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McCarran International Airport Las Vegas (LAS) Directions, Shuttle, Car Rental


Flying into Las Vegas and commuting to your destination will probably be the easiest part of your vacation in this western region entertainment capitol, trying to visit and absorb all the incredibly unique imagery, playfully sinful sights and sounds this warm desert gem has to offer will probably be the most challenging aspect of a leisurely vacation or business oriented excursion. McCarran International Airport, located at the southern tip of Las Vegas Blvd. and adjacent to the Mandalay Bay Hotel, is situated within a few short miles of all the renown luxury resorts on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip and approximately 5 to 8 miles from historic Fremont Street located downtown. Regardless of which hotel you are staying at, the drive from McCarran, even at peak traffic hours, should be accomplished within minutes without major delay. A journey to Henderson, Parump, or other surrounding communities situated on the outskirts of the strip may take a little longer.

McCarran services several major airlines including Allegient, Southwest, U.S. Airways, United, Delta, and American, all of which combined transport approximately 45 million visitors to and from Las Vegas annually, a number which on average, continues to significantly increase in a consistent pattern over time. Domestic commercial flights combined with international privately owned jet activity and private aircraft charters, contribute immensely to the overall total traffic logged annually at the facility. Although the rare, remotely realistic possibility of Las Vegas becoming the recipient of a refreshing light sprinkling of snow in December or January which can foster minor driving inconveniences or intermittent airport delays for visitors, weather conditions on average, year round are typically mild, clear, and disturbance free resulting in an enjoyable arrival and departure air travel experience.

Many of the major airlines route a portion of their fleet through Las Vegas and international air bus traffic has always been a growing facet contributing to the increasingly diverse visitor demographic. Several domestic and international business partnerships which are in progress and ongoing, have culminated in the construction of awe inspiring luxury properties both residential and commercial ventures which include the latest mega-metro marvel christened "City Center". A top notch, monolithically futuristic exotic getaway which currently reigns supreme as the largest hotel in the world and employs roughly 10,000 hard working individuals domiciled in both Nevada and Arizona.

The systematic creation of cohesive and demographically diverse domestic and international partnerships and all combinations thereof. continue to consummate deals to foster the development and improvement of the finite or limited supply of remaining buildable land in Las Vegas Proper and the surrounding vicinity. An economic enhancement and profit driven priority for entrepreneurs which also provides a distinct benefit for working residents and those who decide to re-locate in the future. In addition to the strip focused frenzy to acquire and cement, several new exciting residential and commercial ventures are branching out far beyond the boundaries of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada and into Northern Arizona now that the transportation gap has been completely filled by a gargantuan highway widening and enhancement project known affectionately as the "Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge".

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Car Rental

Unless you have the distinct advantage of calling upon a close friend or relative in Las Vegas who is ready, willing, and comfortably able to accommodate you with a sightseeing tour or reliable transportation to and from destinations at will, renting a car or van is unquestionably the best, most efficient, and most convenient way to manage commuting time to ensure you have optimal opportunity to enjoy your well earned vacation or business trip to maximum potential. Las Vegas is irrefutably endowed with one of the most efficient and affordable bus transit system available anywhere in the world, an integral infrastructure amenity which services the entire "Strip" and downtown "Fremont Street" area with a fee schedule based upon a "Per Ride" or "All Day Pass" basis. While this choice can indeed be tempting, "Wait Times" for a ride in between destinations can add up considerably, thereby reducing the total number of minutes or even hours previously allocated for "Fun Time". The same basic travel philosophy applies to utilizing a taxi service for the duration of your stay. There's certainly no shortage of cabs in the city, but pre-calculating the total estimated fares to be paid during a trip as compared with other modes of transportation including a rental car, might be a prudent exercise in travel budget considerations prior to making any firm commitments.

Always remember, when using a rented car or van, there are no inhibiting constraints on immediate mobility and travel, you're free to get out on the road at a moments notice without delay or the need to search endlessly for information to find your next ride at a designated pick up point which may be situated within an inconvenient or undesirable location. Many Las Vegas properties offer free shuttle or traditional fee based taxi services, so weigh your alternatives. Is it worth the extra money paid to have the convenience of controlling and easily managing transportation time, or are other options such as shuttle service, which may be provided free by the hotel, a more attractive choice? Research is key.

