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Cheonan, South Korea


Everything Cheonan

Cheonan is a medium-size Korean city, about an hour South of Seoul by regular train or bus, or around 35 minutes by the high-speed KTX. It's located in the heart of South-Chungnam Province. There is a lot of stuff to do in Cheonan, including shopping, hiking, eating out and sightseeing. It's definitely worth a trip if you're in the area. This site is your one-stop source for all the information you need about Cheonan.


Things to see in Cheonan: the Independence Hall

This museum, located just outside of Cheonan is the biggest and most impressive one I've ever been to. It's a massive complex that you could spend hours touring. Also, they have very nice grounds if you want to have a picnic or just enjoy some green space.

The museum is a bit sad and gruesome, since it deals with the period when Japan occupied Korea against their will and treated them quite cruelly. It's thought-provoking to say the least and uncovers some Korean history that most people don't know about.

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Cheonan has undergone a downtown rejuvenation in the past few years and the whole area has been upgraded. There are lots of things to see and do downtown, but one of my favorites is to visit the Arario Art Gallery, just above the Coffee Bean on the main street. They have branches in Seoul and Beijing as well. Surprisingly famous artists are shown here and the exhibit changes every couple of months. While you're downtown, you can also see a movie, head to the Noraebang, have some drinks at a local bar, go bowling, or shoot some pool. Anything really.

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Things to do: Go Hiking

There are a few famous spots where the locals head to go for a hike. The first one is Taejosan, near Gakwonsa Temple. It's quite close to the downtown area. It's famous for a huge, green, sitting Budda. The other spot is Gwandeoksan, South of Cheonan in the countyside. It has a beautiful old temple, with a famous walnut tree.

If you're looking for off the beaten track, check out Taekaksan Recreational Forest, near Hoseo University, Asan Campus. It's famous for the quaint temple, with a little cave and a thousand year old Buddha carved on a rock.



Things to do: Go to a hotspring in Asan

Neighboring Asan is very famous for their hot-springs. Kings and Queens from days gone by used to travel here from Seoul just to take a dip. The water is renowned for its healing properties. The two most famous ones are spavis and Dogo Hot Springs. Dogo is a bit easier to get to as it's on the train line. Just look for "Dogo" stop.



How to get to Cheonan

It's very easy to get to Cheonan from anywhere in South Korea. It's a major transport hub between Seoul and Daejeon.

There are express buses from Gangnam Express Bus Terminal and Dong-Seoul Terminal in Seoul. There are also express buses to Daejeon, and Ulsan from Cheonan. There are inter-city buses to almost everywhere.

By train, you have lots of options. There is Cheonan Station, which has just regular trains and the Cheonan/Asan Station which has regular trains, plus the KTX.

Also, you can take the subway. Line one south from Seoul goes through Cheonan and ends in Asan.



English Speaking Hair Stylist in Cheonan

There is a new hair shop in town called Sunny Hair. The best thing about Sunny is that she trained/worked in London for a few years so she speaks excellent English AND knows how to color/cut foreigner's hair. She charges around 15 000 Won for a cut and does an excellent job. Here is her website:

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Sunny Hair

Do you want to Teach at a Korean University?

English Speaking Doctor in Cheonan

Ssang-yong Clinic has an English-Speaking Doctor. Her name is: Dr. Ko Mi-Hye ( ).

Located near Ssangyong Lottemart (the small, old one) and the Nazarene University. If you're at the Lotte Mart, Walk down the street towards McDonald's and the University. Ssangyong Medical Clinic is on the second floor. Look up for the sign.

Tel: 041-571-1085.

Should I move to Cheonan?

Are you thinking about coming to Cheonan to study or to teach English? You're probably wondering if it's a good place to live or not. I've been in Cheonan for 5 years now and think it's a pretty decent place to live.

The actual city itself is not so exciting and there are not many tourist attractions around. But, it does have all the big department stores, so you should be able to find everything you need for food and shopping. There are a good number of foreigners, so you will be able to make friends easily.

Perhaps the best part of Cheonan is its location. It's very easy, quick and cheap to get to Seoul. It's also a convenient transport hub to travel around the rest of Korea. The best is also only an hour away by train.

What is Cheonan like?

Immigration in Cheonan

There is now a branch of the Daejeon immigration office located in Cheonan.

Office Location :

Chungnam Bukbu Chamber of Commerce & Industry

(403, 492-3 Buldang-Dong, Seobuk-Ku, Cheonan-Shi, Chungnam)

- Foreigner sojourn : extension of stay, change status of stay, change/add work location, foreigner registration and etc.

- Visa Issuance Procedure

- Investigation of immigration offence/custody

- Issuing certificate

-Nationality/Naturalization and immigration offence/custody work are to be conducted in Daejeon Immigration Office.

-Territory : Cheonan-shi, Asan-shi, and Yesan-kun, Chungnam

-Contact information : Hot line '1345'

041-621-1345, 042-220-2004


- Line 1, at Asan station (10 minute walk)

- KTX at Cheonan Asan Station(10 minute walk)

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