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Guide to Maryland Wineries


Enjoy Maryland Wine

Maryland has been home to growing grapes and wine making since Colonial days but the wine industry has really taken off here since the early 1980s. Today there are over 20 wineries in Maryland with several more planned. Many of these wineries are family owned and operated.

Maryland's terrain, climate and proximity to the coast enable vineyards to grow a variety of grapes with most wineries producing several varietals and blends. No matter what your taste, you should be able to easily find a Maryland wine you will enjoy.

Spring is a great time to visit a Maryland winery and enjoy a tasting. Some wineries may be hosting special events and tastings as they unveil their new releases. Check the winery websites below for details. Wineries are organized by county.

Baltimore County Wineries

  • Basignani Winery
    Located in the beautiful horse country north of Baltimore.
  • Boordy Vineyards
    Founded in 1945, this is Maryland's oldest winery. Enjoy the fun atmosphere inside their old barn with a bottle of wine, friends and live music.
  • Woodhall Wine Cellars
    A family winery in scenic Parkton just up the road from the Gunpowder River and the NCR Trail.

Great wines, good times!

Party at a Maryland winery!

Most Maryland wineries host special events including live music and wine appreciation events throughout the year. Many are also available to host your own special event such as a wedding reception or anniversary party.

Check each winery's website for event details and contact info.

Calvert County Wineries

  • Cove Point Winery
    The first winery in Calvert County and only a short distance from Cove Point Lighthouse.
  • Fridays Creek Winery
    Most of their grapes are grown in vineyards along the banks of the Patuxent River.
  • Solomons Island Winery
    Founded in 2002 as a micro-winery, Solomons Island has already won several awards for its wines.

Carroll County Wineries

  • Old Westminster Winery
    A newer family winery that opened in 2013, Old Westminster has delicious wines that show a lot of promise. Enjoy their new tasting room while chatting with the owners.
  • Serpent Ridge Vineyard
    A young, family owned winery, Serpent Ridge is the first vineyard winery in Westminster. They feature small lots of handmade wine.
  • Cygnus Wine Cellars
    Cygnus uses fruit from across Maryland and Pennsylvania in their wines.

Cecil County Wineries

Dorchester County Wineries - "The Heart of Chesapeake Country"

Frederick County Wineries

  • Black Ankle Vineyards
    A newer winery with its first grapes planted in 2003. Black Ankle was named one of the country's top 10 hottest small brands by One of the few Maryland wineries to use only estate grown grapes. A great place to hang out with friends
  • Elk Run Vineyards
    The first Maryland winery I visited and still one of my favorites, it is located on a farm dating back to the mid-1700s. Try the Maryland Merlot, Pinot Gris, and any of their Liberty Tavern Estate vintages. You can even sign up to help harvest grapes
  • Loew Vineyards
    The Loews founded their vineyard in 1982 to preserve their European family's tradition of fine winemaking. They offer some interesting varietals not found in other Maryland wineries.
  • New Market Plains
    Easily accessible from I-70, New Market Plains opened in early 2016 with the first of their all estate grown wines. The winery is on a historic farm that has been in the owner's family for 10 generations, since the 1760s. Follow the "NMP" signs.
  • Linganore Wine Cellars
    Also known as Berrywine Plantation, Linganore is one of Maryland's oldest wineries. Enjoy complimentary tastings of all their wines. Large selection of country wines...try the peach and the raspberry. Check out their summer weekend concert schedule.

Garrett County Wineries

  • Deep Creek Cellars
    A family run winery and vineyard located in beautiful western Maryland. They believe in making wine "one way, and one way only: by hand."

Harford County Wineries

Learn More About Maryland Wine...

Montgomery County Wineries

  • Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards
    Located at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain, you'll find a relaxed wine tasting experience and some very good red wines for such a young winery. Their Circe is a delicious Bordeaux style blend and my favorite.

Wine Trails in Maryland

  • Frederick Wine Trail
    This wine trail covers all of the wineries in Frederick County and provides suggestions on places to stay and eat.
  • Mason-Dixon Wine Trail
    This trail includes wineries along the Maryland-Pennsylvania border. They offer a passport program good for discounts on future purchases at participating wineries.

