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Pendleton, SC

Farmer's Hall in Pendleton, SC

The restaurant 1826 On The Green is located in the old Farmer's Hall building on the square in Pendleton.

The restaurant 1826 On The Green is located in the old Farmer's Hall building on the square in Pendleton.

Pendleton, SC - Historic, Friendly

Pendleton, SC is a small town in Anderson County, SC. The town was founded in 1790 and is the largest historic area in the entire United States. The town boasts lovely historic homes and plantations, a town square around a village green, and one of the friendliest populations found anywhere! Just four miles from Clemson University, Pendleton offers a combination of History, Education, Friendships and Laughter!

Have fun! and enjoy your visit to Pendleton! Your visits bring me joy!

Pendleton is a delightful, loving community. We have two major festivals in Pendleton on our Village Green and you can read about them below.

Thank you all for visiting.

Interesting book about the old Pendleton District

Old Guard House

The Guard House sits at the one end of the Village Green while the Farmer's Hall sits at the other end. The Library was located in the Guard House at one time.

The Guard House sits at the one end of the Village Green while the Farmer's Hall sits at the other end. The Library was located in the Guard House at one time.

The Old Guardhouse

Pendleton, SC

The old Guardhouse sits on the village green, the center of downtown Pendleton. Built in 1860, this wonderful building is a must see.Thank you, Jo, for this update:Wanted to let everyone know that the Guard House is now open for visitors. If you've wondered about the building, now is the time to come and see. The Pendleton District Commission is using it as a visitors center while Hunter's Store is being renovated. It still has the charm many of you remember when it was the town library. I only hope I can be as welcoming and helpful as Helen George who served as the town librarian for many years.Note: During my childhood in Pendleton, this building housed our library. 1950-60's.

Old Hunter's Store

Old Hunter's Store is occupied by "Lake Hartwell Country" which used to be named "Pendleton District Commission".

Old Hunter's Store is occupied by "Lake Hartwell Country" which used to be named "Pendleton District Commission".

Pendleton Historic Sites

This is not a total list. The historic areas in Pendleton are far too numerous to list here.The photo above is Hunter's Store, built in 1850 and now the home of the Lake Hartwell Country.

Hunter's Store Warehouse is also standing and was built in 1880. It has a lovely captain's walk or widow's walk that provides a view of the BlueRidge Mountains.

The Farmer's Hall was built in 1828 and is pictured at the top of this page. The site is a restaurant now. It is the oldest Farmer's Hall in existence today.

More information is available in the links list.Astabula and Woodburn Plantations -- see the links list for more information on these beautiful homes.

Gallows Hill built in 1840 - named so because it is believed that a hanging took place on this site.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church 1822. On a walking tour of the graveyard that surrounds the beautiful little church you would find graves for Thomas Green Clemson and Charles Pinckney.

Personal note: Our mother used to point to that graveyard and remind us "Colonel Bernard Bee is buried there. He is the man who named Stonewall Jackson "Stonewall".

Main Street in Pendleton SC - Where Colonial Square Antiques is now

Old Ford Building in Pendleton SC

Old Ford Building in Pendleton SC

Shape Note Singing at historic St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Did I see you in this one?

Wikipedia says: "Shape notes are a music notation designed to facilitate congregational singing. Shape notes of various kinds have been used for over two centuries in a variety of sacred music traditions practiced primarily in the Southern region of the United States."

The Old Pendleton Jail


Remember the old jail?

It was really only used for short term prisoners until they could be moved.

from the comments section. Thank you, Nancy!

See more Old Pendleton Photos

Posted July 17, 2008

Nancy: This is in answer to Anthony's question about the old jail. It was behind the Hunter's Store Warehouse set in the bank of that hill. It was an awful place but the prisoners did get to eat hot dogs from Miles & Crenshaws Cafe.

  • Town of Pendleton
    Progress and the past go hand-in-hand in the historic town of Pendleton, South Carolina. Founded in 1790 on land which just a few years earlier had been a part of the Cherokee Indian Nation, Pendleton now is one of the largest historic districts in t
  • Barrett's Place
    A community-built playground project in Pendleton, SC. This community actually raised the money and physically built this wonderful playground. Be sure to visit this website. A true story of a community coming together to create something wonderful!
  • Pendleton Area Business Association
    Pendleton Area Business Association
  • Anderson School District Four
    Anderson School District Four Information
  • Picnic Shelters at Veterans Park
    Reserve a picnic shelter for birthday parties, reunions, family gatherings, or meetings.

