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A Calling to Discover: Why I Took My First Solo Trip

Having lived in two vastly different countries, I took a plunge and booked my first solo trip to Morocco.

Flying above the Atlas Mountains

Flying above the Atlas Mountains

There has always been a pull from a distance. Or, to be more precise, distances. The concept of remaining, staying, cementing my feet somewhere and never seeing lands and people further and further away has constantly pecked at my nerves. And I’d always feel my heart grasping for a voyage beyond what I’ve become familiar with.

Of course budgets, modern life, regulations, and borders and all that comes with them all have kept me from pursuing that passion as often as I’d wished.

The travels I had been on earlier were with the family when I was a child, and with an old friend while studying in college. Solo travel sounded exciting, but as someone who was generally risk-averse, I was hesitant and uncertain that the end experience of a trip would be worth the troubles along the journey.

In 2018, in a desperate need for a change of pace, mood, and scenery, I - cautiously - planned a trip and booked a flight to Casablanca, Morocco. My first solo adventure.

Although, to be honest, it was one that stuck to the roads most often traveled. My itinerary comprised of famous cities that were easy to navigate. Not the old winding narrow streets of Marrakech, nor the labyrinth of the medina of Fez. But, rather, the coastal calm shores of Tangier, the more modern capital of Rabat, and Meknes - the easier version of Fes.

Little did I know that the trip would serve as an enticing teaser to lure me in for a second trip I would take the following year. (And, luckily, before COVID shut the world down.)

Follow me and stay tuned to learn more about my experience in Morocco.

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