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The Health and Happiness Vortex of Asheville, North Carolina

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Downtown Asheville, NC

Downtown Asheville, NC

Are There Vortices in Asheville, NC?

Local legend states that Asheville, North Carolina is in a location surrounded by "vortices," (plural of vortex). These vortices are said to have special, mystical healing properties, and even the ability to draw people in from all over the country with their magical depths of happiness and well-being.

As a life-long sick person, struggling with an auto-immune disorder called Hashimoto's and other difficulties, I can say that the year I spent in Asheville was by far the healthiest of my life. In fact, I rarely had to see a doctor while there and worked more than full-time, which I never thought possible.

I tend to believe in the mystical powers of the Asheville vortex, but then again, I think much of Asheville's healing power comes simply from its beautiful location, clean air, and fantastic, truly loving people.

Where is Asheville, NC?

As you can see, Asheville is located in Western North Carolina, only about 2 hours east of the major city of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is a similar distance west of North Carolina's two largest cities, Winston-Salem and Charlotte.

This location is said to encourage healing and joy because of its central location, near several vortices with healing properties.

"There are twenty-four active vortices between Black Mountain and Waynesville, and many more power spots. This is one of the most concentrated number of vortices and power points anywhere in this country...over 24 major ones!

A vortex has a very high level of energy projecting in a relative small area, whereas a power spot has a larger area with lower energy. Mt. Pisgah is the major power spot of the area, where the Watcher, or Guardian Angel of this entire area resides. Clingman's Dome on the other hand in nearby Tennessee is a vortex with very powerful electromagnetic energy."

-Asheville Magazine, according to Vortex

Pisgah Pale Ale

Pisgah Pale Ale Asheville Black Mountain, NC

Pisgah Pale Ale Asheville Black Mountain, NC

Pisgah Healing

There is one thing for certain: Pisgah Pale Ale, brewed in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and named after the "vortex," Mt. Pisgah, undoubtedly has delicious healing powers.

Old Asheville

Asheville NC in 1854, Asheville Vortex

Asheville NC in 1854, Asheville Vortex

America's Largest Home: The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

The Biltmore Estate and Biltmore House

The Biltmore Estate and Biltmore House

Asheville's Rich History of Health and Happiness

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC remains the United States's largest privately owned residence. It has four acres of floor space (178,926 square feet) and a total of 250 rooms, including 33 bedrooms for family and guests, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, and three kitchens. The house sits in its own private forest and includes a 12,000-square-foot horse stable, which is now used as a restaurant.

Built between 1889 and 1895, the home and estate are still owned by descendants of the original Vanderbilt family and represent one of the most magnificent achievements of the gilded age.

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The Biltmore House: A Real-Life Fairy Tale

Biltmore House Asheville NC Banquet Hall Christmas Tree

Biltmore House Asheville NC Banquet Hall Christmas Tree

The Banquet Hall

The Biltmore House's banquet hall is an explosion of riches without shame. This type of estate was a declaration of wealth without modesty, and nothing makes a person feel like they are in the middle of a joyous fairy tale like an enormous banquet table, a giant second-floor organ, and 70-foot-tall barrel-vaulted ceilings.

The Banquet Hall is the largest room in the house, and it measures 42 feet wide and 72 feet long. The table could seat 64 guests, and it is surrounded by rare Flemish tapestries and a triple fireplace that spans one end of the hall. Opposite from the fireplace is an organ gallery that houses a 1916 Skinner pipe organ.

At Christmas each year, a 40-foot Christmas tree is raised and decorated in the banquet hall, and the rest of the estate is decorated with lights and antique golds and reds to match.

And although I don't celebrate the holiday and I am, for all intents and purposes, a fully grown adult, nothing says pure happiness and enduring health like a whole world of Christmas music, smells and colors, hot chocolate, and a 40-foot Christmas tree (with gifts of relative huge-ness to match underneath).

Vortex Doughnuts

Vortex Doughnuts donuts Asheville NC

Vortex Doughnuts donuts Asheville NC

Even if you don't believe in the Asheville vortex, grab yourself a "vortex doughnut," and you'll be feeling happier --if not healthier--in no time.


Sarah B (author) from Klamath Falls on April 27, 2015:

Ha, no, although I'm sure it has its fair share of neopagans :). I think the humidity level really has a lot to do with it, as simple as that is, and the stability of the barometric pressure. I do not think that there is any witchcraft going on here, but I think that a natural sort of "vortex" of healing is definitely at play in one way or another.

It also has a feeling of transience: the majority of people have just arrived fairly recently and arrived by choice, rather than being born there and getting stuck, or moving there for work.

People sort of move there with the expectation of happiness.

Jennifer Mugrage from Columbus, Ohio on April 27, 2015:

I love this. I have friends in Asheville, and have had some good times there. It is indeed a beautiful part of the country. Also with a rich cultural history. The natural beauty by itself would make it a nice place to live.

The vortex thing sounds a bit magical, and of course we Judeo-Christians are forbidden from practicing magic. That said, it's true that the physical layout and "feel" of a place, as well as its spiritual history, can definitely affect how people feel in it. I guess you don't have to be a neopagan to enjoy Asheville!

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