1958 Lions Club- Cummings Sloan, Sam Jones, Mel Tate (our dad), Unknown, and Dexter Gossett. Who is between Dad and Deck?

1958 Lions Club- Cummings Sloan, Sam Jones, Mel Tate (our dad), Unknown, and Dexter Gossett. Who is between Dad and Deck?

1958 Lions Club- Cummings Sloan, Sam Jones, Mel Tate (our dad), Unknown, and Dexter Gossett. Who is between Dad and Deck?

Good Story about Sam Jones - in photo above

from comments section - Thank you, Sheila Wood!

The one story that I like to tell people about my Papa Jones (Sam Jones) is how he was great friends with Coach Howard. While in California, Papa picked up a rock in Death Valley and brought it back to Coach Howard as a souvenir.Coach then had it mounted at the stadium, thus we have the "Howard's Rock"! I have newspaper articles about this and love to show them to my friends...............

Stornoway, Scotland - Sister City

Thank you, Amber Barnes for this great Sister City information!

Builidng on a successful school partnership between Pendleton High School and the Nicholson Institues in the Western Isles, the Town of Pendleton and Stornoway, Scotland expressed their willingness and desire, through their respective Councils, to twin and become sister cities. The partnership began with the signing of the official documents between the governments of the two communities.April 5, 2001, the Mayor of Pendleton, Carol Burdette, and the Convener of the Western Isles of Scotland, Alex McDonald, formally declared the twinning by signing the official documents. The cremony was held on the Village Green in Pendleton.March 21, 2002, Convener MacDonald and Mayor Burdette signed the official documents at a ceremony held in Stornoway, Scotland.The leaders of both communities entered into the relationship with the hopes of sharing ideas and the exchange of citizens while fostering a greater friendship and understanding between the United States and the United Kingdom.It is the ultimate goal of this partnership to deepen friendship and mutual understanding through educational, cultural, industrial and economic exchanges.On April 9, 2007, The Pendleton Delegation dedicated a park in honor of our Sister City of Stornoway. The Sister City Park is located by Liberty Hall Inn on S. Mechanic Street.

Signing Declaration with Sister City

Signing Declaration with Sister City

Signing Declaration with Sister City

Do you live in Pendleton? Tell us what you love most about Pendleton! - I'd love to hear from you!

anonymous on May 18, 2012:

Hello, I'm Anne Gaillard Lewis Wheeler ( My grandfather, John Earle Lewis, 1844-1928, owned some of the Lewis Family property that was eventually sold to Clemson. I have a photo of their home which burned in 1919 if you're interested. Also, all my family is buried at the Old Stone Church Cemetery there. I enjoyed your article very much. Thank you. Anne

anonymous on November 04, 2011:

@anonymous: Anthony, I have recently submitted an updated photo of the old jail that I found in my archives. It shows the Hunter's Warehouse in the background. A much better photo.

anonymous on August 07, 2011:

I am not sure how his web site works...I attempted to send this same comment by way of the reply button, so I apologize if it appears as a duplicate.Becky, I saw your comment on the Squidoo website and it caught my eye that you are the daughter of Mayor Gossett. My brother and a good friend of ours and I were recently having a discussion about a headline that appeared in the Messenger Newspaper in the late fifties or early sixties. We all recall it differently but in essence it had something to do with a mayor (we are not sure whether the mayor referenced was from Pendleton or another small town nearby) being bitten by a small animal. Some of us remember it as the Mayor's name was either Merck, Alexander or Gossett and the small animal was either a skunk or an Opossum (possum) My question to you is. Was your father mayor during that time fame and was he ever bitten by such an animal and if so, do you remember article appearing in the newspaper during that time about this event? Such as ("Mayor Gossett Bitten by Possum")We all grew up in Clemson and have fond memories of Pendleton and are aware of the very close ties with Clemson and Pendleton, both physically and historically, Thank you for any help you can give to help clear up this question.Jim Washington

anonymous on June 28, 2011:

@anonymous: Nancy, this is Lonnie Brooks and I went to school with your father, "Spratt" Jones. I graduated in 1949. Never thought that I would ever hear of Spratt again! My brother Lloyd spent a night in the old jail, also.

