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Fun Trip in Nuevo Laredo


FUN in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

I wanted to post this for those who love to travel internationally for some fun. Please take precautions and be safe!!

Nuevo Laredo is located south of Laredo, TX. At first I was somewhat reluctant deciding whether I should cross the border. But I'm glad I did. It was safe and hassle-free. I parked my car near the border, which is like $8 a night. I walked across the bridge into MEXICO with no problems whatsoever.

Once I made it to the border, I got a cab and asked for "Boystown". Most of the cab driver speaks little english, enough for price negotiation and destination. The cab fare ranges from $5-$10, depending on your bargain skill.

Boystown is located approximately 10 minutes away from the border. At the gate of Boystown, I was asked to leave the cab for inspection. The police officer inspected me for weapons, which made me feel even safer knowing that there are authority in town.

The sight was somewhat disappointed, I expected an live and crowded town. But it was half-dead, maybe people were in bars and clubs. On the way to one of the club(Danash), I saw girls where standing out of the door, which is referred to as door girl. Some of them were ok looking, but I wanted to check out the scenery indoor first. I was told by several people that door girl price is approx $20-$40.

At Danash, i was greeted with 4-5 waiters and walked to a table. We ordered 3 drinks and it came out to be $18; I was shocked! Next a girl came by and sat on my laps. She was a 6-7 scale. I ordered her a drink which is $10, at this moment I really didn't want to be here anymore. She started making contact and asked if I wanted a dance. Then she told me it's $15 a dance, which is "no way" for me. After a while of inactivity, she asked me if I wanted to go to the "room" with her for $120. I was like noway. This is way more than i expected. So My friends and I walked out of the club and started walking around the area. It was around 10pm. Though the streets are dark, but we haven't encounter any hostile situations.

We finally made it to "Papayas" by recommendation from a cab driver. we enter the club and it looks more like a bar. Our first sight were about 10-15 girls standing and sitting around the corner. It was half-full. We sat and ordered a few drinks which is $2 each, "not bad, I thought". Things started to get better. Two girls came by and sat with us. I had to say, they looked pretty and nice. I can't refuse their offer. they told me they are 18, which i actually believe. They sat with us and we ordered them some drinks, still $2. After a while they sat on our laps and started to get a little intimacy, next thing we know, it's all you can touch. we made out then started drinking again. later, they asked if we wanted to go, at this point I was already ready. The price is $120( $20 for house, $20 for room, $80 for the girl). The details of what happened in the room is for you to imagine. But my overall experience is a 10, despite my disappointment earlier.

I hope this will help you to have a safe and well-expected fun. If you have any questions let me know. Meanwhile, I'm looking for another place to have fun.


Johne168 on September 30, 2014:

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KSTL on March 28, 2014:

I got drug there by 2 buddies back around 1987. We drove from Austin all coked up back when I was a young, stupid kid and did stupid things like this. It was scary as hell back then! Can't imagine going near the place now! I'm 44 now, I would NEVER put myself at risk like that again with the horror stories I am hearing of that place.

Read this blog. It is the most recent info I have found on Boystown: http://woodhavensquire.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/nu...

Look at the pictures. The place is dead and in ruins. It is run by drug cartels and is nothing but a stop-over for their gunmen running drugs into the USA. If you have a death wish, then by all means, go to Boystown.

About my experience when I went in 1987. The 3 of us walked across the border, took the cab, walked into the compound (no cops, no frisking or searching us) and we all 3 got drunk and got a BJ for $20. The beers were $2 and they were warm and gross! The bar had a dirt floor (forget the name of the bar). It was like the Wild West! The bar bathroom had no working plumbing! If anyone took a shit, they wiped their ass with the toilet paper and threw it in a trash can next to the toilet! The bathroom smelled like a sewer! The girls rooms were filthy, had a bed and a bucket in the corner. The bucket was there if either of you had to piss! The room smelled disgusting. I remember the girl putting on the condom and giving me head and spitting in the corner several times during because she didn't like the taste of the latex! Too funny! It was just such a surreal place. A disgusting place, almost sub-human. No one with a shred dignity or self-respect would go there more than once after experiencing it. Had I known what I was in for I would have never went. The 3 girls we were with worked the floor after we were done and I saw mine go to a room with 4 other guys before we finally left....LOL. OMG so disgusting! If you want to die, get a VD, or experience what being a sub-human piece of shit is like, then go to Boystown. The place should be nuked and rid of the Earth forever, along with the vile sub-humans that live & work there. And yes I DO blame them. If they want out bad enough they can get out one way....... or another.

