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Everything you wanted to know about Paraguay Culture

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There are many ways to enjoy this wonderfully country in South America. Paraguay is a small landlocked country in the centre of South America between Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. It has many things to offer visitors while exploring the country from its ecological areas to brilliant pre-Columbian historical sites. It is a small adventure waiting to happen as you immerse yourself in the country’s diverse culture. Here are some steps to make sure you get a well rounded picture.

1. To really immerse yourself into the Paraguay culture you must experience the country’s past. The best way to learn about Paraguay’s past is to visit some of the historical locations that are available. The capital Asuncion has some wonderful historical places to visit, starting with the Casa de la Independencia and la Catedral Metropolitiana, savouring the architecture and the feel of the past. These places will give you a starting point for your immersion in Paraguayan culture.

2. The second place to continue with your Paraguayan culture immersion experience is to experience the natural preserves that can be found. Experience your natural surroundings as you tour, taking in the ecology and nature, from the grand views of the natural landscapes to its unique colourful animals and plants. You can appreciate and get to know the environment better, finding out how the people interact with different parts of their environment.

3. As you continue with your progress in to your new found culture it must not be forgotten that history and nature are only the start of the trip. Probably hungry by now the next place on our agenda should be to look for food and it is only fitting you should look and try some authentic traditional food from Paraguay’s heritage. The best place to start is with some so’o yo-sopy, bori-bori, and milanesa. Native foods in Paraguay are often rich in beef, herbs and spices. This is an excellent way to get to know their cuisine.

4. If you travel to Paraguay the best time to go is March-October when temperatures are better as summertime (December-February) gets really hot. Travelling in June/July then take a coat as the temperatures can drop to zero, but try to catch Saint John’s Day on June 24th when celebrations include food, games and dances everywhere. You can enjoy the holiday feel and this will enlighten you in how the Paraguayans celebrate holidays, further immersing you in their culture.

Paraguayan Dancers

Paraguayan Dancers

5. Communities gather in Paraguay in the town squares at weekends today as in the past with their wares of crafts, food and art. The main square, the heart of the town, is where you get an opportunity to again immerse yourself in the Paraguayan culture. Walk through the market, take in the sights, smells and sounds of all that is on offer. Look at the clothing and trinkets on sale, touch or taste other wares on offer and you will find yourself wanting to see more of the local culture.

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6. The next step is to meet new people, chat with them about their lives. The markets and small shops or cafes are great places to start this step, and you will find as in other South American countries the people are friendly. You can meet the local artisans in their shops, learn about their family roots and their ancient traditions. This is a good way to relax and unwind, a good time to mix in an unstressed atmosphere.

7. Another great way to immerse yourself into their culture is to volunteer through the many programs around the world that take annual trips to Paraguay. Paraguay is known for its economic difficulties and poverty so there are charities that help the less fortunate in this country. You could volunteer for Amigos de las Americas for example to work with the Ministry of Health to build latrines, or implement other community based activities such as cleanup efforts and even day camps for children. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience Paraguay as tourists rarely get the chance to.

Any of these steps above is the perfect opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a foreign culture. To see the world through the eyes of the inhabitants of that country is often an eye opener, yet a great experience. However you choose to do it you will be forever changed by your experiences. So plan your trip carefully, making sure you make the most of the time there. Following these guidelines will help make your trip to Paraguay unforgettable.

These are just a few of the things you can do on your trip to Paraguay. There are many more things to learn explore and see. If you would like some additional information o Paraguay lease visit my website at

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