anonymous on June 28, 2011:

@anonymous: Hi Becky! You don't know me and I don't know you, but I certainly knew your father, Dexter Gossett. I worked for him at the Gulf Station when I was 12 years old in 1942.. Horace Crenshaw had his electronics business there, also. Everyone liked Dexter and Horace. I was sitting at the Gulf Station years later when Mr. Ouzts happened to stop by and encouraged me to come back and finish High School. That was a miracle in my life. Send me an e-mail and I'll forward the document describing that kind act. My e-mail is: I am in the process of writing a story of my life and that is in the book. Thanks. Lonnie I was raised on the Mill Hill in Pendleton.

anonymous on June 15, 2011:

@anonymous: Behind the old Hunters warehouse. If you are at the traffic light, headed toward Clemson, it would be on the first road to the right. It is not there anymore and there is no evidence that it was there. Too bad!

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on June 10, 2011:

Well, it's been one year since I commented on this page so guess it is ok to leave another one. I am so excited that this month's pay from Squidoo to Friends of the Park was the highest ever with $109.97 for our Veterans Park. Thank you, Joan for all you do for your hometown and our beautiful park.

Johncatanzaro on April 28, 2011:

Yay for SC, I was born not far from Fort Sumpter on a since closed Air Force Base in 1978. I want to come back and visit again soon, haven't been back since 2004

Mary Beth Granger from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA on March 17, 2011:

Love the lenses on Pendleton...someday I'll visit there. Blessed by the lucky leprechaun and added to my United States Travel Angel lens.

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on June 29, 2010:

Looking forward to Freedom Fest 2010 this Saturday at Veterans Park beginning at 6:30 pm.

LoKackl on June 06, 2010:

"Pendleton" could be a how-to lens for celebrating a small town! I have taken the liberty of placing this lens in the plexo -- to start things off and encourage anyone to add their small town lens -- of my new (PurpleStar) lens in humor, you-know-you-live-in-a-small-town-whenAlso rolling. Thanks Joan

Joan Hall from Los Angeles on February 09, 2010:

Beautiful job of presenting the city! And I love the shape note singing (I listened to your clip here and also looked up some others on YouTube). The songs have a beautiful feeling to them that reminds you a little of medieval/renaissance music.

Kiwisoutback from Massachusetts on November 06, 2009:

South Carolina is one of my favorite states to visit. I've been there three times in the past 7 years. Excellent job! Squid Angel blessed.

Heather Burns from Wexford, Ireland on October 29, 2009:

Pendleton looks like a darling little place! Lovely lens and I am so happy to be able to ~Bless one of your lenses at last~ You made me want to visit!

Joan4 on September 09, 2009:

[in reply to Treasures-By-Brenda] Brenda, that would be fun! Just say when and I will go up there at the same time! Nancy would love that!

Treasures By Brenda from Canada on September 09, 2009:

Nicely done, Joan.Who knows, maybe someday I'll get to S.C. and Pendelton.

anonymous on July 26, 2009:

Wonderful small town! What do you know about Rocky Ridge B&B?

Kate Loving Shenk from Lancaster PA on July 06, 2009:

I intend to study all of the Pendleton Lenses very carefully!!Beautiful town! *****5 and Faved

religions7 on May 15, 2009:

Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

Janusz LM on May 13, 2009:

When I visit America, Pendleton is my first stop!.. I love the atmosphere & positive Aura your beautiful town projects... Blessed :)

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on April 21, 2009:

Ok, it is time to start promoting Freedom Fest on June 27. Joan, this is still the best Pendleton Lens. You did a great job with this one.

sittonbull on February 23, 2009:

Wow, I missed the part in the Anderson Independent about Pendleton being right up there with London, etc. the first time around:"Pendleton ranks high on ‘Net: According to the July 16 rankings on Squidoo, an informational Web site that provides info from users to the Internet, Pendleton ranks right up there with London, Oktoberfest and the Himalayas." and "Pendleton ranked 15th in the travel section of squidoo, based on popularity and number of times viewed. Overall, Pendleton ranked 507 in popularity of topics over the whole site." Becky and Mel would be "blown away" by what you and Nancy have done to promote Pendleton... and I'm confident they are now!