  • McCarran Rent A Car Center: (702) 261 - 6001
  • Car Rental - Shuttle - Limousine Companies for your consideration -

Car Rental Companies at or near LAS:


Alamo / National


1-(800) 777-9377

1-(800) GOALAMO / Car-Rent

1-(800) 331-1212




1-(800) 922-2899

1-(800) 800-4000

1-(800) RENTACAR




1-(800) 654-3131

1-(800) 729-5377

1-(800) 634-6779




1-(800) 367-2277



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Shuttle/Limousine Service: (All Rates Subject to Change - Please Verify with Company)

Company Shuttle Limousine 

Ambassador / Ritz 

Strip $6.50 (r.t $13) / Downtown $8.00 (r.t. $16) 

Limo $55 & up Sedan / $39 & up 

(702) 362-6200



Bell Trans 

Strip $6.50 (r.t. $12) / Downtown $8.00  (r.t. $14 ) / Off Strip $8

Limo $48 hr. & up / Sedan $39 hr. $ up

(702) 739-7990




Strip $6 to $12 / Downtown $8 to $16

Limo $55 & up / Sedan $45 & up 

(702) 740-4050



Executive Las Vegas

Strip $6 (r.t. $12) / Downtown $8 (r.t. $16) / Off Strip $7 (r.t. $14)

Limo  $57 & up / Sedan $39 & up

(702) 646-4661



Grayline Coach USA

Strip $6 (r.t. $12) / Downtown $8.50 (r.t. $15) / Off Strip $9 (r.t. $12)


(702) 739-5700



Presidential Limousine

Walk up Service $48 per hr. & up / Black Car Service $44 per hr. & up / SUV $45 per hr. & up

Escalade &110 per hr. & up (2 hr. min.) / H2 Hummer $125 per hr. & up (2 hr. min.)

(702) 438-5466




Strip $6.50 (r.t. $12) / Dowtown $8.50 (r.t. $16) / Boulder Highway $22 (r.t. $38)  


(702) 895-9976



Open 24/7

If you're new to the "Las Vegas Experience" be prepared for a non-stop, 24 hour entertainment extravaganza. Almost every hotel resort is open 24 hours for your convenient enjoyment pleasure, but always call in advance to check the schedule. There are still a few properties in Las Vegas, primarily located off the strip, that shut down their respective casinos at certain times of the day. Peak business hours are typically between 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight and beyond when tourists become substantially more active and begin to browse the strip to take complete advantage of the magnificent sunset, dusk, and nighttime photo opportunities which are plentiful. Digitally capturing the striking neon lighted architecture illuminating the pitch black desert night skies is unquestionably and understandably one of the uniquely "Vegas" highlights for both amateurs and professional photographers. The night is for strip walkers while the daytime presents a slight decrease in pedestrian, crowd, and traffic congestion. The difference however is so minimal, it's barely noticeable.

Las Vegas is indeed one of the most popular vacation destinations for both domestic and international travelers so plan accordingly. The abundance of sunshine, leisurely activities, and most importantly mild weather which is the dominating natural force virtually twelve months out of the year, makes this arid oasis a near perfect seasonal getaway for people who live in the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the U.S. who require a healing touch of warm, therapeutic Nevada breeze to help alleviate the physical aches and pains acquired from a long east coast winter. Millions of tourists visit this glittering monolithic city annually where the main attractions are concentrated in two convenient locations or focal points, Las Vegas Blvd ( "The Strip" ) and Fremont Street ( Downtown ), so it's relatively easy to navigate and find all popular resorts and entertainment venues.

Las Vegas is truly an amazing display of American ingenuity and innovation, a cutting edge city that began roughly 70 years ago as an old dusty mining town only to be shaped and meticulously sculpted over the decades into the shining desert jewel it is today. Everyone should experience Las Vegas at least once.


Directions / Map:

City Bus Service

Regional Transportation Commission

Phone: (800) 228-3911







McCarran International Airport

5757 Wayne Newton
Las Vegas, NV 89119


Phone: (702) 261-5211

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