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Great Holidays in the UK

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Find great holidays in the UK

Hello and welcome. In this article I am going to tell you something about holidays in the UK and the wonderful places the UK has to offer visitors.

My aim is to paint a picture that will absolutely blow your mind!

The United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and a visit here will never disappoint whether you are an independent adventure traveler or a family looking for amazing experiences.

This land is full of history and tradition, variety and splendor and has the most breathtaking places to see and the nicest people I have met anywhere in the world.

I will try to tempt you into choosing the United Kingdom as your very next holiday destination!

Come and have a look.

Why do I love the UK?

The United Kingdom is wonderfully multicultural and thus a welcoming place and I am a typical Brit. I was born in London but my parents were both from Italy and came to the UK in 1951. They stayed for over 40 years because they loved it here.

They first moved to Wales where my dad worked as a coal miner, and that is where my sister was born. Later they came to London and my dad became a top chef working in amazing restaurants in this great city.

They thought the UK was wonderful because it gave them every opportunity to work, raise a family, and be happy. My sister and I grew up here and we both love it.

So I give the UK a big thumbs up for being a welcoming place.

Don't let the weather put you off - Be prepared for every kind of weather - even in the summer!


Here is a picture I took of my friends on a summer's day at the beach in Selsea Bill, Southern England. You'll notice that they are drinking hot tea, and that they are wearing Gortex jackets and sun hats! A contradiction? Nope - it was a very windy day! We had a wind tent to prevent the sand blowing into our sandwiches and to boil water for tea time.The children are in wet suits because the sea is always absolutely freezing in the UK even in the summer in the south. Although you can toughen up and many of my friends swim and surf regularly in the sea - personally I usually can't even dip my toes in!

It's very true that the weather isn't reliable - but that's what adds to the excitement and fun - you can see happy, happy faces in this photo because we are well prepared.

I've been on so many fantastic camping trips all over the UK and the weather has been brilliant.

The changeable weather means that there are a lot of great indoor activities in the U.K for holiday makers. So it's not all bad.

Kit Yourself Out

If you are planning on an adventure style trip you will need a proper waterproof jacket and trousers and boots too!

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I have tried every kind of rainproof gear - and in my experience Gore-tex beats them all. The material repels even the heaviest rain, but it allows your body to breath. It lasts forever and can be repaired if it gets torn so I highly recommend the investment!

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Stonenhenge, Wiltshire


What do I Mean When I say the 'United Kingdom'?

My apologies as this may get a little confusing:

The United Kingdom is not the same thing as Great Britain. When we say the ‘United Kingdom’ we are actually talking about the sovereign state, which is made up of great Britain and Northern Ireland. You should not call that ‘Great Britain’. It’s full and proper title is the:

‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’.

We get the name Britain from the Romans as they called England and Wales ‘Britannia’. Although great battles were fought the Romans never conquered Scotland.

Scotland, Wales, and England are three different countries that were united in 1707 into a single state. This is when the United Kingdom was born. (Northern Ireland was added about 100 years later).

I sincerely hope that this has clarified any confusion!

The United Kingdom Explained in more upbeat detail!

Cambridge Circus - Central London


The Union Jack

What does it all represent? It is the symbol the United Kingdom and it was designed when the U.K was born. It often comes as a real surprise to the English (particularly football/soccer fans) that this is not the English flag! Here is how it was put together in 1701:

A red cross with a white background symbol of England

A white X with a blue background symbol of Scotland

Also, there is a white border around the red cross because different colors are not allowed to touch each other – this has something to do with heraldry.

One hundred years later they added another red X, which is Ireland’s Cross of St Patrick. But if you have a close look you will see that it’s not symmetrical (here is a wiki link that explains it all!) .

There is no emblem of Wales on the Union Jack because Wales is technically a principality not a Kingdom!

Nobody really knows why it is called the Union Jack.

When is the Union Jack Flown?

It is unfurled on government buildings on: Birthdays of the Royal Family, commonwealth day, Coronation Day, the Queen’s official birthday, Remembrance Day and on the opening of Parliament. St David’s Day in Wales, St George’s Day in England, St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, and St Andrew’s Day in Scotland.

Bonnie Scotland - My Husband is Scottish


A Bit fo Fun:

How you Should Behave When you Meet Someone in the UK

To say a formal hello you should shake hands and say ‘How do you do?’ But believe it or not this is not a question and so if someone shakes your hand and says ‘How do you do?’ you should reply “How do you do?’ Not at all obvious that one! If someone shakes your hand and says ‘How are you?’ then this is a question and you should answer ‘I’m very well thank you, how are you?’ This makes more sense and is less formal.

You can also say, ‘Nice to meet you’, and replace the word ‘nice’ with ‘good’, ‘delighted’, ‘pleased’ or ‘happy’. You can also just say ‘Good morning’, or ‘afternoon’ etc.