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on February 23, 2009:

Town Easter Parade and Egg Hunt is scheduled for April 11. I will send you a flyer as soon as I get one.

luvmyludwig lm on January 20, 2009:

welcome to the Squidoo Skidoo group, glad you joined!

luvmyludwig lm on January 20, 2009:

welcome to the Squidoo Skidoo group, glad you joined!

anonymous on January 18, 2009:

Wow, you have a lot more guests in this guest book than I have all put together! Lol! Fantastic lens! Thanks for stopping by! squidkin!

sittonbull on January 17, 2009:

Joan... a great lens by a great Pendleton Gal! You can move to other places, but you can't take the Pendleton out of the gal. 5*, faved

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on December 29, 2008:

This lens is featured on South Carolina Symbols and More.

KatherineClark on December 10, 2008:

Joan, this is a lovely page. Makes me want to see Pendleton. I have never been to SC. but maybe I should.

Travelling_Holiday_Girl on October 13, 2008:

Great lens there! It's 5 stars from me. :)Essaouira Riad Thanks Kate :-)

eccles1 on September 27, 2008:

What a wonderful lens!

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on September 27, 2008:

Love the addition of the Sister City information.

JustAls on September 22, 2008:

This lens makes me want to visit Pendleton all the way from NY! Great work,

anonymous on August 31, 2008:

I grew up in Pendleton.I left three years ago so my husband could be closer to his job. I still own my family home. It is my memories of a wonderful family and hometown. Anybody want to buy a home in Williamston so I can move back? Joan and Nancy..Thanks from the whole Clark family!! PS. I have asked my older brother to look at the 49-50 basketball team picture to see if he can ID any of those guys.

Pat from Midwest, USA on August 27, 2008:

Fantastic lens making!! Keep going!!!!

jolou on August 23, 2008:

Really great lens. You have put a lot of love into this. thanks for all the great information. Joanne

rebeccahiatt on August 23, 2008:

You really made me want to visit Pendleton. Lots of information and it sounds exciting.

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on August 22, 2008:

This lens is First Class all the way!

laurieSherrod on August 20, 2008:

Wow! This is so wonderful. I love living in Pendleton and brag on it all of the time. Where else can you have history, small town atmosphere, light traffic, and all of the culture and advantages of a nice university right next door?

CCB on August 19, 2008:

What an absolutely wonderful town! The Islander Pub and Grill looks like a place Guy Fieri would have fun visiting on his show "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives."

Johann The Dog from Northeast Georgia on August 14, 2008:

What a fantastic tribute to your town! My Mum grew up in a small town and dreams of living near one again. A nice little farm, near a small town, with some land for us pups! Woofs, johann

Pam_Specht on August 05, 2008:

Thank you Joan!! :o) Our goal is to get the word out and be a part of keeping this town beautiful...inside and out!! Pam

TheInfamous7 on August 04, 2008:

What a beautiful Lens Joan!! After finishing i feel im missing out being stuck here in the UK ;-)Keep up the Good Work!CraigsList@Squidoo is proud to have you as a member!! :-)

otessa on July 29, 2008:

Wow...this makes me miss home so much! I grew up in Pendleton, graduated PHS in 1981, attended Clemson from 1981-1985 and then worked there until 1997 when I got married and moved to Atlanta. It's just not the same in the big city, that's for sure. Nobody knows me, nobody cares. I long for the days when I worked at Revco and knew everyone who walked in the door by name. I want to come home! :(

ElizabethJeanAl on July 28, 2008:

Have you ever been out to Francis Beidler Forest? I think you would like it. I've considered doing some lenses on some of the popular Charleston Tourist sites but I haven't had time.I like this lens. You did a great job with itLizzy (Your Summerville Neighbor)

anonymous on July 25, 2008:

I loved learning all about Pendleton. It is such a wonderful place. I am hoping we will have our next family reunion in Pendleton. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful tour.