Salespro on February 11, 2013:

Is it any better / or worse now? What is the best time of the year to go visit there?

Paul on May 21, 2012:

The drug cartels have ruined it for everybody and it probably will never come back. By the way the bar in your story has the name of Papagallo's.

Creekman on November 24, 2011:

Well, I just got back on the 16th of November. I spent one evening there and the police station is deserted. The light is not even on. There was no body search to enter the compound. In fact even the cabs were scarce. Since it was a Wednesday night the number of girls was even lower than I have seen it. There were just a few girls and nothing going on in the few clubs that were open. Things did start to pick up around 1 PM as I was leaving. The best part of this trip was I didn't have the F#@*&^g police going through my wallet, patting me down, and asking where I work. It is still worth the trip if you can speak spanish but it it nothing compared to the days when Papagallo's was open. It is still the best deal for the money for the non-faint of heart.

Htown on October 27, 2011:

I went last week and had a great time. We still got searched but we know the game and got through no problem. Always go with someone that speaks fluent Spanish. Never drive. Hide your cash. Don't take weapons. And show some respect and you will be fine. Oh yeah and where a condom.

Creekman on September 24, 2011:


Just found out NL is under martial law. As far as I know this just means the army has taken over all police business. They fired ALL of the local police. I am grateful because I have been harassed by them at the entrance of "La Zona" everytime I entered. They search me, go through my wallet, and the last time found the money I had hidden in my shoe. Miraculously, they didn't rob me but I still got taken into the police station for a more thorough search before being released. I found out the police probably were "Outlaws" like Zetas just trying to make a buck off the tourist they could entrap and fine. Now that the Army has taken over, how much of a hassle are they giving men who ride up in cabs? I never recommend driving your car across, ever. I have done it and the risk is too great. Has anybody been really recently who can tell me what the "gatekeepers" are like. Thank you.

Jim on August 21, 2011:

Glad to hear its still there. I went in 1977 with two friends. Three girls for me in one evening,(man, I wish I was 18 again) 6 dollars, 8 dollars, and 12 dollars respectively. I guess prices have gone up. Girls ratings - 8, 8, and 6. I didn't care by the third one after half a bottle of tequila. One note of caution: DO NOT smart talk the waiters or the rare cop you may see. They are tolerant, but they will not mess around. One of my buddies got hammered and acted like an ass, started a fight and ended up spending four days in a Mexican jail which messed with his mind for a pretty long time. You have to pay for your own food and cot in Mexican jails or suffer the consequences. He had no money.

chris barkley better know as big country on August 18, 2011:

damit i love it drinks beer 1.00 and good looking babes for 20.00 and that's for an hour and they give you more than you moynes worth ,i go once a month and its been safe evertime ,about 25.00 ride from and back with the drunken indian as he calls him self leaves from the 3 truck stops at 7 or 8 ch. 23 on cb

mr lucky on June 02, 2011:

since the late 70's to 89,90 i went to boystown twice a mnth, loved it! made so may amigas, treat them with respect,don't bs them!! $20-40 was the going rate for the BEST and PRETTIEST!! lol $80-10 now for a girl? that's crazy!! papagayos and graciella were always my favorite!!,awsome parties in the clubs and in the streets. tamyko and maribu were were decent places. i've stayed many nights and days there, and wish it were the same today..no violence....

