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Queen Vic Market

Fresh fruit at Queen Victoria Market

Fresh fruit at Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is my local store

Do you shop at a fresh food market? I can't imagine what it's like to rely on supermarket chains for my fresh food and I'm incredibly grateful that I have the largest market in the Southern hemisphere so close and so accessible.

Seventeen acres of fresh food and only a short bus trip away! How lucky can I get?

Come and join me for a morning's shopping at the Queen Victoria Market.

Morning Shopping in the Market

Morning Shopping in the Market

The apples are mostly Tasmanian

The apples I buy at the Queen Vic are usually from Tasmania, the most southerly part of Australia. It's been too warm in my own state to produce those really crisp apples you get from a cooler climate.

Lots of produce is flown in from our island state of Tasmania, potatoes and other root vegetables and those delicious cheeses!

Crisp Apples - Red and Green

Apples from Tasmania at the Queen Vic

Apples from Tasmania at the Queen Vic

Tasmania, a lovely little island

The lush and lovely Huon Valley of Tasmania
Tasmania is different from the rest of Australia, it's greener, wetter and much colder. It's a tiny little place, only about the size of Ireland, and sits rough...

Spuds from Tasmania - Beautiful Bintjes

Bintje potatoes from Tasmania

Bintje potatoes from Tasmania

Potatoes from Tasmania

There are so many varieties of potatoes it's hard to choose which variety but I have my favourites, like these Bintjes..

Bintjes are Dutch potatoes, creamy and yellow. They have a really distinctive flavour and are just superb roasted.

Sometimes they arrive from the Latrobe valley, the coal country of Victoria, but these ones, as you can see by the sign in the photo, are from Tasmania.

Oh My, some early Mangoes

Mangoes at the Queen Vic

Mangoes at the Queen Vic

How much are the Mangoes?

A little expensive but can I wait another couple weeks?


Fresh Crabs!

Shopping with my daughter-in-law

My daughter-in-law, Nockie, has been coaching me in the fine art of Vietnamese cooking.

Tuesdays are the best days for the fish market This is when the fishing co-operatives to the south west of Melbourne bring up their catch. A lot of it is live - still jumping!

On this particular Tuesday we picked out some fresh crabs to make some pho (soup). I'll let you know how it turned out!

Usually I make Vietnamese Prawn Soup - Pho Tom

Vietnamese Pho is tangy and fresh, with wonderful flavour and amazing health properties at the same time. For instant zing tuck into a bowl today!

Next stop the Deli Sheds

Frank's Bread at the Queen Vic

Frank's Bread at the Queen Vic

Well worth the extra couple of dollars

I love Frank's Bread. They cost somewhat more but well worth it!

King's Deli

Kings deli at Queen Vic

Kings deli at Queen Vic

I've shopped here for a long time

One of the oldest delicatessens in Queen Vic, King's Deli is inside the main hall. You can't mistake the bright red and the big smile from Robert.

Once I bought from Robert's grandfather but that was a while back, it's good to see the family tradition carries on in this stall.

Woods Deli

Woods Deli at Queen Vic

Woods Deli at Queen Vic

Best Cheese in the Market

The best spot in the Queen Vic for cheeses!

I've been getting most of my cheese from Woods Deli for at least twenty five years. What I appreciate is the way the cheeses have the price on them! Often there's some lovely smoked salmon too.

Queen Vic is self-powered!

The roofs of the market are equipped with 1,328 solar photovoltaic panels, covering 2000 square metres which generate 252,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.



Do't forget the flowers

I get my flowers from Queen Vic. Here's a lovely assortment.

You can buy clothes at Queen Vic too

Clothing shop at the Market

Clothing shop at the Market

Toys - What are these things?

Toys? Bric-a-brac, who knows

Toys? Bric-a-brac, who knows

More than food for sale

The Queen Vic also a large non-food market, selling a diverse range of clothing, shoes, jewelry and handmade art and crafts. I couldn't resist a picture of these brightly coloured mobiles, knick-knacks, bonbonierri or whatever they are!

Terrific Leather goods available too

Italian Leathergoods on special

Italian Leathergoods on special

Don't forget the Market Doughnuts - More than fifty years of yumminess

Doughnut Van at the Queen Vic

Doughnut Van at the Queen Vic

Oh those doughnuts!

My grandmother used to buy me doughnuts at the Queen Vic. These days I buy them for my grandchildren (and myself).

You must buy some doughnuts when you go to the Queen Vic - it's a tradition!

Doughnut in hand, time to enjoy the Buskers

Buskers at the Queen Vic

Buskers at the Queen Vic

World Class Buskers

Some of the Buskers at Queen Vic Market are world class!

After listening to these young men with their panpipes and thrumming Peruvian melodies, it's about time to sit down for a good cup of coffee before I take the shopping home.

Coffee after Shopping

Refreshing cuppa after market shopping

Refreshing cuppa after market shopping

Time for a warm drink

My daughter relaxes with a hot chocolate after the morning's shopping. There are scores of little places to have a cup of coffee or whatever takes your fancy.

Sitting in the Winter Sun

Plenty of seats in the Queen Vic

Plenty of seats in the Queen Vic

Or time for a little rest

Any time of year is fine to sit down after a little shopping. There are plenty of seats throughout Queen Victoria Market

How about you?


All photos by Susanna Duffy

Your comments are greatly appreciated and you don't have to be a market junkie to leave one. Do you shop at a local market too?

© 2009 Susanna Duffy

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Rhonda Albom from New Zealand on April 17, 2014:

In your first section you suggest I come and join you for a morning shop. Finally I will do just that!

Ramona from Arkansas on May 19, 2012:

Your so lucky to have a fresh market near by. Where I live they don't even know what a fresh market is. Being that I'm from Germany but live in the USA for the past 30 years. I miss the fresh markets from home. Thank you for sharing!

KiwiSanet on May 16, 2012:

We went to the Victoria Markets last year when we were on holiday in Australia. Loved it! My only complaint is that I could not eat as much as I wanted to eat. So many foods to try.

scss on January 26, 2012:

I used to travel to Queen Vic market for weekly shopping of trinkets for the home, then I lived near Victoria market and used to do a heap of shopping there... lovely, lovely place to buy anything and everything!

Paula Morgan from Sydney Australia on February 05, 2011:

I love Queen Victoria Market - I also love your friends idea of not shopping at the "big 2" for a month... I wonder if I could do that. I imagine it would just take more time and organisation.

Rhonda Albom from New Zealand on July 26, 2010:

One day we will make to Melbourne, and I will check out this lovely Queen Victoria Market for myself. I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes.

Julia M S Pearce from Melbourne, Australia on March 21, 2010:

I love the Vic Market! Great lens Susanna and lovely shots of the family shopping together!

Susanna Duffy (author) from Melbourne Australia on March 18, 2010:

@anonymous: The market is open till 2.00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and till 4.00 pm on Fridays

anonymous on March 18, 2010:

What a lovely lens. So nice to have all the family shop with you. I so wish that I could get up in time to go to the market.

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on March 17, 2010:

Wonderful! This reminds me of our local farmer's market and it makes me miss my grandmother-in-law. We used to shop for hours and then come home, cook and can for days. Awesome!

Carol Fisher from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK on March 17, 2010:

What a fabulous market and you seem to have captured the flavour if it brilliantly. We have a small farmers' market in our small town where we buy fruit and veg. We also go to Salisbury, the nearest big town, where there is a very big open air market held every Tuesday and Wednesday. We really go just for the market, there's hardly time to do much else while we're there.

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