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Some of my Favourite British Tourist Spots

My interest in historic events, nature and wildlife is reflected in our choice of destinations when planning our holidays and day trips.

Little folk, Low Sizergh Farm, Lake District, England

Little folk, Low Sizergh Farm, Lake District, England

Great Places to Visit in England and Wales

Just A Little Walk on the Lite Side in the Lake District is just one of the many great places I've visited on holiday in Britain; this article including my videos and personal reviews to give you a taste of Britain at its best.

Wish to learn more then read on and see what else England can offer the willing traveller on tour in this article all about great hot spots to visit in Britain. This article Includes cruises on Lake Windermere; Lake District Steam Trains and Helicopters at Weston-Super-Mare just to name a few.

Location of Places Reviewed in This Article

My Roots

English Born and Bred

British Born and Bred, my ancestors have walked these lands since at least 1066 when both my paternal and maternal ancestry lines came to these lands with the Norman Inversion; namely the Russ line who originally settled in Devon with my side of the family migrating into Somerset and on into Bristol; and the Baglin line (bowman; archer) settled in the Gloucestershire from where in the 19th century my direct ancestors moved to Bristol and met up with the Russ line. So I am also a Bristolian born and bred, 10th generation.

Cheddar, England

Cheddar, England

A Green and Pleasant Land

Or So They Say

England, a green and pleasant land or just a cold and wet country!

The weather is certainly something the British spend a lot of time talking; our summers certainly all too often seem to be overcast and cool while in contrast winters can be quite mild, so just an inch of snow in the South and all traffic seems to come to a standstill!

Below are videos I've taken on my holiday travels around England, and Wales and an illustrated guide of some of the exciting places to visit in England; so you judge for yourself and feel free to leave your views in the comments at the end of this review article.

Uley Bury, Gloucestershire, England

Uley Bury, Gloucestershire, England

The Lake District

The Mountainous Part of England

The Lake District, formed by the retreating ice age eons ago, is situated in the North West corner of England. The Lake District is the mountainous part of England, it's where all the great lakes are and it's just breath taking; the biggest of the lakes in the Lake District being Lake Windermere. The other notable hilly part of England being the Cotswolds in the South West which given a chance is another most wonderful part of England to tour; although in contrast the Cotswolds are just hilly and not mountainous and unlike the Lake District doesn't have the lakes.

I've been to the Lake District twice over the years and each time has been a fascinating experience exploring the great hills of the Lake District and the wide expanse of lakes dotted around between them. Each time I've visited the Lake District I've had the pleasure of taking a ride on the famous 'Ravenglass and Eskdale' railway steam train.

Watch Just a Little Walk on the Lite Side

A Light-Hearted Video of Our Visit to the Lake District

Just a little walk on the Lite Side is a short video I put together tracking a few of the hot spots on our last visit to the Lake District, starting with the most famous house and garden of Wordsworth’s childhood.

Steam Trains on the Lakes

In the Lake District, England

I love steam trains and the two featured here are worthy of a visit for anyone visiting the Lake District, especially the ‘Ravenglass and Eskdale’ railway; the other steam train railway at Lakeside terminates at one end of Lake Windermere and even if you don’t take a trip on the steam train itself just spending an hour for lunch on that side of Lake Windermere before setting off again to explore the Lakes and Hills of the Lake District is a worthy stop.

A Day of Cruises on Lake Windermere

The Biggest Lake on the Lake District

Lake Windermere, the longest lake in the Lake District, has numerous cruises running across and around the lake, some short trips others longer. The all day cruise trip covers the whole lake, stopping off at Lakeside for lunch where you get an opportunity while have lunch to quickly see the local steam train as it pulls in or leaves the station. If you love boating and you love the water then it makes for a fine day out.

The Midlands

Chester and Foxton Locks

The two places we've visited in the Midlands and featured here are Chester, a Roman city and Foxton Locks in Leicestershire.