Never kiss someone who is not a very best friend of the opposite sex or a member of your family whom you have not seen in at least 3 years! That sort of behavior is left to the Italians or the French, or most southern European countries for that matter.

If you want to be very informal just say ‘Hi’. You will hear ‘Cheers’ instead of goodbye.

Here are things you should do when you’re in the United Kingdom:

  • Stand in queues – never push in, no matter how late it is! People will not be pleased!
  • Say ‘Excuse me’ if you want to pass by and someone is in your way.
  • Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ a lot – in shops, taxis, cars, everywhere. Never forget your ‘Ps and Qs’!
  • Say ‘Sorry’ if you bump into to someone, even if it’s his or her fault. They will always say ‘sorry’ to you.
  • Hold the doors for others.
  • Pay as you go – in pubs and bars you pay for the drinks at the time of ordering them.
  • Cover you mouth when you yawn or cough and never spit.

Things you Should Never Do:

  • Don’t talk loudly, never shout, and always keep calm.
  • Never look at someone directly in the eyes when you are on the tube or bus, in fact you should avert your eyes and avoid staring at anyone.
  • Don’t ask personal or intimate questions and never ask a woman her age! She’ll think you just plain rude!
  • Do not hug or backslap anyone - ever!
  • Don’t speak with your mouth full (I’m beginning to sound like a tyrannical parent!)
  • You should not make any bodily noises at all.

General Info: Women and men in the UK are treated as equal in all areas of life. Therefore women are allowed to go to restaurants alone, walk in the streets and drink alcohol.

Interesting UK Travel Sites

  • Walks Around Britain
    A very interesting website full of ideas, they even make videos of your walks for you!

What information would you like me to focus on about travel in the UK?

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Thanks very much for your visit. Please leave me some feedback. I would really appreciate it.

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Here's where you can tell me what it is about the UK that you'd like me to focus on. - Have you ever been to the UK? Would you like to contribute to my lens? Le

Giovanna (author) from UK on May 02, 2014:

@stereomike83: Thank you so much for letting me know Mike. I shall add these lenses to my network. I'm set so focus on Wales next! Can't wait. My dad was a miner in Swansea after the war. Thanks for your visit.

Mike Hey from UK on May 02, 2014:

I've just published my lens on visiting Southeast Wales if you were interested! I also found this great lens on Scafell Pike by another user that thought might be up your Contributor street

Giovanna (author) from UK on March 17, 2014:

@Craftymarie: I do encourage you to write a lens about your trip to beautiful Scotland. I'll bet you have lots of wonderful photos. Here's a link to a Scotland lens I recently made. Thanks for your visit and comment.

Marie on March 17, 2014:

Congratulations on your UK niche role. If I write any UK lenses, I'll know where to pass them along to. I'd definitely enjoy seeing more about Scotland which I've visited a couple of times and it is so beautiful.

Giovanna (author) from UK on February 21, 2014:

@ProjectResolute2: It's a brilliant place. I will get round to Stonehenge soon!

ProjectResolute2 on February 21, 2014:

I'd love to see the UK! Love to hear more about stonehenge.

Giovanna (author) from UK on February 13, 2014:

@Ruthi: I'm afraid the UK isn't famed for its food or fashion ('cept London) - but gets full marks for entertainment! lol Thanks so much for your visit.

Ruthi on February 12, 2014:

I like hearing the everyday living things from one country to another. I'm more interested in the foods, fashion, entertainment, and that sort of thing, rather than the tourist type of stuff.

Giovanna (author) from UK on February 07, 2014:

@Gloriousconfusion: I have! Great to have you on board. We have to brace ourselves for a storm tonight or tomorrow. Hope not too many beautiful London Plane trees fall! Will you be going on holiday in the UK this year?

Giovanna (author) from UK on February 07, 2014:

@Gloriousconfusion: Hello I have just read your lens about London Architecture. It's great! I will be putting a list together and will certainly add your lens to it. Let me know the URLs of your others. It's wonderful to get everyone together in one place - the UK Travel group! It's going to take me a bit of time though - lots of lenses to sort through! I'll get there in the end. Thanks for getting in touch.

Diana Grant from United Kingdom on February 07, 2014:

I like to write about London, and have written several lenses about my favourite city (favorite if you are American). I take lots of photographs when I go out and about.

Diana Grant from United Kingdom on February 07, 2014:

You can add me to your list - I live in London

Giovanna (author) from UK on February 02, 2014:

@IanTease: Yes great put the links in this comment box! Thanks for getting in touch.

IanTease on February 02, 2014:

Hi, loved this lens, so much on it. I've written a lens about St Kilda in the Hebrides and one about the village of Ripponden which will host the Tour de France this summer, would love to know what you think of them?

