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5 Amazing Notion Travel Templates

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Without doubt, being able to properly plan out your day is very important. However, as you no doubt know, finding the right way to plan out your day can be tough work. With that in mind, you might want to look into using one of the many Notion travel planner templates out there. Notion is a fantastic tool, and being able to create a template designed specifically for planning and preparing can make your day-to-day organisation so much easier to prepare.

As any traveller knows, being ahead of the game with your planning and your preparation is very important to your long-term success. Therefore, we highly recommend you get used to more succinct and particular planning for your next big trip around the region, country, or continent.

If you are looking for the best options for a template, though, you can find it tough to choose from the huge list of option. With that in mind, then, here are a series of excellent Notion travel planner templates you should definitely try out as soon as you need them.

Here we are going to cover the following Notion Travel Planner templates:

  1. Bucklet List Planner
  2. The Ultimate Planner
  3. The Minimal Planner
  4. Anime Cafe Dashboard
  5. Awesome Trip Planner

1. Bucket List Planner

A useful choice for most people looking for a Notion travel planner template would be to take a closer look at the Bucket List planner (find this template on Gumroad and search for "Travel Bucket List"). Most of us go down the route of traveling so that we can experience new cultures. Some of us, though, ticks off ideas that we want to see before we ‘kick the bucket’ so to speak. So, for some people, that will include all manner of unique traveling arrangements.

With this Notion template, you can easily and effectively plan out your bucket list and make sure you visit all of the places in your dream adventure. It’s a pretty interesting layout and design, too, created with the idea of looking more akin to an old website. It is easy to fill up and to put in all of the ideas that you wish to bring with you on your journey. Definitely, one to add to your list.

2. The Ultimate Planner

Of course, if you want something that can easily be filled into the rafters with data and information then look at this self-described Ultimate travel planner (find this template by searching on Gumroad for "The Ultimate Travel Planner"). This gives you space for everything you need, including things like the languages you are learning and how far along you are getting. It even includes ample space for notes, comments, and travel research that you have carried out.

Now, if you are planning an all-encompassing journey, you can use this to make sure you are never behind on your plan or your schedule. For that reason, then, many people tend to turn to this simple and effective solution. It can be just what you are looking for if you want to make sure your next trip is fully planned out with every detail – major or minor – that you can think of planned out and prepared ahead of time.

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3. The Minimal Planner

As a fine contrast to the above, though, this Minimal travel planner (find this template by heading to Gumroad and searching for the "Simple Trip Planner") is a fine choice, too, for those who are looking for something a little more simplistic. This is easy to fill in, with a few database sections to fill up with tasks, things to do, imagery, and even language vocab that you have picked up as you have gone around the world.

This is a good choice for those who want a Notion travel planner that is very easy to work with. All of the information that you might have to work with can be found here. This ranges from travel memories to little insights that you might wish to keep close. For example, have you found out something about a specific areas culture or heritage that you need to make sure you respect? Then you can use this planner to note that down.

4. Anime Cafe Dashboard

A great starting place for most would be to use the Anime Cafe dashboard (find this template at the Gridfiti Shop and search for "Anime Cafe Dashboard for Notion"). This looks great, is easy to work with, and provides you with all of the planning and preparation space that you could possibly need. The design includes plenty of easy-to-fill-in sections for things like packing plans, budgeting, and even your accommodation plans when you reach the destination that you have in mind.

It is a cutesy design, too, offering a great starting place for anyone who wants something anime-themed. For a starting place for travellers looking for something a little different, this makes a fine choice.

5. Awesome Trip Planner

Lastly, we recommend you take a look at the Awesome Trip planner (find this template on Gumroad and search for "Awesome Trip Planner"). This is a tremendous choice based on the fact that it is so easy to use, and that it comes with so many sections to fill out. You can easily include things like your travel arrangements, your VISA documents, and even a list of places you wish to visit. Use this as a planner, an itinerary builder, a document storage spot, and even a flight scheduler. You can use this to make sure that everything you need to plan and prepare for your next trip is made much easier to put into place.

Simplicity is hard to find with a planner, but this particular Notion template gives you everything that you should be looking for in that regard. So, keep that in mind as you think about what template would be the best choice for you personally.

Which Notion Template Is Right for You?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It comes down to your own personal ideas and what you think looks good and fits in with your own personality. We recommend that you check out all of the five above options, though, as each planner can give you something a little bit different.

From a more minimal option to a planner that looks good and has plenty of storage opportunities, all of the above can really make your life easier. Take that into account as you look at your options, then, and decide what template feels like the right option for you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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