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Padstow; A Quintessential English Coastal Town

Where and Why

London is England’s most cosmopolitan city with a laundry list of sites to see, history to experience and an array of art to indulge. Despite how fantastic this thriving English gem of a city is, just a few hours beyond the cityscape are the wonders of the natural English coastline. I have been drawn to the south-western coast of England to the quaint Cornish town of Padstow. As someone who has lived near the water their whole life, the coastline of England is the perfect area to explore.



Enchanting Harbor

Forget all roads lead to Rome, all roads lead right to Pastow’s enchanting harbor. Whether you’re an avid boater or just want to venture out to smell the sea air, there's something for everyone. Some of the aquatic wildlife you can see on a boating trip include seals, dolphins, puffins and basking sharks—depending on the season. Padstow Sealife Safaris are a great option for a boat trip, having a range of selections for both solo travelers and larger parties.

Camel Trail

For those who still want to experience the great outdoors but skip the nauseating salty waves, there’s the Camel Trail. A scenic 18-mile trail for bikers, runners, and walkers to immerse themselves in the luscious countryside and maybe catch some local wildlife. For those who enjoy bike adventures, there are numerous places to rent a pair of wheels from.

Camel Trail

Camel Trail


Lined with classic cafes and cute local shops—Padstow offers their guests a slice of the finer things in life, exquisite food. While every little shop is stock full of little delicious wonders, be sure to pack some chic evening attire. Celebrity Chef Rick Stein’s The Seafood Restaurant is a fine dining experience that serves some of the best seafood in all of England. This upscale-sophisticated restaurant will be the crown jewel to a perfect getaway for all you foodies out there. With some of the best quality seafood, you may be surprised to find yourself ordering the English staple: fish and chips because of Chef Stein’s refreshing twist on the classic dish. For a less expensive experience there is Stein’s Fish & Chips, a traditional English cuisine that understands the modern traveler’s need for ready, on-the-go food to capture that enchanting view with a crispy bite.


Local Ecosystem

All the wonderful sites and shops aside, it’s always important for me to learn about the town and its community; whether by written history through museums or its natural ecosystem through exploration. The National Lobster Hatchery a wonderful educational stop that blends both to understand the local ecosystem of this coastal town. A place to learn and become aware of the vulnerability of the local lobster population—as there is a breeding program and educational exhibits. Not only will you learn about the various local animal life and struggles they face but you may discover a new appreciation for the sea, fishers, and small coastal towns because you simply didn’t know and never asked how their lifestyles came to be.

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With all these gorgeous sandy beaches, it can be a little daunting to decide which one to visit first. Trevone and Harlyn are just a short drive away but offer great surf for wave enthusiasts or those finally deciding to learn how to catch a wave. Both locations are ideal for surfing novices as they boast great surfing schools along with being located in a more sheltered location, so everyone on holiday won’t capture you whipping out.

Where to stay?

With all these great and wonderful things to see and do, the big question is where will I stay to experience it all? There are many places to choose so it ultimately comes down to personal taste in accommodations. If being centrally located in a deluxe 4-star posh hotel is something you prioritize, I’d suggest checking out Rick Stein's St Edmunds House (yes the world-renowned chef also has a hotel) or the elegant Padstow Harbour Hotel. If you’re like me and would rather put money toward excursions and true English countryside experiences without sacrificing comfort, popular alternatives are luxury lodges and campgrounds. Exploring and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of nature along the English countryside has sprung in great popularity. Two holiday parks that fit the bill are Padstow Holiday Village and Yonder Green Caravan Park. Both are relatively near to Padstow and allow any traveler to ditch the high-roller tourist hat for the unobtrusive enthusiast extraordinaire badge.

Plan Your Trip Today

These are all but just a few highlights of the coastal Cornish town of Padstow that have caught my attention. With many more attractions, activities, eateries, and history in the area, there is an abundance to see and do with all kinds of people. Definitely a location on my list to visit, hopefully very soon, to truly experience the quintessential English charm away from the hustle and bustle of big ole London.

Map of Padstow

© 2021 Katharine Kitzen

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