Don't Touch That on April 27, 2011:

Haha I've heard of horror stories coming from Nuevo Laredo. If you're hanging out with the door girls you best be getting yourself checked shortly thereafter - from what I hear most have not one, but at least two venereal diseases.

meximan on April 22, 2011:

I was born in the U.S., but have lived most of my life in mexico. I have worked in several mexican states from 1989 to 2009. I will not go into mexico. I suggest that no one go. The risk is not worth it.

jessica on March 27, 2011:

i want to go to nl on a grayhound bus do i need a passport to go then my boy friend is comeing to get me in a car and we are going to chapis dose any body no anything about that part of mexico

trucker on March 14, 2011:

I have gone over on and off for 10 years without any problems made a few very good amigas in fact most of the good girls are gone or maybe I am just to damn old I keep in touch because they are good people just stuck in a bad place show them respect and it will go along way

oscarbuenanoche@gmail.com on March 11, 2011:

If anybody wants to pay $100 for a Mexican whore in Boystown they are out of their mind. The funny thing about la zona or Boystown is that it is like a compound full of bars that are cathouses. It was a very unique type of arrangement with skanks hanging out in front of their catacomb like rooms offering blowjobs for as low as $5.

The bars had women ranging from 2-8 on a good looking scale. The prices were reasonable , good looking putas and a fun experience. The fact that you are behind closed gates with nothing but whorehouses inside is what makes it unique.

If you are sweating and worried for your safety then I suggest you don't go. Hell, on my first trip to Boystown, I was 21 and you could just cruise in and enjoy the ambiance (funky and slutty and stinky bars)and meeting Latin American whores which was new to me at that time.

During the 80's when my mother lived in El Paso , I'd vacation borrow her car and cross the border every night and get blind drunk and buy a whore or two for around $20 per pop. It was also fairly easy to pick up Mexican girls and just fuck em like you would here in the States just because they liked you and wanted some white dick. These tourist guides are usually dickheads just looking to get your money.

Hell , I was in Juarez in 2008 and you could score good looking putas for $40 a crack with no problem.

I have never been intimidated by any situation in Mexico, Honduras , Costa Rica or Puerto Rico. I went to some remote places in Mexico and usually traveled alone. I will confess that time as I was coming back to walk across the bridge some kids (about 5 or 6 guys) of 15-18 years of age started kind of encircling me. I just kept on walking and acted like nothing was happening and stayed on the main street and had no problem. It was just getting dark and it is quite likely much more dangerous after dark. Although nothing happened , I did feel a bit uneasy as it was obvious these kids would have tried to yoke me if I were on a side street. I wouldn't want to do that today.

When I flew home to Baltimore , I met a guy who was a Mexican American who worked selling maquiladora products in various cities in the US. Back then he told me it was getting so bad that he and his partners would normally attend business meetings by day and party deep into the night in Juarez.He said it was getting too dangerous to do so back then. This was January of 2008 and I told him that I always travel alone and never feared a thing there. He told me that I was lucky and I believe him since the cartels have turned Juarez into a city as dangerous as Baghdad. Hell , Juarez is ruined !

Acapulco was my favorite tourist destination and I've been there like a dozen times. You can call outcall services and order girls who come to you from 50- 100 dollars. It's as sure as ordering a pizza from Domino's. They'll tell you that you can get a morena (brown skinned or possibly black) - blacks as we know them are rare In Mexican whore circles. In the USA, however Mexicans and other Latin Americans refer to blacks as morenas or morenos. I never could quite distinguish where Mexicans draw the line as to where a girl is morena or simply Mejicana. Anyway , I ordered a morena who was a really cute girl 27 , who was vigorous about her job and was lots of fun to be with. She said that since she worked nights , she'd gladly keep me company for several hours before she went to work for a flat $50. Since you can buy vicodins and percosets (supposedly you need a "receta" or prescription) I just talked to the pharmacists and they figured that I was not a loco or narc they sold them to me for about a dollar per pill. Hence, I slept until 2 or 3 pm most days , I was unable to take advantage of Wendy's offer.

The key to having fun in any part of Latin America is blending in and messing around with the people from there. If I didn't speak Spanish then I wouldn't waste my time going there. Cancun is (not even really Mexico in my opinion) is a tourist trap and the shittiest part of Mexico. This city was built for Americans and certainly you don't need to speak Spanish in Cancun. I went there 1 time and had to pay $12 for a fucking hamburger. I had a Professor of Latin American History from Puebla MX in Maryland and he asked how people had been to Mexico before. He qualified the question by saying - If you have been to Cancun then do not even raise your hand as that is not "real" Mexico. I once made the mistake of going to Cancun over Acapulco because airfare and motel accomodations were like $200, less. I never choose any type of meal plan because you are stuck with food from one place and I have found that if you plan your trip around you usually gain weight. I have had had some pretty good food from street vendors and usually pay anywhere anywhere from $2-5 per day on food. In Cancun everything costs an arm and a leg unless you go into the old Mexican part of Cancun which is just dirty and dingy. I'd go to Miami before Cancun. Trust me, it has more of a Latin flavor than Cancun or those little shitty beaches nearby. Playa del Carmen and those other beaches nearby are more of the same shit - overpriced for Americans afraid to explore places like Acapulco, Mazatlan or even timid little Cabo San Lucas.