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Chester, founded by the Romans almost two thousand years ago and originally called 'castrum' is in the Midlands, and just to east of North Wales. When we visited Chester we enjoyed a walk along the river front and was awestruck by the architecture of the city, some dating back to Roman times and others from the medieval period right through to the Victorians.

Foxton Locks are a series of ten staircase locks (two sets of five) located on the Leicester line of the Grand Union Canal.

Chester Architecture and History

A Great Roman City

While exploring this great city and filming its wonderful architecture we had the pleasure of watching squirrels forage around along one of the walks from the town centre down to the river; it’s always great to see wildlife on any trip, and this trip was no exception. The squirrels were friendly and quite unperturbed by all the pedestrian traffic right next to them.

Foxton Locks

Two Sets of Five Staircase Canals

We spent a pleasant day at Foxton Locks, just watching the canal barges slowly making their way through all ten locks, one lock at a time before settling down for a pub lunch while watching all the ducks and swans on the river.

The Norfolk Broads

The Flatlands and Marshes of England

The Norfolk Broads, in contrast to the Lake District is flat and lowland and situated on the opposite side and end of the country in the Southeast, just above and to the east of London.

I've been to the Norfolk Broads quite a few times over the years and each visit has always been as good as the last. A couple of times my visit has been to hire a boat for the week and travel the wonderful rive network of the Norfolk Broads marshland. Our last visit however was a week in a hired Victorian windmill (Red Mill) converted to a holiday flat. The windmill situated in reclaimed marchland on the banks of the River Yare is the most wonderful isolated and fantastic holiday flat imaginable which made for a great week; while at Red Mill we hired a boat during the week for a day out exploring the River Ant.

Red Mill

Victorian Windmill Converted To Holiday Home

For the unusual, especially if you love wildlife and you like the tranquil Red Mill (as this video shows) is a must do for a great holiday in the Norfolk Broads.

The River Ant on the Norfolk Broads

One of the Great Rivers of the Broads

For our last holiday in the Norfolk Broads we rented Red Mill for the week, an old Victorian Windmill converted to a holiday home and situated on the banks of the River Yare. It was from Red Mill we took day trips to various parts of the Broads and one such trip was the day hire of a boat to explore this most wonderful river on the Broads, the River Ant.

Llandudno, Wales

The Mountainous Part of Wales

Although Wales is separate to England (it's a part of Britain) you can't visit England without visiting Wales. The same is true for Scotland, especially the Highlands, but it's so far north that I've only ever been there once; and that was many years ago. In contrast Wales is just across the River Severn from Bristol in the West Country (south west England) so is only a half hour drive from us. Therefore we do make regular visits to South Wales during the summer.

However, Llandudno, featured in this video is North Wales and quite a lengthy drive from us so we've only visited it a couple of times. Nevertheless, those visits were well worth the drive and on each visit we spent a gorgeous week exploring the locality.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Arthur Russ

England - Your Views - So is England a Green and Pleasant Land

Arthur Russ (author) from England on June 14, 2017:

Thanks anonymous and Mel for you feedback; and yes we Brits do appreciate the beauty of our countryside.

In fact ‘Jerusalem’ is the adopted national anthem for England, accompanied with the key phrase ‘England's green and pleasant land’. Britain has a national anthem, as does Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Cornwall; but officially, England doesn’t; so Jerusalem, a poem by William Blake has been adopted by the English and is often played at national events.

England - Unofficial National Anthem "Jerusalem":

Mel Otero on October 13, 2012:

Many years ago, I was treated to a 2 week vacation in England. Most of the time was spent in Leeds but I absolutely loved it!

anonymous on October 07, 2012:

I visited England once (London to be more precise). It was charming. But I always wanted to see a little more of English countryside, so next time I'll probably try to see less of London and more of the England countryside. I hope that you, people of England, are aware how beautiful your country is. Loved your lens.

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