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An Esthetic Itinerary For Cappadocia Visit!

Explore Cappadocia!

How would you feel about exploring historic caves, museums, and valleys and going on a lovely hot air balloon ride, all in one place? Sounds fun, right? Well, that's the beauty of Cappadocia.

10 Things To Do In Cappadocia

Cappadocia, the central region of Anatolia, is one of the on-demand attractions in Turkey. There are no if and buts in counting this place when preparing a list of places to visit in Turkey. It's like planning your first-ever trip to Turkey with the mandatory Cappadocia visit.

You will adore Cappadocia for its artistic landscapes and dreamy fairy tale experiences giving you a feeling of being in a completely separate heavenly world. It is that one place that's always present on every tourist's itinerary who is looking forward to getting the Turkish vibes.

10. Turkish Night

Turkish Night is a perfect way to end your Cappadocia journey!

You must be curious to know what it's like to be a part of their culture and what their cultural dance moves, styles, and songs are. Well, it will be a great experience to get mixed up with Turkey's culture.

A classic Turkish Night in Cappadocia is a show that takes place generally in the stone-carved spaces in the Uchisar and Avanos towns. It is an exclusive show held in Cappadocia for quite a long time.

There you will get to see performances like belly dancing, their traditional dance moves, and an exceptional ceremonial act, with their music complementing them all. The sole purpose of this show is to entertain the tourists by providing knowledge about their culture.

The Turkish Night Show is like watching a live theater. You will be seated with food and snacks served, their Turkish delight for dessert, and the artists performing in the center. From belly dance to folk dance and songs, be thrilled to get involved in all those performances.

9. Carpet Shop

Adorable carpet shops will steal your heart here.

Galerie Ikman is one of the amazing, famous, and most visited carpet shops in Cappadocia. This shop is a good choice for someone interested in buying carpets or rugs and buying something as a souvenir to add to their Cappadocia, Turkey's memories.

If you're looking for a photo shoot location in Cappadocia, you should visit Galerie Ikman. This shop is a photogenic spot, so there is no way you could pass by here without taking a shot at this place. It has an aesthetic impression of carpets and rugs displayed evenly and untangled elegantly, making it a perfect picture background for shoots.

8. Pottery In Avanos

Cappadocia's town Avanos is famous for its pottery ceramics. Pottery in Avanos is an art made with precision and specifications, such as particular clay and ceramic materials used to mold them into objects.

Pottery here is an artistic gift of Avanos. These fascinating ceramics resulted from the hard work of talented, skilled, and experienced artisans who created this pottery, reason to shine Avanos.

Go to the town of pottery and look at these spectacular arts. You will be impressed to see how magnificently they are built with clay and given a specific design and structure. And while you are there, why don't you try and experience the happiness you will get from making them with your hands?

7. Pigeon Valley

Pigeon Valley, also known as Guvercinlik Vadisi, is a popular tourist stop for hiking. During ancient times pigeons played a crucial role in people's lifestyles. Due to this, the peculiar rock formations left behind from the volcanic eruptions made a place for the pigeons. Thus, pigeon houses carved in the volcanic sculptures led to the name Pigeon Valley.

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Evil Eye Tree in Pigeon Valley

Other than that, the Pigeon Valley is also known for its famous evil eye tree that grabs people's attention. You will see the numerous Evil eye pearls, or the Nazar Boncuk in Turkish, hanging in a tree to protect from evil spirits and negativity. It's a good luck charm found in all of Turkey.

6. Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley is also known as the Imaginary Valley. It is also one of the famous valleys counted to visit on the trip to Cappadocia. There is something in those rock formations that makes this valley so unique.

But why Imaginary Valley? Because if you get a closer look at those rock formations present there, you will notice their resemblance to a few of nature's creations as that of a camel, dolphin, penguin, and snake.

Walk around in the Devrent Valley. Further, use your imagination while you spot the various rock formations sustained there for a long time.

5. Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme Open Air Museum in Goreme town of Cappadocia is a recommended and must-visit historic site. This finest scenic rock landscape is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. It's a remarkable heritage consisting of rock-cut churches, chapels, and monasteries.

Even though it's been years, their presence has not lost its meaning and importance. Drop by here if you are into historical monuments and all. Catch sight of the Goreme Open Air Museum. In addition, get a tour of the inside of these churches. Cherish their architectural beauty and the background story of these churches.

4. Underground Cities

So, on a scale of one to ten, how much do you love adventure?

Even if the thought of adventurous exposure gives you goosebumps or not, you're still going to get excited when it comes to wandering in the underground cities.

According to the research, there are more than 100 underground cities in Cappadocia. But only a few have been discovered till the present day. These were built in ancient times to keep the people safe during wartimes. Though the people were living there secretly, they had the same privileges and access to necessities compared to people living on the ground.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Derinkuyu Underground City

Derinkuyu and Kaymakli - The two famous underground cities!

Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are the two most famous and visited underground cities in Cappadocia. You can feel the lifestyle of the people at that period by looking at the traces of past lives. They contain spaces inside for rooms, ventilation shafts, schools, even space for a church, and more that you couldn't even imagine.

Constructed so beautifully and intelligently, you will be stunned by the interiors of these underground cities. To connect you with the history and way of living of the people of that era, they have more to showcase than words can ever describe.

3. Cave Hotels

Did you ever dream of living in a cave?

Cappadocia's cave hotels are the best way to experience the cave lifestyle with a touch of Turkish culture. Unlike modern five-star hotels, these cute-looking cave hotels have a wood and rock interior and outer design displaying an authentic and classic look of past times and soothing traditional patterns.

These cave hotels have all the modern facilities with the traditional Turkish baths called Hamam. Living in a cave hotel for every tourist is a must-stay for surreal lifestyle exposure with amazing terrace views of sunrise and sunset.

2. Fairy Chimneys

Fairy Chimneys, where the story of Cappadocia began!

The famous fairy chimneys that made Cappadocia a gorgeous tourist destination and a part of the UNESCO world heritage site are natural gems. They are the reason behind the beauty of Cappadocia.

Years and years ago, the environment started to play its role. The natural environmental phenomenon of volcanic eruptions took place here. That led to the remains of volcanic ash turning into rock formations called the tuff.

It was later discovered as a valuable material for construction by some wanderers. These rock formations after were ideated for architectural purposes. Those now you can see as cave dwellings, underground cities, churches, hotels, and a hot air balloon tour spot.

Hence, these fairy chimneys are home to lovely frameworks and designs that consists of valleys, museums, caves, and churches.

1. Hot Air Balloon

And here comes the essence of Cappadocia. Yup! The hot air balloon in Cappadocia is the scent that brings life to this place.

No, it's no joke. The view of colorful and enormous hot air balloons floating in the air is why people want to come to this place. Yes, to capture themselves surrounded by balloons flying in the air. That view is wow!

Don't believe me? Browse over the internet and look at the images of this view, or even better, visit the place for real, and then tell me you didn't have to pinch yourself to make sure it's real.

You would love this experience of hot air balloons flying over fairy chimneys, caves, and valleys. While giving a moment to capture the view from the sky, this will remain a part of your travel memories.


To wrap up, Cappadocia is a charming encounter with Turkey. It has more to display and express than you can even think. You should plan a trip to this place for a minimum of ten days to not miss even a single bit of view that Cappadocia has.

Trust me, your camera clicks are not going to stop there. Whether you are walking around, sitting, eating, or casually relaxing, there will be something or the other around you that will make you want to capture that thing to seize the moment of your phenomenal travel journey because Cappadocia undeniably is one of the most beautiful views in the world, or as the people here would say in Turkish,

Dunyanin en guzel manzarasi!

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