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Exploring the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail - Day Trips, Weekend Escapes & Vacations


The Texas Wine Trail is now considered to be as strong a destination spot as California's Napa Valley. Many people, even Texans, are unaware of the strong presence the Texas wine industry is creating all over the state. There are 34 wineries simply along the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail.

The Texas Hill Country is famed for its wildflowers and the photographic opportunities that await visitors during the spring and summer. What is less known are all the many events in the way of festivals, bike rides, and wine destinations that have increased over the last few years.All these reasons and more are found in the travel book Exploring the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail: Day Trips, Weekend Adventures, and Vacations, the first book in the new Exploring Texas Trails series.

Where is the Texas Hill Country?

This book explores the Texas Wine Trail in the Hill Country consisting of Austin, Boerne, Comfort, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Fredericksburg, Hunt and Marble Falls. If you've ever been to Fredericksburg, Texas, you know how gorgeous and picturesque that German town is. Fredericksburg continues to be a major travel destination spot in Texas and now even more so with the addition of the 30+ wineries in the area.

Great events year round

In addition to he locals and wineries, there are all the annual events that occur throughout the year, including the major Kerrville Music Festivals and the annual Wildflower season. You simply can't go wrong if you travel through the Hill Country, let along hit the wine trail. There are tours and getaways for everyone from solo travelers to groups, from couples to families. One portion of the book is devoted to creating your own DIY adventure tour of the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail.

Going on road trips and exploring the various Texas Trails is a great way to have weekend getaways or quick day trips. An added bonus is the Texas Hill Country Wine Tasting guide.

Check out more on Texas travel, Texas history, and Texas wine. If you love history, particularly Texas history, check out the wonderful book below.

Why write about the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail?

A favorite pastime of mine is to take off and explore the Texas highways and byways. The more I read about the Texas wine industry's development that mushroomed over the past twenty years, the more I realized that it would be a great topic for a travel guide. Even among Texans, few realize how strong the industry has become. Strong enough to rival Napa Valley. The Texas wine trail winds all through Texas but one section that has become a true destination hot spot is the part of the Texas Wine Trail that runs through the famed Texas Hill Country. Would you believe you can even tour wineries on bicycle tours? Probably not what you expect to find in Texas.

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