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The Last Known Footage of Elisa Lam at Hotel Cecil Supernatural

This mystery went viral in 2013 and Netflix just released the story again in 2021. As an Empath with a knowing ability I have a theory.


Elisa Lam Mystery at the Hotel Cecil California

Netflix has just released the documentary on the Elisa Lam story. Now, I remember when this first went viral. I was among the many that was intrigued and instantly felt that this was not a simple missing case story. There was absolute demonic possession involved in my opinion. To summarize the story, and I do suggest you want it on Netflix because it relays lots of plot twists and things that were not known when this first happened back in 2013.

Elisa was a college student from Vancouver, Canada she went to San Diego and then LA to get away and to discover herself. She landed upon the hotel ,"Stay on Main", which was pretty much a scapegoat for a portion of the Hotel Cecil the infamous hotel where The Black Daily died and The Night Stalker stayed. In fact this very hotel was home to may serial killers and disturbed individuals. This is not their story, however. Elisa suffered from Bipolar disease which wasn't released until towards the end of the investigation. The police were running out of clues and were short on man power since around the time of her investigation there was a cop killer afoot and so that new development became the area of focus. This is what led them to release the footage of Elisa's last moments on the elevator. This video quickly became viral because of her peculiar behavior and all of the ghost stories and dark past of this hotel. In the footage you can clearly see at first a calm Elisa entering an elevator but within seconds you know something is wrong because she is pressing a lot of floor numbers and she was staying on the 5th floor. The elevator doors won't close and the entire video lasts about 3-4 minutes. You see her start to panic and go in an out of the elevator as if she is looking for someone or trying to avoid something. At one point it seems as she is possessed because she exists the elevator in a "hop" motion and then does some sort of slide dance and then she goes off scene. You can see her hands doing weird things as if she is swatting something away or putting her hands through some phantom to see if it's real.

The whole time this is happening you can't help but ask the question, but why isn't the elevator door shutting? Is someone outside holding the button? Why doesn't she start running if trying to hide from someone? Why is she pressing all the floor numbers in the middle of the panel? Her room was on level five so why is she on level 14? All of these questions had people theorizing about all sorts of things even conspiracies.

Elisa is found after 19 days by a hotel employee but only after complaints were made. Some of the hotel guests were complaining that the water pressure was low and that filthy brown water was coming out of the spout that they had no choice but to use when they showered, cooked etc. When the maintenance supervisor went to check on the water tanks on the top of the roof, he noticed that one of them had the lid off. When he looked inside that's when he found Elisa. She was staring right at him face up , white as a ghost and gone to the heavens. I can't even imagine how traumatized that poor employee must have been. That is surely an image you cannot get out of your head. He said, he immediately knew that was the girl everyone was looking for and them closed the lid and went to inform his manager.

It took 6 months for this whole investigation to unfold and they concluded with the notion that Elisa accidentally drowned because she suffered from depression and bipolar disordered and they found evidence that eluded to the fact she was unhappy and capable of taking her own life. Now you all can say after putting all of the evidence together this is an open and close case. However, as an Empath with a knowing ability I know there is more to this and yes I do believe the Supernatural was involved.

Here are some of the bizarre facts that I feel need more investigating. As they traced her last moments they found that her last place visited was a book store. How interesting that the name of that store was in fact:"The last bookstore". Two bookstore employees delivered her books as she was worried they would be too heavy to transport. So, I ask myself what were so precious about those books and why hasn't anyone mentioned what she purchased? I feel they hold the key to what unfolded next.

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Elisa, is not seen again until the elevator incident however, I feel like she went to a room party or met up with someone. She wanted to experience things and I think this night she was spontaneous and it was her last night before having to check out of the hotel. This brings me to my next theory. If she was on the fourteenth floor last, why wasn't everyone on that floor investigated and questioned. You cannot tell me someone did not hear or see through their peep hole what was going on. In the video I believe she was talking out loud to something. Clearly someone had to have heard her last words. Lastly, she is found on the rooftop, naked, and it appears as if she put herself in there. However, they say there was an alarm to the rooftop door and that she didn't go that way. They say she climbed the staircase to the rooftop. Again, you're telling me no one saw that?

In conclusion, I believe there were many witnesses to this event. People who did not want to get involved or were paid not to talk because the hotel already had a bad reputation. I believe the employee who found her knows exactly what happened because if you look at the video he is guilt driven and is containing himself when he answers. I believe he told the general manager and she hid material facts to stall and get rid of evidence and witnesses until the coast was clear for confusion and speculation. There was 53 seconds missing from the elevator video and it was purposefully slowed down. I believe the people who received the video cutout someone from that elevator scene and the truth will never be known unless Elisa herself comes back from the grave to tell it. May she rest in peace.

Elisa Lam's True Story Book

© 2021 Araceli Torres

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