oscarbuenanoche@gmail.com on March 10, 2011:

I last visited Nuevo Laredo some 30 years ago. I imagine prices have gone up but $100 for uns "putita" soumds a bit high. You can go to San Jose CR and pull beautiful women for $100 all day long. If you speak Spanish , which I do, you can wrangle them for 50-60 for an hour. Some are steadfast about 100 but I moved on to the next one if I had to pay more than 60. Most of the stupid gringos paid the $100 readily in the Del Rey hotel because they can't bargain in Spanish.

Mt point being , I cannot imagine paying more than 50 for the hos in Boystown. I moved from the east coast to San Antonio and this city sucks. I am an ex-Spanish teacher and Mexicans , by and large are the dumbest group of immigrants that I ever encountered.

I find Peruvians ,Colombianos even Salvadorans to be más educado (means polite and well mannered and educated) and normally implies the first 2 rather than just progressing school.

joepoint O on February 19, 2011:

eddy are you still available for a tour? Email me at dustjoe@yahoo.com

J on October 26, 2010:

We used to go with our fraternity, take big buses to nuevo laredo, last time we went was in 2005, and thank god, all the violence there is crazy. It was an awesome time when we went, big party with a bunch of people, but seriously, it's not worth it now if you are white and try to go. I hear everything is closed down anyways.

longstebe on October 24, 2010:

Coming down by bus to Laredo, are the taxi's still close by the bus station to take over the border?

knightrider on October 20, 2010:

Looking for a safe way into boys-town and out without any problems. Any help would be appreciated.

wilderthannow on October 10, 2010:

use to be a trucker, went to boys town several times...loved it...the street food, the crazy noise, the drinking, the women...it was great...it was before all the shit...never got searched by anybody for anything...used the take the Grey Ghost over and it was blast...sometimes i think about these girls being exploited. i never exploited anyone...always paid what was asked and more...and someone explained that you take that money away and they go into something a lot worse than a few minutes pretending with a gringo on a saturday night...i do regret one thing though: I should have gone more often.

Lauryn on September 21, 2010:

My husband was murdered there on april 25 2009. He was beaten to death after missing 12 days. I believe the police killed him. There were No drugs in him like they said in newspaper. Autopsy report had many inconsistencies as well our family was lied to about everything. I miss him so much!

sumone on September 08, 2010:

across poelpe just are there to rip u off!!!!!!!!!!!!

robert on August 16, 2010:

been there many times no problems of course i don't carry knives across borders daaaa ladies are pretty some do look awfully young but they work for themselves u can negotiate with them act like u are in a questionable neighborhood back home watch your back and u will have fun and get home cab drivers don't all speak english but they know boys town no problem 5 or 10 dollars from bridge..

Creekman on August 12, 2010:

I have been going to La Zona off and on for over 20 years probably about 5 times a year. Nobody seems to like the place as much as I do so I go alone. For me it is paradise. I love the conquest of a new girl especially if she really likes me. I have gotten some of their numbers and kept in touch with them. The police at the front entrance are the problem. Only in the last 7 years have I even been given a body search to enter. Hide your money in your shoe because they will try to steal from your wallet. If you bring a knife you will go to jail as I did in August 2008. It cost $500 to get out. For the first time Papagallos was closed, a sign of just how bad things have gotten. The street action was pretty good. There were a few good girls out there. I don't like the clubs too much so I am always on the streets. I would only recommend the place to you if you are a hardcore sex addict who is willing to risk everything. You could lose your life over there. It is a playground for me but some really hardcore violence is all around you. There was a narco-shootout there the day I was there some months ago. Nobody there even told me. I found out in the San antonio paper when I got back. Be careful. I am hooked on the place and will always go back.

