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Crimea: The Best Tourist Destination in Southern Ukraine

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Crimea and its top 10 travel destinations

What are the top ten places to visit in Crimea? Have you ever been to southern Ukraine? Crimea is a beautiful peninsula and this is the best tourist spot in the southern Ukraine. Crimea is an autonomous republic in Ukraine, surrounded with Black Sea on the West and South and the Sea of Azov on the East. It has some wonderful tourist spots that you would like to visit. Ukraine is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe and Crimea is a real example of it.

Do you know the capital city of Crimea? Crimea's capital city name is Simferopol. This is where you would find some amazing destinations to explore yourself. Crimea has a long history, in the past many great battles took place in Crimea but today's Crimea becomes the most popular and the most visited tourist attraction not only in Ukraine but also all over Europe. Each and every year a lot of tourists visit Crimea's best destination and rate of traveling in Crimea is increasing as well. Here in this lens you will be exploring the best tourists attractions of Crimea.

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What Crimea is famous for?

Crimea is famous for its -


Sea beaches

Parks and gardens



Mountains cliff

Tatar homeland

Crimean wine


Hiking on Crimean Mountains

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Crimea Map


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When to go to Crimea?

The best time to go to Crimea and travel around it is summer. Beach and sea water become warmer than other season -the temperature of the Black sea in summer is seldom lower than 17-200C. Though, you can visit Crimea in all season but you probably would feel very much cold during winter season because snow falls there. It would hard to get on the Crimean beaches. Why not to spend some days in Crimea during summer vacation? Visit this beautiful peninsula and there are a lot of things to be explored by you.

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Ukraine travel guide book - Are you planning to go to Ukraine?

Ukraine is a beautiful country no doubt about that. If you have a plan to go to visit Ukraine you may like to read some books about this wonderful country so that you can expand your travel knowledge.

Beautiful Landscap of Crimea


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Top travel destinations in Crimea

Best and top travel destinations are located all over the cities in Crimea.

Swallow's Nest


Livadia Palace

Massandra Palace

Nikitsky Botanic Garden

Vorontsov's Palace


Ayu-Dag (Bear-mountain)

Mramorniyi Pesheri (Marble Cave)



Resort cities of Crimea: Gurzuf/ Hurzuf, Yalta, Alushta, Koktebel


1) Swallow's Nest, Crimea

Do you like visiting palace or castle? If you do then I have a surprise for you. Swallow's Nest is a medieval small castle located on Aurora Cliff near Black Sea at Yalta city in Crimea, Ukraine. It is seen as one of the most popular tourist destination in Crimea.

This medieval small castle is also known as "Castle of Love" or "Generalif," especially local people call this way. Between 1911and 1912 near Gaspra, Swallow's Nest was built by a Russian architect Leonid Sherwood. He got such a talent and gave us a nice castle at that time. Now tourists like to visit the castle and they don't forget to look down the Black sea from the castle.

Are you thinking about the size of the castle? Actually it is about 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. Currently this castle is being used by restaurateur, it is an Italian restaurant. Inside the castle there are rooms which look great. The restaurant business works since 1975.

Do you know that the current castle was a timber cottage in the past? Yes! It was indeed and was made by Baron von Steingel in 1911. He was a Baltic German noble. In 1927 a massive earthquake caused destruction but the castle was not damaged much. After that it was remained closed for 40 years. It was remain closed for a long time and then in 1968, renovation and restoration was started by the authority.

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Picture of Swallow's Nest


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2) Chersonese (Khersones)

Do you like ancient Greek history? It still amazes us, and you will find its marks in Crimea too. Chersonese is a city and colony of Greece and founded more than 2,500 years ago in the southwestern Crimea. It is located in the city of Sevastopol in Crimea. You can see the ruined colony when visit this ancient place. So many historical monuments were found from Chersonese, they are precious monuments which tell us about ancient Greek history in Crimea. The things you can see in Chersonese -

Archeological Museum

Tower Zeno - defense tower


White marble columns of medieval churches

Ancient theater - Ruined Theater

The Saint Vladimir Cathedral

The bell of Chersonesos

The museum in Chersonese contains many historical monuments such as a great collection of ancient Coins, Ceramics, Colored stones, Ancient text, Architectural fragments and so on.