Talbot County Wineries

  • Little Ashby Vineyards
    Little Ashby is the first licensed winery on Maryland's Eastern Shore and is located on the Miles River so you can even reach it by boat.
  • St. Michaels Winery
    The largest winery on Maryland's scenic Eastern Shore located in historic Saint Michaels.

Washington County Wineries

  • Knob Hall Winery
    One of Maryland's newer estate wineries but with a rich's part of a family farm over 200 years old.
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Wicomico County Wineries

  • Bordeleau Vineyards
    Wicomico County's first winery. Their mission is to create world class wines here at home on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Make Your Own Maryland Wine

  • The Flying Barrel
    The Flying Barrel is a good place to shop locally for home brewing and wine making supplies. They're located in downtown Frederick and also offer wine making & brewing on site using their equipment.

What are your favorite Maryland wines and wineries? Please leave a comment or tasting note in the comments below.

Where Are They? - A map of Maryland's wineries...

Tasting Notes...

geosum on May 03, 2013:

We've visited a few wineries in MD. We have a few more to go to.

MacPharlain (author) on February 21, 2013:

@Digory LM: Cool, we're hoping to visit Serpent Ridge this spring.

Digory LM on February 21, 2013:

It's surprising to see a lens about something Maryland here. Nice. My girlfriend has worked at Serpent Ridge. It's a great place. They have some interesting events and excellent wine.

HomeDecorKnight on September 26, 2012:

Very much informative lens about Maryland Wine. Thanks for sharing it.

E L Seaton from Virginia on October 25, 2011:

Maryland is my kinda road trip, one big toll from Va Beach and I'm there! Thanks for sharing.

blanckj on May 31, 2011:

I've always wanted to do a wine tasting trip. Thanks for the ideas.

anonymous on November 16, 2010:

Oh Boy! Wine Tasting Road Trip to visit Maryland wines and wineries!

Your included map is most helpful. Great job.

Then I can let you know my favorites.

anonymous on October 06, 2010:

Bordeleau Winery has a very good chardonnay and Knobs Hill has a fine chamborcin.

anonymous on June 22, 2009:

Different wineries usually offer samples of their wine so it is the perfect opportunity to pick out the wine best suited to your taste

roamingrosie on June 10, 2009:

I had no idea there were so many wineries in Maryland! How exciting ... sounds like I need to start planning some trips! :)

anonymous on June 08, 2009:

The best time to see what Maryland wine has to offer is through the Maryland Wine Festival. It is the best time to kick off your shoes, sit back, and relax because of the party atmosphere provided by live music and most importantly, the free taste!!! And rain or shine, the party pushes through because the festival is held whatever the weather condition

anonymous on June 04, 2009:

In Maryland, one can indulge with over 300 wine choices so there’s sure to be one perfect for your taste and budget. The experience is made even more memorable with a visit to the winemakers to see first hand how our favorite wines are made from scratch all the way to packaging. The scenic beauty of Maryland provides the perfect background for this unbelievable experience

NatureMaven on May 25, 2009:

Hello fellow Marylander,

your Maryland wineries lens will compliment my Gunpowder Falls State Park lens nicely. Lens rolled and 5*****. Happy trails!

religions7 on April 26, 2009:

Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

anonymous on March 06, 2009:

Some of the wineries on the Maxon Dixon Wine Trail are actually in southern Pennsylvania. I'd suggest you check out Four Springs Winery and Seven Valleys Winery both right near the PA/MD border on route 83. I've also been to Woodhall Vineyards in Maryland and had a very good time.

WifeLA on November 09, 2008:

Great to read about wine tours in different areas, thanks for sharing!

All the best,


grosvenor on February 21, 2008:

Great lens! Sounds like there are a lot of wineries worth trying out in Maryland.

KimGiancaterino on September 29, 2007:

I'll have to get to Maryland for some wine tasting. Very nice winery lens!

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