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Women Street Gangs In Mexico as Drug Lords use Female Warriors


Girl Gangs Of Mexico.

Young girls are being lured into the seedy underworld of the Mexican drug cartels. There are now nearly as many hit women as there are hit men in the ranks of the drug lords.

No-one suspects a pretty girl or women from being an assassin, which makes them more deadly and liable to complete their mission.

The female warriors, recruited through cartels and their associates, recruit other females and form girl only gangs.

These all women gangs have been proved to be more cruel and sick minded than their male counterparts when it comes to torture and murder.


Female Managerial Jobs in The Cartel

Since 2007, over 10,000 females have been arrested and prosecuted for working within the drug cartel industry. Many of the arrests were for dealing and transportation of drugs.

Tons of marijuana and cocaine have been smuggled though drug tunnels into Florida, Arizona and Texas.

Other arrests were for laundering money, kidnap and torture, firearms related, and murder.

More than 50 of the arrested females had managerial positions with the drug cartels. A Carmen Marquex was allegedly in charge of the financial daily running of a cartels business.

This included the selling of drugs, gas syphoned off from the pipelines of the Pemex oil company, and extortion, as well as kidnapping, assassinations, and kidney harvesting from tourists.



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Human Resources Programme - Cartel Style

The Mexican war on drugs has taken its toll on the male population. Over 28,000 people have been killed due to the war with drugs since 2006.

Another 230,000 people are in state run prisons. Mass jail breaks have been organised by the cartels to swell their ranks but even this has not been enough to fill the loss of so many of their men lost in daily battles.

That is why females have begun en-masse to fill up positions within the Cartels. From recruiting girls on the street, to gang leaders, torturers, and payroll applications, there are females in every position.

One captured women warrior declared that after seeing the drug cartels soldiers cutting down her father, brother and boyfriend, she had to fill the void and provide for what was left of her family.

So she joined a street gang, ran be an overseer from the drug cartels, and began selling drugs and murdering her way to the top. She will now live the rest of her life in jail.

Fact: - In 2010, a government investigation into the Mexican 250,000 strong army for corruption, lead to 150,000 officers deserting, some into the drugs world.

Possible Female Assassins Captured as Drugs War Rages On.

Possible Female Assassins Captured as Drugs War Rages On.


Female Street Warriors

In deviations from the original code of honor, the Cartels now murder women. The female warriors in Mexico have made themselves more of a target by signing up with other cartels.

Mexican girl gangs are notorious for their gruesome torture methods. Many claim that for years they have watched friends and family being butchered and have just found it to be a way of life.

Police have indicated that the women involved in assassinations do not shoot or butcher the targets themselves, they just organise the men who do.

Three young women were arrested after a shoot out with police. One, a 16 year old from Cuidad Victoria, told reporters that she had received two months training from former soldiers.

She had been taught how to use the formidable AK-47 and the AR-15 assault rifle. Apparently her arrest had interfered with her training schedule as she had not yet learnt how to use grenades.

Gun toting female gang members are a far cry from the shy and fairer sex. Corrupt police and taxi drivers kidnap tourists and hand the victims over to girl gangs who ransom them off for huge payoffs. This is called the kidnap express.

Fact: - The Mexican drug market is worth over $50 billion annually.

Mexican police patrol - in force.

Mexican police patrol - in force.


Corrupt Police & Female Militia

Thousands of corrupt police officers in Mexico have been arrested by the army. Drug money has reached high up in the chain of command in many law enforcement offices.

Most people are afraid to go against the cartels for fear of death and reprisals to family. Corrupt police officers have made an excellent second salary by 'going to bed' with the cartels.

Corrupt police help the street gangs run prostitution and human trafficking. They will inform their counterparts if there is to be special police action in their area.

The female gang members use their sexual provocativeness to their advantage when it comes to getting what they want, even murder.

Corrupt police will wipe out a rival street gang to protect their own underhand and illegal interests within the local community.

FACT:- 90% Of the guns used by Mexican Drug Cartels and their armies, were manufactured in the U.S.

Mexico - The Hot Vacation Destination

Mexico is beautiful. The scenery is breathtaking and the people whom are not involved with the cartels are fantastic.

Vacations to Mexico are awesome and people do go back year after year for their vacation.

Please always stay within the guidelines of tour operators whilst on holiday to Mexico.

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