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 28, 2014:

@MVKilgore: Thank you. I almost got to live on Skye. But it wasn't to be. I do love Scotland. Thanks for your visit and comment. Let us know when you're going.

M. Victor Kilgore on January 28, 2014:

@Adventuretravels: Great lens...Scotland is on my bucket list!!

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 25, 2014:

@tonyleather: Hi Tony, I will certainly read your lenses. Perthshire is a beautiful part of Scotland, beautiful countryside. Can't wait to read what you've written about them.

tonyleather on January 25, 2014:

I live near Burnley in Lancashire and have written several lenses about the UK, two of which got purple stars, these being about the Terrific Trossachs and the power of Pendle Hill. Do take a look and tell me what you think?

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 24, 2014:

@Karen1960: You're welcome.They are well deserved. I know you have more so I'll visit them over the weekend. Let me know when you write others. Do you live in the UK?

Karen1960 on January 24, 2014:

Great lens, and thanks for the 'likes' and kind comments over on mine :-)

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 23, 2014:

@Missmerfaery444: Hello!! Nice to meet you. Thanks for getting in touch. I can't wait to read your lenses. Cheshire is beautiful - how's the rain?? Keep in touch.

Missmerfaery444 on January 23, 2014:

Born and bred an English gal ;) Lots I could write about - originally from Clacton, now living near Chester on the Cheshire/Wales border, absolutely love Cornwall and Ireland, and been to parts of Wales and Scotland too. I'd better get writing! Nice to meet you :)

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 22, 2014:

@takkhisa: Thank you very much indeed! I am working hard on this very exciting project so watch this space! It's amazing how accents come across in writing its it! Have a great day -thanks for your comment.

Takkhis on January 22, 2014:

I love your British accent very much! I am so glad you are from United Kingdom and hopefully you will publish awesome lenses here for us. I can't wait to read them :)

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 17, 2014:

@SusannaDuffy: I can certainly understand that! What would you like to see on your flag?

Susanna Duffy from Melbourne Australia on January 17, 2014:

I've been in Australia since 1842, mostly from Ireland with a 25% Scottish injection. My roots are British - Caledonian and Hibernian. I have no problems with the English (some of my best friends etc ...) but I do wish that the Union Jack wasn't on my national flag

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 16, 2014:

BunnyFabulous : Just a small correction. You say '...I have quite a bit of British blood in me as well as some Scottish.' You should actually say that you have quite a bit of English blood as well as Scottish - you see Scotland is British! I did warn you earlier on that all this is very confusing!! LOL!

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 15, 2014:

@BunnyFabulous: You have much more British blood in you than me. I'm Italian through and through - but I was lucky to be born and bread in London. Best of both worlds I'd say. Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 15, 2014:

@Nancy Hardin: Jolly good - I'll get onto it.

Nancy Carol Brown Hardin from Las Vegas, NV on January 15, 2014:

I have not been to the UK. I go vicariously, through wonderful stories such as yours. Anything you'd like to share about it would be great reading for me. Love your photos.

Erin Hardison from Memphis, TN on January 15, 2014:

I love historical sights among many other things. Whatever you write will probably be interesting to me. I've never been to the UK, but I have quite a bit of British blood in me as well as some Scottish. My husband has some Welsh background too.

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 15, 2014:

@Susan Zutautas: Thanks for you visit. I have so many ideas I'm spinning like a top at the moment! 2014 is going to be a great year for Squidoo!

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 15, 2014:

@BritFlorida: I'd love to work together. Any ideas? It's early days but I'm sure we'll come up with something very useful for people. Wouldn't it be nice to get lots of new people to join us on Squidoo. That's the 2014 challenge!

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 15, 2014:

@linfcor: Hi Linda. I am really looking forward to working on Scotland too! Thanks for your encouraging feedback.

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on January 15, 2014:

Looking forward to reading more of your lenses on the UK.

Jackie Jackson from Fort Lauderdale on January 15, 2014:

I'm the Spot On UK contributor so I hope we can get to work together :)

Linda F Correa from Spring Hill Florida on January 15, 2014:

Lovely lens ! Looking forward to seeing more. I am from the US, but I have Scottish blood in the family tree. Look forward ti seeing more. Greta niche

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 15, 2014:

@sousababy: Lol! I must admit not everyone sticks to that one! Thanks for visiting.

Giovanna (author) from UK on January 15, 2014:

@Brite-Ideas: Thank you so much. Why not come back! We could meet up for tea :)

sousababy on January 14, 2014:

Even though I had the quiz answers correct (and I have some British blood in me), I understand why I was born in Canada now - my relatives could've never adhered to the "no bodily noises" rule.

Barbara Tremblay Cipak from Toronto, Canada on January 14, 2014:

Beautifully presented - I haven't been to England in decades (and Scotland) - sure loved it there -

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