This historical ancient area is open for all for whole year. Visitors are allowed to enter Chersonese museum from May to October, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and from November to May, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Picture of Chersonese (Khersones)


Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

Livadia Palace, Crimea

Livadia Palace, Crimea

3) Livadia Palace

Livadia Palace is a beautiful palace in Yalta city, Crimea. Amazing architectural structure and beautiful parks make the palace unique. The park is oldest park in Crimean peninsula and was created more than 200 years ago. The palace was very familiar to the Russian Emperors because they used to spend their vacation in the Livadia Palace. Livadia Palace is now a museum, but in the past Alexander II and his successor Alexander III of Russia used to live in this beautiful palace in the 19th to 20th centuries.

The great Yalta Conference took place here in this palace during World War II in 1945, where three great leaders (Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano and Winston Churchill) had to discuss about the War. Yalta's architect Nikolay Krasnov designed the white palace and it took 17 months to end the whole construction. To make this palace, more than 2500 workers were hired and they worked hard day and night. Livadia Palace (now museum) is a remarkable place Crimea where you can explore the beauty of it and its history. You can go and enter to its boundary all week except Wednesday, from from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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4) Massandra Palace

Massandra Palace is located in Yalta region and surrounded by beautiful forest and mountains. The location is indeed very charming and beautiful. Massandra Palace is located 3-4 kilometers away from Yalta city and you can reach there by bus or taxi. Architect Etienne Bouchard designed the castle and construction started in 1881 for Prince Semyon Vorontsov. The construction stopped because of Prince Semyon Vorontsov death in 1889. Later, Tsar Alexander III called an architect called Maximilian Messmacher and ordered him to complete the palace for his own use. The castle was completely finished in 1900. During Soviet time this palace was used as officials' summer residence, Soviet leaders such as Joseph Stalin, stayed in this palace.

Near the palace you can see a beautiful English style landscape park. As it is located in a nice place and surrounded by a forest with many exotic trees, you don't forget to walk around the castle. The castle is open for all from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm in summer on Tuesday to Sunday. On the other hand in winter you can enter to palace only from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Wednesday to Sunday.

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Picture of Massandra Palace


Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

Nikitsky Botanic Garden, Crimea

Nikitsky Botanic Garden, Crimea

5) Nikitsky Botanic Garden

Do you like garden much? I do. If you like them too, then you definitely would like Nikitsky Botanic Garden which is located near Yalta city in Crimea. This is a very beautiful garden; it possesses varieties of flowers, looks very marvelous. It is seen one of the greatest man made botanical garden in the world. This amazing botanical Gardner has a long history. Russian Emperor Alexander I ordered to make Nikitsky Botanic Garden in order to development of gardening and farming industry in the south part of Russian empire. Today it contains of many plants they were brought from Asia, Europe and America.

The botanical garden has over 50,000 species of plants. A large collection of rare species are found here. Do you know that it has over 2000 kinds of roses! This is very interesting botanical garden, right? You can find a giant sequoia tree located in the garden, it is about 40 meters high. Whenever you come to this place - from early spring to deep autumn - you can see a great collection of seasonal flowers. You are allowed to access to the botanical garden all the week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Don't forget to take many pictures of the garden, colorful flowers and other plants are ideal location to take pictures.

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Yalta Picture


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6) Vorontsov /Alupka Palace

Crimea has many historical palaces Vorontsov is one of them. This is great news for palace lover who loves to visit palace. Alupka is a small town located in Crimean peninsula. There is a historical palace built in 18th century, called Vorontsov or Alupka Palace. Alupka Palace is a Tudor style of palace, English architect Edward Blore and his personal assistant William Hunt designed this beautiful Tudor style palace.