northerner on August 02, 2010:

can't believe these posts. ladies are right-lots of bad karma in "boystown". go there and you are participating in some bad spiritual shit- drugs,gangs,and sex slaves. don't want that on my soul. must be a bad loser to need that kind of female contact. hey, i'm just a kick-ass canadian who gets what he needs at home.

trucker on July 27, 2010:

I have been going there for about ten years never a problem just make sure you bring no knife and hide your money at the gate a couple of the good clubs have closed but there are plenty of girls left don't be stupid remember your in Mexico there rules you can bargain with the ladies times are tough

DP on July 13, 2010:

I am planning on going to Laredo boys town Thursday. Any advise where to stay. I will be taking a cab over the border. What is the best spot to visit while there?

rick r on July 11, 2010:

i was there yesterday, went to danash...all good

we drove our car across , checked into a motel, and took a cab to boys town. hide your cash in your shoes, they don't look there when you go into boystown. have your billfold in your hand when you get out of the cab, so if they look in it, you will watch them search it

negotiation is an art.........just tell the girl "I only have 80 bucks, you will have to pay all fees" they will

Please think about it on July 10, 2010:

Maria is incredibly right, these girls are broken sex slaves. Please, I am asking you before you think about how good the girl looks, think about the horrible things these young girls have been through, tromitized, beaten, threatened; look into their eyes they are lost with out the drugs and alcohol. You can live without a fuck day, they need their soul back. Please think it over , please. Thank you for taking the time to analize this.

el chihuas on June 29, 2010:

i took a gringo friend of mine once. before crossing the bridge i explained he should convert his currency i did not watch him as i went first to a caseta de cambio he went to the one next to mine. i paid no mind when we got out of the cab, and maria is correct do not ask for boystown say lleve me a la zona, pendejos he only had a couple of hundred pesos which the college educated dumbass did not realize was only twenty bucks not the two hundred he had given up back at the casa de cambio he got ripped off after only being there two minutes. anywy the rich gringuito got more cash out we proceeded inside we went from place to place the girls are ok but not that great they are fuckable. if u go to a room sometimes a wise ass can come in and tell u time up but i always tell them pelamela if u can defend ure self say it if not pull out and get out i am usually coked out when i get there so it takes a while well back to rj ooppps that's the white boys name his daddy is a u s attorny go figure but he went and made the mistake of not checking to see if his girl was actually a girl the other two guys and i were laughung our ass off when rj finally got to the family jewels and freaked out. he was ready to go he could neva let it go but i will tell u i would much rather bone my customers married or not young or old because free pussy is betta i like boning white girls especially when their hubbies are out working nothing like it because they end up paying me not me them i haven't paid out in a while don't plan to either americans give it up quick y would u want to go to a prosti when u could hunt for a cougar in your local neighborhood bueno hasta luego no sean pendejos viva mexico y obamamelamama

Maria on May 12, 2010:

You guys are idiots first of all boystown is not what the locals call it. It's not even a translation of the word at all. So when you perverts tell the cab drivers and other helpful guides you want to go to boystown what you are really saying is not only am I a white pervert but I don't know anyone important in Mexico because if I did I would know the correct name for it. Secondly those of you who have been there have you ever noticed the girls standing in the doors all of them are for sale price varies but always doubles for white boys ne way the rooms do not have showers sinks are other hygenic facilities those girls see 10-15 men a night without the ability to change sheets or wash up most are not there by choice but sold as young girls by there families for the children brothels and when they look older at least in their teens they are transferred to your so called boystown they never see doctors and if you look into their eyes they are broken sex slaves

Matt on March 12, 2010:

I'm heading to Laredo shortly, so I've been doing my research. I've seen news clips saying the Zetas (former soldiers turned brutal killers and drug trafficers) are making nuevo laredo home base. If that's the case, there is no way in hell im crossing the border. I'm gonna ask some locals @ the truck stops about it, and if they confirm it, im stayin in the states. If not, I'm gonna fuck 2 broads at once. Wu Tang

boystown newb on March 09, 2010:

I went to NL BT and made some beginner mistakes. I'm posting this to help out you other folks who want to go to Boystown.


