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VISIT JERUSALEM: King David's Tomb

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One of the most sacred parts of Jerusalem, the tomb of King David, the shepherd boy who slew Goliath and became King of Israel is the stuff that legends are made of and one of the most important sites in all Israel. The famous King David, who succeeded the throne from King Saul, brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem and this was the catalyst that started his efforts to fulfill a promise to God, to rebuild the Temple. David never did see the temple rebuilt in his lifetime but King Solomon, his son, did and accomplished what his father could not...


Of course, as with most other historical sites in Israel, the burial place of King David does not come without controversy. Over the centuries it has been argued that the City of David, also referred to as Bethlehem was the actual burial place and indeed tombs exist there that could verify that train of thought, however, nothing conclusive. I for one believe that the most likely place of burial is Jerusalem due to the fact that there is a City of David there also that dates back to the King's time and personally I believe that David would want to have been buried in the city that was host to the Ark of the Covenant and also near his son Absolom, who is buried in the Kidron Valley.

As more and more voices add to the controversy, there is one thing that cannot be disputed and that is that an endless queue of pilgrims century after century have come to this place to worship and pay homage to one of the Bible's greatest Kings who wrote some the world's most beautiful poetry and songs and yet one of the world's most renowned warriors who wasanointed of God and not afraid to do His will.

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Where Can I Stay?

  • The David Citadel Hotel 5* Hotel and very luxurious perfectly located in the heart of Jerusalem
  • The King David Hotel 5* with zap! Probably one of the world's most famous hotels, the King David has been host to Kings, Queens and Presidents and now you!
  • The Dan Boutique Hotel 4* also in the heart of Jerusalem, good deals and excellent quality.

Karin's Tips

  • Be prepared for queues
  • Try a day tour some are in combination with the Upper Room
  • You are near Jaffa Gate and some of the great markets of the Old City
  • Remember plenty of water, sunscreen and hat!
  • Take a street map always!


Liz Westwood from UK on October 04, 2021:

This is an interesting and useful article for anyone planning a trip to Jerusalem.

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