PotPieGirl on July 24, 2008:

What a FANTASTIC lens! You've done Pendleton proud with THIS work of art!Congrats to you - AND 5 stars - for a job well done!!!Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?(said in my BEST Southern Accent)Jennifer

anonymous on July 24, 2008:

This is my first time visiting this page (thank you Nancy!) and I loved reading it all. I have lived in Pendleton since 1991 (came from Massachusetts) and have loved living here! Towns like this don't exist much anymore. The people are so nice...the history is awesome...and the atmosphere that Pendleton gives off is so charming and comfortable. One of the main reasons I have stayed in this town is because of my kids. I love the hometown atmosphere and how it is very family orientated here... what better place to raise a child! I have considered moving to Charleston because I love the beach...if I decide not to it will only be because of Pendleton!!

anonymous on July 23, 2008:

Pendleton is such a great place to live and work. The residents are so involved in making and keeping the town quaint and energized at the same time. I love bringing my family to the town of Pendleton!!

anonymous on July 23, 2008:

I have lived in Pendleton now for 14 years and love the charm and beauty around our town. I have come to love eating lunches or dinners at the Liberty Hall Inn and Cafe. The best food I have ever tasted. And I used to live in the Washington DC area! Keep up the great work!

anonymous on July 22, 2008:

It is fun to read everybody's comments. I was raised by a Gamecock Family, and was told that nothing about the Clemson area was good....but that all changed when I moved here in 1968 from a traumatic situtation, and I felt that the Pendleton Presbyterian Church loved me back into becoming a human being. For the years I "taught" in District 4, I am grateful. My 4th and 5th graders taught me a lot more than I taught them. It makes my day when a former student recognizes me and says, "Hello!" I love living here.

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on July 22, 2008:

Tate Griffin - TATE GRIFFIN - On october 11 they do the fall festival up town on the square.last year I had ball.Its really fun!Please come.

anonymous on July 22, 2008:

How many small town's do you live in that this would happen? Last night I was at our local Cheer's (Islander) and Nancy Hellams was there before going to a meeting and Doc called, he needed an onion to complete his wonderful green beans. Nancy ask me when I was leaving, I told her I would be glad to take a onion to him. So the Islander was right in there to lead a hand and gave me a onion to take to Doc! Well he still makes house calls so I just returned the favor!

anonymous on July 21, 2008:

Saturday went to the farmers market to get some fresh veggie's with my girls (2 pet bunnies). Then after taken them home went to eat at 1826 for lunch with friends!

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on July 21, 2008:

Last Thursday my grandson and I went on the square for the Farmers Market and it was so wonderful to see such a fantastic crowd of people. He purchased some fudge from Split Creek Farms and tasted a blackberry which he didn't like. It looked like Danny Tyson was selling lots of his delicious Organic Vegetables. We then went to the new Bakery and had a wonderful Strawberry/white chocolate muffin and then to Mountain Made to get one of my favorite candles. A fun afternoon!

religions7 on July 21, 2008:

Wow Joan, this is a great lens :)

anonymous on July 20, 2008:

Nancy, I just saw your question. Yes, my Dad went to Pendleton High School. He is Henry "Spratt" Jones. He really enjoyed seeing this lens, said he even spent the night once in the old jail! LOL

Zen Automat from New Hampshire on July 20, 2008:

Wow! Thanks for putting in all the time it took for this well done lens. 5* and a blessing from a Squid Angel :)

anonymous on July 19, 2008:

Pendleton is the best. I moved here four years ago and it's a slice of Heaven in SC. If you visit..... stop in and say hi to any of the Merchants and they will be happy to take time to share their insights into this great community.We love visitors and who knows... you may wish to join our great community and become a resident.

ElizabethJeanAl on July 19, 2008:

Sounds like an interesting town. I've driven through it but never stopped. Next time through I'm stopping.5*Lizzy

anonymous on July 18, 2008:

Love it, Joan! Tomorrow, I will be in PENDLETON for our 50th High School Reunion!! So looking forward to seeing everyone and being "home" again!

lifelongfitness on July 18, 2008:

Seems like quite the interesting small towns. Love the pictures. Keep the lens updated with new pictures :) 5*

anonymous on July 18, 2008:

Moved toPendleton about 1 year ago, fell in love with it on my first visit and new this was my new home. The community opened their hearts to us and we are truly blessed with our new friends and caring community. We have a new home that we will never leave!

Joan4 on July 18, 2008:

Sandra!! How fun to see you on here! Thank you for your comments! Oh, yes, I knew who your daddy was in the pic! I can never forget your sweet daddy! Your folks were always so nice to me -- and your Granma Lindemann too! (I hope I remembered her name correctly -- I can see her in my mind's eye - what happy memories at your house!) Click on my profile and the contact me button and send me an e-mail. I would love to stay in touch with you!

anonymous on July 18, 2008:

Joan, I always knew that you were one of the smartest girls in our class of 1962. Well, I don't live in Pendleton now, but I was born and raised there. I married my husband, Ray, and left there 44 years ago, but I will always carry those sweet, sweet, memories of growing up there in my heart. I come back to visit my mother and family often, and by the way, the man in the picture on the far right is my Sweet, Precious Daddy, Dexter Gossett - Oh how I miss him...

