free" i would take my nephew to get a doughnut at Wegmans in the mall. Thanks for the memories you sparked!

ohcaroline on March 05, 2011:

I've heard of Wegmans but I didn't know how awesome they were. Wish there were some in Florida. :(

GiftsBonanza on February 19, 2011:

I had never heard of them, but look like a great store

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