-Do no try to cross the border here in your car! It's not like Tijuana! You can't just go over without the border security people assuming you are some kind of a drug runner. You will be searched and interrogated for 45-60 minutes because there is no reason for an American to go into NL. I made this mistake and had to deal with this going both ways. Park your car, walk across the bridge, and take a cab.

-At the gate to Boystown, do not have any sort of pills on you, not even an Aspirin. I had a generic Levitra tucked deep into my wallet. They searched it and found it. I almost got in huge trouble except I was able to prove to him that it wasn't real drugs. I gave the guard 2 pills and he let me go.

-Also make sure you don't have any type of pocket knife on you. Luckily I don't carry one, but they are very strict about this stuff.

This place is really sad and pathetic. The only place that is nice is Danash which opened at 10pm when I was there on a Tuesday. The big places are closed now. If you can go to TJ, go there instead.

cavdo on January 23, 2010:

Be careful, some of those girls have dude parts. Some very good plastic surgeons in Mexico I guess. This is from personal experience, and fortunately I did a grab and check prior to begining. If they don't let you touch down there, be suspicious....

xrayguy on January 03, 2010:

First of all you only need a passport to cross the border if you hope to come back into the States.

I've had a lot of good times in Tijuana. My first trip to Boystown was Nov. 3rd. 2009. I never made it past the little jail

on the right hand side of the entrance.

When I drove up they stopped me and said they had to search my car. They made me step back while they searched the front of the car. While they were doing that they threw a knife over the backseat into the hatchback area. Then they had me go around to the back of the car and open the hatchback. Surprize, there was a knife, nothing else just a knife. They walked me into the office and the captain came in and said this is a felony yadayada. I was pissed.

I've paid little bribes in mexico before but that was for something I did.

They were telling me it could cost up to $700 once they take me downtown to the real jail.

I dismissively told him I'd give him $20.

He declined the offer.

I put my hands out and for handcuffs and said take me away.

They locked me up in the little cell. I took a nap for an unknown amount of time on the cold cement floor. ( I had not had anything to drink yet) If I'd known I was going to be kidnapped I would have put on my jacket before I got out of the car. The cement floor was sucking the heat out of my body and that made it difficult to sleep. Anyway I don't think it was more than a couple hours before the low level cops (there was 4 of them) Started taking turns coming up to my cell and suggesting I pay the bribe. and mordita is the word they used. I believe the low level guys are pretty much just taking orders from above.

Anyway even if they just towed my car as they said they were going to do. I would have to find the tow yard and then pay for the tow which would probably be $100 bucks.

I had time to reflect while I was in there and the fact is they had the power to do what ever they wanted and since they were willing to plant the knife they would be willing to send me downtown and have my car towed just on principle.

So I decided to myself I would pay up to $100. I know somebody that's in a mexican prison for something they were guilty of. If you don't have someone on the outside providing money you could starve to death and while your starving you'll get more sex than you ever got at boystown. If the prisoners decide to let you live that long. Anyway the next cop that came up I explained that I'm not a rich gringo and gave them my general sob story.

Which happened to be true, I asked how much I had to pay. The captain was gone for some reason. The other 3 cops came over and this cop relayed my story to the other 3. They had a little conference and came up with $100. I should have tried to bargain some more at that point but I said ok and they let me out. I gave 5 twentys to one of the cops. He gave me back my cell phone and keys and laid the 5 twentys in the drawer where my things had been kept. The captain would come back and devide it up or keep it. I don't know. That was enough screwing for me that night I drove my car right out. I won't be going back. From reading other posts I've concluded that this has intensified greatly in the last 3 months. Some guys have been driven to atm's and had to pay $500. His story is on trip advisor under boystown

angel on December 07, 2009:

___I was there Saturday, Papgallo's was dead and the Marabu is no longer open, bunch of new places half dead, door chicks were all young and slim, price is te dollar for an aesthetic job, they will only pull their panties downm Tamyko and Martha's are half assgood,picked a beautiful girl for 80 dollars, she took me all around the world, more info or to arrange a small tour, mail me at chavez_922@hotmail.com

valley on December 04, 2009:

Jazz my email address is valle3@netzero.com would like to go to boyztown soon, let me know

wover007@aol.com on November 21, 2009:

November 21, 2009 When I entered Boys Town the Police were frisking every one. I was in a cab and instructed to get out. During the frisk my beloved pocket knife for 10 years was found. I was interrogated for six hours instructed that the fine was $3000.00 us. I tried to get a wire but it was not happening. The officers emptied my wallet of $500.00 and told me that I could proceed to the compound. This is like being kidnapped and then robbed no less than extortion. Do not carry all your money in your wallet and do not carry that harmless pocket knife you use to cut apples and rope on the farm. Mexico was a bad trip for me. The cops are on the take and can make your life a living hell. I was told by a cop that they target Americans who look like they have money. They even tried to get me to by a computer for them. I will never go back and never saw Boys Town.

Ex-Trucker on November 16, 2009:

I went to Boy's Town back in 2001 before 9/11 and had a blast. My tour guide was an old guy nick named; "The Amaco Kid". I don,t know how much things have changed since then but I always wanted to go back. The women were just everywhere; and as long as you had the cash; anything goes!

crazytrucker on November 07, 2009:

went about a montha ago it was great but i drove and the cops stole $100 on the way in.Take the bus from the truck stop best value and safe

Jazz on November 05, 2009:

Valley, do you want to go next week? What is your email address?

valley on November 02, 2009:

Yea went to boyztown and it was badass, the only thing that i didn't like was the cop in the enter of boyztown try to find a way to get money out of you so if you don't need it don't take it. planning on going back (pretty girls there)

goodtoknow on October 29, 2009:

I have been to Acuna. Is Nuevo Laredo boystown comparable? Better/worse?

Jazz on October 29, 2009:

I would like to go as well. email address?

Eddy on October 01, 2009:

I am from Laredo and if ya interested I could give you and Joe a tour of Boyz Town. Been there and know where the good women are.

valley on September 29, 2009:

Joe i am want to go to boyztown next would like to go with someone else as well i am about 50 miles from the border of mexico

valley on September 29, 2009:

what to go to boyztown next week and was woundering if it well be safe and are the doorgirls any good looking

joe on September 28, 2009:

Wish I knew someone to go down there with. I went ten years ago and would like to go back.

nope on August 19, 2009:

no you don't need a passport to go in a taxi. i don't know about crossing on foot though

rick on August 17, 2009:

do you have to have a passport to cross on foot or to go in a taxi?

rick on August 15, 2009:

is it dangerous downtown just across in nuevo , laredo in the day time.

frank is an idiot liar on August 10, 2009:

Frank is an idiot liar

rip torn on August 07, 2009:

been there and will continue to go back, great times!!! as far as drug lords being there these folks are sought after by the military so don't expect to see them around there as there is a police substation on the premises, as you enter or exit... the women are pleasant and very profssional. I Highly Recommend!!!!!!!!!!1

Frank on July 29, 2009:

Yeah, been. Two friends died from the drug lords. They got shot pretty bad, and for nothing. Just at random. We heard its real bad now. I ran for my life, thanks to a cab driver I made it out. The guy families are real angry about the lure of the area. I got veneral disease, and lost two good friends. Don't go.

Thaddeus Buttmunch MD on July 02, 2009:

Call me sick but I'd pay 500 bucks to do the donkey show chick. She may be ugly as they say but she has no shame. That's a turn on to me

Omar on June 28, 2009:

Boys town great place every man has 2 go there at least once in there lifetime and your gonna wanna go back. As for the violence just watch where u go @ night and don't mess with the cops. @ the truck stops in laredo,tx there are some guys that run shuttles 2 boys town 4 $25 round trip its good 2 cause the know there way around and can tell u places 2 avoid. And 4 the $80 guy yeah I had some of the prettiest girls for $30 & $40 the highest was $50.

Paul on January 28, 2009:

I hate to tell you this, but I go to Neuvo Laredo all the time. If you paid more than $60.00 for any of those women, including the most beautiful, you got taken.

Tyler on January 06, 2009:

Is Nuevo Laredo safe? I mean I always hear about the drug related violence in the border towns, although I havnt heard anything lately about Nuevo Laredo. But I have heard bad things about that city in the past. I guess I wouldn't mind visiting there someday. I just don't want to get kidnapped or murdured while visiting a border town in Mexico