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on July 18, 2008:

S.O.U.P. (Supper On Us Pendleton) is a new organization that will be delivering meals to Pendleton Shut Ins three days a week. If you are interested in helping or making a donation, please contact Missy Nail 864-934-7668 mnail@clemson.eduYour Tax Deductible donation can be mailed to:S.O.U.P.PO Box 776Pendleton, SC 29670

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Pendleton is the greatest! The people are wonderful, the town is beautiful and I agree coming from New York City, it is definitely a slice of heaven. Thank you for your hospitality and definitely want to visit again rela soon!

Achim Thiemermann from Austin, Texas on July 17, 2008:

I'm moving tomorrow! What a charming place. 5*s

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

I have been part of the Pendleton community for over 13 years now and love it...I understand why my parents had to "retire" here and open up The Mercantile. Can you believe that was 20 years ago!! We have been blessed with so many wonderful people supporting our business. So many caring people who are more than just customers. If you haven't been in before, we would love to meet you...our windows are heavily tinted so we may look closed, just push the door. If it is not raining Happy The Crab will be out when we are open.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

There is nothing NOT to love about Pendleton. I'm a damn yankee who came 46 years ago as the bride of a native son, and I'll never leave unless my girls put me away somewhere. Even then,I'll be back to be buried or sprinkled at the Presbyterian Church.History,cultural activities,fine schools,caring people,and FUN abound in this wonderful small town.I'm proud to call myself a citizen of South Carolina,and especially,of Pendleton.Thanks for promoting your hometown on the web Joan. You've done a great job.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

We came here ten years ago and have not looked back since. What a great place to live. Warm, friendly,caring people who stay involved in their community and look to always improve there special small town. History is alive and well in this small town!

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Joan, I am so happy to see something go so well with our dear ole' Pendleton. I was born here and left when I was 19 to go find my true love. I found him 39 yrs ago and now I just retired and moved back. My Father,Dexter Gossett, was Mayor here for 18 yrs and I am so happy to be back and see all my former friends and get to hear all the good things my Father did in his terms as Mayor. All of Pendleton opened their arms to welcome me back.A wonderful place to live.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Wow, how great it is to live in Pendleton again! I'm one of those that moved away for about 25 years and I have been back for five. Being a member of such a friendly, charming, caring, growing community is the best! We welcome all to come visit our town and enjoy the delights of the Village Green. Thanks for the lens!

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

I always say that Pendleton is the best place in the whole world!!! We are so fortunate to maintain a caring community where we all help each other out. I wouldn't WANT to be anywhere else!!

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

This is in answer to Anthony's question about the old jail. It was behind the Hunter's Store Warehouse set in the bank of that hill. It was an awful place but the prisoners did get to eat hot dogs from Miles & Crenshaws Cafe.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Pendleton is a place that everyone is so involved with the community and it shows in everything that we do! Pendleton is Paradise!

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

I am eight years old and I love to go to the Mercantile and buy little puppets.I got a Porcupine,Wolf,Polar bear and squirrel!They also have cards you can make with stamps.

bigjimj on July 17, 2008:

Nice lens, Joan! Thanks for bringing Pendleton to the Squidoo City Guide.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Pendleton is a fantastic place to live. We have great schools, a variety of restaurants and shops, lots of history and wonderful people in our little town.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Village Baker is opening today, July 17. It's a "soft" opening, so go by and get a taste of what's to come. Pete and Barb Rizzo plan to be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It will be a great addition to the town known for good food and friendly people.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Pendlteon is a wonderful place to visit. I have been several times. Most recently, I visited my cousin and we walked around Main Street. Had such a great time. There is a real sense of community among the folks that live there and they are some of the friendliest folks I have ever met.

anonymous on July 17, 2008:

Sheila,Did your dad go to Pendleton High School? I loved the story of your granddad. My husband remembers him. Thanks for sharing that info.