A beautiful garden and manmade forest were made by German landscape gardener Carolus Keebac around the palace. That stuffs added extra beauty to the palace. It looks great when you look at the palace from far away. There are 150 rooms inside the palace. Since the palace is now a museum you can see many exhibits inside the palace such as beautiful paintings, flower dcor, interior's woodwork, furniture, books, and decorations. Outside the palace, there are white marble lion monuments, Italian sculptor Bonnani created them.

The palace/museum is open every day from July to August, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm; from September to June the museum is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can go there and see the beautiful palace all the week except Monday.

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Picture of Vorontsov /Alupka Palace


Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

Kazanskiy Cathedral, Crimea

Kazanskiy Cathedral, Crimea

7) Feodosia/Feodosiya

Feodosia is a port and resort city in Ceriman peninsula, Ukraine. It is located on the coast of Black Sea in south-eastern part of Crimea. The city Feodosia used to be called Theodosia when Greek colonist formed the city during 6th century BC. The city was beautiful, still it is but it was destroyed by Huns in the 4th century AD. History tells us that, the land of this city was very good for agriculture. Kazanskiy Cathedral is located in Feodosia.

Do you know Ivan Aivazovsky? This is the man who was famous Russian seascape painter. What an extraordinary seascape artist he was! Once you see his paintings you would like to see more of his paintings over again and again. Ivan Aivazovsky passed his all life in Feodosia. You must go to a museum called "National Picture Gallery of Ivan Aivazovsky" and look at every painting, they are very beautiful. Except this museum there are some museums such as Museum of sculptor V. I. Mukhin, Museum of ancient things, Literary and memorial museum of Alexander Green.

The beaches of the Feodosia are nice and you can have boat trip. You can find Golden Beach over there made of small seashells. When you travel all over city you would see fortress, ancient churches, Movie Theater and so on.

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8) Ayu-Dag (Bear-mountain)

Ayu-Dag is a famous mountain in Crimea, Ukraine. It is also known as Bear Mountain because the mountain looks like a bear that lies in the water. Bear Mountain is not far from Gurzuf city. It is located in the south coast of Crimean peninsula. The word Ayu means Bear in Tatar, one the other hand Dag means Mountain in Tatar language. It is said that the top of the Bear Mountain summit or peak formed in the result of magma cooling down in the thickness of the earth's crust.

But there is another, more romantic version of the appearance of the mountain. A family of bears lived in thick woods of Crimea, and a girl lived with them - she was an orphan who they brought up as their own kid. When she grew up, she fell in love with a guy from a nearby village. The bears couldn't accept it, and the couple had to escape from them. The guy made a boat, in which they were going to sail into the sea. The oldest of the bears saw it. He was furious, he wanted to drink all the sea water and get the couple. But the sea helped the lovers - it turned the bear into a rock. He will be drinking water for eternity.

Near Ayu-Dag territory, there was a famous sea port in 9th-10th centuries. Ayu-Dag is approximately 572 meter which means it is 1,877 ft long. The mountain shape can be seen from Artek's beach. So when go to Artek's beach look at the mountain and take some photos of it. Though, it is visible not only from that beach but also from all side too.

Ayu-Dag is famous for its natural mineralogical resources of the southern sea coast of Crimea. It has natural resources such as rock diabaz and it is said there are 18 minerals in Ayu-Dag. With this natural resources the tribunes in Moscow on the Red Square, Vorontsov Palace in Crimea were built. Visit Ayu-Dag mountain and its near locations, they are all beautiful and charming. The sea water in Ayu-Dag is clean and very favorable to swim in it.

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Picture of Ayu-Dag (Bear-mountain)


Image Credit: alexeyklyukin

Crimean War History Book - Learn about Crimea

Are you interested in learning about Crimean history? History tells us many unknown facts, I guess you like exploring about the past. I enjoy reading history related books and honestly, it is great when I discover many unknown facts that I have not discovered in the past.

