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Visit Louisiana Now: Louisiana for Teachers & Travelers

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I am a Christian. I was an 8th-grade American History teacher. I am currently a freelance writer, public speaker, & homeschooling mom of 9.


Are you looking for fun worksheets, books, video clips, and activity ideas for teaching and/or learning about Louisiana? Included are links to wonderful worksheets, book suggestions for children, YouTube videos, DVD and CD recommendations, and more -- all related to the state of Louisiana! Whether you're a school teacher, homeschooling parent, involved parent, librarian, lifelong learner, or a student searching for ideas and books on Louisiana, look no further!

Louisiana State Quarter

Louisiana State Quarter

Great Worksheets on Louisiana

All About Louisiana provides great links to printable worksheets, book suggestions, and activity ideas about Louisiana.

Louisiana for Teachers includes wonderful printable worksheets, activity ideas, and book suggestions.

Unit Study on Louisiana offers cross curricular activities and book suggestions for Louisiana.

Lapbook on Crocodilians includes free lapbook pages and activity ideas for crocodilians (alligators and crocodiles).

Louisiana State Facts & Trivia lists numerous points of interest about Louisiana. The site also includes a number of helpful worksheets, links, and information.

Louisiana's State Flag

Louisiana's State Flag

Our Favorite Picture Books on Louisiana

Also look for: "Alfred Visits Louisiana" by Elizabeth O'Neill, "The Story Of Ruby Bridges" by Robert Coles, "Goodnight NOLA" by Cornell P. Landry, "The Legend of Papa Noel: A Cajun Christmas Story" by Terri Hoover Dunham, "Goodnight Tigers" by Amanda F. Morgan, & "The Crawfish Family Band" by Todd-Michael St. Pierre.

Mardi Gras Parade in Lafayette

Mardi Gras Parade in Lafayette

What Makes Louisiana Unique: Mardi Gras

Most people associate Mardi Gras with wild parties in New Orleans, but Mardi Gras is actually celebrated throughout the state, and most of the parades are family-friendly events during which people on parade floats toss out "beads" (necklaces) and other items.

A Family-Friendly Video Clip of a Mardi Gras Parade

A Taste of Louisiana's Zydeco Music

The French Quarter in New Orleans

Best Books for Babies & Toddlers

Also look for the board books "Today Is Monday In Louisiana" by Johnette Downing, "Good Night New Orleans" by Adam Gamble, and "Hello New Orleans!" by Martha Zschock.

Tally-Ho Plantation House in Bayou Goula

Tally-Ho Plantation House in Bayou Goula

What Makes Louisiana Unique: Antebellum Plantation Homes

Many Antebellum Plantation homes still exist throughout the state, and many of the historic homes offer daily tours.

Take a tour of Oak Alley Plantation Home

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Also look for "Swamp : Bayou Teche, Louisiana, 1851" by Kathleen Duey, "Ninth Ward" by Jewell Parker Rhodes, "The Freedom Maze" by Delia Sherman, "The Mystery at Alligator Swamp" (Boxcar Children Special) by Gertrude Chandler Warner, "The Secret of Laurel Oaks" by Lois Ruby, "Evangeline and The Acadians" by Robert Tallant (Landmark History series), "Stolen into Slavery: The True Story of Solomon Northup, Free Black Man" by Judith Bloom Fradin, and "Last Bus Out" by Beck McDowell.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

What Makes Louisiana Unique: Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. It connects Metairie with St. Tammany Parish and is 24 miles long.

Cajun Versions of Fairy Tales

These are all hilariously Cajun. Our favorite was Petit Rouge, but they are all delightfully fun and perfect for sharing the unique Cajun culture of Louisiana.

Also look for: "The Cajun Cornbread Boy" by Dianne De Las Casas, "Jacques and de Beanstalk" by Mike Artell, "Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella" by Sheila Hebert-Collins, "Blanchette et les Sept Petits Cajuns: A Cajun Snow White" by Sheila Hebert-Collins, "`T Pousette et `T Poulette: A Cajun Hansel and Gretel" by Sheila Hebert-Collins, "Jolie Blonde and the Three Heberts: A Cajun Twist to an Old Tale" by Sheila Hebert-Collins, "Cajun Night Before Christmas" by "Trosclair", and "The Talking Eggs" by Robert D. San Souci.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle

What Makes Louisiana Unique: Animals of Louisiana

Louisiana swamps and bayous are home to many animals including alligators, nutria, alligator snapping turtles, pelicans, and many more!

Good picture books on animals of Louisiana

Also look for "Down in Louisiana" by Johnette Downing and "All About Alligators" by Jim Arnosky.

Fun clips on alligators in Louisiana

Hunting for nutria in Louisiana

The Pirate: Jean Lafitte

The Pirate: Jean Lafitte

What Makes Louisiana Unique: Pirate Jean Lafitte

Jean Lafitte, a pirate in Louisiana, assisted Andrew Jackson in defeating the British in the War of 1812. Later Jean Lafitte was forced out of Louisiana by the US Navy. There are rumors of Lafitte's buried treasure still hidden in the bayous.

Favorite Books on Jean Lafitte

Also look for these 2 picture books: "Jean Laffite: The Pirate Who Saved America" by Susan Goldman Rubin which is picture book that was perfect for my 6 & 9 year old sons. They loved that we were reading about a real pirate! "Jean Laffite and the Big Ol' Whale" by Frank G. Fox is a cute tall tale that includes Jean Lafitte, the Mississippi River, and Lake Pontchartrain.

Louisiana cuisine combines tastes of Creole, Cajun, and Southern cuisine.

Louisiana cuisine combines tastes of Creole, Cajun, and Southern cuisine.

What Makes Louisiana Unique: The Food of Louisiana

Louisiana cuisine combines tastes of Creole, Cajun, and Southern cuisine.

Our Favorite Books on Food of Louisiana

Also look for "Chef Creole" by Johnette Downing, "Today Is Monday In Louisiana" by Johnette Downing, and "A Gator Gumbo: A Spicy-Hot Tale" by Candace Fleming. These are all pretty simple books but they include the names of the dishes unique to Louisiana.

The Louisiana Way of Cooking is Quite Intriguing


What Makes Louisiana Unique: Napoleonic Code

Louisiana is the only state in the US that is still governed by the Napoleonic Code.

Where is Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana?

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Louisiana is a fascinating state! I enjoy traveling through it when we drive from Florida to Texas.

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