Joan4 on July 16, 2008:

Thank you, Sheila! That's great news! I am adding Sam Jones to the photo caption right now! And I love your story about the "rock"!! Thank you for including that, too!

anonymous on July 16, 2008:

Well, it has been confirmed by my Dad and my Aunt that the second man from the left on the Lions Club picture is my Grandfather. I remember my Papa well, but this picture was taken five years before I was born. The one story that I like to tell people about my Papa Jones (Sam Jones) is how he was great friends with Coach Howard. While in California, Papa picked up a rock in Death Valley and brought it back to Coach Howard as a souvenir. Coach then had it mounted at the stadium, thus we have the "Howard's Rock"! I have newspaper articles about this and love to show them to my friends................Thanks again for all the memories!

anonymous on July 16, 2008:

I was showing someone our wonderful playground a couple of weeks ago and she said that she thought it was great how the people in this area embrace children. I have been thinking a lot about that. Isn't that a great thing to be known for: a town that embraces its children. I love it! There is a group of granddads that can be seen working at the park either putting together picnic tables, painting, or whatever needs to be done. You can see grandmothers sweeping and picking up litter. People with no children are out there working to keep it up. We have a group called "Friends of the Park" and we had over 200 volunteers for our recent fundraiser, Freedom Fest. The volunteers were all ages. Yes, I am so glad that I live in a town that embraces its children!

anonymous on July 16, 2008:

Pendleton is my hometown, and I get back there whenever I have a chance. There's so much going on there now that it is amazing, and you've done a great job of capturing it!

anonymous on July 16, 2008:

The Pendleton Community Center, Inc. is initiating a Tennis Camp for all youth aged 6 years old to 14 years old (15 years old to 18 years old may participate/volunteer as assistants). The camp will be on Tuesdays (July 22nd, July 29th, Aug. 5th, Aug. 12th) and Thursdays (July 24th, July 31st, Aug. 7th, Aug. 14th) from 10:30am to 12pm. Registration/Orientation will be Tuesday, July 22nd at 10:30am at the PCC. There will be an information sheet available (with details) and a registration/parental consent form that will need to be completely filled and signed by the parent/guardian of each child participating/volunteering. There is no fee/charge for this program. The program will be at the PCC located at 305 West Queen Street in Pendleton. For more information, please contact Mark Farris at 864.356.8986.

Joan4 on July 16, 2008:

Again, thank you all! These comments are so much fun to read!!! I am having fun recognizing you -- even when you just leave first names!! As you can tell, I am seriously Squidoo-addicted at the moment, but promise to get back to my e-mails soon!

anonymous on July 16, 2008:

We have lived in Pendleton for 5o years and it is a wonderful place. We also travel a lot, but so thankful when we get home to have a place with no traffic problems, friendly people, lots of history and fun places to visit. Had lunch yesterday with friends at the new 1826 ON THE GREEN - just awesome. Joan this is great - where have you been?

anonymous on July 16, 2008:

I recently met several friends for a very enjoyable lunch at 1826 on the Green. What a fun time!!! Relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, good service ----all in the beautiful old Farmers Hall.Highly recommend!!!

anonymous on July 15, 2008:

What a beautiful small town to come from Joan! You've done a great job here, makes me want to visit!

anonymous on July 15, 2008:

I see the pic of the old jail house where is or was it located?

anonymous on July 15, 2008:

I went to Pendleton ages ago...and this lens sure does make me want to go back!! what a lovely town!

anonymous on July 15, 2008:

This summer, on the village green, there's bluegrass music every Friday evening starting at 7PM. If you pick, or just like to listen, come on down!

anonymous on July 15, 2008:

This is a lovely site that really captures the charm of Pendleton. It's a wonderful place to visit and an even better place to live.Thanks for bringing more awareness of our town to the web!

anonymous on July 15, 2008:


anonymous on July 15, 2008:

Pendleton Cafe and Coffee Company has the most wonderful food - the Tomato Mozzarella Melt is out of this world. Also very,very friendly to children.Pendleton is a wonderful place to live- I've been all over and the people are amazing here.

anonymous on July 15, 2008:

I have visited Pendleton many times and think it is a wonderful place. Everyone is so friendly.

Ruth Coffee from Zionsville, Indiana on July 14, 2008:

I enjoyed my visit, small towns are great places to live.

anonymous on July 14, 2008:

If someone is interested in a day trip to Pendleton, I highly recommend Jean of Timeless Tours and Travel. 864-646-8864

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