9) Balaklava

Balaklava is a famous small town near Sevastopol. Gorgeous landscapes, beaches, monument and its history all together make Balaklava a popular tourist destination. This town has a long history, in World War II, Balaklava was used as Soviet secrete submarine base. Have you heard about "Object 825"? It was a secrete naval base of Soviet Union during World War II located in Balaklava.

Balaklava territory has an Italian temple called Twelve Apostles. You still can see this structural monument in Balaklava. There are two most famous sea beaches there, they are: Golden and Silver beach. Balaklava could be a small town to you but it is not small in showing you many beautiful landscapes including beaches, mountain and historical buildings.

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Beautiful Landscape of Balaklava


Image Credit: Argenberg

10) Ai-Petri

Ai-Petri is one of the most famous mountains on the southern coast in Crimean peninsula. Ai-Petri is located near the city of Alupka in the town Koeriz. This mountain peaks are marvelous. You can look over the whole southeastern coast of Crimea from the top of the peaks. The word Ai-Petri came from Greek. Many tourists visit this mountain all the year. It is said as windiest places as well - the temperature on its top is several degrees lower than at the bottom. If you dare to come there, you will be offered warm clothes and hot tea for sure.

Trehglazka is a cave which is located at the top of the Ai-Petri. The floor of the cave is covered with ice, it looks fantastic indeed! During summer, Ai-Petri could be your best travel destination of all time. This is where you can see beaches, waterfalls, mountain peaks which are covered with snow. Horse riding over here is common; if you want then you can ride on mountain bike and jeep. Take a car and start your journey all over Ai-Petri. In winter you can do hiking and skiing on the snowy mountain of Ai-Petri.

Crimean Mountain - Picture of Ai-Petri


Image credit: Argenberg

Beautiful Ai-Petri Crimea


Image Credit: Wikimedia commons



Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

Mramorniyi Pesheri (Marble Cave)

Do you know that Mramorniyi Pesheri (Marble Cave) is a natural wonder of Ukraine? There are 7 natural wonders in Ukraine and Marble Cave is one of them. It is located at the plateau of the Chatyr-Dag Mountain Range. It is seven kilometers away from the city Alushta in Crimea. As it is formed of marble limestone, inside the cave is colorful and looks amazing. In Europe, due to hundreds of various stalactites Marble Cave is seen one of the top five famous caves. Mramorniyi Pesheri (Marble Cave) is unique and for its uniqueness Marble Cave is famous all over the world. When you go there you would see well equipped lighting room, Fairy Tales gallery, Pink Room, Palace Hall, Luster Room and so on. You can enjoy strange acoustic effects and hear the echo of you own voice, see underground rivers, and marble that has turned into wonderful figures.

Resort cities of Crimea: Yalta, Gurzuf/ Hurzuf, Alushta, Koktebel

Crimea is indeed a nice place of traveling all over its big and small cities and towns. Crimea is famous of its resorts cities such as Gurzuf/Hurzuf, Yalta, Alushta, Koktebel. All these small towns and cities have their own and unique nature of view and landscapes and located on the coast of Black sea. Each of these resort cities is extremely favorable for traveling. Yalta is a great resort city, no doubt about that, In Yalta resort city there are many places to go such as Nikitsky Botanic Garden, Massandra Palace and so on. Koktebel is seen as the most famous tourist attraction for its beautiful beaches. A lot of visitors mainly from Ukraine and Russia come to its beaches in the summer. However, resorts cities in Crimea are rich for their beautiful coastal area, beaches, mountains, palace, fortress, cave, gardens and monuments.

Crimea is not a place where you would be disappointed after traveling to its tourist destinations that I mentioned to you over here. If you read and find this article helpful for you then I will be happy. Visit Crimea someday and explore southern part of Ukraine.

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